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1/19/22 - phone call caller ID said 614-644-8088 Ohio Dept but when I spoke with them they claimed to be Amazon who said someone had given authorization for them to use my account; they started to ask me for more information (account#, bank card) and then I slammed phone down on them; I try to not answer the phone since I am 80 years old and my husband at home extremely ill; cannot be bothered with all these scam calls

Scammer said we're from Amazon saying I approx owed $1600 for something I bought online. They didn't know what I bought just told me I owed.

I do not get on a computer or online to Amazon

Apparently, a Mr. James Wilson 394 Wildrose Ave San Antonio, TX 78210 purchased a television for $769.99 with an invoice on my Amazon account I don't know this person, don't live in the US. Tried to call the customer service number 844-490-2243 and of course only a voice recording comes on with know one able to take my call. Time to file a law suit to find out what is going on with Amazon on this issue. Order number AOL-41225-21566-AG2 does this sound familiar to anyone? This is a shame for a disabled veteran to endure this kind of treatment. I hope Amazon is going to intervene.


I received the same exact email right now... No idea how and why..
I hope Amazon will do something on this regard.

I received an email stating that they detected unusual payment activity and that there was a hold temporarily placed on any pending orders and subscriptions. I needed to login and follow the on-screen instructions by clicking on the link in the email.

Computer call stating this is Amazon and a purchase was made of an iPhone for 990.00, to decline push button one.. I hung up knowing not to push a button. I looked up phone number. It came from Eckerty IND. In Johnson Township. A lady picked up, the back ground was silent. She stated she was a Physician and no one called from her phone. I stated I am returning a call to this number doing an Amazon scam.

I received an email with the subject line Online Payment Confirmation. The email was from [email protected]. Inside the email was an invoice that I ordered a $1200 cell phone. I called the number in the invoice and they said they were amazon they answered the phone on first ring 'Amazon customer service" I was suspicious. Then they wanted my full name but I did not give it to them. I gave them the Order ID number on the invoice and they said it was a cell phone going to Delaware and they said that my account had been compromised and they had to have me do a screen share with them so they could see my account. I didn't let them do it of course and I changed my password for amazon and set up two factor authentication. Nonetheless they were trying to get into my computer.


I received an email confirming a purchase of over $2000 with a phone number to call to cancel: 1-888-481-1179. I called to cancel and they asked me to install anydesk so they could remove the charge. It was foolish for me to allow them access to my account but I thought this was a trusted Amazon representative.

Said I bought a 50 inch TV for 769.99 this needs taking care of now Amazon number 18445620513


I’ve reported and forwarded email to [email protected]. It’s just a scam.

The caller said that an Apple I Pad and ear buds were being shipped to my address. Wanted to try and get Bank information and said that you could not cancel Amazon account.

Company rep claims I had several charges on a Visa card through Amazon. One for $450. I didn’t ask for such card

Received the same email overnight. Checked my Amazon account, nothing showing. Not willing to try calling the number given though listed as scam on phone lookup site. Hope everyone realizes it’s garbage! Thanks


Forwarded mine to [email protected]. Got the same thing this morning.

They are calling stating an iphone was purchased on your Amazon account and they are refunding your money back all the while they are trying to steal your information

I received the exact same email stating that a TV and another TV with built-in Alexis was being sent to the same guy in San Antonio Texas but it was a different Amazon customer service number to call in and when you do call the number it doesn't even ring it just automatically hangs up over and over and over again I don't know if it's because it's late night and he sleep or however it goes but I'm in a totally different state and is being sent to somebody else everybody's getting the same email the only thing is you're just getting a different phone numberorder to cancel it within 2 days


This is a Phishing scam. I realized it right away, as a cybersecurity professional


: Recent Payment Confirmation Details.


Your order is on the way. If you need to return an item from this shipment or manage other orders take further assistance with your order.
Please Call Customer Service +1.(877).397.-.1109.

Order Summary

Order Confirmation # A01-4125-21567139

Arriving Date:
Friday, December 10

Your shipping speed:
FREE Delivery on eligible orders

Your package was sent to:
James Wilson
394. Wildrose. Ave,
San.Antonio,.TX .78210

SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class QLED 4K UHD Dual LED Smart TV with Alexa Built-in
Item(s) Subtotal:
Express Shipping:

Order Total:

If you need any assistance or you wish to modify your order or change your payment method, Please note we cannot void this order after 24 hours from the date of transaction So if you have any issues with this order please connect with us soon to avoid the dispute.

Please reach out to us at .+1.(877).397.-.1109.. Call Now To Cancel This Order

Please note you have 2 days to open a dispute in the resolution centre as we can not void it after the given time frame.
Billing Team


I got the same thing the number I had to call was 1 8445620513

Caller ID read Unavailable for information from scam number 1-254-355-9708 where the person stated they are from Amazon collecting payment of almost $2k for a Iphone. They should be ashamed preying on old people in a nice neighborhood.

We have the conversation recorded.

Only personal identifiable information lost was the confirmation to name they had ask to confirm it was the person on the phone with.

I have placed the phone number that was contact by the scammers on the do not call registry so unsure why they are still able to aquire and call the number.

I received an email from Amazon saying an invoice was ready for a 13" Apple Mac Pro Notebook and to call 877-325-1349 if I had a question about the bill. The order was to be delivered today. I called and spoke to a young man. He sounded unprofessional, and asked for my credit card number, or at least the last 4 digits. I refused. He said he would get a manager. I hung up and called Amazon who told me to report the email to BBB.

I received a text message saying that my card was charged $899.99 MacBook Air at Amazon, order id # and today’s date (not a purchase number) then it said; if you DO NOT

(broken English) please contact us (and they provided the number). When I called them they wanted to know what the text said that I received, yet I didn’t say that I received it by text? I asked them what card was used? then they wanted to know my name to look it up? I said that they must know my name since they said that my card was used? Then he wanted the order is # which I gave, then they wanted my last name? Again I said you contacted me you tell me what my name is? Then he started getting frustrated and I said never mind I will call Amazon myself and hung up the phone. He had a very strong foreign accent and spoke English fairly well.

I might add they never identified what card was used when I initially asked him, and it sounded like a scam.

I then logged onto my Amazon account and it showed that I haven’t made a purchase from them for 3 months.

My daughter received a text message from 272-359-5333 that states " Your balance will be debited by $566.50 for your recent purchase order ID#152222. Contact **n on 18337599347 if you haven't made any purchase.

I called the number twice and both representatives answered AMAZON - so I told them about the text - I was then asked to read the entire text to them and the amount and I asked why? I said I will give you the order number and YOU can tell me what I ordered. I gave the number and they both hung up. I even stated "you should be able to tell me what I ordered and the total with the order number unless this is a scam" and the call ended.

I did not release any personal information and I am sure that they were attempting to get money


Consumer informed that they were going to be charged $1440 for the merchandise they had ordered from their account. Consumer does not do any business with Amazon no info was provided.

I received a call from a scammer posing as a representative with Amazon on Monday, November 29, 2021. I was informed by a male caller that I ordered a product from Amazon, but I didn't purchase anything from Amazon. I told the person to not deliver the product to my home. I am requesting these types of calls be monitored and shared with others during the holiday season.

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