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(888) 404-4504 Reports & Reviews (20)

- Atlanta, GA, USA • Jul 12, 2024

very well written letter "Final Notice please call"

I just googled the phone number and found BBB.

Thank you

- Killeen, TX, USA • Jul 09, 2024

Final attempt to notify experition date:07/26/24 county deed records component element carrier mechanical systems coverage area inside /outside gives registration Id number. Warranty activation notice call 1-888-404-4504 for uninterrupted protection operating hours Mon -Fri 7:00am -7:00 pm CST ,Sat 10:00 am-4:00 pm CST picture of home front and back of card .This is your Warranty activation notice advising you to contact our offices so you do not have a lapse in coverage for all available covered components with active services. All repairs and replacements will be covered that reflect your updated paperwork. Call 1-888-404-4504 now before it is too late and your expiration date expires leaving your home at risk of expensive repairs and/ or product replacement. Says Final Notice on right side presorted first class US postage paid mailed from 63155 permit 5497

- Columbus, OH, USA • Jun 27, 2024

I received in the USPS Mail a letter from Home Waranty Division did not give an address only a ph# 888-404-4504. It said "Final Notice" on it. They have my name, phone# (614) 619-8752 . They were wanting me to call them before 7-9-2024. Inform me at my address that my mortgage through Huntington National Bank may be expired or has already been expired. Our records should you have not contacted us to get your home Waranty up to date. Failure to call will lack ibn coverage for home repairs. phishing letter from scammer. Customer ID# 170CJ24143

- Crawfordville, FL, USA • Jun 21, 2024

I was wise that it was a scam. I gave them not one bit of information. I warned them to stop calling or sending me any more mail.

- Port Orange, FL, USA • May 20, 2024

I received a letter /warning that I was about to lose my home warranty and to call immediately….

They listed my mortgage lender

- Nacogdoches, TX, USA • Apr 10, 2024

I, too, noticed that my home warranty is not with them & is not about to expire. I believe they obtained my info based on an equity loan from a year ago. The front of the "envelope" states "Signature Required." They purchased postage from the USPS in area code 63155, Permit 5497, so they should be easily traced.

- Pittsburgh, PA, USA • Mar 27, 2024

I received threatening letter, via the US Mail, regarding expiring warranty including fake check and demand to call immediately. A web search determined this was a scam but I wanted to see if anyone had authority to do something. I sent the last one to

- Ashburnham, MA, USA • Mar 27, 2024

I received a letter in the mail claiming that my home warranty was going to expire unless I called to active it again for the property. I recently bought a home a few months ago, so I called the number, and they knew my lender information, name and address. I asked them to confirm who they represented, and they stated my lender. They explained the coverage and what I was eligible for. I inquired about the escrow account with the mortgage as that was supposed to cover insurance, however this was supposedly for the construction and building related repairs. I was given an extension number, name, and business location.

- Island Lake, IL, USA • Mar 12, 2024

Mail received that looks like it’s from home mortgage company warrant division with words Final Notice in bold black font. Wording states that they have not been contacted about getting a home warranty up to date and responsibility of any loss will be addressee’s giving the impression that something negative will happen to home if not resolved. A attachment that looks like a check is included which makes it seem like check to be cashed comes to you. However, small print indicates will sign you into program if cashed. My mother is 93 years old and this mailing sent her into a panic. It leads one to believe they will lose something relating to their home which would be devastating for them, especially the elderly, but the pitch is nothing more than a company trying to get the elderly make a purchase.

- South Chatham, MA, USA • Feb 26, 2024

initial mail out was to my elderly mother (84 yrs old, with dementia) - with an 800# and referenced her main bank that she uses. "IMMEDIATE RESPONSE REQUESTED" on her property's home warranty - which she didn't have. It was a pretty typical home warranty pitch to an elderly person who doesn't need their services: "URGENT" and "CALL NOW" - which my mother did. They then managed to get her bank account information so they could execute an ACH withdrawal and not have to wait for a check. I am hoping there is somewhere I can attach a picture of their letter...

• Sep 28, 2023

Received a notice "Home Warrent Division" and lists the former mortgage holder company and includes a fake check for $199. The number is888-404-4504, the same others noted. I believe this is Pgishing and dont recommend ypu contact them. Always go to your mortgage holder or even insurance company. Too much fraud out there.

