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Recently Reported Scams

  • Howe way decor
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400429
    I saw this site on Pinterest- Then I ordered a folding scooter—I received a confirmation that they received my order even gave me an order number—- ...

  • Legally Mine
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400424
    I have been battling a $5600 dispute for months with this company. It has been a complete nightmare. Jamaica has been very nice and responsive about...

  • Ashley Phillips
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400419
    I lost my doberman of 14 years in the summer. I was looking to find the perfect replacement. I was looking online on Facebook. I saw an advertisement...

  • Allen smith
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400414
    They called saying my social is under investigation for a criminal case due to money laundering and/or drug trafficking. Over 200000 was seen wired...

  • Waveemr
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400408
    On October 29, 2021 I purchased an artificial christmas tree from this website. I was told I would receive it within 15 to 20 days. On November 29 I...

  • Fisher-price
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400403
    Christmas shopping, google directed me to fisher-price look a like sight, which was claiming to have a 1 days sale. I purchased...

  • Rossy Cortez
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400398
    I’m a disabled person that’s currently fighting cancer. I’m down here in Az doing treatments I rented from this individual she seemed very nice at...

  • Legend Health
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400387
    This company intentionally sets out to fraudulently purchase doctors offices and illegally bill patients for services. Once employees speak up...

  • Imposter Cash App
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400382
    How can somebody work so hard yet their someone somewhere sitting planning on how to still your money. I have lost 2000 within 3days.I contacted cash...

  • Green Family Maltipoos Greenhouse Maltipoos
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400377
    Purchase of Maltipoo puppy; they charge you for the puppy through Zelle. Then they charge you additional fee of $900-$1700 for “crate charge” which...

  • Gizmo Gear Byte Hub
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400371
    This is a scam website who has you only send zelle payments. The site has ripped info and pictures from youtube screen shots and

  • Personal Loan Guarantee
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400366
    Requested $100 up front for loan with payment only by money order or cashier check. Would not provide info on repayment of loan

  • Prime BTC Trade
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400361
    @jossy_westz contacted me on Instagram about an investment opportunity in Bitcoin mining ( I invested a relatively small and...

  • TRS Limited
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400356
    Thus company says I made purchases in Feb 2021. They sent me 2 bills. Each bills is $119.97. Seems like there are a lot of these same...

  • Habile Data
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400351
    First was about a job then about equipment for the job....

  • Keto Real
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400345
    Asking for a cancellation on the keto BHB real $208.00. going threw the return. When asked how much I entered 2800.00 by mistake. Got a call from...

  • outdoor sports vip
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400335
    The product had a legit looking website from DJI and the discount was amazing but when my wife looked it up they said it was a scam.

  • Green canyon CBD oil
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400330
    I seen this ad on Facebook and it said buy Snoop Dogg's CBD oil one free sample so I filled out my information and paid for it and hit free sample...

  • Transcontinental Mail Service
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400324
    I'm getting a package delivered from California discreetly and it started small, we need a refundable insurance payment. Then it went to a fee to add...

  • Aboucey
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400319
    I ordered 2 whiskey advant calendars from for $94us in October and finally received them in December. They claim and it is written on the...

  • The custom movement
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400314
    Purchased a pair of custom shoes from the custom movement website and bought a pair of shoes with my credit card and they just take the money and...

  • Diplomat Albert Pedro
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400309
    Received an email from someone posing as Diplomat Albert Pedro. He claims to have received mail that belongs to the recipient of the email, and...

  • APA Group
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400304
    A job posting was listed. I applied. I received a text from them and they asked me to upload Telegram Messenger either on my phone or computer. It...

  • Carbon Bargain
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400299
    I purchased a carbon piece for my car in the month of May. I’ve tried contacting them and at first they said that the item will take awhile because...

  • Imposter - Center Point Energy
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400294
    Received multiple phone calls from Center Point Energy threatening to cut off services within the next 30-45 minutes. It identified that I had a...

