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I got an automated call from Amazon saying a tablet and earbuds for $1000 were purchased on my Amazon Account, and to press one if you hadn't made the purchase. I pressed one. A man came on and said "Hello, you've reached Amazon. Your account shows you purchased a tablet and earbuds for $1,000." I said I don't have an Amazon account and hung up.

The man saying I ordered a I phone for 1,300 hundred from Amazon account

Trying to extort 100.00 another 100.00$

For the same years service

Paid in full dec. 3 months later ask for another 100.00

Contacted via text message and looks like many ppl got this

The scams usually use banks or some sort of online purchasing website to lure you into thinking your package is delayed. It’s usually a funny looking message with many spelling errors that seem pretty obvious, and make you click a link that has nothing to do with what they’re inquiring about.

I received an email labeled from AMAZON, which should have been a red flag with everything being capitalized, but I did not notice it at the time as I was checking my emails on my cellphone, and I did not pay attention to the senders email address, (Another red flag). I noticed charges of up to $8000.00 in merchandise that did I did not purchase. I immediately called the number listed on the email (another red flag, I forgot about) and the scam began. It is crazy, because at the same time I am speaking with the fake agent, I am googling a Customer Service number for Amazon, with NO LUCK... I mean it was like looking for a needle in a haystack to contact Amazon. I digress... The fake agent proceeds, asks for the Order#, verify my info, not asking me anything yet, just verifying the hacked account (RED FLAG) if they have access to the account they can simply state what they see, the last 4 digits of the cards you have on file, and the last few items you ordered. Me not knowing that at the time, simply agreed to what she was seeing. The first thing that stood out, she asked for a verification security block I had on the account (my expiration date on my Credit Card), but I could not remember placing that, I hesitated at first but again she verified so much info at the time, I thought she was legit. Then she stated a credit card had indeed been opened in my name and she would block it and all the charges, and she would have to deactivate my account for 24 hours. She sent me a temporary password and told me she would have to transfer me to her manager for him to approve the BLOCK...Again meanwhile, I am looking at my Amazon account, I do not see the charges they state are made, but I assumed because they opened a credit card the charges would not show on my end...and the Credit Card they supposedly opened was not listed as any of the cards on my file...So I am confused and suspicious now. She has to hang me up and her manager has to call me back. She gives me the area code, to make sure I answer in case I think it is a SPAM call..Ok...they are covering their bases...AGAIN, mind you, I am on Amazon website and in order to speak with a customer service rep, you have to leave your phone number and someone will call you back, so I think the agent is legit. Its only when the manager calls that I am really suspicious. Jay Wilson is the name he gives, he does not ask for any personal info., he verifies the information the agent stated then proceeds to ask me if I login on different computer, cell phones or tablets. They were trying to pinpoint where the charger were being made from. Asked if I had ever been to Washington, Ohio, Mexico, China...No of course not, then he tell me he needs me to type CMD in my search bar on my desktop...WHY I ask, he states it is their protocol to place a block on the IP addresses and to see if there are any foreign websites using my computer to make the fraudulent charges. So I ask, can you just block the Credit card, close that credit card account and I will handle everything else...Yes he states but they have to block those IP foreign addresses. I am not comfortable typing that command into my computer, so he suggests I can go to an Amazon store and get a card that would block the websites using my info, mind you, there is no Amazon store near me, so he suggests a Walmart, Target or Dollar Store... I reluctantly type in the command, we see foreign IP addresses and he states I must purchase the card in order for them to block the IP addresses using my computer. (HUGE RED FLAG) PURCHASE a card, a card only he can tell me where to locate it inside the stores, because the workers are not famililar with the type of AMAZON RED card. Also, he can hold on the line while I run to the nearest Walmart (15 mins. away) or call him when I arrive in the parking lot....Now I know something is wrong and I feel so stupid and violated. I am wondering how much of my info do they really have on file and did I just unknowingly give them access to my computer. I tell the guy I will run to Walmart and call him back at the 1-206-627-3848 number listed on my phone that he verified was the way to reach him. In the meantime, I FINALLY locate an Amazon customer service number, and it took me through the ringers to speak to a LIVE customer service agent. I explained to her the situation and she stated it sounded like a SCAM, as I thought.. She sends me a code, like the other agent did and I changed my password, but she suggested I contact my Banking Institutions to be on the safe side. She said they may try to open an account in my name somewhere. I am Officially Pissed and I feel soooo violated...I admit I missed a lot of RED FLAGS, and did not trust my gut. I will admit Amazon must do a better job in displaying their Customer Service Number for their customers to reach them. I pray all is well and no actual harm has been done. I am looking into LIFELOCK now...


