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• Jul 19, 2024

and record New Zealand. In 1769 the British explorer
CUST0MER SERVICE +1 (805)-301 7006 Captain James Cook became the first European to set foot on and map New Zealand. In 1840, representatives of the United Kingdom and Māori chiefs signed the Treaty of Waitangi which paved the way for Britain's declaration of sovereignty later that year and the establishment of the Crown Colony of New Zealand in 1841. Subsequently, a series of conflicts between the colonial gov

- Los Angeles, CA, USA • Jul 19, 2024

I contacted Ayman Asgar via Facebook Marketplace. He was selling a 1996 Toyota Camry. The car was not smog checked by the seller. The car has several issues that would cost twice the car's value to fix. The catalytic converter, alternator, and power steering all need fixing. I have a signed statement proving the transaction.

- Yatesville, GA, USA • Jul 19, 2024

Mr. Charles Reid (the contact from Classic On Movement) was contacted by Mr. Anthony Williams via phone on 05/17/2024. - Mr. Williams found a vehicle he liked on the Facebook page and asked Mr. Reid for the price, $11,000. Mr. Reid suggested using Swiftuniversal to ship the vehicle to Mr. WIlliams. Mr. Williams agreed to pay $5,500 as a down payment via wire transfer. (Act #5364109851, Routing: 054000030 PNC Bank - Account Name Anwan Mbah). This payment got held up because the bank froze the account due to suspicious activity. After 1 month, the $5,500 was returned back to Mr. Williams. During that 1 month time frame, Mr. Williams had also paid an additional $7028 dollars ($1000 paid Walmart to Walmart, $6028 paid by Bitcoin) to Hasaan Golden, who identified himself as an agent for Swiftuniversal Mr. Williams was told by Mr. Reid that the vehicle was being held up by the logistics company due to a finding of 37 pounds of cocaine in the vehicle and Mr. Reid asked Mr. Williams to help him pay the $8,000 needed to get the vehicle out of holding. Mr. Williams denied Mr. Reid's request. Mr. Golden told Mr. Williams that he would send him a check to return his funds due to the cancellation of the vehicle. They have since contacted Mr. Williams constantly coming up with reasons to attempt to collect more money. Mr. Williams is out $7028 dollars in total and never received the car or the refund.

- Ocklawaha, FL, USA • Jul 17, 2024

They told me it was 750 for the puppy, then they needed a crate and insurance, then there was a permit, then the driver ran out of gas. Then no one would answer me back at all

- Ann Arbor, MI, USA • Jul 16, 2024

Facebook website: Small / Large / Extra Large "Mystery Box" - stated that this was an Amazon Warehouse. Boxes were filled with returned items. You could purchase a different sized box. We purchased a LARGE box - pictures on site showed a larger packing box with numerous items (indicting that the purchaser would get a box with numerous items). We received a 7 inch X 4 inch box. We have not opened it as it is NOT the expected LARGE box we ordered.

- Chapel Hill, NC, USA • Jul 16, 2024

Charged PayPal using A&WEEK name. Was on Jun 25, 2024

- Holly Ridge, NC, USA • Jul 15, 2024

went on Facebook saw this ad on face so assumed was screened nope. they said Italy???

- Catawissa, MO, USA • Jul 15, 2024

Promo described buy one get one Stanley Lunchbags.

- Panorama City, CA, USA • Jul 15, 2024

I replied to an ad for an apartment for rent, he called me and told me how to see the apartment, i was buzzed into the building and i was instructed to go inside the apartment and just leave when i’m done. I checked his license as property manager online, he sent me an application form to fill out and asked me to send a copy of my ID and paystub which I sent him. then when he sent me the lease agreement ot was different from what we talked about so I called the company managing the building and someone told me he doesn’t work for them. He asked me to send money on the “landlord’s” account for the downpayment and rent

- Forest, VA, USA • Jul 15, 2024

Suggested buying bitcoin through ************** .I set up an account at the scammers assistance. After realising this was a scam I tried withdrawing my money. I was told I needed to deposit $7,000 into my wallet at which time my money would be withdrawn

I did not do that and asked if the fee could be taken out money. I was told that could not be done.

