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Fake Amazon call

I received a email stating my Amazon account has been hacked and to call a number to verify my info. A person answered the phone right away and knew my information even requested to send a code to my phone which I allowed I became fishy about it and decided to end the call before I gave them the code.

They text you about "unauthorized transactions" from a spoofed number. This number goes to em. Give em a call!


Robo calls on Sunday, 5/22/22 asking consumer to confirm Amazon charge of $999.00. She finally turned off her VM and never answered these calls or "pushed 1" to confirm.

Contacted me by phone said they were from Amazon waiting for me to approve purchases totaling $5000 and buying opioids told me I was a suspect and had my local police. Dept # call me and ask location I contacted my local dept and they said it was a scam

Caller claims they are an Amazon representative. They say someone is trying to buy an IPhone 11 for $999.00 from my Amazon account . They say press1 to NOT authorize and 2 to authorize. I pressed 1 to not authorize. After a delay a person ( India or Pakistani accent) comes on. I said No. you are a scam. I have received 7-8 calls in the past 18 hours. The calls are to a hard wired phone.

Has about 14 phone#'s phishing for information. Saying "your Amazon acct has been used for purchases." Push a button for more information. Calls coming from various numbers. I listen to initial recording till it says push #1 for more information. That's when you speak to a person. We have no computer & no cell Phone.

Received a txt supposedly from Amazon stating my new IPhone 12 was on its way for delivery & said was $649

I never ordered an Phone 12!

I got scammed out of $730 from "Amazon." They told us to buy gift cards.They claimed they were going to put that amount on my amazon account. We called back and the same man answered.

We got all of these calls last night, 05/09/2022 between 6:34 PM and 8:19 PM. They all said they were Amazon and we had a $996.00 I Phone to be delivered, just dial 2 to accept or 1 to reject. We dialed 1 every time but still got the calls. We listened to see of we could get put on a do not call list but that was not an option.

Received 8 calls from different numbers (all with local area code) within 2 hours claiming to be Amazon. Caller left message each time saying someone was trying to buy an I-Phone using my Amazon account and asking that I hit #1 if I authorized the purchase or #2 if I didn't authorize. I have no Amazon Account!! One of the calls had a caller ID saying Adams Patterson, another showed a caller ID with the first name Amber (last name unknown). This is the 3rd time within the last few months I have received these calls.

Pre-recorded message asking to authorize a $900+ amazon purchase

I got this phishing phone call today. the voice mail said: "Regarding a purchase on your account for pro air pods. this order was placed on your account. if you don't authorize this order then press one to speak to a representative."

I have gotten many calls from Amazon indicating a package was charged to my account. The automated message indicates I should press one to talk to a representative, or two to cancel. I just hang up.

I got a call this morning from a man with an accent with an Amazon ID 0019, Aaron Weeks from Amazon telling me purchases in the amount of $1,537.25 for Apple Magna Pros and air pods had been made on my account. He asked me who I banked with, and I replied ****. He said he would transfer my call to **** so I could dispute the purchase. I heard the click for the transfer, but hung up. He was very convincing and was able to answer my questions quickly.

The automated voice says his name is Daniel from Amazon and asks for you to press 1 or 2 depending on situation stating that an iPhone 11pro was purchased in my credit card through Amazon. I received two calls today

I got scammed due to Fake Amazon text message from 442-228-0534 to unsubscibe product and refund was not sucessful on my credit card need to buy google pay gift card to reestablish refund channel. And download Anydesk to walk me through for my refund.

I bought google pay card total $200 and I gave photo of all my google pay gift cards and codes to google right after acknowledge being phone scammed.  And ask Google Pay to stop payment to all google pay transactions.

Since google pay is a big tech company, Google Pay should have the ability to tracks all the tranactions, and stop Google Pay scams.

Beware of Anydesk app use by scammer to steal your device datum.

All the phone numbers enclosed were from the scammer.

I received multiple phone calls stating someone was trying to purchase an iPhone through my Amazon account. I finally stayed on the line to speak with someone and when I told them they were scamming 2 of the 3 people hung up on me. The third one, who identified himself as Mark Nelson, actually got very defensive with me and was telling me someone had hacked into my computer and was using my IP address to make purchases on my Amazon account. He told me to go to Walmart and buy some type of card that would encrypt my IP address and that he would call me back from phone number ************. When I called my credit card company they said there were 3 attempts to buy American Express gift cards each in the amount of $965. Thankfully those were flagged and didn't go through. That card has been deactivated.

Phone call from an automated recording. It said I had a pending purchase of Apple iPods and laptop thru Amazon for a certain amount of money. The recording prompts you to push 1 to verify or get more information.

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