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Amazon Reports & Reviews (915)

- Winthrop, NY, USA • Apr 19, 2024

This happened on TikTok on February 27 I order 5 items from what I thought was an Amazon website. I spent $43.88. 2 pairs of shoes 1 iPad 1 laptop and charger. It was a one day discounted sale. I prefer from Amazon monthly so the website looked legit until a 3rd party took the money out of my account called kitchendinning ltd. I did get a confirmation email. I never received a tracking number. Waiting a few days and emailed them. They finally gave me one. Said it had been delivered to Idaho. I’m not in that state. These people and I have been emailing for the past 2 months. They keep saying they have sent my package several times and to wait 7 days and 10 days so on n so. Will not provide tracking information. And 2 months later still nothing. I have numerous times just asked for a refund and either the don’t acknowledge that but today they refused to give me a refund. So I don’t have my money or my items. I did let Amazon know that these people are using their name to scam people as well. Any other company would provide tracking number and no other company would take 2 months to deliver. And if for some reason they did they would refund some of your money or offer a discount towards or next purchase.

- Bowling Green, OH, USA • Dec 14, 2023

Caller said my credit card was used on amazon to purchase a Macbook Pro for $1500 and i needed to call them back to fix it.

- Maple Park, IL, USA • Oct 18, 2023

Amazon offers to buy a pallet of different tools from overstock

They give the impression that you are buying a pallet at discounted priced, where in fact they send you one random tool. The cost is whst you would have paid retail anywhere. I belivev Amazon decieves people into thinking they will receive much more

- Melrose Park, IL, USA • Oct 02, 2023

I used Google screen call feature on my phone for this unknown number. It tells them a msg that this caller is using screen call feature and to say who they are and why they are calling. First spam where they actually didn't hang up. They talked and I have a transcript. It states, Amazon is calling. This call is too (yes that's how they spelled it) authorized (yes that's how they spelled it) the payment of $1,499 for the recent order of Apple MacBook Pro on your Amazon account. If you do not authorize this payment please press one to speak to our customer service department. I have the option to send a few preset questions back or pick up the call. I did neither. They waited a few seconds then disconnected the call. I didn't order anything, and I don't have an Amazon account. I blocked the number and reported it as spam. Then I realized, it's more than that; it was a scam! That is why I am reporting it here. Beware and be safe!

- Freeport, IL, USA • Sep 27, 2023

So ive spent years ordering from amazon they say pay for prime great service which is a big scam.

I was charged serval times the same month for amazon prime i checked my bank statement and seen other charges from them as well that were not orders just random unknown charges some did say prime others just said

When i tried to contact customer service they act like they do not see the charges or know where they are coming from which means they probably have hack in their system or scamming for more money. They also do not protect their customers pay for prime for good service but we will let the seller do whatever they want to our customers. The sellers scam all the time and do follow the prime policy we pay for they shouldnt even charge for prime if they cant honor it. Now because ive had many order with amazon they lie and say oh we have to cancel your account claiming that the card we use is not our card. Which is a scam and a lie after we just purchased a bed and the seller sent damaged wood pieces so i asked for a replacement of the parts that are damaged or a refund now they didnt want to do that and took the sellers side of this situation. They now made a lie saying that they have to cancel my account due to us using a card thats not ours for the payment method. Its a debit card a personal card with the same address and info that is for deliveries on the account. Just because they do not want to protect their customers. So mad i want my prime money back. I will go to my bank and get all the money back for every purchase i made to them.

• Jul 17, 2023

Called me to tell me my Amazon account and my identity has been compromised. Wanted me to verify my name and zip code, then asked for birthdate. That's when I hung up the phone.

- Jamaica Plain, MA, USA

I received a phone from a 'no caller id'. She said her name was F T and later I find out her phone number as 206 266-1000. She stated, that someone use my Amazon account an purchased a computer for the amount $1,387.00 in 49 Arcadia Rd., Albany, New York, 12209. She said that they have my personal information and that is a fraudulent and I can help you fix it. I provide her with my son address in California and my sister address in West Springfield also I provide her with the information for my last purchases in Amazon.

