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Claim a tv to be delivered to Texas? I did not order this.
Fix this please Amazon

Have the same email saying the tv was purchase but going to be sent to someone in Texas i lived in California..
I called and heard laughing and giggling in the background and someone with a foreign accent reply with hello and i hung up .. knowing it is a SCAM
A01-41225-21566-AG2 Online Purchase SCAM!!

I DID NOT ORDER THIS! ????? && idk who the hell James Wilson is! Y’ALL NEED TO CATCH THESE SCAMMERS SERIOUSLY ITS GETTING OUT OF HAND! If not I’m going to report this [censored] further if needed! People been getting scammed for years now &
It’s time for this [censored] to STOP NOW!

Received email today saying I allegedly place this order? Yep, that never happened. I'm with everyone else. This is B*""**** and it needs to stop...
Fake Amazon order, 55' tv
Fake Amazon order, 55' tv

Caller said that someone ordered a iPhone 11 is this order real or fake.

I was a sleep at the time they than wanted me to to go to a web site at that time I told they I will handle it my self and ended the call.

First off the package is a SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class QLED 4K UHD Dual LED Smart TV tv which I didn't buy and is says it was bought thorough amazon and sent to a James Wilson in san Antonio, texas for $769.99


I just got the same one

Hi there Kimberly, I got the same exact email. It's 100% a scam.

The scammer Email me with the phone number183-251-8015 .They order $852.26

Items from Amazon.The order number is 153124. I called Amazon and talked to Ali. Ali said I didn’t have an order,I deleted the Email, but I copy this from the email

Your order#153124


Phone #1833-251-8018

I continuously get different numbers calling me voice recording calls saying that it's amazon wanting verify a charge. It says to press "1" if you didn't approve the charge or "2" to approve charges. I pressed "2" to see what charge this was regarding and to see what exactly they were talking about. When a man answered the phone, he gave me a name that was not mine so I told him "sorry wrong person" and he started cussing at me. I asked him how much he gets paid to scam others and he admitted that he does this for $3500 a day for each victim he gets.

I got a text today stating I sent a Samsung 55 inch class smart tv with Alexa to a James Wilson 394 Wildrose ave San Antonio’s to. I don’t know this person. The order confirmation is #A01-41225-21566-AG2. I’m so tired of scammers taking people for granted. They said this was from Amazon gave a number of 1-888-599-7548. I would like to know what can be done about this.

Plus they said the tv was $799.00.

Plus I don’t know anyone that lives inTexas. So please put a stop to this

Photo attached
Received email for Amazon Purchase

I received an email from: [email protected] for a purchase invoice for $2199.00 from Amazon for a Omen gaming laptop. Delivery address to: 600 E. 2nd, Dayton, OH 45402. I never ordered a gaming laptop and do not know this email it was sent from

It was an automated message that claimed there was unusual activity on my Amazon account. They claimed there was a purchase made for an iPhone in the amount of over $1000. I was told to push number 1 to be redirected somewhere and 2 to be redirected somewhere else.

The person sent me a text stating my order at Amazon for $$$$ was ready for approval. I call the 1866# to inquire about the order. She implied that the order originated in Ohio & was for a cell phone. She stated someone from security would contact me in the A.M. from security. A man (both individuals where Asian by the accent) phone me the next morning telling me that 6 individuals where on my Amazon account and I needed to give him my online banking information to began the removal process. When i told him I don't bank on line then he told me there was another way to stop the fraud. I would need to go to the nearest Amazon store, purchase a gift card for $500 and don't let anyone know who you were talking to because no one could be trusted. States once the card was purchase that the company/he would make sure the money was placed back in my banking account. Of I did not do this. I immediately went to my bank to make sure no abnormal withdrawals had been made.I tried to call the #s back and of course it was just a busy signal or no answer. They kept trying to make me believe that my Amazon account had been hacked. However I did change all my passwords and informed Amazon of this incident.

Identified himself as Sam Wilson with a foreign accent. Said $1499.00 was charged to my bank account and they needed to refund my bank. Told me to go get 3 money orders for $500 each from Walmart. First called from 906-284-8205 so we played along and when he thought we were going to pay he recalled from 820-333-1860 to seal the deal.

My husband received an email from Amazon with an order conf#A01-4125-21567139 saying that his order was on the way & gave a cust serv#877-350-3690.The arrival date of the Samsung 55" classQLED4K was arriving on 2/4 to James Wilson, 394 Wildrose Ave, San Antonio, TX 78210 at a price of 769.99. I assume if you call the 877 number thats where the scam begins. BEWARE


Caller 614-946-7913 he called on my gov't cell phone not my landline asked Tim did I use gift cards to buy gifts. Caller from 434-549-0905 wanted to put $1500 on a gift card he said he was from Amazon. I told him the FBI was listening to the call. He hung up. Did not give me his name

614-946-7913 he called on my gov't cell phone not my landline

On 1/24/22, I received an automated call from (702) 447-1466 from Indian Springs, NV identifying them as Amazon and there was questionable activity on my account and the card attached to my account. A charge for $1499.00 was being attempted. Press 1 to cancel this charge. I did and I got a man with a thick Indian accent telling me I would need to log into

I called my husband to be sure that my account didn't have any fraudulent activity on it and it didn't. I told the man that I believed he was scamming me and he hung up. However, he called me back on 1/25/22, 4 times saying it was very important that I log into this site and he would walk me through cancelling this order and clearing the charge. I have now blocked his number on my phone.

I have received calls from "Amazon" that either on my amazon account or my father's account charges for $1600 and $400 were made. I don't have an Amazon account and neither did my father who passed 3 years ago.

This person is calling saying there from amazon saying that I made a purshase for 743.00 out of Dayton, oh and I live in Alabama and there asking for you to download a web site off google play and for you to give the code the they want you to go back into your email and give them the code they sent and I told them I don't have a amazon acct. and I also told them if they run the card it want go thru and he told me I'm broke *** **** then that's when I knew it was a scam

Scammer claims tp be from Amazon requesting that you press a certain number to talk to a customer rep. regarding your account. I do not have an Amazon account. In 4-5 hours I received 6 calls about the same thing. Each time the phone number changed by 2-5 numbers. Only the area code remained the same. The area code was 936. I received 6 calls Sat. afternoon and 2 Sat. night. Again, all calls had the same area code, 936. And again, I do not have an Amazon account.

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