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- Las Vegas, NV, USA • Apr 03, 2023

I was on my computer on my computer suddenly froze and the Microsoft emblem and a phone number appeared stating that my computer was hacked and my identity was stolen...I called the number and the person claimed that they were from Microsoft tech support...they had me put in a command to see what was going on and it was strange IP addresses there and she stated that I was being spied on...she had me put in another command on my computer and it scrolled down and my user name was there and some account numbers saying that my name was being used to purchase pornhub and child porn and my bank account was hacked and she said that she was switching me over to my bank on a secured had my banks normal greeting and a gentleman started to speak with me...who was allegedly from my bank and he had all of my info...he stated that the charges were pending and in order to stop them them I could draw the money out and do a duplicate charge...I done as instructed and drew the money out and he told me to take it to a certified crypto machine and deposit it there and sent a Qpc/Vr code for my digital wallet...I did as instructed and received an text saying my charges were clear and I will get my money back in 4 to 5 business days...and saying thanks for banking with them...I then later on that day after research saw I was scammed...I'm so angry

• Feb 26, 2023

Seems to have added as a security backup to my email,I do not know this person.Im concerned.This is a new one.

- North Las Vegas, NV, USA • Feb 20, 2023

Received an email saying my account was compromised, clicked report, but the email looked to be a personal email instead of a microsoft business email

I forgot how I got to the website, but I can see that it is just in Google Chrome so that means that this is a Scam. This scam is about Microsoft Tech Support and are saying that "Your computer is locked." and "Call our Support immediently." I am try to keep you all safe so don't go to these links or reply/answer a call or email.

I was contacted by email about a purchase from Microsoft that I needed to pay an invoice of 359.00 for a purchase of Microsoft defender.

I never ordered anything from Microsoft. I contact Microsoft and changed my password and security codes. Again I never ordered any thing.

They contacted me via my email saying that they were micro soft and that they had taken 511.11 dollars out of my bank account to pay for Microsoft defenders anti virus. I was never charged this before, the defenders anti virus seems to come with the computer. I call them 845 789-4427, and told them that I did not need this I already had an anti virus in my computer, and I want to cancel that and get my money back. They directed me, via my computer to their refund page. when I typed in the amount that they would return back to my account, it came out as 5111 they them told me that they sent me 5 thousand ,one hundred and 11 dollars, and that I owed them 4 thousand and six hundred dollars. I told them I would have to call my bank to see if that money was in there, they were trying to get me to go to my bank on line. I told them I have never used my computer or phone to do that , then they said I should go to the bank. I new they had used me to hack my computer and they were trying to scam me and told them so, now I can't use that computer. I feel so stupid, I should have caught on to it. I didn't give them enough info to get to my bank account.

Had a error message pop up on computer with a phone number at the bottom of the screen. Called the number to resolve the frozen screen issue and was told to reset IP address, they also attempted to gain access to bank account over the phone.

Turned on computer to play games computer started to freeze and a message popped up to call Microsoft at a 1800 number (this number is showing on my called ID 1-425 496-7080). Contacted Microsoft and was informed that my computer had been hacked. Asked that I put in a code and then another number the computer started switching thing around. She asked me what was happening and had me to click on an icon and letter at the same time it started to bring up different sites she kept asking what did I see. So she had me do it again and said don't touch anything not to use the computer or regular phone and she would call me on my cell phone. She told me my account was hacked and $11,000 purchase for a sex site. She transferred me to fraud line spoke to a gentlemen asked me what type of accounts do I have and how money was in each account. Told me again not use anything computer, phone, don't talk to anybody, don't tell my neighbors and he will call me in the morning. I did check accounts nothing missing now hopefully they didn't succeed. However, my computer still going thru whatever they're trying to access. For the questions below answering "no" only because as I stated nothing missing at the time this scam is being reported and I'm sing my daughter's email address due to the situation.

While I was on my laptop a popup box appeared indicating my PC had been blocked for security reasons. Microsoft Window support phone to call 1-833-377-1905 (Security Helpline).