- Lima, OH, USA

New Roku tv had a pop up when i went to install Amazon app ended up with scammer who appeared to be an Amazon rep...had trouble getting a fool I let into my computer to help...ended up draining from Venmo Cash App Zelle...lots of attempted transactions failed thank goodness. Got most of my monies back ...lost a few hundred....but to this day don't really know what other access they have. I noticed that google shows up with a Malaysian location....It is interesting that Scammer gave me a diff number (904)552-9715. I called that # late that night to see if it wa s answer ..but next day scammer called me and said they saw i had called and dont call it again..seemed like a legit personal number..just dont know what to do with that info

I was phoned and told there was a charge on my Amazon acct and they needed information. I refused.

I received a call where I work saying that if I hung up the phone I was approving a purchase or I could call the number back. I called the number back because it was obviously a suspicious call and when I told them they had reached a business they immediately hung up.

I received a call on my cell phone yesterday afternoon. Caller said that they had information on an account I entered through Amazon. They told me$459. I told them I do not have an Amazon account. They had my name and address. That scared me so I kept listening. I listened to them for about an hour. I do not have the phone number that called. It was 800 and the numbers cut off. They got something from Amazon in my name. His name is Aaron Weins. I had a hard time understanding him. I wanted to speak to someone else but he would not let me. He gave me his ID number. EINA11646860-321788071916. I should have hung up. He gave me order number. 40504600286376339. Four orders that were entered. He gave address they were shipping to 5248 Washington Ave. Houston TX 77007. He said the order was for drugs. Opioids. He said I would go to jail if not cleared up. He would get the police to come and get me. I could go to jail for ten years. He asked me how much money I had in the bank. I did not answer. He also tried to get my account number. He told me to use my credit card and Dollar General. I finally hung. The call was very upsetting. I contacted my bank. I did not send any money. I told him I had a debit card. I did not give the numbers.

I received a text this morning from Amazon saying I had made a purchase of $431. The text said to call 1-917-764-5153. I called and spoke to a woman with an accent. My caller ID said NY. She asked me to download Anydesk, but I didn't. She became annoyed when I said it was a scam and she was speaking to a police officer. She insisted I download the app as that was the only way to clear the charge. I told her ti wasn't the only way and that I was going to research it. She hung up.

I have received four phone calls inside of two hours with a recorded message from Olivia telling me there is a $649 charge from Ontario on my Amazon account. Press one to connect to a customer service to dispute the charge. Each of the four calls comes from a different number but each with the 250 642 prefix. A fifth call we did not answer from a 642 number we do not recognize was possibly from the scam. I left a message at that number. One of the numbers used, I have entered on this report. The first number I entered was not a "valid" number. There is not room for more than one number. Jan. 21, 2023

Caller clams to be an Amazon Representative, stating you ordered items that equal over $400. Caller also claims that you have already paid for the items. The phone number is a basic 313 Dearborn phone number.

I called Amazon about a recent order I purchase. The agent was suppose to be helping me to create a shipping label to return the order. Sent a link to my phone to approve or deny it was my account. While in my account they redeem $50 of my gift card balance and purchase a Xbox digital gift card.

Scanner sent text to say restore amazon account. Message said new login detected and to restore click link.

I received a text message from someone saying I owed a bill from amazon for $1139.99. I do not have an Amazon account and called the number back to inquire why I received the message. I asked that they send me a copy of the purchase and the man said he couldn't send me any documentation to prove the purchase. I told him he was a fraud and hung up.

From: Amazon Notification
Msg: We have detected a problem with your account information.
Please verify your information correctly.
This is simple step to recover your account:
1. Sign in to your account.
2. Follow the steps to see your case.
3. Resolve the problem by completing the instruction.
Update Information Here :
You can't access your account until this process complete.

I've gotten three calls. Yesterday, it was automated and said my Amazon account was being charged $900 in Dayton and if I disagreed press 1. I spoke to an Indian man who was telling me to do things. I said I don't have an Amazon account, and he hung up. Today's message was that the charge was $1000 for a phone.

He said he was from Amazon. He did find out where my package went. He locked in on my phone and created a cash app account in my name and took me for $135.00. cash app refuses to do anything about it.

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