  • Powerala
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400288
    I ordered a 4 foot Christmas tree. I received a 4 inch Christmas tree. This site is a scam! Buyer beware!

  • N/A
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400277
    An unidentified woman called and asked for the phone's owner by name and called inquiring about a Dodge Charger.

  • Texas Certificate Service
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400271
    This business and lady is a completer SCAM. I hope that she is located and charges are pressed against her by the state and police. I am so upset...

  • Command Corp. Imposter
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400266
    I was contacted after signing seeing an advertisement to market a product on my vehicle I was sent a check that was a scam where they asked me to...

  • FHB Group Fulfillment
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400261
    The company hired me as a distribution manager for their company. I was to receive packages check and open to verify products and then print shipping...

  • Collection Bureau of Arizona
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400255
    Received multiple calls from this agency (Ela) stating that there is a debt owed to Arizona Gastroenterology. The address they have on file is an...

    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400250
    I thought I was on the website, so I made a purchase. I accidentally went to KEURIGCOFFEEMAKERS.COM and this site is FAKE. I spent $113...

  • Supply Experts Wholesale Inc
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400239
    Third party vendor on Walmart marketplace. Does not ship the product, they create a label and it never ships. You can not get a hold of them to...

  • Amazon IMPOSTER
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400234
    I received a call from this number that appeared like a local number, saying they were from Amazon alerting me of a suspicious purchase of an Iphone...

  • Apple Support - IMPOSTER
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400229
    I needed help with an Apple product so I looked on search and it came up as Apple Support. He asked me to upload “” then said I had...

  • Ducts corporation
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400224
    Contacted via Facebook to set up an appointment and never contacted back and missed set appointment. Did not follow up for weeks, then sent a text...

  • black crown jewelry
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400219
    The website and reviews looks legit. When you make the purchase it says to allow 20 days for the items to be delivered. I've emailed the email...

  • Geek Squad- IMPOSTOR
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400208
    Received an email about an order I had placed ref # GPMLC-SLKHJ6-cEph. I called the above number and they said the company was Geek Squad. I asked...

    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400203
    These people have an on line site for secret shoppers....then you go to the store and buy e-cards, scratch the numbers off then call them back at ...

    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400197
    email trying to depict me as having enrolled in a program offered by them: NEVER DID SO.

  • Medical something
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400192
    I always get called from someone saying they're from some medical or medicare advance something or other. I answer the call so I can ask them to...

  • Softies
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400187
    I purchased an item on Oct 15,2021 and I have not received the order and I sent an email requesting a status update and received a reply that they...

  • Appliance Repair Team Inc
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400181
    There are fraud and charged you for nothing. Stay away from them .SCAM SCAM

    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400171
    i purchased a pair of their shoes for my girlfriend, and they sent a size 5, instead of a size 7 like i ordered. we sent them back the next day, and...

  • Prime Medical Co.Ltd.
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400165
    I have never contacted prime medical for any reason nor have I been in a recent car accident. The number is blocked but still leaves voice-mails.

  • Acting as Norton 360
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400160
    sarah bro 12:02 PM (34 minutes ago) to Nortoncustomer58, bcc: me Hello Customer, Your Yearly MEMBERSHIP for NORTON 360 PC has been successfully...

  • Visage Skin Care
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400154
    This company keep sending me text messages and leaving me a voicemail messages after calling my phone threatening me with an outstanding balance I’m...

  • Sinokor Shipping Department
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400149
    Hello, My name is Patrice Bourne im 26 year old and i live in Enfield, Connecticut and i join this stay at home base job called Sinoker Shipping...

  • Acting as North Dakota State Troopers
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400143
    Picked up a call as I was anticipating one from a local business. Feminine voice on the other end identified themselves as with the North Dakota...

  • Amazon
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400138
    I received a text message saying that my card was charged $899.99 MacBook Air at Amazon, order id # and today’s date (not a purchase number) then it...