They loaded the following software on my laptop; Network Security, Support Live24x7, Computer help, Webroot SecureAnywhere, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft 365-en-us and Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019 - en us.

I called and then they said they were Microsoft Tech Support and needed access to my computer to help me. Since I thought they were Microsoft it was legit. They walk me through and then they had access to my computer and my home network.

I was on my laptop reading an article on facebook when alarms went off saying they were Microsoft and to an 800#. I called they ran through some "troubleshooting" so my computer would be usable again but then they said it was an encryption issue and I needed to buy a card to increase security/fix the issue. I can't believe I fell for it but now I am out $1,500. 1K on MC and $500 checking account. They do not have any of that info I don't believe.

Error message saying computer infected, call number man identified himself as Donnie Anderson had middle eastern accent. Said he was a Microsoft tech and would clean up viruses and malware and secure my computer for $500 lifetime senior price and took over remote control of my computer Would only accept Zelle Bitcoin or visa vanilla gift card. Once I bought the 1st card the scam began first he said that card was invalid so he'd deposit $500 in my acct then said he'd accidentally deposited $2k instead he showed me a fake screenshot of my acct with an extra $2k. Said I needed to get 4 more cards to pay him back less 1 for the refund he owed me.

I complied, he took pics of the cards front and back. He told me not to open any banking apps that's where the tiny banker trojan virus was. Next day he said he'd paid $3k on my credit card we argued I told him to reverse it he said he couldn't and sent a fake print out of the account so I needed to get 6 cards to pay him back. At this point I felt blackmailed it was either do what this guy said or he'd put all my financial information all over the internet. I was only able to get 5 cards he had told me he was 90% finished with the security and once I got the cards he would finish up. But once he got the card numbers he said he was done for the day. That's when I realized I had been scammed I immediately deleted his remote access both in my computer and phone I changed all passwords and unhooked my computer.. he called several times the next day until I finally blocked him. The night I bought the 5 cards I called and asked CVS to deactivate the 2 visa cards I bought there and that I was scammed they said they couldn't help me and to call the number on the back of the card which I immediately did exactly that and spent 25 minutes giving them all the card numbers and asking them to deactivate the cards I had purchased just a few hours earlier 2 at CVS , 1 at Walgreens and 1 at Dollar general 1 at CVS turned out to be AE. I made it clear I had been scammed and these cards were obtained by fraud but I was told they couldn't deactivate them and the card numbers would be on hold for 7 days pending investigation which was untrue. I checked every card# and they were all used within the first 24 hours. The next day when I called visa again there was no record of the call the night before so I gave the numbers again and was then finally given a dispute number and filed it. I filed fraud claims with local PD, IC3, FTC, my bank, credit cards used and AARP fraud watch. When I turned to the only people that could have stopped the fraud they slammed the door shut instead of stopping the crime that was being committed when they could have..makes you wonder who's side they're on seems to me it's not the victim but the perpetrators. I do not want my name published.

Consumer was on her computer doing insurance business. A black screen appeared on the side panel of her monitor with the name Microsoft Edge and a loud beeping noise. She texted her son-in-law who is a tech person. She wanted to get her work finished so she called the number that showed up on the black screen. She spoke to a man who said his name was Ethan Gray. She said he had a very heavy accent. When she called they said they were Microsoft Edge and her computer had a virus. He had her type "netstat" in the Windows bar and a black page came up and had part of her email. He then had her click the windows button and space bar and had her type things in the window a couple of times (windows button and R and windows button and C and hit enter) He asked her to get on her bank site and he would get on the line with her bank but she could not be on that call because the bank did not do three way calls. She hung up. He then popped up a number on the black screen on her computer and sent her the message "Please answer my calls," while she was on the phone with her bank. She replied that she was investigating the call and talking to her bank. He told her not to get on her phone, didn't she know the scammers were listening? She said the word "listening" came up on the black screen on her computer.

He gave her another number to call as well.

The victim tried to enter FaceBook. When she entered it in her url a voice alerted her not to do anything. Team viewer action required came up. Team viewer Germany mbh.




vat #de245838579

This victim was led to believe she had an issue and needed to turn her computer access over. She did that after an hour and a half the caller wanted information to set up billing for security. She new that Microsoft would not do this so she ended the session and checked with her Credit Card Company and filed with the police. Her computer is in a shop hopefully being recovered.

