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Recently Reported Scams

  • Hoodies Finest
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600624146
    On July 14 2020, I ordered and paid for 2 items totaling $19.98. The company sent me a confirmation email and also, 2 days later on July 16, 2020 an...

  • Josie's Siamese Kittens
    Added on Sep 19, 2020, by Private1600581187
    I was looking for a kitten and found this website. I emailed and filled out an application to get a cat shipped to me and they were prompt in...

  • Given Us
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600568767
    Just a scammy email, I noticed because their address was spelled out like “. 4 forty 4” and so on. Lots of click here; click there.

  • FxCapital Traders
    Added on Sep 19, 2020, by Private1600552812
    I was recently targeted by a individual from who seemed friendly yet very pushy. She/He convinced me to give them my...

  • Permeti Erion
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600552807
    I went on to look for houses to rent. I found 1556 Duxberry Ave, Columbus, OH. I contacted Permeti Erion, the person and the info listed...

  • BeeBenny
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600552506
    I thought I was purchasing Little Tikes play equipment and received a scarf. I contacted the company that emailed me the tracking information...

  • Janit Company -
    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600552327
    Ordered item from Cuztomboxgift, paid for thru Paypal. Product had incorrect delivery address, when report back to Cuztomboxgift with the correct...

  • novappupa
    Added on Sep 16, 2020, by Private1600552206
    novappupa advertises genuine Powerbeats headphones and earbuds at prices way below other vendors. I bought a pair. When they arrived, they were...

  • shoppers mart
    Added on Sep 11, 2020, by Private1600551727
    shoppers mart mailed me a postcard offering me a free $100 dollar Walmart gift Card. I called 855-953-3240. I was asked to pay $2.95 for shipping and...

  • Rcleansing
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600480915
    I purchased and item from rcleansing, a laser hair removal device, on July 8th. I emailed them 3 weeks afterwards to follow up on my purchase as I...

  • Cash App
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600480910
    Someone by the name Kea Jones stole $300 off my cash app like I was sending it to them I don’t know how or who they are . I can’t not get in touch with cash app to fix problem.

  • Chime
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600480905
    Hello my name is Florine Sweeden I was calling Chime Bank for my mother and when I was on the phone I was talking to an American representative he...

    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600480895
    On Sept 16, 2020 around 11:00 am I created an account on and purchased and pail for a 12,000 BTU Frigidaire window air...

  • Amazon Imposter
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600480889
    Entered by Staff - LJ 9-18-20 I am reporting another scam call from Amazon. I answered the call on my home phone. It was a robocall...

  • Relaible options trade/Itz Joyce trade
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600480884
    This lady/person commented in FB about how to earn money from home. I responded to her as I was looking to work from home, she asked me if I heard...

  • Allium Medical Solutions
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600480879
    I contacted Allium Medical Solutions for an interview on Telegram Application that was downloaded to my phone and PC. I was in contact with a hiring...

  • bryan maine coons
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600480874
    My wife and i wanted to purchase a Maine [censored] Kitten. We 1st contacted Reputable Maine [censored] Kittens and turned over to Bryan Maine...

  • US Postal Service imposter
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600480848
    Text message read: Voicemail: Parcel Sorting Center: Found package addressed to ( name ). Last pick-up day - Saturday!

  • Prime Technologies
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600480842
    They were supposed to help me connect to a TP Link internet extender. They did do that, but tried to charge my card for over $3000.00 I couldn’t attached the $2,600

  • Laddygo
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600480832
    Ordered a shirt and when it arrived it was not even the item pictured made contact with them and so resolution

  • Union Cash Upgrade Limited
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600480827
    The guy messaged me about send him $200 and he’ll was going to send me back 5,500. I believed him because he would post picture on the Instagram...

  • A Family Affair
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600480822
    Marsha Ayed Bey ... cash app name: $candymelt is running an pyramid scheme “gifting circle” on telegram

  • Cashapp
    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600480817
    I contacted cashapp via my cash app requesting a refund of $150 for funds taken without false charges on 09-11-20. The phone number I was given from...