He also said after awhile we were in a relationship that I agreed with.

I also bought gifts cards at his insistence

Please assist if possible in recouping my money


- West Columbia, SC, USA • Jul 15, 2024

I ordered via Facebook and the items were supposed to be delivered the next day. I still have not received them and I called the card company for additional information. The phone number Given cannot be reached.

- Fayetteville, NC, USA • Jul 13, 2024

Purchased their product but never received the product. Company refuses to refund the amount or provide any tracking information. In an email thy say to just keep waiting

- Blythewood, SC, USA • Jul 11, 2024

I contacted Sandra/Sandro Miles the first of Sept 2023 from Facebook in reference to her Maine C o o n kittens she was advertising as for sale. When I first spoke to her about getting one, she eagerly began giving me different PayPal accounts where to send her the money. There must have been at least 10 or more accounts where I sent $1,000.00 for a kitten. (I have a record of them in my Paypal account). We had first agreed I would drive to Wilmington, NC to pick up my kitten but the day before I was to drive to her address, she texted me, informing me that her sister's cat had had kittens and "she didn't know what to do". I thought that was an odd reason but after chatting with her on text, she said she would contact after she returned from her sister's house. I asked her who was going to take of the other kittens she had for sale but she didn't reply. In just a day or two I was contacted by a courier service called Global Delivery service. They were informing me they would be bringing me my kitten. What followed next was about a (2) page text explaining that I was going to have to buy or rent a climate controlled animal carrier. It was $500 to rent or $1,000 to buy. I certainly didn't want to buy one and after paying $1,000 for the kitten I didn't want to rent one either. This courier was steadfast in getting money and told me "this will be the only fee you will have to pay and you'll get it back in a refund check." After haggling with them for a day, I sent them a money card for $500.00. The ONLY method of payment they would take was a money card! I begged them to let me send it thru Paypal or pay with my debit card but they refused. I sent the money card. A day or two later, they contacted me again, thru text, wanting $1,000.00. I MIGHT ADD AT THIS TIME, I COMMUNICATED WITH THEM VIA TEXT. I HAVE HAD LARYNGITIS FOR GOING ON ALMOST A YEAR AND IT IS VERY DIFFICULT TO TALK ON THE PHONE. I asked why they needed $1,000.00? I was told it was to certify the vet papers were in order since the kitten had had its shots from a vet. I thought about it a day and sent them $1,000.00. I told them I wasn't for sure they were being honest with me. Again, I was told I'd get the money refunded back to me when the kitten was delivered. The next day, the courier from Global Courier service contacted me AGAIN, wanting MORE MONEY! This time it was for licensing by the vet since the kitten was being delivered across state lines. I cannot explain my anger at this point. I refused to send more money! I told them if they couldn't deliver my kitten after paying them $1,500.00, something was wrong! Again, they told me the money would be refunded back to me in a check. I went around and around with them until I received a REALLY long text, informing me if I didn't pay the fee, I would be charged with Pet Abandonment/Cruelty to an Animal, and some other charge that dealt with Pet Abandonment. That scared me because I'm an Air Force veteran and had worked as a drug and patrol dog handler while on active duty. I had also been Honorable discharged from the AF in 1985. So began the fee paying merry go round! Every time I got a text from Global courier service, it always began with a fee that would be refunded back to me when the kitten was delivered. By this time it was getting close to Thanksgiving, and one of the employees at Global Courier service "befriended me", telling me he would help me get my kitten. He said his name was Larry Johnson (I later find out that his wife's name is Olivia HERNANDEZ. This Larry Johnson spoke with a spanish accent, too). He would tell me to send him XX amount of money and he would prepare the kitten for delivery. He wanted a money card, too, but I was not aware that money cards is one way scammers get untraceable money. When I'd send him a money card, he would also tell me that the money would be refunded to me in a check. Most times the money card would not redeem or would not redeem for the full amount of money and I'd have to get another money card to make up the difference from the cards that either had not redeemed at all or partially redeemed. I questioned the partialy redeemed cards but I was accused of calling him a liar. After I'm almost up to $10,000.00 by now I quit answering their texts of more threats and they wanted more money. I texted Sandra Miles many times during all this money fiasco until she finally told me she had taken the kitten to another courier service called Fidelity Courier service and they wanted $800 to deliver the kitten that evening along with my refund check. I texted her back telling her she was lying and there was no kitten nor a refund check. We got into a very heated conversation via text and it was at a point where she told me the courier was preparing the kitten for delivery that evening. If I could hurry and get a money card for $800, the kitten would be delivered to me that evening with my refund check. THAT WAS A LIE! After I sent her the money, I texted her about 2 hrs later and asked why was it taking so long? She said she had told me a fib to get the money to the courier before he charged me $1,000.00. That's what she said this courier charged by month...