• Aug 23, 2023

Home Warranty Division sent a letter of "final notice" requesting an "immediate response" stating "This letter is to inform you that the property's home warranty, [at my address], may be expiring or may have already expired." Also, the letter is designed to look like a check which, of course, motivates a person to open the letter which turns out to be a "Registration Fee Voucher" in the amount of $199.00. In the fine print, they do say, "Not all consumers have previous coverage. We are not affiliated with your current mortgage holder" and "THIS IS NOT A CHECK." They seem to be phishing for me to sign up for a home warranty with them. The way the letter is written did send a sense of fear and dread through me because the word "expired" is scary. I thought I had forgotten to conduct some important home business. I did not call them.

• Aug 07, 2023

I received US Mail folded into three parts where you had to tear apart two sides trying to look official On the front it states THIS OTICE IS TIME SENSITIVE: SENT ON 06/29/2023. HOME ARRANTY DIVISION IMMEIDATE RESPONSE TO THIS NOTICE REQESTD. Signature required, Lender info Charter One Bank NA. Our records indicate that you HAVE NOT CONTACTED us yet to get your Home Warranty up to date. Its sent in a single page folded in three portion with two detachments on the side to open the letter. A detachale portion 1/3 of the letter with a document that looks like a check entitled Registration Fee Voucher. If you want to find the location of the organization, you might get this from the postal service. 888-404-4584 . US POSTAGE PAID ST LOUIS MO PERMIT NO 5283.

This is deceptive in that they are acting as if I had already had an existing Home Warranty in their words Secured by Charter One Bank. If someone calls this number they might think they have some kind of contract when they call and are marketed an unknown sales pitch. I wanted to contact them but there is no return adddress and I cannto find a location for this website online. Someone might think this is reall they are going to get something from their home warranty division and wind up being marketed.

• Jul 30, 2023

CONTINUIOUS "FINAL NOTICE" tO ME AND MY DECEASED WIFE, 4 YRS. REMOVED. FOR YRS. WE HAVE SHRED THIS UNWANTED MATERIAL REF. 3 198FM13379 record #Hrs. M.-F. 7 am to 7 pm Sat. 10 to 4:00 CST. Check for 199.00 and my wife's was for 299.00 ALL BOGUS/ NUSANCE FOR YRS. WHY THIS WON'T STOP?

• Jul 28, 2023

Keeps sending letter stating home warranty expired with a voucher and number to call


I opened a folded windowed envelope with detachments on two sides, listing Charter One Bank which out of business. It was written to the homeowner and stated the following: This notice is time sensitive, sent on 6/29/23 information for mortgagee only. HOME WARRANTY DIVISION Immediate response to this notice requested. FINAL NOTICE This letter is to inform you that the property's home warranty at (home address) secured by CHARTER ONE BANK NA, may be expiring or may have already expired. Our records indicated that you have NOT CONTACTED us yet to get your warranty up to date. Call Immediately as this will be our FINAL ATTEMPT TO NOTIFY YOU 1-888-404-4504. There is a paragraph in the middle stating Without a home warranty in place you are at risk for being financially liable for any and all repairs. However, you still may have time left to activity a Warranty on your home before tis too late. I might have already sent a copy of this to the Better Business Bureau and I want to be sure I report the scam before discarding this. There is no address to seek deletion of record.

Attached is a copy of a letter I recieved that can fool someone who doesnt know the structure of the check. There is no name writte but their phoe number 888-404-4504. For someone who doesnt read it it looks like a check for $199 with additional deception in the return address section HOME WARRANTY DIVISION. This letter is a great marketing filter getting only the people who were fooled by this to call back and get their $199.00 from their apparent insurance company.

- Attleboro, MA, USA

We keep getting these letters over and over again, so I called to be removed from their list. The guy on the phone asked me why, so I told him that it didn't matter why. He rudely responded that it did matter why, because I'm not (my wife), who was on the letter. I told him that I think they're trying to scam people by presenting this with urgency and obviously including what looks like a check on the bottom of the letter (that also looks like a check through the envelope window. He grew increasingly rude and would not remove my wife from their list.


I have already filed a complaint about these threatening letters. But they keep being sent to my home address. This needs to be taken care of please. I have posted a photo of the letter that I received in mail. It looks like a fake to me and the scammer should be apprehended assp.

- Raleigh, NC, USA

This is the third time I have received this same letter

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