  • Apple Support - IMPOSTER
    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600480811
    They pretended to be AppleCare. They told my boyfriend that someone in China hacked his phone and his VPN was compromised. They had him download 2...

  • Ricardo
    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600480806
    I was scammed out of $300 dollars last month I forgot the name of the person but their cash app name is Ricardo not sure if there is any other name...

  • HS skin cream
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600467036
    These people shipped an item that I ordered then a month later took $89.96 from my account I used to purchase the first product for $5.99. I wa...

  • Redzud
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600467031
    Ordered a Milwaukee pole saw and received 8 mask. Contacted several time by email phone # no longer works and no more contact from them

    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600467021
    I have been sending money to these people for years. Only to find out when I call the fed. My payments were never received from that company. They were never contacted by them

  • Hi-Tec Solar Solar Gorillas Hi-Tec Solar LLC Hi-Tec USA Sunstate motors
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600467015
    The company botched an install of solar panels and caused roof damage and internal damage to the house. The owner is unresponsive and has not...

  • Ramsey
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600467010
    For rent sign in front of house to rental agency or realty company called number was given owners email number (***********************) as the...

  • Green Energy
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600467000
    I have received multiple phone calls from this company. Each time, the caller ID shows a different phone number. Sometimes it has a name matched to...

  • No Company Name Provided / Computer Charges
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600466995
    I received a call on my cell phone. My caller ID showed 732-285-4481 New Jersey. I called the number back. They never gave a company name. Wanted to...

  • Entergy-Louisiana
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600466985
    Today i recieved a automated call from "Entergy" stating that my service would be cut off today if i didnt pay the bill. The call stated...

  • Techbytes Solutions
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600466980
    I was working on my computer Saturday night, doing work for my church. They seized my computer and I couldn't do any work. They had my computer...

  • RF PE Recruiting
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600466974
    =============================== Sara Warren wrote: Hello, I hope this message finds you well. My name is Sara Warren and I am an Executive...

  • Mark Greg
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600466959
    Found me on Instagram and asked me to be his sugar baby and I would get an allowance of 1000 a week. Tried to send me 5000 dollars on cash app and...

  • Perfect Wear
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600466954
    Sells sunglasses that are "surplus." Contacted Maui Jim and they told us that the sunglasses were counterfeit. We did order some using...

  • Medicare
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600466949
    Received a call and the caller said she was calling from Medicare . She first tried to verify my name and age asking rapidly if she was right. Next...

  • Paypal Imposter
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600466944
    I have received several emails from PayPal stating that I owe PayPal money for items that I did not purchase. These items cost hundreds of dollar...

    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600466939
    I received an invoice for HP Laserjet Pro 400/401 Supplies at $597.82 each quantity of 2 and shipping of 22.91 for a total of $1218.55. We never...

  • Vincial
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600466933
    We purchased a pool slide from Vincials/Zhang DaoKuan and for weeks never received anything. I emailed them and they said it was taking longer to...

    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600466923
    They used an L. L. Bean Logo, so it would appear as if you were dealing with L L Bean. I already notified credit card company. On charges it show...

    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600466918
    someone called claiming to be from the census bureau. told me they needed all of my information. I did the census back in april and i did inform the...

  • No Company Name Provided / Cold Call about Braces
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600466908
    I keep receiving messages on my home phone. It sounds like a real person. Woman's voice. The call is about getting braces. I don't pick up the call...

  • Social Security Scam
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600466903
    They called and said they were from social security. Claiming if I did not pay a certain amount of money I would be arrested and my social security was compromised.

  • Hemlinics
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600466898
    I was looking for a specific picture frame and their website came up, and without thinking I ordered it. It was not expensive, like $6, but I never...

  • Colali
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600466893
    I paid for a blanket and never got it

  • Life Secrets Restored
    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600466852
    Order Number 22742595 -advertisement stated buy 3 bottles of CBD hemp oil and receive 3 bottles free -cost was stated at $39.50 each, therefore 3 x...

