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Microsoft Reports & Reviews (620)

Victim Location 78254
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was scanning something through my printer to my email, I received a disturbing message that popped up in a new window on my laptop. The message created a sense of urgency from Mircosoft to take action immediately and call (877)841-0731 that my bank accounts and emails that are linked to my computer and my household are compromised. When I called I got John Battam ID number: 6094149 here he explained again, a sense of urgency selling to me we have a problem and need to take action now, my bank account is potentially being compromised. John took control of my cursor and he saw all my passwords and usernames I have ever had some I forgot about and some that belonged to an old boyfriend, He asked me to please not touch the computer. John after in detail explaining what an IP address is and what it can do, then said he will send me to 'one stop net solutions' that will send a tech in my computer to block the hackers. I made a joke, "Are you the one that is going to hack into my accounts?". Everything sounded so believable so I gave him my credit card number even though he was insisting i should write a check to get it taken out immediately; now I know why. John took out $499 out of my account, then sent me over to one stop net solutions (855)400-1006, I got Jennifer Gomez and she was the one to schedule a tech and process the payment right in front of my eyes. We hung up. The tech called me shortly (833)844-8556 after explain he will be working on the problem and hopefully I'm still at the house so i can answer in a timely fashion, within 30 mins he called. I told him I didn't feel comfortable and hung up now I got my money back by calling my credit card company; I took control of my cursor from him and restarted my computer. Everything has been fine since then.

Victim Location 70503
Type of a scam Tech Support

These same guys call every other day claiming they fixed my computer last year for $19.99 and they are getting notifications that I have viruses again. Lol. They ask victim to go to and put in code 470335716. Please call them and tell them I said hello.

Victim Location 61107
Type of a scam Tech Support

received message that information was compromised from Microsoft? husband called them, they wanted $299 and up to fix the problem with a lifetime guarantee. My husband was supposedly hacked by multiple entities using his email address who surf the illegal websites such as child pornography. This man threatened to freeze my accounts and social security number until we paid the money as well as having the authorities knocking on my door to arrest my husband for something he did not do. His name is supposedly Sam Anderson #2437 and he was a tech from Microsoft.

Victim Location 71111
Type of a scam Tech Support

Call from Microsoft It is the instruction for you to go to your bank and wire transfer for the amount to the address given. Emphasizes on domestic wire transfer not international WTR. Their request was not successful and they did freeze and lock my computer. Sent money to Richard Roman at Foothills Bank acct 2200001844365 rt 122105634 for $9,800.

Victim Location 32789
Type of a scam Other

They call saying they are from Microsoft and that they have a refund from you. Then they will try to steal your information by going to some website.

Victim Location 85256
Type of a scam Tech Support

They interrupted my browsing the web saying my computer was compromised. I have Microsoft do I thought it was legit. Showed me my Ip address and said it was compromised

Wanted 200 to fix. Now they took over my computer.

Victim Location 29571
Type of a scam Phishing

Returned a call to microsoft internet service, refund department. Was told company went out of business and was refunding your money. The guy of indian accent asked to get online on chrome hold the ctrl and R keys at same time and type in the box help?. but what ever it was the page didn't come up and he got upset and when I asked if there was another way of returning the refund, told him I didn't want to be scammed and said this was the only way. I said well I will contact the BBB and he hung up.

Victim Location 79109
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received two phone calls claiming to be Microsoft who stated my microsoft key will be shut off.

Victim Location 70812
Type of a scam Tech Support

It said on my computer that I had a virus with pornagraph on and that they was about to alert the police and call this number 877 number I did they took control of my computer rite then and there

Victim Location 27101
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a call from someone that said they were trying to refund money to me from Microsoft. He needed my debit card number to send me a refund. I told him I'm not giving him my number and if there was a refund they can send me a check.

Victim Location 97140
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was sending E-Mail to Friend, a voice came in thru my computer saying that " a Security Breach has occurred via Malicious Pornographic Spyware,Riskware detected call Microsoft Support No. 888-332-2389 for help to unlock computer systems." I had to turn OFF my computer in order to get rid of the Lock-up. I did attempt to reach Microsoft thru their DEX Listing & their Tech Support assured me that they were legitimate and assigned me Case No. 1440605789, @ this point they requested my approval to access my computer to correct any Security Breach & I did not give permission, an E-Mail was to follow this communication on directions, but I never received anything.

