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Amazon Reports & Reviews (720)

Victim Location 40962
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I got a call on my answering machine telling me that someone had ordered an iPhone 11 on my Amazon Account; and that they suspected it to be a fraudulent purchase. They told me to call 1-515-236-5390 if I did not order this phone. I called the # and told the agent that I did not order a phone. He told me my Amazon Account showed that someone had placed an order for $995.for an iPhone 11 using my account. He told me to open up my Amazon account and he would show me how to get my money refunded to my account. I refused to do that, and hung up the phone.

Victim Location 49332
Type of a scam Other

Message left on phone, to call regarding cancelling prime channels. (Which I did do in March). The phone number to call is 1-229-299-5375. So I called thinking there might be one that didn't get cancelled. Was told by a man named Michael that I was charged $39.99 a month? last month for prime channels. Said I had cancelled that. Was then on the phone with a Mark Johnson. In talking to him he said he could refund me, but I had to download the Team viewer app, which I couldn't find in the app store for my Amazon tablet! I was disconnected. I called back and asked for Mark Johbson. He came on the phone again and I heard a dog barking in the background! So I knew something wasn't right. I did find team viewer in Google play but couldn't get it (thankfully). I got a email from Google about suspicious activity! It showed a sign in from a Asus Nexus 7 (2012) and another from me. I changed my Google password and my Amazon password. Apparently they had accessed Amazon to get the information, my phone number, and the fact that I cancelled my prime channels.

They were after my card number for the supposed refund! They didn't get it. Told them I would be reporting them to the "Real Amazon". He said go ahead and hung up. I have not been able to get in touch with Amazon. So reporting this to you.

Victim Location 48162
Type of a scam Phishing

I googled Amazon and 1-855 358-2213 came up. I called and told him my issue. He said someone was using my account. He wanted me to down load a app (quick support) I did download app. Had problems with codes so I don’t think he got into my phone. The he wanted me to go to a store ,then I hung up on him

Victim Location 63116
Type of a scam Phishing

Scammers said they were Amazon, checking to see if we made a purchase of a phone, which we had not.

Answering service answered as ******* Dermotology, *** ******* ********** *** ***** *** ******** ** Amazon says there have been no charges on out account

Victim Location 65101
Type of a scam Debt Collections

********************************************************************************... **** ********************************************************************************... Prime membership is set to renew on April, 11 2020 GMT. However, we've noticed that the card associated with your Prime membership will expire before your renewal date. Please click here to log-in to your account and update your default payment method information.

To prevent interruption of your benefits, we will try charging other active cards associated with your Amazon account if we can't charge your default card. If we are still unable to process the charge for your membership fee, your Amazon Prime benefits will be paused. If you have any questions and wish to contact us, click here.

Thank you, *** ********************************************************************************... ***** ****

Victim Location 64157
Type of a scam Phishing

Said my Amazon membership was due. When I called Amazon they told me this email did not come from the company and that my membership renewal is not until Sept 2020.

Victim Location 76904
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Caller said they were Amazon----------caller ID read Sherman Oaks, CA 818-327-7862. I was not home so they left a message. They said that an Apple I-phone 11 had been ordered by me and had shipping address of Bakersfield, CA. Of course, I DID NOT call them back----I got on my Amazon account and text chatted with a rep----she advised me that the number on the Caller ID does NOT go to any of Amazon phone numbers---she checked my account----and there had been no purchases.

Just reporting------I did not call them back----so therefore, I did not give them any information.

Victim Location 62948
Type of a scam Phishing

I initially received a robo phone call stating that it was Amazon customer service and that someone was trying to purchase an Iphone 11 on my account for $999 and if I did not authorize it to press 1, once I did that I got a person wanting me to tell them the amount that was being charged and my name, I did not give them the information, but told them I would call Amazon directly. I contacted Amazon customer service that assured me that nothing had been ordered on my account.

Victim Location 63044
Type of a scam Tech Support

This company called me claiming to be Amazon. He said that we received tech support services through them and we were entitled to a refund from them. He told me he was hired to take care of my situation personally. He said his name was Nick. He wanted me to get on my husband's computer and give him some information. I told him I sold the computer and he believed me. He told me to go somewhere and get a computer. He kept pressing the issue on that. He told me I couldn't have any legal people involved. I told him he would have to send a check and he claims he couldn't do that. He said he would send it directly to me. He told me because I was crippled to call a cab and go to Walmart and get two gift cards for a total of $599.61 and mail them to him. He told me if any one calls me about this I have to give them the secret word which is petunia. This happened over 4 different calls.