  • Rowdy Renee's
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400133
    The scammer began contact in a boutique sale group on facebook. They posted pictures of beanies (hats) for sale individually or for wholesale. There...

  • ebay Imposter
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400128
    Placed an order to eBay, didn’t get a “tracking number” made me concerned, so I Call Ebay to get a tracking number, was told by man named “Ricky”...

  • Mortgage Department
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400123
    Mortgage Company but they are not they are Indians

  • Gradient Grant Community Outreach Supports Program
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400117
    Received Facebook Messenger message from a family member who asked how I was doing, and then after my response they sent me this message “ Sorry to...

  • 24 hour ship
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400112
    I ordered a nursing tote bag November 13th the money was taken immediately. Said it ships within 24 hours and delivery 2 to 5 business days. It'...

  • sweet king charles puppy home
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400107
    I went online to search for a King Charles Spaniel Puppy and came upon this website. I enquired about a puppy they had listed and I started emailing...

  • Bitfinex Options
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400102
    Moritz Herbert *text) promised if I invest $100 I'll make 10x my money. The next day I was told I made $1700 in returns. Before I could get that...

  • Chimney Sweep Services
    Added on Dec 01, 2021, by Private1638400096
    Hired for chimney sweep and inspection. Representative that came said needed a deep cleaning. Cost was $450 but this technician only took 30minute...

  • NBC
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638400091
    I got an email saying that NBC was looking for people to drive 100 miles or more weekly ( basically any normal route you would take) with the decal...

  • Zola e-commerce co. Ltd
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638400085
    Ordered clothes from this website on Nov 4th. The money was transferred through PayPal on that day. Haven't heard from them so I tried to contact...

  • Sales Margin Project
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638400080
    Received link via Facebook messenger to sign up with email. Never proceeded.

  • Enterprize - Rebecca
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638400075
    says they are a credit debt collector and trys to say they will take you to court for some amount owned for a online loan but there is no website...

  • Cariloop Inc
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638400070
    I got a text at 6:30 am for a job interview. IDuring this whole "interview" I was trying to get into their website company page and altho it...

  • UPS
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638400064
    Received a text with the following information: #INFO UPS - Your package could not be delivered. Visit the secured link for more info...

  • Publishers Clearing House Sweepstake POSER
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638400054
    Scammer call stating his name is Andrew Goldberg with Publisher Clearing House Sweepstake, my work phone Number was randomly selected for the prize...

  • Condos Credit
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638400044
    I was recommended this credit company for a cash advance loan by another credit company in the Seattle area. I gave Condor all of my info on the...

  • ConveyX Corp
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638400039
    This company is a scam, I connected with them on Upwork. They made me download an app called Telegram when the fake HR Manager Danielle Timm, emailed...

  • Winners International
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638400033
    Said I won $3.8 million , and was going to send 225 thousand

  • OEM Service Products
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638400026
    We received a call into the office, they acted like they are our toner company asked about our machines, they asked our secretary questions and then...

  • Plyseri
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638400021
    Payed for a chainsaw (super underpriced) and got a pack of Chinese socks not worth 2 cents. Also ships weird from China and has fake address

  • ImposterLending
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638400015
    I applied for a loan with this company once before & had no problem. I applied again 2 weeks ago. They approved me for the loan. A Richard Hunt...

  • Better Business Bureau Abuse
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638400010
    want me to open attachment. email address used Better Business Bureau Abuse:1968016972

  • Micheal Belkin
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638400005
    This person, in New York, called me, in Alabama, stating that he had recently purchased a house in my town and needed a quote for a new roof. I sent...

  • Microsoft
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638400000
    As a soon to be new grandmother few weeks ago, I was looking through YouTube sites about how to make a baby quilt when suddenly,as I clicked on a...

  • Enrique Rodriguez
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399994
    Selling vehicles but won’t give sale price out front! Be careful! Won’t let you get your own financing either! Sounds like a high interest rat financing!