$1,000.00 for food lodging, and A KITTY NANNY! I was so disgusted! I told her the kitten wasn't going to be at that courier office for no month but she said sometimes things happen and the kitten could be detained some due to regulations in shipping or something like that. There was always a reason and a FEE! After paying another $1,000.00 to Fidelity Courier service, they came up with the next fee...I had to pay a 20% NONWHITHHOLDING TAX on the money I'd paid so far. That amount came to a little over $4,600.00! Plus they were wanting another $5,500.00 for something that I honestly can't remember. BUT, all this money would be refunded to me when the kitten was delivered. I pawned and sold everything of value I had because I had been promised, with the payment of $5,500.00 the kitten would be delivered to me with my refund check. THAT WAS THE BIGGEST LIE! I did not get my kitten delivered. The employee at the courier service texted me that "there was a problem. Kitty had falled from a shelf and hurt his little leg or paw and the vet bill was $7,500.00." I really lost all my bearings and I didn't hold back any anger! I let the guy have it, verbally! There was laughter in the background as I tried talking to him over the phone and he was even laughing when he repeated the vet bill was $7,500.00. I texted Sandra and I don't remember what was in that text but the next day or two, she said she had taken the kitten to another courier. Right Transportation Courier. The same thing happened. They wanted more and more money or I was going to be charged for Pet Abandonment and that charge came with a jail sentence. I was so angry and scared that I was going to be hauled off to jail. I aggrivated Sandra to the point where she said she took the kitten (it's a 9 month old cat by now) away from that courier and she would take $500 from me and deliver the kitten to me along with my refund check. The Right Transportation Courier had already sent me an image of the check in a text but all the critical information on the check had been sanitized, meaning the Payer's name and address had been encrypted as was the bank routing and account numbers, the date of the check and part of my last name. The amount of the check was for $48,000.00. Sandra told me she had the ckeck and she wanted $500 before she would deliver the money to me. Believing her, I sent her a $500 money card. She said she was on her way to my house and about 20 minutes later I got a text from her saying that she was having car trouble and she wanted $1,000 to pay the mechanic. I told her to call AAA or her husband, that I was NOT her husband! She became very argumentative and said she was just going to have to be stranded. I texted her at around 8pm that same night and she said she couldn't believe that I'd left her abandoned. Again I told her I wasn't her husband. A couple of days later she said she was in her car, headed my way with the kitten and needed more money, $1,000 ti be exact. she first said $500 but then changed the amount to $1,000 "because $1,000 sounded better." I refused to send it to her. So she said she was turning around and going home. So that's where I am now. Nine months (almost 10 months have gone by) later I still do not have a Maine [censored] kitten NOR my refund check. Sandra is holding my refund check from me. I could tell the check had been issued by Bank of America and I went to a local branch of BOA. I asked the branch manager if there was some way their home office could use the information of the check to find out what Payer had prepared the check and inquire if they could issue a Stop Pay on that check and issue me another one. The branch manager told me that "the person holding the check was the only one that could issue a Stop Pay for that particular check. I didn't think the branch manager understood my request so I repeated it. So, here I am, out of $48,000.00, I have been lied to for over nine (9) months and i still don't have a Maine C o o n kitten...the kitten I could finally afford to buy. I've wanted one my whole life. Having spent over $48,000 to get one only to be scammed by 3 "courier" services and one greedy breeder. I don't even know if this breeder lives in Wilmington, NC or not. I doubt Sandra Miles is actually her real name. This just pisses me off! I reported this incident to the Richland County Sheriff's Office about a week ago (today is 7-11-24) after sending my complaint to which is to the FBI. I pray these people are caught because I for one would love to show up in court with ALL THE SAVED TEXT MESSAGES THAT I HAVE ON MY PHONE. ALL THE PICTURES OF THE MONEY CARDS I HAVE BOUGHT WITH THE APPLICABLE RECEIPTS! AND NOT TO MENTION I KEPT ALL OF THE MONEY CARDS I SENT THESE PEOPLE, ALL 121 OF THEM. Somehow, someday, they will get their lot. I believe in Karma! The zip code I entered for her is inaccurate. I couldn't leave that window empty. Same goes for the city and state where she said she lived; I doubt that information is accurate as well. I would love to speak with a tv investigator about this scam. I tried to post on her Facebook site that i doubted the information she had posted on facebook was true but she deleted my post and blocked me for a period of time.

