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Amazon Reports & Reviews (720)

• Sep 23, 2021

Victim Location 47834
Total money lost $3,000
Type of a scam Credit Cards

They said it was Amazon. I had fraud on my credit card. I filled out a form to get my money back. But they put too much money into my account, but it was really my money they told me he would be fired if I did get the money back and I need to buy Apple gift card with cash. A lady I new told me it was fraud. I stopped buying cards. I lost 3000.00. They are still trying to contact me.

• Sep 22, 2021

Victim Location 47834
Type of a scam Tech Support

While trying to go to website for Amazon prime I was routed to a scam site instead who used a web address very close to the real one. Answered the phone as Amazon. Seemed very legit. Started asking me if I'd made very recent purchases on my account, I had not. Told me I'd been hacked. Next thing I knew I was giving way too much info to this guy because I thought it really was Amazon. I even let him access my computer. He seemed very nice, friendly and helpful. I finally realized it was a scam when he said I needed to buy a security guard for my PC that Amazon would send me the money for, that would take awhile of course, but to go ahead and pay for it myself and to cover the cost he wanted me to go to a store and buy 3 $200 Google play cards of all things which I'm sure he would have wanted me to give him the numbers for over the phone. In the meantime he'd purchased $600 in Vanilla gift cards to be sent to my email (he said the So called hacker had done this) he had set up my email to be forwarded to him so he'd have access to the emailed gift cards. I had to hurry and call American express to report those purchases as fraud and call my bank to put a freeze on my accounts, change all my passwords, etc. Hopefully I'm not going to lose anything but this just happened so I'm not sure yet but I have to get replacement cards and go to alot of other trouble over this. This outfit was very professional, sounded like there were alot of them together like a call center as I could hear others talking in the background. Their website address was so close to the real one I thought it was the real one!

• Sep 22, 2021

Victim Location 43207
Type of a scam Phishing

I got a call from Amazon, it was a man with an accent, he said my card had been charged fro an Amazon purchase. I said I hadn't ordered anything, he began cussing at me, so I hung up.

• Sep 21, 2021

Victim Location 60175
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Voice mail stating I had an order pending & if it was correct, I should ignore the message; if not true, I should call "Amazon" at 660-300-2026. I didn't answer the phone, did not call the number, don't even have an account with Amazon.

• Sep 20, 2021

Victim Location 64867
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a voicemail stating that I had a charge on my amazon account that I needed to take care of , it stated that if I had not made the purchase, I was to press 1, which I did and was directed to a foreign speaking man. The man on the phone was trying to get our bank information and instructed us to go to Walmart to buy gift cards, I then hung up.

• Sep 20, 2021

Victim Location 47909
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I received a email thanking me for the order of my new OnePlus 9 pro 5G android smartphone. Item total: $999.99

• Sep 19, 2021

Victim Location 40014
Type of a scam Other

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• Sep 17, 2021

Victim Location 65757
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Received automated phone calls approximately every 30 minutes for hours, recording stated it was Amazon calling about an unexpected $7000 charge on my account. This was our house landline. I do have an Amazon account, but I’ve never used that phone number for it, I’ve never been contacted on my email as per Amazons usual policies. I did go into my Amazon account, did not see any flags, and I proceeded to change my Amazon password. They were extremely persistent. The next day, received three more Robo calls. I finally pressed 1 to “speak to an Amazon representative.” When a human with an accent answered, they asked how they could help me. I stated Never call this number again, I know you aren’t Amazon. They hung up without a word.

• Sep 16, 2021

Victim Location 43623
Type of a scam Phishing

Robo call supposedly from a local number - which I later called and a recording said the call could not be completed at this time, but the original caller said Amazon was going to charge my account $999 for a new cell phone but they suspected it was fraudulent so I should push 1 to talk about the situation or push 2 to allow the charge to go thru. I pushed one and some woman started asking questions but I told her I couldn't hear her and would call her back if she would give me a phone number, she ignored the request several times so I hung up. Second time for this scam, first time I didn't push any buttons and the phone cut off.

• Sep 13, 2021

Victim Location 44017
Type of a scam Phishing

I received three phone calls on my landline Friday September 10th from Amazon. One call today. I was expecting a phone call and answered. I do not have caller ID or their phone number. It sounded like an actual person. Not a recording. I owe $1499 on my Amazon account. I don't even have an Amazon account. I wish these calls could be stopped. I wanted to report the scam.

• Sep 13, 2021

Victim Location 48204
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Received several calls stating that a purchase of $1499.00 was added to my account. Wanted me to press 1 to verify purchase!!

• Sep 12, 2021

Victim Location 44129
Type of a scam Credit Cards

calls endlessly claiming there is a fraud charge on our amazon credit card

• Sep 11, 2021

Victim Location 78736
Type of a scam Phishing

Told him to stop calling and to remove our number and I knew it wasn’t Amazon calling me. he said he’s going to call everyday because he likes the sound of my voice. So I said I’m going to report this number to the police. He said “it’s not illegal to talk to a sweet lady like you”

• Sep 03, 2021

Victim Location 48182
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Got a call from Mark Wilson said from Amazon that my account was hacked last night and being charged $399.99 on my visa card for a apple I pod unless I got on to my Amazon account for him to delete this charge obviously i didnt do it.called my card company put a hold on my card not first time

• Sep 02, 2021

Victim Location 47802
Total money lost $7,000
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Received text saying I may have unauthorized charges on my Amazon account. Ended up buying 6 Target Gift Cards for $500 each plus giving them a lot of my personal information. Being that I'm over 80, I became very flustered and confused.

• Aug 30, 2021

Victim Location 85281
Type of a scam Phishing

There is a scam where someone calls and tells you someone has purchased items from your Amazon account and the prompts you with numbers. Then they ask personal info. Don't give it to them. Check your Amazon account yourself. They don't call you for a discrepancy.

• Aug 30, 2021

Victim Location 44134
Type of a scam Phishing

I received another scam call on my home phone from Amazon. I was expecting a call so I answered. I do not have their phone number. Mentioned $1000 purchase on my credit card. Press one to talk to an agent to cancel the order. Press one was also for additional information. I did not press one. I hung up.

• Aug 27, 2021

Victim Location 44134
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a scam call from Amazon. It was a message on my home answering machine. I do not have the phone number or caller ID. $390 was charged to my Amazon account. I did not call the number back. I don't have an Amazon account.

• Aug 26, 2021

Victim Location 48708
Type of a scam Phishing

Caller said their some susceptious activity on my Amazon account.I then hung up knowing they are lying.Amazon does Not call you.

• Aug 23, 2021

Victim Location 55734
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Call on cell phone saying I owed money for something on Amazon. I do not. I hung up.

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