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Microsoft Reports & Reviews (611)

Victim Location 57105
Type of a scam Tech Support

Got a call from my own phone number claiming to be from Microsoft that my IP address had been stolen and used overseas. Stay on the line to get a new IP address.

Victim Location 68313
Type of a scam Tech Support

The caller id showed as our own house number calling ourselves. This number is listed under my elderly father's name. However, three adults live here and use this number as their home number. The voice recording said they were with Microsoft and our Microsoft account would be shut down in 24 hours because our ip address had been compromised from several countries. The recording asked us to press one to contact their technician, at which point I hung up.

Victim Location 60441
Type of a scam Tech Support

While on the internet, a pop-up appeared stating that my username and password were compromised and gave me a number to call. When I called the number, they directed me to a website and asked me to pay $500 in Google Play Gift Card from CVS in order to provide more tech support.

Victim Location 44125
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a recorded message on my home phone. Three messages. Caller stated the security license on my computer expired with Microsoft. Wanted me to call 1-877-693-8999. I did not call the phone number. The other message was in order to renew Windows Microsoft Key call 844-757-3859. Mentioned Microsoft had stopped Windows service on my computer. No indication of a fee being charged. I assumed this was a scam. I called Microsoft directly and it was not them. I am reporting the calls.

Type of a scam Tech Support

They have not stopped calling in days, I have blocked the number and yet they still flood my voicemail inbox multiple times a day. The claim to be Microsoft but I got one of the callers really mad and their childish response was indicative of them being a scammer. Luckily I have enough experience to know they are a scam and didn't lose any money but I fear for those who may not be so fortunate. I have done all I can to stop them but they will not relent. I am 100% certain that they are scammers and have called them repeatedly to get them to stop to no avail so now I'm posting this number everywhere online to warn others of their disgusting persistence.

Victim Location 35401
Type of a scam Phishing

I received this voicemail “?18174020091 Depositing new message There will be auto deduction $299 from your bank account. In case you don't want to get charges. Please call us to cancel our subscription. Our toll free number is 1-817-402-0091. I repeat the number to call is 1-817-402-0091. This call maybe recorded for quality and training purposes.. Click here: 13608424004 to listen to full voice message.” when I called back, he said he was with Microsoft. His language and tone did not seem professional (more improvisational), and there was a lot of noise in the background, so I was initially skeptical. He said that I was being charged because I have a Microsoft computer, and I had not told him my name or any information other than that I received that voicemail. I asked who he believed he was speaking to, and he replied “hold on.” After 30 seconds or so of shuffling and a side conversation, he told me a name very similar to my own. He asked if I had a Microsoft computer, and I said no. He asked what kind I had, and I said which kind I have. I asked for his name and company. Again he said “Microsoft” and told me his name was “*** ***.” I asked which call center he was calling from, and someone in the background told him to hang up, which he did.

Victim Location 44473
Type of a scam Tech Support

Robo call- Hi this is an emergency call to notify that the license key of you Microsoft windows has been expired and all Microsoft services have been stopped on your computer to renew license please call toll free 1-888-753-0267 license key of your Microsoft windows has been expired to renew license please call toll free 1-888-753-0267

Victim Location 30736
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Male with Indian accent called me at work and asked "is the ML" (perpetrator knew my full name). I responded "what can I do for you" he asked again "is this ML" and again I responded "what can I do for you" . He asked yet again if I was ML and this time I asked "who's calling" and he responded "Microsoft". He then asked if I was a "SA at PX" (he knew my occupation and company) and when I did confirm that, he promptly hung up. I think I may have said "that's correct", but; I'm not positive. Confirmation was all he needed. I'm checking to make sure my credit reports are locked!!!

Type of a scam Tech Support

I have received numerous call from different phone numbers about a subscription of some kind. Yesterday I finally had someone to talk to. He said it was Microsoft and I was being billed for a renewal. He is supposed to call today to give me information how to cancel and apply for a refund ! If I go to my computer and he will help me do these things.

I looked up the number on Google and see many listings for this number and some of the other frequent number that are said to be untrustworthy or a scam. How do we stop these calls so the innocent believer don’t get trapped. .

Victim Location 44004
Type of a scam Tech Support

I wanted to report a call I keep getting from Microsoft. Something about computer protection. Sounds like it could be a recording. Caller has an accent. They mentioned $299. I did not send any money. Wanted to report the calls from phone number 609-312-5728

Victim Location 44147
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received an e-mail that said "Thank you for your recent purchase." I called 855-700-0591 and was told I ordered an MS Surface computer for $3500. When I told them I had not placed an order they said they needed to get into my computer in order to cancel. They also asked for my bank account information. I did not provide it.

Victim Location 32577
Type of a scam Tech Support

The lady said was Katherine called three times on Saturday morning beginning at 7:30 am and that she was calling to inform you that your Microsoft had been broken into and that your licenses were compromised. On the phone if she wanted more information on how to correct this to press '1' on her phone.

Victim Location 61008
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a call on my landline. The automated voice said, "My name is *** ***. I am calling your from the ***  *** ***."

I know *** doesn't call people, so at this point I hung up.

I do not have caller ID, so I can't provide a telephone number.