- Jackson, TN, USA • Jul 11, 2024

Are you ready to get the card so that you received the money? Her profile says she sent money to others, However, she is asking for gift card purchase.

- Los Angeles, CA, USA • Jul 11, 2024

These change daily on Facebook. I have reported them to META to have the ad removed. They denied.

This one would be for a Dell Inspirion, just pay shipping.

- Greeley, CO, USA • Jul 10, 2024

I sent several emails, with no response. I filed a complaint, asked to get refunded through their website options. Never received any response. The picture of what I purchased, was beautiful.. what I got for someone as a gift by the way, was plastic and wire do it yourself kit, that was garbage.

- Columbia, MO, USA • Jul 09, 2024

Miss brooks was supposed to help me prepare and file paperwork for my divorce. Also, to get me a court date in which case nothing has been done.And she has lost all communications with me.

- Baltimore, MD, USA • Jul 09, 2024

Agent Locks Don had someone using my oldest sister name to sent me his link and said she did it and she got 60,000 from him by sending in $350 I said I don’t have no money I’m broke he said how much do I have on hand and I told him I’m broke so I said to he can’t u take the money out the winnings so he said I have to pay the case file and taxes before he send me the money so I ask the person that suppose to be my sister could she give it to me and I will give it back when I get my money she said she can loan me $200 cause she brought a new hose and opening her own business so the man said she had sent in the $200 and all I had to do was send him the$150 so right then I known it was a scam so I ask her where did she get the $200 she said out of her paycheck my sis don’t work so I said what pay check so she said oh I mean my salary I said what salary to make a long story short he want me to go to Walgreens get a prepaid card if $150 and text him when I get it on Thursday that’s when I told him I would have it so I called my sister and she said that was not her it was a scam please please get these ppl before they get somebody else I almost fell for it I don’t want to be on tv media or none of that I just want them caught thx you

- Newport News, VA, USA • Jul 09, 2024

Advertised as costing $39.99 but billed my card for $239.99. When I called to have the order cancelled, I was told it couldn’t be cancelled but was offered other options which would still keep most of my money.

- Beaver Falls, PA, USA • Jul 09, 2024

I wish to bring to your attention the troubling experience I had with Cade Rector and Colleen Grey at One Roof, LLC regarding the purchase of my late brother's home. After signing a contract with their representative, Colleen Grey, I was informed that the next steps would involve opening escrow and conducting a "walk-through". Despite my efforts to follow up, I faced silence and a lack of response. I was later notified that the contract had been canceled, which I found to violate the agreed-upon time frame. Additionally, I was not provided with a copy of the cancellation promptly, and when I requested to speak with Cade's partner, I was met with evasion and unresponsiveness. This behavior is unacceptable and does not align with fair business practices. Thank you for any help you can give.


Rita A. Corbin

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