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I purchased the Rocket Magic Lids on 5/7/2020. Total $29.93 for the order. I sent an email on 5/26 asking why the items had not been delivered. On June 2 I sent an email stating that the non-deliverance of the items will be reported to our credit card company.

Gloria Jun 04, 2020

Made a purchase never received merchandise , tried emailing customer service, no reply back, I want merchandise or money refunded

I ordered the reusable bowl covers on 5/1 and have yet to receive them. They charged my credit card on that same day. The bill has arrived and still no covers. It seems that my card should not have been charged UNTIL the items were shipped. I have filed a complaint with my card and hope to get some satisfaction. I certainly hope I have learned NOT to order things on line.

Ordered the forever sponge on 6/4/2020 and still no news from them 2 months later. I will call my credit card compagny.

OMG I have just placed an order for these lids x 3 as wanted for friends also.
Has anyone managed to get their money back yet or received their order?

I ordered magic lids on 07/09 and received confirmation email but no follow up with tracking number etc and I assumed I had been scammed but decided to wait another few days before contacting my bank. Surprisingly the lids actually arrived today.

J Hunt Jun 11, 2020

wondering if you are in the U.S. I am in Canada and still waiting. But I didnt' get a confirmation email. My cc was charged 4 times.

I meant 07/05/20

I placed an order on 5/16/2020 and received confirmation that items will be shipped in 3 days I am still waiting, fortunately I used American Express a payment tender I open dispute and got my money back

Ordered the sponge on 5/8 and have not received it. What our my options. Can I get my money back?

I ordered lids on may 17th 20 and I had just the same experience as everybody else. I will contact my bank to contest the paiement. I will be more careful next time for sure.

Like all the others, I have been scammed. They received their money, but I never received the product that I ordered on 5/18/20. Shame on me for not checking further.

May 11 I ordered several of the no touch key things. Ordered several as I wanted to give them to family and friends as gifts. I have the email receipt saying the order would be processed on 3 days or so and would be sent a tracking number once that was done. Also said it would take about 25 days to arrive. My receipt has the order number and the amount was close to $50.00. I have been very sick and in hospital twice since the Friday before valentines day. If I received a tracking number I cannot find that email. I paid with my credit card.
It hasn't been quite 25 days yet so not sure if I should call my credit card company and bank to report this or wait a couple more weeks. I have never ever had this happen before. Can you please advise me what to do? When I typed in the rocket addy it doesnt exist and is up for grabs. The email I have with the order receipt/invoice is a no reply pne.

Pierre Jun 01, 2020

I've also ordered "plastic covers" on 08/05 and received an email saying everything ok for delivery and haven't heard anything since.

I ordered the magic lids on 5/8/2020 - no product received. Does anyone have an address for them? I want to report them to the Florida attorney general but I cannot find an address or email other than the no reply one. I am also going to report to facebook, but I don't think that will go anywhere. I will be disputing this with my credit card.

I too have been duped it seems, ordered the non touch key and received the same e mail (in screen shots others have posted), payment taken straight out and nothing since. I am going to contact my Bank about the payment. Looking back do others recall there were a series of strange questions after going through each page such as no don't want second one, if need will buy another/ don't care if others in family don't have one etc...thought at time it was odd but carried on and was then congratulated on getting another one free!. I e mailed support too, did get a reply on but simply saying received e mail ( proves automated because had not put any message my side in it as testing e mail address!).

I ordered sponge on 5/18/2020 I have not received the
order yet

kju228 Jun 02, 2020

I paid for an item on 4/23/2020 and just received it in the mail today, 6/2/2020. I thought I had been scammed too, but they arrived. It took a LONG time though. Hopefully, you get your product(s) too!
(I ordered the sponges too!)

PWIT Jun 01, 2020

Order # 9EB99F0577. This is my order. If someone can look into this I would appreciate it. I emailed them at
[email protected] and [email protected] Keep sending me the same email back that their team will get back to me as soon as they can. That's BS. Sent them one to cancel and put my money back on my card or I'm calling authorities. And I will if you can't get to them.

I purchased several sets on May 21 for myself and my kids and haven't seen an email or the products since. These cost me about $40. Don't trust Rocket Commerce, they are a scam.

SCAM...Don't buy anything from 'Rocket Commerce' They sell all sorts of 'handy kitchen gadgets' I ordered the 'Forever Sponge' for the alleged cost of 2 'Forever Sponges' I would get a third one free. And no shipping charges! I was charged on my Credit card $29.94 for the sponges and $9.99 for shipping. These are Canadian $$$. So take off 30% for the US$ equivalent. The charges went through on my credit card April 15th. I sent them a reminder that I have yet to receive them. They did respond with some story to continue to track my number from the post office. Two things I have learned from Scammers is this: Before jumping ahead to buy an item after reading about it on line, go to Amazon, description the item you are looking for and you will likely see it there. Most often identical in appearance and most often a cheaper price than the scammer is offering. Secondly, if you used your credit card and you've been charged, call the credit card company and you stand a good chance of being credited back as it was a fraud.Tell the Credit card company all the details you have including of course 'Rocket Commerce' They will know it's a fraudulent company.


I ordered the expandable custom fit lids on May 6, 2020, the charge for which shows on my Visa statement. I opted for the no shipping charge in exchange for a longer shipping time. I have received nothing so far (today Is May 30, 2020), plus there was a shipping charge on my statement as a separate item, and I had chosen free shipping.
Don't fall prey to this scam as I did.

Dont' order from these people and spread the word that they're a scam outfit!

My parents ordered some lids from this scam outfit and this and a charge on their credit card as all they have to show for it! Their order was placed on 5/10/2020 and today is 5/29/2020.

ORDER #********

Thank you for your purchase!
Hi **** *****, we're getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent.

How fast is delivery?
Generally it takes 10 to 25 business days to be delivered!

How to track my order?
Once your order is shipped (withing 3 days after the purchase), you will receive a new email with a direct link to track your order in live!

If you can't see your free unit, Don't Worry!
As the whole site is with free unit promotion, above 02 products. Most likely, at the time of shipment, our agent identified the error and manually added the 01 free product to your order.
So make sure that the 3rd unit will come to you.

Items in Order:
Name Quantity Price
Magic Lids - Flexible Silicon Lids (6pcs 2 $23.94
Magic Lids - Flexible Silicon Lids (6pcs 1 ---
Sub Total: $23.94
Shipping: ---
Grand Total: $23.94

Customer information:
Shipping Address:

Billing Address:

I'm never buying any from Facebook ads again! I ordered three different items from seemingly different companies all with the same result.
Emailed [email protected] and was returned from Google saying failed t connect.
Do we hav any recourse with PayPal or the associated credit card?

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