  • Eagle Hemp
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399989
    While searching for CBD oil pain relief online, I was directed to Eagle Hemp website. This website bragged of being on Shark Tank as well as having...

  • Yasuragi Insurance
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399984
    I was contacted via email in regards to my resume as I had posted it to numerous job board sites seeking employment. After requesting more...

    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399978
    Please do not trust this site [email protected] or

  • shipping insight
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399968
    I was applying for various jobs on and this one sent me an email saying that I got the job and I started immediately and apparently I’m...

  • Geek Squad
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399958
    Attempt to scan 495.00 for home LC services posing as Geek Squad

  • Comfy Bean
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399948
    Placed an order for a large bean bag chair, used debit card to place order. My money was taken, no item was received and there is no way to get in...

  • Jasmine Puppy Garden
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399943
    Fake business asking for $250 deposit via apps or bitcoin.

  • Siti Nurhidayah Binti Musa
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399937
    Scammer emailed me with this information in the text box: “ I am Manuel Franco, who won the Powerball Jackpot of $768 Million Dollars on 23 April...

  • Alliance Consulting Co.
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399927
    I'm a Mom of two children who was let go from my previous place of employment due to personal reasons. I struggled for over 6 months trying to find a...

  • TEP
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399922
    Nathan called me claiming to be a Tucson Electric Power associate. He knew my name, last 4 of my social and my address. After he told me autopay wa...

  • Premier Global Vanlines
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399911
    This company is the biggest joke going. They raised our price from $6,800 to over $15,000. We were told they were family owned and going directly to...

  • Bounds Chris
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399906
    He was going to buy my jacket on eBay. He then texted me to buy 300$ Apple gift cards and mail with the jacket to his cousin. Then I received an...

  • H.W.C.
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399896
    Received a yellow postcard in the mail with no return address, stating "IMPORTANT NOTICE: IMMEDIATE RESPONSE NEEDED (my name) This notice i...

  • Microsoft Windows Defender
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399891
    The body of the letter looked legitimate. They sent one email last week indicating my purchase. I checked and no cards or bank was charged. Today...

    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399885
    Tried to buy a pair of Hoka running shoes and thought I was on the legit hoka site. Ordered two pairs on sale and they never came. Was given a...

  • Geek Squad / Best Buy Imposter
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399880
    11/29: We received an E-Mail Receipt (Invoice) from: GEEK Gbsebsebsk 1bs(802)bs221bs0059 SQUAD sbsqbsubsabsd ...

  • Barsav Group
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399875
    Created a job posting on Indeed for a work from home opportunity to be a customer service representative. The company that they claimed to be on...

  • Carlene's Russian Blue Kittens
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399870
    My wife and I have fallen victim to a kitten scam. We shopped online for a purebred Russian blue kitten, found what looked like a legitimate seller...

  • Aplixa store
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399864
    I received and email saying if I did this survey I would receive compensation. So I did the survey and was taken to a "rewards" page. I...

  • US Domain Authority LLC
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399859
    This fake company sends website service invoices to businesses which appear to be legitimate renewal notices. Do not pay this company, they do not...

  • [email protected]
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399854
    My daughter ordered from these people off of tiktok... They never sent her a shipped item email, never sent a tracking number AND they don't allow...

  • California E-waste
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399848
    Flyer mailed to us telling us that curbside pickup was available for our electronic waste. We were told to leave our items including computers with...

  • Delta Cargo Air Relocation Solutions
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399843
    +1 (872) 253-9685 Email Us [email protected] Mike Brooley Customer Service Email...

  • Student Loan Forgiveness Center
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399837
    Just a phone call asking about debt forgiveness… they keep calling. I think they use different numbers as strategy. Anyway good luck

  • Gabrinl
    Added on Nov 30, 2021, by Private1638399832
    This company came up on my Facebook with cute clothes ads. The ads said made in USA. I ordered a sweater on 10/13/21 for $54 and had a...

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