  • Eleno Pets Glory
    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600466847
    This company took money 3 separately time off my card. Took money off my card took money off my card unauthorized

  • Hillside pet home
    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600466826
    We have always purchase are puppy’s online but never have we had such a problem like this one before. So here goes. We emailed this company which ha...

  • Lending tree
    Added on Sep 16, 2020, by Private1600466707
    They claim I was approved for a loan, and I told them I wanted to borrow $8000, and I was told I would be paying back $188 for 48 months, then we...

  • Agent Gary Thompson
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600452939
    Agent Thompson used my friend Bryan Gutierrez but it was a fake Bryan Gutierrez telling me to give this Agent Thompson my money just like he did and...

  • Elaine online
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600452933
    Seller sends fraudulent products (ones that don’t match the description) and attempts to refund less that 50% of the purchase price. When you ask for...

  • USPS
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600452925
    Heather, urgent alert regarding the USPS package 2A66J1 from 08/24/2020. Proceed to

  • Marshall Contracting
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600452920
    Business claims to be accredited but is not listed in the database as far as I could find. Business owner provided a...

  • Andy Beagle Puppies
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600452914
    I was in search of a beagle puppy and did a google search. This company asked for an email address and phone number. I recieved an email today asking...

  • None
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600452908
    I have received text messages as seen in the attached photo stating that I've missed a package delivery. I have not opened the links. I block the number when I receive them.

  • Community blessing wheel
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600452903
    Wrongfully manipulated individuals into believing the documents they were signing were binding contracts. Which were only written documents from the...

  • Package Delivery
    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600452898
    Voicemail: Parcel Sorting Center: Found package addressed to Mike. Last pick-up day - Friday!

  • ball/mason
    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600452893
    I ordered ball canning lids from what was presented as the Ball company's website at Lids were made in the USA according to the...

  • Advantage Solutions
    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600452888
    My daughter was supposedly hired by them, she did the training, went to do her first demo at walmart, she was to contact management, but when she...

  • Geek Squad- IMPOSTOR
    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600452883
    I have been receiving these about every day or two, saying money has been successfully transferred to pay for 1 year protection for my pc.....I...

    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600452878
    I order cbd oil and gummies and never received them now they charging 89 dollars for the products and 7 dollars for the trail products. Now they...

  • Renewal Support
    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600452872
    DO NOT Pay for SAM Registration/Renewal. It is FREE to do on your own This agency leads you to believe that they are with the Goverment. I even...

  • Social security administration Imposter
    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600452867
    A telephone call left a message this was SSA Office and a arrest warrant had been issued for me because of fraudulent actions on my on my social...

  • Jayleen’s Pomerainians
    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600452862
    I recently had my fur baby of 15 years pass away & I’ve been searching for a fur baby to love. This website looked legitimate but I felt the need...

  • Epic Yorkie garden
    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600452857
    This is a fake site to sell puppies . They scammed me and then threatened me for not paying an additional $1000 to transport my puppy .

  • Thomas Store
    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600452852
    I went on this web site and seen some pretty cool beans bag chars that could fit 2 people, so I started to put in my information and all the sudden...

  • ZestAds
    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600452847
    First, I want to thank for the like, to arrive here.. we are senior citizens. W-71 H-83.. I ordered a circular saw on Nov 18, 2019.. never...

  • OneMain Financial Impersonator
    Added on Sep 16, 2020, by Private1600452727
    I thought this was a legitimate business I gave them all my info the sent an approved I’d letter of preapproval Andy Hunt (219) 207-2767

  • Johnson's Gadgets
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600445943
    I ordered their cleaning product on December 29, 2019. My account was charged almost immediately. I realized a few months later that I never...

  • Weweyouyy
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600445938
    Thought i was buy smart bracelets, never was delivered. Been trying to get a refund for over a month now.

  • Jenny Shih Tzu Puppies
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600445932
    Scammed for $490 for a puppy never received and money never refunded. See image for more info

  • Flip Financials
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600445927
    Was suppose to help with a rental. I paid a fee then didn't hear anything. Request a refund and they denied it. Emailed cashapp, they never responded.

  • Dynasty Exteriors
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600445922
    A salesman showed up to my house after we found this company on Facebook. He seemed legitimate enough and the price he gave me was impossible to say...

