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Microsoft Reports & Reviews (634)

Victim Location 34429
Type of a scam Tech Support

Robot call claiming to be Microsoft Security response. Stated that 'My network security had been compromised please call back at our toll free number 888-387-7218'. I called back for the fun of it, I have 21+ years as a computer tech. Wanted me to go to a citrix, legal site, to give them remote access to my computer. When I asked which one they stated it did not matter. My I.P. had been hacked by multiple foreign hackers. This is not possible, an I.P. cannot be hacked. It is possible that a computer attached to that I.P. address can be hacked but not the I.P. Beware these low life people who cannot even properly explain the basis of their scam. I actually got transferred to a manager who didn't know any more about computing than the initial tech. I had fun playing with them Tied them up for about 45 minutes. Microsoft will never call you! They don't care about you or me. Keep that in mind.

Victim Location 06907
Type of a scam Tech Support

I am getting at least one phone call a day from one of 2 numbers. Its a recording saying there is a problem with my network and to call a different number. Those are the numbers I have listed above. I called both of them and someone actually answers the phone "tech support". I have asked them to stop calling because I know it is a scam but the phone calls will not stop.

Victim Location 32055
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Tech Support

Purchased a new computer....received a call from a Microsoft IT tech to assist me in loading all of my new software. He then stated that my network was corroded and faulty. Four hours later....I severed connections when I finally could take no more. They sent a PDF....

Victim Location 44144
Type of a scam Tech Support

My 12 year old godson was on my computer. He had a popup on the screen. The computer froze. The screen said your computer has a virus and needs maintenance. It showed it was from Microsoft. Microsoft was alerted that I had a virus and to call 844-208-5170. I called the phone number. They answered the phone Microsoft. I questioned him. He asked me questions. Asked how old my computer is. Told me my computer is not under warranty. He told me to enter a number and controlled my computer. I entered the number. The screen showed my warranty had expired. I would have to pay $199.99 to repair. A red flag went up with me right away when they wanted money. The man spoke broken English. I said there is no way I will pay that money. He reduced the price to $99.99. He tried to make me feel good. That I was a good godmother to my godson. I did not pay any money. I said there is no way I am giving you a dollar and I hung. I only gave my E mail. My computer was blocked. I unplugged it and used it the next day. It is fine now.

Victim Location 63011
Type of a scam Tech Support

Accented man calls from a company called HQ, says he's calling about Microsoft tech services. He says he won't stop calling me and there's nothing I can do about it.

Victim Location 32221
Total money lost $4,600
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft telling me that I was due a refund. I had paid them about a year ago so I didn't question it. They had me download teamviewer 12 and gained access to my computer. They wanted to transfer the money directly into my account, they refused to send a check. They had me access my bank account and then screen went black. Then when the screen came back up it showed two deposits from Microsoft one for $2500 and one for $2400. I said that was nice of them to give me so much money back, and they said that no that was a big mistake. I was only supposed to get $150. They claimed they made a deposit that was meant for one of their bigger clients into my account. They instructed me to go to my bank and withdraw $4600 (I could keep double the refund I was supposedly due $300) and deposit it into a Wells Fargo Account for someone named Arjusultana. I was told that this was the big client that the large deposit was supposed to go to in the first place. I was just helping them out. I later realized that they had transferred $4,900 from my savings account and I had withdrawn my own money and deposited it into a strangers account. They are still trying to contact me.

Victim Location 78642
Type of a scam Tech Support

See the attached document which details the scam.

Victim Location 61554
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a call stating my Microsoft Office software was expiring and I needed to call this number, 412-504-7005 to renew. I attempted to open my excel file and received an error. It would not open. I thought this was legitimate. I called the number. The specialist introduced himself as an employee of Microsoft, employee #MST9989 and he would walk me through the renewal of my software. He asked me to click on the Windows key along with the 'R' key. Nothing happened. He then told me to type into my browser, and select server 3. So I did. During this time, I am questioning why are we doing this? Why can't I just renew my software? Anyway, he asked me what was on the screen. I read it to him and boom, he was on my computer. Now, my version of windows had expired and it was going to cost me 159.00 to renew it. If not, my computer would be locked and I would not be able to use it until I paid the fee. I told him to log off of my computer and he did. He hung up on me and sure enough, my computer was locked. I asked him if this was a scam before he had hung up the phone and of course, he said no.

Victim Location 35630
Type of a scam Tech Support

Had a message on my voicemail telling me Microsoft had a refund for me for a computer protection plan & I needed to call (209) 348-9593. I had no recollection of such a plan but called the number anyway. The man at the other end of the line was very difficult to understand due to his poor English. He told me this section of Microsoft was going out of business & they were trying to resolve all refunds to those that had a computer protection plan with them. He then asked me how much I had paid for the plan, I told him I had no idea & asked him if he didn't have the information since he had initiated me calling him? He said yes, it was $180.00 & told me I needed to fill out a form. I told him I was sure he had my address already then and he could mail it to me at his earliest convenience. Oh-no, no he told me-you will have to get on your computer to fill out the form. He actually wanted me to allow him to access my computer! I told him I wasn't at my computer right now and I would have to call him back. He hung up on me at that point. Just wanted to see where this guy was going to go with his refund scam. All he wanted was access to my computer. Hopefully the number I provided will help catch this crook and my story will prevent someone from falling for this trick!