Victim Location 79424
Type of a scam Phishing

email was sent stating that Amazon has placed a hold on my account and all pending orders. Bi.ling information I provided did not match the information on file with the card issuer. To resolve issue I needed to verify billing name, address and telephone number registered to my payment card. If i have recently moved to also update this information with the card issuer. To update this information i needed to simply click on the button below. Also stated if not able to complete verification process within 3 days all pending orders will be cancelled until this process has been completed. Also stated that i not open new accounts as any new order i placed may be delayed. In certain parts of the email there is on letter specifically the letter e lower case has a slightly different font.

Victim Location 57382
Type of a scam Phishing

I was contacted by this email address saying that my Amazon account was frozen and they needed to update the billing address and the billing information and I gave out my father’s Social Security number address and date of birth. I have selected update and I’m not clear if it went through and if somebody has retrieve that information to miss use his information. I called Amazon and they said that the account was not frozen at all and it was a scam for that email address is fake.

Victim Location 57234
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Two guys claiming to be Kevin and Gary called from 812-324-1610 (employee #MISS1717) and 917-725-7252 saying my credit card had been used for illegal purchases in Indiana for an Apple Watch for about $350.. They wanted me to get gift cards from Target for $2500 to override the transaction and said I only had about 2 hours to do this. One of the callers dropped the call and it came back as a Pacific Northwest Credit Union, Portland, Oregon. I called the numbers back and the 917 number said they were McAfee Computer Secirity. The other answered and when I asked to have a better description of the company's reason for calling, they hung up. Because of this, we contacted our credit card company and have replacement cards being sent.

Victim Location 70124
Type of a scam Online Purchase

It was a message left on my phone. Robotic voice saying "can't provide you the further updates and delivery so to get refund of your money of $529.99 from our Amazon account call 1-844-293-5969".

Victim Location 63943
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Individual called claiming to be an Amazon Representative verifying a large purchase. I said no purchases are authorized and to close my account. They hung up on me. I called the number back 2-hours later and the guy answered and said Hello! I said who is this and he hung up again. I tried to call again and it went to a text messaging mailbox.

Victim Location 43609
Type of a scam Phishing

Email looks like it comes from Amazon. Informs you that your credit card draft to pay for Amazon Prime has failed. Instructs you to Open the attached document within 1 business day to submit new payment info. Subject line reads "Action required- Update payment information".

Victim Location 75703
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Foreign speaking individual left VM saying they are the "Amazon support team" and needed her CC to complete her order (she had ordered something from Amazon and received it). She didn't give them her CC # and they hung up.

Victim Location 65803
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

This person has been using other phone numbers to reach me about verifying my address or account on numerous occasions. When you click the link, the first thing that pops up is a sweepstakes ad offering $100 gift cards to Amazon.

Victim Location 66537
Total money lost $80
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I called a number i found on the internet that was supposed to be for amazon to get a return label for an item i ordered and the guy i talked to got into my account and started purchasing things i did not. I had to close my card associated with my bank account but not before they got $80 out

Victim Location 44815
Type of a scam Phishing

Received a text to check the address information for shipment. Sender was Amazon.

Victim Location 70508
Type of a scam Phishing

My husband received a text stating that someone made a purchase on Amazon and used his credit card. Stated please call this number. I work in IT so I told him to call credit card co. The number was not to cc company but I didn’t know since I was at work. When I got home my husband was on his computer talking to the guy from the number he called. This guy was foreign and stated his name was Steve Johnson. I noticed that my husband had allowed this guy that said he was from Amazon to connect to his computer. I took over and asked the guy why he had to get on our computer and he said to refund the purchase and that he was from Amazon. I told him that Amazon didn’t do this and why did he need to get in the computer. He got mad and started talking to my husband and not me. He asked my husband to fill out the amazon form he had brought up on the computer. I told my husband not to do anything while I call my office to see if an amazon scam had been reported and once I talked to them I cut off the computer but the man was still on speaker phone and he was so mad. My husband called them back after I told him he had been scammed and the same guy answered the phone. My husband told him what he thought about him and the man just laughed. 888 369-9243 number that was sent to text to call about amazon charges. They even gave my husband a bogus amazon Id #.

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