  • Ourshibainukennel
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600445917
    What Happened we were looking at puppies to adopt and we contacted these individuals because we were eager to adopt a shiba inu into our family. we...

  • Cashmet USA
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600445912
    Scammer posed as pay day loan company that is legitimate. They verified my information like at her loan companies and then made a check deposit into...

  • Some random studio on blank check
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600445907
    So one day back in December 16th 2019 I fell hopeless out of 1,800 so a women that had been on my Facebook for months messaged me about sending me a...

  • Premium Techie Support
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600445902
    Dear Valued Customer, GREETINGS FROM PREMIUM TECHIE SUPPORT This Email is to keep You Informed in reference to Your Existing PC PROTECT PLAN which...

  • Smart Store
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600445896
    Ordered fit bit online. Didn't receive shipping information. contacted Pay Pal who did investigation and provided tracking number, which was bogus. ...

  • Statshop
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600445887
    Fake store, does not deliver items purchased

  • Blackrina
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600445881
    My order for two boxes of Ambitex black nitrile powder free sterile exam gloves sizes L and S were ordered in early July. After 2 weeks the order had...

  • Amy Saulino and Abigale Williams
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600445874
    I had come across this young lady requesting to be a friend on Instagram. She stated how I can make money by investing through a broker for day...

  • Imposter Cash App
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600445869
    I had an issue with my cash app on my iPhone where i couldn’t activate my card for to the app freezing. I searched on the internet for cash app...

  • Nextdoor Canada Ltd
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600445864
    I received a letter from a "neighbour" which I now believe was not sent by them at all. The letter contained a message to invite me to...

  • The Solution Services
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600445857
    We were contacted to sell our share in a vacation club but had to pay up front for Federal Tax ID Registration in Mexico.

    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600445847
    Professional appearing page from online search, showing Rothys Shoes at reduced price--but not discounted enough to raise concerns PLUS was a PayPal...

  • Medicare impostor
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600445842
    I've been getting calls from area code 769, the callers are foreign, they call all day and all night. One of the callers said I should be on Medicare...

  • Funfavor
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600445837
    8/20/20 Ordered 2 flashlights,waited for awhile.took a week to respond. got a tracking number to follow. USPS confirms that it was delivered. But the...

  • Opoposs
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600445827
    They have a small website, they advertise it on facebook and other social media sites (like many other stores). I purchased 2 outfits for almost $60...

  • Auto Warranty Services
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600445821
    Everyday I get this company calling about my extended warranty running out. Do not have a vehicle that has a warranty anymore. When they call the...

  • Sar Import Export Gmbh USA LLC
    Added on Sep 18, 2020, by Private1600445806
    Job offer with high salary and benefits, asking for the use of one's credit card to make purchases for the company during training program, give...

  • Social Security Impostor
    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600445791
    I had a call from a phone number that only differed 4 numbers from my own, claiming they were from the social security office. They stated that...

  • Gift Rome
    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600445786
    This is a new promotion being shared all over Facebook with thousands of comments and shares. The website named are selling very trendy...

  • Social Security Administration
    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600445781
    received phone call, with a recording indicating they are with the SS admin and that they have detected illegal use of my SS number. I did not respond and disconnected.

  • Dachshund Puppies for Adoption
    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600445776
    I found a dachshund adoption page on Instagram @dachshundloveradoption and through there I got to their website...

  • Safeaut Centre INC
    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600445765
    Applied for a secret shopper position approx two weeks (2) ago 09/16/2020 received a assignment letter no company name, and a cashiers check for the...

  • Business Contact Center
    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600445755
    I got a call explaining that my power was about to be cut off due to my payment not being processed in a timely manner and that I needed to make a...

    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600445745
    Website looks like it's selling Lysol products, but if you click on contact page, it lists a number that is not working 1 (330) 650-3333, an addre...

    Added on Sep 17, 2020, by Private1600445740
    This company appeared to be selling Chaco sandals at a discount. I ordered and paid for two pairs of sandals. I received a style I didn't order and a...

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