Victim Location 77627
Type of a scam Tech Support

We had downloaded our financial report...closed out and my husband was on eBay. He received a notice that a block had been put by Microsoft & to contact them immediately. We did, they wanted to remotely take over computer ... did not allow. Also, while speaking to them I was really receiving another call, ignored it. Returned that call after THEY hung up from 1st call. Same guy answered, I asked who he was, he asked me. I told him I was returning a call, he said this is same person you spoke with, I tried to call you. I told him the call came in WHILE we were speaking the 1st time, again he hung up. We did not give them the opportunity to ask for money.

Type of a scam Tech Support

It was on my computer and when I clicked on a slide to make bows called WHEN I SAW WHAT SHE.... My friend had sent me this clip on Facebook. Then this big red "ALert" popped on a black screen with an audio saying my computer has been hacked and all my mastercard and account numbers are being sent to hackers to use. I was to phone Microsoft at 1-888-323-8692 and they would walk me through the process of stopping it. If I just closed the window, they would be forced to disable my computer because they did not want to harm their company???? I just closed it and am reporting it.

I also did a scan and I have no viruses apparently?Checked the phone number by 411 reverse lookup and they have no record of it.

Victim Location 49337
Type of a scam Tech Support

The computer locked up. Even the power button would not work. After fiddling with it, a message popped up saying you need help from Microsoft and to call 402-323-3200. They help fix the "lockup" and offer to sell a service. After refusing to buy it, they are still "helpful" and have you grant them access to "clean a few things up".

Victim Location 43612
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was viewing a Cleveland Indians game on Yahoo Sports when a window appeared stating a Zeus Virus (from an Adult/Porn website) has infected my computer and to call Microsoft at 1-855-261-9984 to have them unlock the computer. John (the caller) asked for permission to remotely connect to my computer and I said no. I shut down my computer and have not had a problem since. My computer was hijacked before so I am very cautious about what i reply to.

Victim Location 70563
Type of a scam Tech Support

She called me, asked to speak to me using my name. Told me she was from Microsoft and my computer had a virus on it relating to the Yahoo breach. She had me go to my computer and told me to press the Windows Button and hold down the R key.

Then she had me type in hh h

Then she had me type in cmd

Then she had me type in

This function sent her all my files on my computer

Then she wanted me to give her access to my computer

That's when I hung up

Victim Location 15074
Type of a scam Tech Support

Message on computer saying warning... there is a computer virus on your computer. Do not shutdown. Call microsoft at 1-888-226-3876. (Microsoft says this is not one of their numbers. Screen has frozen.)

Victim Location 63129
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received an email on my yahoo email account. The email appeared like someone hacked my email account. I contacted yahoo who then referred me to Microsoft at a number of 888-542-2080. When I called that number hey were asking me for money. They told me to obtain over $500 in Walmart cards and they would fix my issue. I hung up as I felt this was not right and a scam. I then looked up Microsoft's phone number and this number 888-542-2080 is not a Microsoft phone number.

Victim Location 72070
Type of a scam Tech Support

They called and I got a computer generated msg to call the 1877 number. I called them back and they said they were with Microsoft and that my computer has a virus and they received a notification about it. I told them Microsoft doesn't make calls to people and that I don't own a computer and that I was reporting them. They hung up on me.

Victim Location 20008
Type of a scam Tech Support

A popup appeared that looked like my computer was infected but it wasn't. It's a known scam where a popup repeatedly hijacks your web browser and tells you to call Microsoft. You can close the web browser. Rebooting solves it.

Victim Location 78233
Type of a scam Tech Support

Please beware of several unknown pop ups warning that there an UNAUTHORISED ACCESS DETECTED from RUSSIA and to call Microsoft Help Desk [email protected] 1-844-225-1185. Warning: your user name and passwords will be sent using basic authentication on a connection that isn't secure.

When I saw this I was very startled and angry and without thinking first I called the number provided. When I called a man with a foreign voice...sounded Iranian but not certain. He asked what issues did I experience with my computer and I told him of the pop ups and then the warning message that kept me from exiting out of it. The man said that he can help me as he needed my personal information and $200USD wired to an account (which I never received) because I got suspicious when he began asking for my banking information. I asked why he needed that and he said it was needed before he can fix the virus in my computer. I immediately got really suspicious and angry and disconnected the call. I had to go to Best Buy Geek Squad for them to clean my computer and install Webroot protection and I still was out-of-pocket $200 but I'm satisfied nonetheless that I did not go further with the scam artist.

Type of a scam Tech Support

Woman operator with Indian accent got me to say 'Yes' then hung up. They said 'This is Microsoft Calling' then hesitated until I said 'Yes', then laughed and hung up

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