Victim Location 79108
Total money lost $599.99
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was contacted on 6/24/18 by someone claiming to be Microsoft. They took control of my computer and locked it down. I paid them $599.99 from one of my Credit Cards to clean my computer. Fast forward to 3/16/19. The contacted me again with a warning message and then a call to say it was time to run a check again, results where my firewall had expired. They wanted $399.99 to fix. I told them no this time and turned off computer. Then called the to get further instruction as to what I needed to do.

Victim Location 37167
Type of a scam Tech Support

When I answered it was a recorded message saying my Microsoft subscription was due and $599 would be charged to my bank account or card on file. Then it said to call 803-302-8672 regarding this payment. I knew this was someone attempting to falsely obtain my info and money. An online search shows many people report receiving a similar message during March 2019, only the dollar amount varies, as if an attempt to seem authentic.

Victim Location 80204
Total money lost $7,000
Type of a scam Tech Support

A pop-up "error" showed up on my computer screen with a phone number to call Microsoft. I called the number and a man named Albert Dawson answered the phone. He had an Indian accent. He said a virus had been uploaded onto my computer and that my malware software had expired and I needed to renew it for $200.00. He said I needed to pay with gift cards because they will never ask for my credit card number or other personal info because there are too many "scammers" out there and that they are an honest company.

So I did this and to provide "services", he said he needed remote access to my computer. He brought up a list on my computer that showed the supposed "porn virus" that my computer had and that all my personal data would be stolen if I didn't get the new software. A few days later he called back and said that due to an error, they uploaded an out of date version of the virus detection software and so they owed me a refund.

In order to do this, they needed my bank information so that they could do a direct transfer of the refund into my account. They said they would also refund me the $300 I spent on anti-virus software when I initially purchased the computer 3 years ago. So total refund of $500. I went along with it because I thought "oh...they are giving me money back, not asking for it, so how could it be a scam?" They brought up a screen that was supposedly "encrypted" so I could type in my bank info securely. He specifically said not to make any errors or back space or the money would not be transferred to me. He even said that once everything was squared away, that I needed to go back into my accounts and change my password and ID for security against scammers!

I had to type in $500.00 on the screen for the transfer but it came up as $5000 instead. I KNOW I did not make this mistake on my end. They said I made a huge error and that now $5000 would be transferred into my account instead of only $500. I would have to pay them back $4500. Which means, I had to purchase $4500 in visa gift cards and google play cards. They were even able to show that the $5000 had transferred into my account. I had all kinds of problems getting the gift cards because either the stores where I got them were limited in how many they could sell (due to scams!) or I reached my daily withdrawal limit on my accounts. I ended up having to draw from two accounts to get the $4500. Iater I received a call from Albert saying that the company could only receive funds from one account so they transferred the $4500 back in told me I had to go back and get more gift cards to re-do the transaction.

In the mean time, I received e-mails saying both my accounts had reached had been overdrawn. At this point, my bank froze my accounts because of the unusual activity and suspected fraud. I called Albert and told him this and he said it must have been a "server" error and that they would need to "fix it". They had also changed my password, user id and e-mail address on my bank account without my authorization. They had also transferred money between my two accounts without my authorization. I called Albert out on this as well and he just explained they had to do that so that they could transfer the money back in. I finally went to my bank and explained everything and they verified it was a scam and I filed a fraud report, closed my accounts and opened new ones. In the end, I lost about $7000 because the money they said they put back in my accounts was never put back in. They somehow managed to make it look like it had been. In the end I inadvertently gave them $4500 of my own they stole the remainder of my money from both accounts. All these interactions happened over the course of about 10 days. I texted Albert to tell him I thought he was scamming me and he insisted he wasn't and that all I needed to do was give him my bank info again so he could make the transfer. I of course did not do this, but offered other ways he could get my money back to me, like a cashiers check or western union transfer with cash pick-up. He was of course resistant to these options and said they would charge his company a fee. I said then just subtract the fee out from what you owe me. After some further exchange, he finally broke down and said for me to pay him $200 in gift cards and then I would have my money...if I did not do that then I would never get my money back or hear from him again, and he threatened to use my SS# to steal from me. Thus ended any further contact. Since all this, I've changed passwords on all my accounts and put a freeze on my credit reports with all the credit bureaus, and have downloaded some extra software to remove any viruses and spyware that might be lingering on my computer. I was completely unaware of the "gift card" scam and the "tech support scam" until now. It seems they are getting more and more sophisticated and convincing in these scams and I really hope these people will all eventually be shut down.

Victim Location 32082
Type of a scam Tech Support

Was told that Microsoft was going out of business and I was due a refund

Victim Location 48854
Total money lost $1,000
Type of a scam Tech Support

Scammer said Microsoft owed me refund of $299 for tech support pmt. He took over my computer to transfer the refund to my checking acct, but instead he wired $1000 to himself.

Victim Location 43068
Type of a scam Tech Support

I got a voicemail from a woman who said she was from Microsoft, and I was due a refund. She wanted me to call her back. I didn't call her back.

Victim Location 68124
Type of a scam Tech Support

Left message telling the consumer they needed to pay $399.00 for an anti virus to be put on their computer. Consumer didn't call back.

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