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Victim Location 52302
Total money lost $1,400
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Found a car for sale on Facebook and contacted seller who then had me send my email cause they said they were at work. Then was contacted through email. Seller asked for my name and address so that they could give my information to Amazon to show that I was interested in the vehicle. (They said that the car is being sold through Amazon for safety reasons) I was then sent a invoice from “Amazon” with all the vehicle information as will as payment method and a phone number to call. I called and they said that it was Amazon support and walked me through the process and how it would go. Then I bought Amazon gift cards and gave the numbers to them over the Phone. (Yes I know big red flags right there) I was just excited about the car and didn’t look far enough in to this. Once I gave them the card info they had me take a picture and attach it to the email and send it. They said it was to show proof of purchase. DO NOT send a picture of any receipts. They do it so when question they have picture proof they they purchased the cards. I lost 1400 dollars in this scam.

Victim Location 48377
Type of a scam Other

Calling daily about working for Amazon and making $27 an hour.

Victim Location 60455
Type of a scam Employment

work online with *** hourly $27 and up

Victim Location 60616
Type of a scam Employment

Didn't recognize phone number so I let it go to voicemail. Message was as follows: "Hi this is Sara calling. We need people to work for ***.org. Hourly salaries are up to $35 an hour. Go to ***.org for details."

Victim Location 60616
Type of a scam Employment

Said they had reviewed my *** profile and wanted to offer me a job, text message was the initial means of contact

Victim Location 70555
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Left a voicemail message about my Amazon prime needing renewal and I had to call the number they left to renew and pay my $119.00. However I knew my renewal was automatic. It also happened to go though on my credit card on Jan 16th so I knew it was a scam. My husband deleted the message before I could get the number we were told to call.

Victim Location 96003
Type of a scam Identity Theft

I noticed Amazon prime kept charging my account, which did happen to be amazon. However, the first phone number on google that I found happened to be 1 (877) 974 - 3757 so I called that, a man named "Peter" answered the phone and had me go to this website - - and then had me log into my email and online banking. I changed all passwords and user names and reported it to my bank also, they canceled my card and sent me a new one.

Once he had my bank information open, he hung up on me, I called back and then he told me to not call back again.

Victim Location 73099
Type of a scam Employment

I had a phone message offering jobs with Amazon working at home starting at $27/hr. I checked it on bbb and found out it was a scam. I get these calls at least once a week, each with a new number so its virtually impossible to block them. It's always an automated call.

Victim Location 48082
Type of a scam Employment

I received a recording saying to goto for a work from home job opportunity from Amazon at $27.50 per hour. Not sure if it is legitimate

Victim Location 44120
Type of a scam Phishing

I wanted to report two text messages I recently received. Appeared to be from Amazon. The message was received from phone number 570-737-0970 in my caller ID. Text message stated unusual activity deleted on my Amazon Account. Stated please call to verify your account number by dialing 1-844-473-7886. I called the phone. A woman with an accent answered the phone hello. She did not give her name. They did not identity themselves as being with Amazon. She gave the phone to a man. I asked wht is this about. He said there have been transactions on my Amazon Account. He said I needed to give him my credit card number to pull up my Amazon account. He wanted the last four digits. I refused to give out any personal information. I said can't you just pull it up by my name and he hung up. I do not have an Amazon account and have never ordered from Amazon. I googled the phone number for Amazon. I called 888-280-4331. The representative with Amazon told me not to give any information out over the phone. It is probably a scam.

Victim Location 89169
Type of a scam Employment

I received a voicemail on Tuesday, November 27th, at 3:01 p.m. PST from phone number (815) 334-7384. It sounds like a prerecorded message. The voicemail transcribes as follows:

Hi this is Sarah with We need people in your area to work with Amazon from home. Starting pay is $27.50 an hour. Sign up at That's

I almost picked up, and I have just recently moved to Nevada and I recognized the 815 area code as being from McHenry County, Illinois, which is right next door to where I was previously living. I thought it might have been a friend from back home. I was lucky that I didn't answer.

When I checked my voicemail, I was immediately suspicious for several reasons. First, the promise of a starting salary at almost $30 an hour is pretty obviously too good to be true. Intuition Ali, I actually have done some job searching on the legit Amazon employment site, including even some work from home positions, so I know for an absolute fact that is NOT an actual Amazon website. They would never have a .org site. I decided didn't do some additional research and take precautions, and therefore I was not victimized by this scam, only targeting, I worry that other people may not have the same luck and end up losing money or worse.

