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Amazon Reports & Reviews (720)

Victim Location 70508
Total money lost $400
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Started on June 26,2020. I called Amazon about charges on my account in the amount of $540. Didn't realize a scammer picked up under the real amazon number. Ricky Bell was the name used. He said he would take care of this. He rung up and called me back, not realizing it was from a different number also I received a text saying landline the number was 337-632-7779. He explained that he was going to delete all the charges and credit me back. He gave me the accounts he had, which was my banking account. He asked if I have the app on my phone, which I did, he told me to click on it and I would see all the charges including a transaction that was showing up the same day June 26. So I believed he was telling the truth. Than I saw a red symbol come into my phone than I saw something moving, than I realized he had taken control of my phone. I ask him what he was doing, than I received an email on my phone from Western Union. By than he had pulled all my contacts files and information from my device. The email was a western union transfer from me going to a Yina Viviana Acros Jimenez, Country Colombia expected Foreign Country payout location was Colombia. Now, I've been tracked even up to today. I also found out that someone recently created an account under my Cox account, which I had no idea. So, now I realized how they was tracking me through They been controlling my internet, Wifi, blue tooth, and phones through Everything was in my phone, including my social security number, passwords etc. This has been so stressful. I did a report to the local police dept, Fbi, an d Federal Trade Comm. With everything that's going on, its hard to reach anyone. They have been spoofing my number. Not able to get calls from people in my contact or they redirecting the calls.

Victim Location 43617
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Entered by Employee(NMS). Amazon called to inquire about a $1000 phone purchase being shipped to Bakersfield, California. Told me to call 213-600-7579.

Victim Location 43617
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Entered by Employee(NMS). Received call from Amazon concerning a purchase on my Visa. I do not have a Visa!

Victim Location 43617
Type of a scam Tech Support

Entered by employee(NMS). Received call from Amazon stating there was a fraudulent charge for $149.99 on my credit card.Told me to go to my computer to fill out a form to dispute the charge.When I did the Scammer was in my computer! The Scammer was able to find my credit card #'s. He then locked up my computer & said it would be $500 for him to fix it. I told him he was a SCAMMER & I hung up. He has been calling back none stop also form ph # 202-932-4615.

Victim Location 77845
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received email stating that my order had been shipped. It listed a tracking editor and track your package in email. I did not click on either. Said Apple Mac was shipped to *** ******* ** ******** ** 41721. Further down in email it stated "In case you have not made this transaction call immediately at 1-844-1359." "In case you have not placed this order you might be a victim of hacking or ID theft. Call our microsoft support partners immediately at 1-844-1359" I called and Aaron Williams answered, foreign accent, and said he could help me but I need to follow his instructions on my computer to correct the problem. I kept asking what was issued to order and he would not tell me cause of privacy and did not know if I was the right person calling. Since I could not get a straight answer I hung up and and did not take any action with him on the phone.

Victim Location 58601
Type of a scam Credit Cards

trying to falsely obtain information on real amazon accounts.

Victim Location 34685
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I have received package from Amazon what I did not order.

Victim Location 63114
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received a phone call from 264-305-6599 stating a purchase I made at Amazon for an Iphone had been shipped to an address, referenced Texas, that was not mine. If I did not make the purchase press 1. I disconnected the call. Changed my Amazon account information. I contacted Amazon Customer Service to report the scam Robo call. Have also reported the scam to BBB.

Victim Location 35640
Total money lost $1,000
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Called Amazon (which was a scam 866 number I didn’t know about) because my Prime Video was not working. They told me I had been scammed and I needed to buy eBay gift cards to credit my debit card account. They had my number! Even sent me emails where I had been Refunded money.

They stole my money —

$1,000.00. Their phone was 866-216-1072 among other fake ones.

Victim Location 32533
Type of a scam Phishing

They called at 3:09 pm on 07/09/20 saying someone was trying to charge over $200 on Amazon on my account. I told them I was going to turn them in and they hung up.

Victim Location 46224
Type of a scam Identity Theft

In From line prior to email address is "From: Before email address is mailto:

To email address is: mailto:[email protected]

Unable to determine website without clicking on "Update Now" image.

Victim Location 46224
Type of a scam Identity Theft

In From line prior to email address is "Locked Information #KQWUR. Before email address is mailto:

Victim Location 46224
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Note: before email address it adds mailto: In the To: line is mailto:[email protected]

Cannot verify website without clicking on "Update Now" image.

Victim Location 46224
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Note: before email address it adds mailto: Also, preceding mailto: is From Amazon Noticed. In the To: line is mailto:[email protected]

Above example below is:

---------- Original Message ----------

From: A?m?azon Noticed

To: [email protected]

Date: 07/08/2020 7:53 PM

Subject: Your A?azon Accounts has been sign-in from another locations on Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Dear Customer,

Your Accounts is Iocked for following reason(s):

- A recent change in your personal information (i.e change of address , phone number).

- Detected two unauthorized devices accessed from different devices and locations.

Open (.PDF) to manage your account information.

If you do not update within 24 hours, will be disabled your accounts, please know that we can give out order information only to the name and email address associated with you.

Cannot determine website without clicking on View Your Account image.

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Read the great article on CBC: />
Where it talked about brushing, and that are no registered cases in Southern Alberta. Sadly I was a target for this type of scam a couple of times: I have been sent 2 packages, at different times (One, a set of speakers, ad the second, some Bluetooth earplugs).

I contacted both times amazon (via their website/my account), and explained the situation, and no matter how clearly I explained it (e.g. mentioned it by name "the brushing Scam" ), they could not figure out.

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received email notification from my work place that two Amazon packages have arrived for me. I never ordered anything from Amazon to be delivered at my workplace. When i picked up the packages, they had no senders information on it. In one package was Mini handheld personal portable fan with flexible tripod fix worth $25.9 plus $7.47 taxes with a total of $31.44. Another package had a USB c to Ethernet Adaptor worth $14.99 plus $7.03 taxes coming to a total of $22.02. I checked my bank account and no money was deducted. But i never ordered these items of my amazon account.

Total money lost $800
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I woke up to 4 email confirmations from Amazon for 4 chairs worth $200 each that I did not place. I went on my account and wasn't able to see the orders (I later learned that the orders were archived so that they could not be easily found). I contacted Amazon immediately to have the orders cancelled (they could see the orders on their end). The orders were getting shipped to my home address, and my credit card was used (both saved on my Amazon account). I recently heard on CBC Eye Opener that this is called a brushing scam. Companies do this so that you are a verified purchaser for their product, so that they can leave really good reviews for their product to help their business, even though the actual product was getting shipped to my address. I no longer store my shipping address or credit card information on Amazon. I changed my credit card number and my Amazon account password.

Victim Location 40012
Type of a scam Other

I received a package addressed from amazon. When I opened the package the items inside were not anything I had ordered. I called amazon and gave them the tracking number off the package. They said they had no information on that tracking number. They told me I could keep the items inside or throw them away. I had no idea this scam was going on until today.

Victim Location 85704
Type of a scam Phishing

Robo call comes in and says my purchase of an iphone for $500 was just charged to your account and will be dispatched tomorrow. To cancel the charge please call 8338120786. I do not have an amazon account.

Victim Location 34668
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This #831-777-5487 saying my amazon account was charged $77 my husband answered told me I called Amazon cust. serv. And they said nothing was charged in either mine or husband act. So I called the number above talked to a David who said Nigerians hacked in purchased Nike Tennis shoes.....I said cancel It ...and I just spoke to Amazon cust. Serv. And my account has no charged. And he hung up?

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