Victim Location 16066
Type of a scam Other

Victim was called by "Microsoft" saying the is forcing them to send a refund check for $249, for computer support provided years ago. Victim stated the call came from 541-236-4631. Victim did not send $249.

Victim Location 37209
Type of a scam Tech Support

Called saying they were Microsoft and my computer was compermised. Informed them I am an IT profressional and he told me “your full of ***”

Victim Location 22101
Type of a scam Tech Support

This number calls and says they are Microsoft --they say your computer has been compromised and that they need to help you complete all of your payments and payments online so they are secure.

Victim Location 06437
Type of a scam Tech Support

Contacted by someone from "Microsoft" named "Sam Jones who wanted to refund me for "technical services" I bought because the company was "going out of business." Caller had an Indian accent and could not tell me what services I bought. He needed to have me in front of my computer to process refund and wanted me to call back when I was logged into my computer.

Cleary a scam to access my personal information remotely.

Victim Location 44001
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a voicemail stating that unless I called this company within 48 hours my computer was going to shut down. They said they were Microsoft but other than that the message was very vague and made little sense. They called back on Labor day, two days later, and after that I disconnected my answering machine.

Victim Location 70665
Type of a scam Tech Support

Alice with "Microsoft" has called me many times each day for the last few weeks wanting to change my I/P address claiming that my email has been used to send out erroneous emails to over 400 persons. After many calls from an unrecognizable no. on my cell phone has begun using my own cell number as making the calls. I had 6 or 7 yesterday and many in previous days. I contacted Microsoft and they report as a scam and advised to not fall for it. I cannot block the caller since it is my own cell number.

Victim Location 06451
Type of a scam Tech Support

Calling me about an account using my phone number

Victim Location 87109
Type of a scam Tech Support

Was paying a bill and a website popped up and call let the person in my computer was not smart

8/27 was Jennifer Gomez

8/28 Samuel Wilson

8/29 Brad

Victim Location 22033
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Tech Support

This started two years ago when I stupidly fell for the initial scam and allowed them (because they said they were a subsidiary of Microsoft) access to my computer.  So they dialed in and placed a security system on my computer for which again I stupidly paid them by CHECK. Nothing bad happened to my computer so I assumed all was well.  On Monday July 16, they called again and said they were going to be doing something different and the company was no longer going to be handling computer security so they wanted to remove the software or what ever they put on, and refund my money!  So to make a long story short, because he had my check information and was able to log into my computer, he said he was going to place the refund into my account .... Before I knew it, he had transferred $1200 from my savings account to my checking account then tried to tell me that he had overpaid me and I owed him $1000.00 in the form of two $500.00 Walmart Gift cards.  I told him he was crazy that I owed him nothing and this was just a scam .... He didn't overpay me a penny.  He proceeded to tell me that when I get to Walmart I was not to tell the clerk at the register who was receiving the money????  He said he would stay on the phone with me as I drive to the store and then I was to read him the numbers on the back of the cards so he could get his money refunded or else his boss would fire him. I told him he was a scammer and a thief and I wasn't going to give him a penny he then said to me , I'll destroy your computer I still have access ..... I shut off my computer at that moment .....and hung up the phone .He proceeded to tell me that he could still destroy my computer even if it's shut down which is incorrect ..

I regret making the first mistake two years ago .... he fortunately didn't get any money from me ....other than the $ 200.00 I gave them two years ago .... and I shut my bank accounts as soon as I hung up the phone .... and I had a computer expert examine my computer , he removed the software they put on and assured me there was no damage to my computer .

This was a very stressful experience , oh when they call their name registers on the phone as UNKNOWN CALLER, they also have very heavy Indian accents , the man I spoke with said his name was Barry, and the technician us Jay ! When I said I wanted to call the number on the bogus website which by the way has a Logo on it ... he said that the 250 number was disconnected he also refused to give me his office number so I could phone him back ......

I have to say the more I resisted him the angrier he became , then he would calm down,,, but as I continued to resist him he would blow up and scream that I was going to cost him his job and I said how can I you didn't send me any money you just transferred mine and your trying to scam me out of $1000.00 at which point after at least 30 minutes on the phone I hung up. By the way when they first call they are incredibly insistent, I never respond to unknown number but they call every 5 minutes if you don't respond,,,, then if you do answer they tell you We are a company working with Micro Soft and you have serious issues with your computer .. that's how they got me in the first place. I am sure they scam most older people ( like me ) who are not terribly computer savvy.... however I should have been smarter the first time around.

Anyway while I didn't loose the $1000, I did loose the initial $ 200.00

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