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Amazon Reports & Reviews (733)

Victim Location 46055
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Received a voicemail from 833-312-0425 saying there’s a problem with my recent Amazon order #350631 and I needed to call to either approve or cancel the order. My Amazon order has seventeen digits and the six digits left on the voicemail are not part of it. I also could not find the number they called from as an Amazon phone number. I deleted the voicemail and didn’t call the bogus phone number.

Victim Location 65109
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Scammer reported unusual activity in that a purchase of an “XL 64 gigs $749 cell phone” was pending purchase on Amazon account. I knew this not to be true.

Victim Location 55301
Type of a scam Online Purchase

They called to say they were from Amazon and to verify an unauthorized purchase on my account for $299.00, but when I called them back at 1-239-785-2065, as they provided, they wanted me to log into my account to and verify that this was a fraudulent purchase. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, they would not assist as I told them I thought this was a scam and I should not have to log into my account to verify anything. They hung up on me at that point.

Victim Location 29566
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received a call from some one saying they were from Amazon. They went on to say that I had ordered an I-phone and there was a problem incurred with shipping it. They asked me to go on my computer and they would fix the problem. I refused to do such. There is NO doubt in my mind that this was a scam in the making. I told them to go to hell and hung up.

The scammer had a foreign accent and was a male.

Victim Location 85008
Type of a scam Phishing

Got a call saying my Amazon account had a charge made from Ohio. They wanted to connect me to their server. I said i would call Amazon to verify and he hung up.

Victim Location 63119
Type of a scam Online Purchase I got a call from "amazon" saying that my account had been used to purchase an Iphone X.

Victim Location 85653
Total money lost $100
Type of a scam Identity Theft

I called Amazon customer service. I found the number thru Google search.

888-670-0832 I spoke to a lady called *****  and when she couldn't help me I

requested to speak to a manager she transfered me to a Manager named *******.

I called to update my credit card information because it had expired. Richard told me because my account was suspended I needed to purchase a Google Play card with $100.00 to activate my account and to call them back. I quickly went and purchase the card, called him to activate my account. He took down all the information on my card and imputed the information into the computer. He then told me that the money was collected but for some reason something wrong with the card, it shows a $100.00 credit with Amazon, but the system did not update. In order to fix the problem he told me I need to get another card with $100.00 to complete the transaction.

I told him that there was no way I would that. He told me if I didn't I would lose the money and that my account would be permanently closed. I told him I would report him to Corporate. He told me go ahead you will not hear them for 4-6 months. He hung up on me. .... About 5 minutes later he called me from

805-335-6586 and said he would credit my account and gave me a reference number

#***********. He asked me for the last 4 digits of my debit card number to credit my account. He said it would credit right away but it didn't.

I am so upset with myself for allowing him to play me like this..... I honestly thought I was talking to Amazon Mgr.

I have never bought a Google Play card, so I didn't know how it works and Amazon policies. Since my card was suspended and he knew it. I believed him

I'm out $100.00, retired and can't afford to lose this much money..

Please help me!!!

Victim Location 02790
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Fraudulent order stated from Amazon for purchases:

LG Nano Smart LED TV ($5,794.69)

NVIDIA SHIELD TV Gaming Edition/ 4K HDR Streaming Media Player ($306.80)

S&H ($90.00)

Shipping total ($6,191.49)

Credit Applied -$5,000.00

Payment Pending$1,191.49

called # 1 855 702 8937 in email said order placed under my visa card ending in (last 4 digits of my bank card)

told man on the line to cancel order he stated it was cancelled.

Called back, same man stated that I called an Amazon hospital stated "Don't call again!" "Do you want to be admitted?"

Victim Location 78676
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received email from Amazon thanking for purchase of $ 900 plus dollars. Knew that order was not placed. Gave phone number to call. Called. Said they would look into the problem. We did. Then they proceeded to take over computer. My husband realized finally it was a scam and hung up on the call. Immediately unplugged the computer but thinks it was too late.

Victim Location 72121
Type of a scam Phishing

They said they were with Amazon. Wanted to let me know my credit card was charged $100. I hang up and called the number back but it wasn't a valid number. Phone number used was 209-895-3872.

Victim Location 36521
Type of a scam Phishing

Received email that looked like it was from Amazon. They used my name. There was an order confirmation number listed and a phone number to call for Assistance/Customer Service. It had an order confirmation number. Order Details: 2 Laptop computers plus $110.00 shipping charges. I called the number and got real leary of the guy. Think he was on his way to gaining access to my computer if I would go along with letting him access. I just hung up and printed email and marked as Spam, This was not ordered by me. He said it had been ordered from Eastern Russia. I talked with my credit card company and they said they detected no suspicious activity but would notify me if it appeared.

Victim Location 44310
Type of a scam Other

I receive a order confirmation saying it order some laptops that never ordered.

Victim Location 78230
Type of a scam Phishing

Recording from Grand Prairie, TX with phone number(214)212-3177. They said they had suspicious charge to my Amazon account for $419.32and to push 1 if this was fraudulent. I pushed 1 and someone answered Amazon how can I help you? There were recorded office noise in the background. I told them I wanted to make sure this wasn’t a hoax and hung up. When I checked my Amazon account page, no false charges had been made. This was phishing scam. I have also received multiple calls from other Grand Prairie numbers starting like this one with recorded message. In past it was to renew my car warranty. Beware of any unknown numbers from Grand Prairie, TX.

Victim Location 79108
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I listened to a call on my recorder that said there was a fraudulent charge on my Visa card for $279. I don't even know what Amazon is until the explained the scam. Needless to say I did not call them back.

Victim Location 78233
Type of a scam Tech Support

They called me to see if I wanted to continue my Amazon Prime Membership. They told me to download an app & then give them a code. Then fill out a form in which I did but made the mistake of adding a decimal in the amount section. The rep yelled at me freaking out. Then told me to buy 4 best buy gift cards to give them. After I disconnected with him with no success in buying them. My phone started turning pages on its own while I was driving & then it was trying to do my fingerprint code to get into my phone so I shut it off. I believe they were trying to hack into my phone.

Victim Location 45212
Type of a scam Phishing

I got a text that is shown below. I called amazon & they said it probably is a scam.

Victim Location 44118
Type of a scam Phishing

I answered a recorded call on my home home September 30,2020 at 3:58 P.M.. I said hello. The recording was a mans voice. He said this is Amazon. Stated I have not paid my credit card bill. I made purchases. I owe $1000. That's when I knew it was a scam. I did not hear the entire message. I slammed the phone down . I don't have a computer. I did not buy anything. The call upset me. I could not sleep. I thought maybe that I should have listened to the entire message. My caller ID showed Idaho 208-977-1887. It is the first time this happened to me.

Victim Location 79761
Type of a scam Phishing

Man called Mark claimed to be w/Amazon customer service. Contact #18009352642 ext 415. Said there was a charge on 9-2-20 for a new TV at nearly $1200. By someone out of San Antonio,Tex.

Wanted us to go get a $300 google play card & he would credit our acct for $1500.

I knew it was a scam..Didn’t do it!!

Victim Location 74112
Type of a scam Online Purchase

An “email from Amazon” requesting account information be verified and I don’t currently have an Amazon account.

Victim Location 70131
Type of a scam Phishing

Received an email from “Amazon” and it asked for me to click on a link for verification. Unfortunately, I clicked on the link and the website looked exactly like Amazon & the sign-in page was identical as well.

I re-entered my credit card info for verification.

I realized it was a scam shortly after and immediately changed my password and alerted my credit card company.

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