My computer froze while searching a website with a warning message that it had been compromised and required a phone call to Microsoft immediately. Foolishly I called the number and connected with a technician. While following the steps he requested I saw that it was opening stored files with attached passwords. As he continued to keep me on the line it finally dawned on me that I was being scammed and I hung up. My computer is completely locked up and I froze my banking and resetting my passwords out of caution. Not sure what damage has been done yet.

Received an email that my password was set to expire today. Very official looking as they also advised they would not be responsible for any loss. good replication of their logo, too.

However, there were red flags that this was a scam. The email did not match their url. Microsoft does not advise of this information in that way. So I reported to our I.T. service provider, reported on scamtracker, blocked the email and deleted.

these scamers are using emails on metv i was looking at some infomation and they locked on this email stating that my laptop is frozen and do not turn off contact microsoft which was them.they are using an i 800 # i dont have i turn off my laptop twice and restarted it to clear them they call me back twice trying to get me to talk tothem i just hung up on them the person that tried make with me is using this name MILL VALLE TELEPHONE # 415 322 7455 contact me on 1/19/22 on the telephone no con tact since i hung up on them.

I received an E-mail from Windows Defender Order (Microsoft Accounts).

It stated that my subscription of Defender Premium protection plus subscription was coming up for renewal and they were going to charge $399.99 (auto pay enabled).

It had a customer ID in the letter and a due date.

On 12/11/21 early in the morning I was searching the web for some deals at the stores I shop to make my shopping easily at when my laptop begin sounding that it had been blocked and don't attempt to shut down my computer but call the number it was providing to Microsoft for help and my computer would be unlocked when I called a guy answered he sounded foreign I had a hard time understanding him so I hung up and he called back and the name on the caller ID was KAUNAKAKAI HI and the phone number 18086427676 he begin to tell me my computer, TV and phone was hacked and I was being watched and shouldn't attempt to use my phone or computer for 4 hours he asked for my name and zipcode he said that myinformation was being used in illegal acts that could get me in trouble but he was notifying the police and making out a report he ask for the number of my bank so nobody could get into my account I told him I would go personally to do this he said no I would have to do call for you so I can make out the report but he wanted me to use the automotive reporter so I began to get suspicious and hung up the phone he called back and told me not to hang up because he was connected to Microsoft and every time I hang up he had to make a report so I hung up about 2more times and he called back I didn't think Microsoft would be that interested in me I told him something was was wrong with the phone he gave me his personal line as2537507326 and his name as Kelvin Baker badge MS106080 and my case number as********* I went to my bank and told them about the occurrence and was told I did right I also froze my credit card as a precaution

As a soon to be new grandmother few weeks ago, I was looking through YouTube sites about how to make a baby quilt when suddenly,as I clicked on a baby quilt, this message took over my computer. It made a blaring noise noise telling me that my computer had a virus disabling it, a warning not to shut off the computer, and a phone number to call. claiming to be microsoft.

I called the number and when someone answered he directed me to press the control button and another button (which probably did nothing) and then to shut off my computer. The horrible noise finally stopped. then he went on to say they could fix it for a one time payment and after some discussion back and forth I asked how much? he said, $199.I also asked if I could think about it and call back he said "no, it's a one time offer". When he prompted me what my decision was; yes or no. After a little thought, I am retired, don't use the computer much and it's just a little tablet that only cost about that much. I said, No. Any doubts were confirmed when he said, "[censored] off"

I said, "Excuse me!" and he repeated, "[censored] off". I hung up. My computer is fine.

This was a scam targeting grandmothers as it was linked to sewing baby quilts.

My father-in-law clicked on a message saying his computer was infected and proceeded to then be coerced by Nancy claiming to be from Microsoft to withdraw $4000 dollars from his personal account believing it to be a mistaken transfer that is owed back. The kicker being he was then to take this Monday and purchase gift cards with it to share with the scammer.

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