I have attached a screenshot of the visual voicemail below. I also have an audio file of the voicemail available if desired.

Victim Location 73114
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received an email from [email protected] confirming an order, but I did not buy anything from Amazon. It did not say what the item was, but that it was for the amount of $1827.26. It said it was going to be sent to a San Antonio, Texas address, yet I live in Oklahoma. At the bottom it said "this is an automated generated email, please do not respond. If you did not order this please call 708-762-9347." I called the number and was helped by an Alex Rose. He told me the order was for a Microsoft Surface Pro computer. I told him I did not make the order and did not recognize the address. He said that in order for this to not happen again he would need to gain access to my computer to set up a firewall of some sort. I told him I did not want that, I just needed the order to be canceled. He kept pushing saying I needed to cooperate with him or I would be charged the $1827.26. I kept refusing. I later looked up an older Amazon email and the email address did not match theirs nor their customer service number. When I called that Amazon customer service number and gave them the order number they said they could not find it in their system.

Victim Location 54452
Type of a scam Employment

Received call from 715-245-2455, telling me they are hiring 27 people in my area and paying $27.50 an hour. They told me to go to

Victim Location 95212
Type of a scam Employment

Other- Peerless network of Michigan, LLC- MI. This was the company that the phone number appeared under. as I looked further ive received 2 calls from this same company I didn't answer the first call The caller ID application im using identified the caller as Kolhapur Bus Depo. Although the caller was an automated woman;s voice the claimed that Amazon was looking for work from home employees starting pay 27.50 hourly to apply at {retail income . org} I was unsure of the website and being in need of employment I decided to check it out before I gave my computer a virus.

Victim Location 48849
Type of a scam Tech Support

My dad (74 years old) was having trouble with his Amazon cart, so he Googled a phone number for Amazon customer service. The resulting number was 206-802-0817. The person on the other end of the line, who identified herself as Gazz, said that due to hackers, my dad's Amazon account has been locked and that he needed to go to a store to get a code to unlock it. The person insisted on staying on the phone with him as he drove to Dollar General, which he did. Once in the parking lot of Dollar General, the person started talking to him about buying a $100 or $200 gift card and giving her the numbers from the card. Luckily he hung up and did not buy the gift card.

Additionally, while on the phone with "Gazz" she gave him a callback number of 916-389-1672.

Victim Location 89011
Type of a scam Employment

I was left a message to go to to work from home with Amazon and make $27.50 an hour doing so. I am looking for work but not sure if this is legit. They said I can start up for a small fee.

Victim Location 43214
Total money lost $14,900
Type of a scam Employment

I was Texted by Business working for Amazon looking for people can work from home. Then received several other offers. They asked for my credit card numbers to charge me for signing up and receiving information/booklet. They charged me $4300 on Discover, some smaller amounts on other cards. Most recently took $1800.00 by Business Ventures on line. They asked me if I was being forced to do this. A final total of 14,900.00

425-363-4423 main office - called back - no longer active

Names used: Joss Roberts

Chris Turner 206-745-7615 - sent invoice, help sheet to me

Victim Location 48204
Type of a scam Employment

Attended 10/3/2018 Hiring Event. Attended1st interview and job orientation appointment on 10/10/18. Returned 10/13/18 for drug and background testing. Received offer of part time employment with start date of 10/27/18. Attended New Hire appointment 10/20/18 for job training and to receive employee badge. Did not receive badge, but worked a full 8-hr shift 10/20/18 & a 6-hr shift 10/21/18. Saying I wont be paid for days and hours worked.

Victim Location 85741
Type of a scam Employment

I have been receiving phone calls saying I need to finish my online application, which I never filled out and they are always calling about 4 to 5 times a week. I keep blocking the number and they change it my one number. So I finally logged on to the above .org website and it looks legit but it isn't amazon. it is called real profits online. with a video to watch to learn how to make money at home. I did not open the video, did not want any malware to attach to my computer. I am on the do not call list, so they shouldn't even be calling me.

Thank You Myrna Newman

Victim Location 96148
Type of a scam Employment

A computer generated voicemail from a woman named Sarah guaranteed a position with amazon making $17-32 an hour reviewing products from home in spare time

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