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My Parents get several phone calls a day from a foreigner pretending to collect a debt for Amazon. The Amount is usually 599.00. My parents do not have caller ID but it probably does not matter anyway. My parents are in their late 80's and this is very stressful for them. This has actually been going on for at least three months - probably more.

When I called the number listed in the email to inquire why I received an email about an order that wasn’t in my name. The representative tried to get me to download an app called Anydesk. It is an app that allows remote access to any device. When I questioned him about it and said I would call Amazon directly he said he was with Amazon and I insisted that I was going to call Amazon directly and he hung up on me.

On July 15, I responded to text from (689)255-2836: “Dear customer your order #***** is now being processed. Total cost will be $799.99 Reply with 1 to approved or contact our Customer Care 1(805)514-3833 to cancel”. I called the number which was answered by a woman with a heavy Indian accent. She transferred me to a man named Alex Morgan who also spoke with an Indian accent saying that he was a security manager from Amazon. I told him that I had not placed an order for $799,99. He said that the purchase was for an iPad ad that there were additional charges in the amounts of $892.33, $632.77 and $242.11 totaling $2567.20. He said he could solve the problem but that it would have to involve some transactions that he would walk me through. He told me to install and ap called AnyDesk. Then he said we should go to CapitalOne bank. I told him that I didn’t use that bank and that the charges would have been made on a CapitalOne credit card. He said I could use Venmoto make a group of small payments and then the amounts would be paid back to me. The Venmo ap would not respond so he had me open my Wells Fargo ap. At this point I asked for verification of his identity so he sent me a test from 1(619)826-6055 saying “Hi, Miss. This is Alex Morgan the security manager from Amazon”. He then directed me through very circuitous routes to make Zelle payments in the amounts of $398, 498, 396, 397, 395, 394, 399 and 393 to various recipients who he said were Amazon supervisors. At some point he transferred me to Roger Wilson who said he as the Amazon Verifying Officer. I questioned him about his identity and he said his employee # is AM22348 and phone #619-605-6849. He said was located in Illinois but would not disclose an exact address.

Wilson said payments would be made to me via and that I would have to set up an account. I went to that site and started to fill out info. I balked at giving personal info and Wilson said it was ok because he could not see that screen. I accused him of scamming and then my sister, who had overheard parts of the conversation, told me to hang up. My phone would not disconnect and which time my sister shouted profanities into the phone and I think he finally disconnected. Throughout the phone call, both Morgan and Wilson spoke very fast and repeatedly told me to stay on the line and to NOT answer any incoming calls The continually evaded answering questions as to how the repayments to me would work

I received a phone call on my home number at 12:00 pm. The recording states the caller was from amazon and wanted me to approve or decline a $900. Purchase for an iPhone. I only use my cell phone on my account. I immediately hung up and called amazon to verify this was not a valid orders, which they confirmed

Scammer wanted me to update my payment information

they have sent messages that my account has been deactivated because of suspicious transactions but i went into my account an placed order an it went thru. the first message had a lot of mispelled words the 2 message does not so never call the number or web site they give go to the .one you use

I have received on several occasions by an unknown number and I do not answer unknown numbers so they leave me a voice message to press one to speak with the Amazon official but they're letting me know that a 549 purchase for an iPhone 13 pro was made on my Amazon account and if I did not make this purchase to press one and then the recording ends first of all Amazon's not going to credit me $549 so I'm not going to respond to this but there may be some people out there that go and freak out about it do not respond to unknown numbers is my number one rule if it says scam likely do not respond if you do not know the number and it is not saved in your phone do not answer it let it go to voicemail because these automated calls once you answer now they know they've got a life person and somehow or another they get you do not allow it stand your guard protect yourself do not take calls from people you don't know.

The scammer call to say that the product that I ordered for $1,537.00 (Iphone product) will be delivered soon, but if I didn't order this to press #1 to speak to Amazon customer service. I was connected to someone who said that a pre-authorized transaction for the amount would be charged to my account. They told me the cards associated with my account would be charged and that I should give them the name of the bank so they could call them and stop the payment. After I questioned that they explained that they were just trying to help me and needed the information...did I have a checking or a savings account and that he could not ask for any account number. His final question was, did I have enough money in the account to cover the amount. I answered no, ...he said good by...F you and hung up. I called my bank and Amazon Fraudulent afterwards and there was nothing they could do and advised me to keep a watch on my account and call them immediately. I questioned who to report this to and they told me to call BBB. Hope this helps someone else from listening to the scam or giving too much information. Very scary experience. He did say that someone opened an account using my phone number and address info.

fake amazon call

Contacted by Amazon regarding hacked account

Said a Amazon purchase of almost $600 has been debited from my account and then said to press 1 if this was an unauthorized transaction and I already knew it was a scam but went along with it to find out exactly what they were trying to do. They are scamming money from people and using local cell phone numbers. It was the same area code and first 3 numbers of my phone as well

Was told to download a wire transfer app. Which immediately make it look suspicious. Clamied to be an Amazon technician.

The person that called claimed to be an Amazon representative and said that he was certifying that I had made a purchase of a computer or laptop of over $1,500. He asked if I had actually made that purchase and I told him I had not. He said he would help me fix that so that it would not be added or deducted from my account. He actually said he was connecting me with a person from my payment institution and that person would be sure to stop that payment. That person claimed he was with the Wells Fargo San Francisco area department. He gave me his name and actually he even gave me his ID number and said that should make me feel better about who he was. This was very scary because they sounded very legitimate.

Text read: thank you for shopping: order ID- BR456852G for HP 15.6 HD Laptop Amt of USD 499.99 will be deducted from my card. Not you? Contact us 18446340202

I received an email stating that laptop was ordered thru Amazon, for a name and address I don’t recognize stating to call 888-328-0246 if I didn’t order it. I’ve attached screenshot. I checked Amazon acct and no such order has been placed. I don’t believe my account has been compromised.

You state in red not to include identity information yet it’s required below in order to report the scam??!!

Answered cell and recording came on stating that we made purchases on Amazon account. Press a certain number to be connected if we didn’t and press a certain number if we did. Of course we didn’t do this an hung up.

I often get calls from my doctors or hospital but when I answer the phone

The person will say this is Daniel from

Amazon and your account has been compromised and $3,590.00 been charged to your account and then you are ask to send $2,000 to remove the $3599.00 once it moved I get my $2,000


The number is a always area code 864 and number 216 the last 4 numbers are different at each call

Today the call was from Mary Black Hospital but after I answer it was Daniel from Amazon

But I also get calls from my Doctors offices and once I answer it Daniel from


He seemed like he was from amazon company and I was getting compensated from an amazon truck damage to my property. He seemed legit he even gave me another phone number to direct contact him (which is nowww not a working number) long story short, He made me believe him and I was confident he was legit and I purchased and apple card of $500 to get it refunded along with my $1000 damage compensation fee and would be the only way to transfer to my bank.. i found out later he tried to scam me again when my refund wasnt going through! I called again and another lady answered and she tried to have me download an app which i googled before i did and showed it was an app for her to get my personal info.. Nno nno!! I am sso upset!! I want them caught!! And pay for this

I received a call Automatic recording about 10 o’clock regarding a hold on a Amazon order due to my credit card information needed I don’t have any orders or have I ordered anything from Amazon recently and it was asking me to press one or two to authorize purchase this number has called me several times

Amazon sent me an email saying my account was hacked and they needed me to call to verify information.

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