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I received a text from an unknown number 1-857-243-3208 and the first word was Amazon in all capitals. After that it gave a dollar amount and item that they said was charged to my credit card. After that it said, “not you?” Contact 8654153881 immediately.

Recorded message, a male saying from Amazon and that they detected a fraudulent purchase of an iPhone on my account, then to press 1 to connect to an agent.

Yesterday (4/12/2022) I received a robocall from 347-653-1813 at 9:43AM. The prerecorded message let me know that a purchase in the amount of $1,500 for a Macbook Pro had been made and I should press "1" if I didn't make the purchase. For fun, I pushed "1" and was connected to a woman with a very thick Indian accent. She told me she was with Amazon Security and asked me for my name. I gave a fake name: Francie Williams. She was confused and asked if my name was "T******" which was very disconcerting because that is my real name. WTF??? She has my real name. I guess at some point, I lost my name to these people along with my phone number, but I insisted my name was Francie Williams. She told me to wait a few seconds while she ran my name (fake name) on her computer database, lol. She then asked if I had made a purchase with Amazon and I told her I had ordered a couple of books a week ago. She asked if I had ordered a Macbook Pro for $1,500 and told her no. She asked if I had shared my financial info or Amazon acc no with anyone and again, I answered no. She then told me that my Amazon acc had been used to order a Macbook Pro in the amount of $1,500 and that purchases had been made in my name in 5 different states! When I asked if I should contact the police, she ignored me. I asked about contacting the police a second time and she told me the Social Security Administration had emailed "Amazon Security" that my ssn had been used to open a credit card. At that point, I'd had enough of her nonsense and told her she was a filthy scammer, hung up and blocked the number. But I know they will be calling again. Why are telephone companies giving these scammers phone numbers to use on consumers? Why aren't they vetting people who request phone numbers?

Text from someone (supposedly) Amazon. When you call they say they can’t cancel because your bank approved it. They call your bank for you. When tge bank asked for my account number I hung up. I called my bank directly and there was no such charge.

March 23,2022, I was looking at my emails and I had a great amounted order that was sent to me through my email from for the amount of $1349.00 for a gaming laptop. I did call the Amazon Distribution Center and spoke to someone about this, and they also told me that they were filing a complaint against them also. Whomever placed this order falsely to me I hope something is done about this because it is sad that there are people out there that do this sort of things to others and expect to get away with it. Not on my watch. This package order is being processed to go out to Louis Burton, 70 Prospect St., Houston, Texas 77002. I hope that this matter will get taken care of. People there are folks out here in this world trying to take advantage of great people, you need to be aware of all the scam people out in this world today. They have no care for the next person, they just want to try and use people for what they got. PLEASE BE AWARE OF ALL THE SCAMMERS OUT HERE TRYING TO USE FOLKS FOR WHAT YOU HAVE GAINED THROUGH YOUR LIFETIME.

Tied to use my email to have something shipped to him and said he's amazon

I received the following text message this morning at 9:10 am.

stated Order Placed: AMZ #4515917 for Overseas Sofa Set Amount of $1687 will be Charged from your card. Not You? Call Customer Support 18333182668

I did NOT place any order I did not call any numbers

They sent me a text message that reads, “ ALERT: Your balance will be debited $306.95 for your last order#124711 on AMAZ0N. In order to cancel this transaction, contact us on 18332060318 “ and made it seem like there was a purchase on my Amazon account, they asked for my email and asked me to download the Anydesk app for my phone. I’ve seen these kinds of scams before so I just messed with him and gave them false information the whole time.


At first it was an automated message stating there was a new charge to my Amazon account in the amount of 1200 or so dollars. Then it said select one to refute these charges or two to confirm. After selecting one, the operator stated that it was for an Apple iPhone and gave me the listed number to call back as I said I needed to discuss with my husband.

Recorded message: stated that it was from Amazon. Suspicious activity had been flagged on my account. An order had been placed for a MacBook Pro and an iPhone. Gave option to press #1 & be connected to an agent if I had not placed order. Representative attempted to gain personal/sensitive information.

Caller ID came up with the name ****** ******* with the phone #************* It was a canned voice saying over one thousand dollars had been charged to my Amazon account for an iPhone 11 & some other things. It then said if I had not ordered these things I should press 1 now. I pressed off. I then got my iPad out to check with my Amazon account. Nothing has been charged.

So they were definitely phishing except I don’t fall for that kind of stuff. So please get the word out to others who would think they should push 1 & then give out their information believing they are stopping the bad guys when they are actually setting themselves up to be cheated. Thank you.

I received a robo call from the above number. It said that there is an order on my Amazon account for an I Mac and phone and they are requesting verification. Push a number or hold for assistance. I immediately hung up and recorded the phone number. I then went to my Amazon account and reported the fraud.

I got a call from Amazon and they said stuff had been ordered on my account. When I called them back they got access to my computer. They told me to go buy "a number one dummy card." I wasn't going to do it. They told me I'd get the $200 back. He said he would add $900 to the card.

I recieve a text that my Amazon account was $995.95 and to call if it was not me. I called, but hung up as i got nervous that it was a scam.

I received a call from "Poland." I thought it would probably be someone asking for money, which could be an upcoming scam. When I answered, it was another call stating that an apple mac pro iPad and iPods had just been charged on my Amazon account for $1,500. "To cancel your order or to connect with a customer representative, please press 1." I hung up then. However on a call that went to my husband's phone which came from a local phone number, he did press "1" and the first thing the person asked him was, "I need your account number, please." He said, "No, if you know my account is being charged, then you know my account number." She denied it and continued to try, so he hung up.

An email from Amazon was rec’d on 3/9/2022 for a fraudulent purchase in the amt of 871.66 for an IPAD pro plus shipped to 14337 Blackburn St Livonia, Michigan #TRX717885. I clicked on the fraud number 18663125071 to dispute. Spoke with Stella Johnson AMZ1904 7472062448 who claimed they were in the Fraud dept of Amazon said my ID was hacked by foreign countries and in order to resolve have to use gift cards in high denominations to resolve. No Amazon store at my location was instructed to purchase Target or Apple gift cards. 3 @ 500.00 were purchased she wanted 6 and not to talk to anyone about this until it was resolved. Was assured Amazon’s billing dept would reimburse they have not. Contacted my bank who said that’s not how fraud and identity theft is resolve. My CC has been closed. Amazon acct has been closed.

Got a text saying my purchase was confirmed by Amazon for a sofa set in the amount of $1763 will be debited from my car if not me call 833-316-2235. I called the number and told them they better not go through with the purchase, the guy said I had called Amazon I said I know then I told him if they go through with it I will turn them in to the bbb he then said we are the bbb. I just hung up then blocked the number and text.

I reported the same type of scam yesterday, but this is a new number and it is the same area code as our own phones. My husband received a call that there was a charge being placed on his Amazon account for $1,500.00 and said it was for an ipad pro and something else. If he wanted to cancel the transaction, push "1" and hold the line.

My husband got a phone call from someone claiming to be from Amazon and telling him that someone was charging an item to his Amazon account. (He doesn't have an Amazon account.) I have also gotten 2-3 texts from someone (could be different numbers) at various times stating a charge was being posted to my Amazon account and they were verifying with me. Instructed to press on the highlighted web address. Did not press.

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