I received a message from a person saying they were from AMAZON and that my card was going to be charged 1300 for a camera. When I called the number they told me they were from Amazon and that my account was suspended to do fraudulent activity and that my card was going to be charged for a camera. He tried asking for my contact information and I told him I was going to call the main amazon number to confirm he told me that they would tell me the same thing. When I called the actual amazon prime number, they told me they didn't contact me and that was a scammer. I want to report this because the person at 8449161548 stated they were from amazon and tried getting my information but they were not.

An agent named Eric Wilson. He claimed someone purchased an ipad online with my information. He instructed me to go get gift cards put money on cards and that hell be able to put my money back into my bank. Each gift card was $350. He stayed on the line for over an hour until I returned with the gift cards and read the number. Once I gave them the number my coworker and boss asked me about it. I called back on the gift card and the money was gone.

I received a text message stating: You have an Amazon refund of $80.67 Text “Y”back to this number to accept via E-transfer. Data & Rates May Apply. After I texted a Y I received the following response:

Use the secure link provided below: 3Huye7t

I called Amazon who confirmed this is a scam & to delete it.

I received two text messages from “Amazon” about two different orders. One was for $699.99 and the other was for $1199.99. It asked me to confirm the first order, however the second order was already confirmed. The texts also said if this was not me to call “18552318413” and “18442399803”. When I went to look at me Amazon orders, there was nothing that I hadn’t ordered there and when I went to check my banking stuff, there were no strange purchase amount.


A recording informed me that someone attempted to make a large purchase on my Amazon account. It then said to push the # 1 in order to dispute the transaction. then a man started speaking with a foreign accent and asked me for my login information and credit/debit card info.

I received a phone call stating that a purchase was made on my Amazon account for a new iPhone in the amount of $989 and that I was over drawn on my Amazon account and needed to pay my outstanding balance. I was also told that my phone has already been shipped out to Baltimore, Maryland. I do not have an Amazon Account. I was asked to verify my name, D.O.B, address, and phone number. When I asked the caller for him to tell me the information he has, he hung up. The phone number he called from was +32 60 60 32 64 (this is how my caller i.d displayed it).

6149759351 received a message from this # about a iphone on his Amazon acct. 17 second message

Caller phone saying they were from Amazon, and they wanted to confirm my 1,800.00 I-Phone order the female kept telling me that someone has been getting things from Amazon using my name, I repeated I don't have an Amazon account. She said the only way I could prove is to give her my bank account number. She got angry and hung up.

The text claimed that someone was using my IP address to order things on Amazon. I gave them access to my computer and they said that I had 12 things wrong with it that would cost $100 per issue to fix. I did not pay any money. Told them I couldn't until my Social Security check came. They offered me a tech support plan of $500 for three years. I called and they told me that I was being scammed. I took my computer to a local business for a checkup.

Received a phone call saying that charges had been made on my Amazon account, which I do not have. The amount was in excess of $1500.00. They asked a lot of questions about where I had lived and said they had sent a verification code to our phone. They had a thick accent so it was hard to hear what they were saying. I asked if I could call them back and they gave us 1-800-300-9009. They told me a security code had been sent to my number to authorize the purchase and the items would be delivered the next day, but the address they gave I was not my address. They did not ask me to send any money, and before they could ask any further information, I hung up the call.

Scam number 580975 Amazon claiming debt owed

At around 1pm Pacific standard time I received a call on my landline. The number had a Victoria BC area code (250) and the caller id show Pov. of British Columbia (Province of BC). This caller id is normally used for the Provincial government of BC. When I answered the call, there was a pause and then someone claiming to be from Amazon responded. They asked if I had made a $99 purchase on my amazon account. I hung up after this. If there was plan to access my account, the exchange did not get that far.

Robo type call from the number above said my Amazon account was being charged with the purchase of an iPad and iPhone for the charge of $1,000+. Then they said I was to punch 1, if I did not attempt to purchase iPad and iPhone. I did not and am reporting this as a fraud call. I previously had the exact same call about 6 months ago. At that time I investigated it with Amazon and no such charge had been made or attempted.

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