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Microsoft Reports & Reviews (637)

Victim Location 37167
Type of a scam Tech Support

When I answered it was a recorded message saying my Microsoft subscription was due and $599 would be charged to my bank account or card on file. Then it said to call 803-302-8672 regarding this payment. I knew this was someone attempting to falsely obtain my info and money. An online search shows many people report receiving a similar message during March 2019, only the dollar amount varies, as if an attempt to seem authentic.

Victim Location 80204
Total money lost $7,000
Type of a scam Tech Support

A pop-up "error" showed up on my computer screen with a phone number to call Microsoft. I called the number and a man named Albert Dawson answered the phone. He had an Indian accent. He said a virus had been uploaded onto my computer and that my malware software had expired and I needed to renew it for $200.00. He said I needed to pay with gift cards because they will never ask for my credit card number or other personal info because there are too many "scammers" out there and that they are an honest company.

So I did this and to provide "services", he said he needed remote access to my computer. He brought up a list on my computer that showed the supposed "porn virus" that my computer had and that all my personal data would be stolen if I didn't get the new software. A few days later he called back and said that due to an error, they uploaded an out of date version of the virus detection software and so they owed me a refund.

In order to do this, they needed my bank information so that they could do a direct transfer of the refund into my account. They said they would also refund me the $300 I spent on anti-virus software when I initially purchased the computer 3 years ago. So total refund of $500. I went along with it because I thought "oh...they are giving me money back, not asking for it, so how could it be a scam?" They brought up a screen that was supposedly "encrypted" so I could type in my bank info securely. He specifically said not to make any errors or back space or the money would not be transferred to me. He even said that once everything was squared away, that I needed to go back into my accounts and change my password and ID for security against scammers!

I had to type in $500.00 on the screen for the transfer but it came up as $5000 instead. I KNOW I did not make this mistake on my end. They said I made a huge error and that now $5000 would be transferred into my account instead of only $500. I would have to pay them back $4500. Which means, I had to purchase $4500 in visa gift cards and google play cards. They were even able to show that the $5000 had transferred into my account. I had all kinds of problems getting the gift cards because either the stores where I got them were limited in how many they could sell (due to scams!) or I reached my daily withdrawal limit on my accounts. I ended up having to draw from two accounts to get the $4500. Iater I received a call from Albert saying that the company could only receive funds from one account so they transferred the $4500 back in told me I had to go back and get more gift cards to re-do the transaction.

In the mean time, I received e-mails saying both my accounts had reached had been overdrawn. At this point, my bank froze my accounts because of the unusual activity and suspected fraud. I called Albert and told him this and he said it must have been a "server" error and that they would need to "fix it". They had also changed my password, user id and e-mail address on my bank account without my authorization. They had also transferred money between my two accounts without my authorization. I called Albert out on this as well and he just explained they had to do that so that they could transfer the money back in. I finally went to my bank and explained everything and they verified it was a scam and I filed a fraud report, closed my accounts and opened new ones. In the end, I lost about $7000 because the money they said they put back in my accounts was never put back in. They somehow managed to make it look like it had been. In the end I inadvertently gave them $4500 of my own they stole the remainder of my money from both accounts. All these interactions happened over the course of about 10 days. I texted Albert to tell him I thought he was scamming me and he insisted he wasn't and that all I needed to do was give him my bank info again so he could make the transfer. I of course did not do this, but offered other ways he could get my money back to me, like a cashiers check or western union transfer with cash pick-up. He was of course resistant to these options and said they would charge his company a fee. I said then just subtract the fee out from what you owe me. After some further exchange, he finally broke down and said for me to pay him $200 in gift cards and then I would have my money...if I did not do that then I would never get my money back or hear from him again, and he threatened to use my SS# to steal from me. Thus ended any further contact. Since all this, I've changed passwords on all my accounts and put a freeze on my credit reports with all the credit bureaus, and have downloaded some extra software to remove any viruses and spyware that might be lingering on my computer. I was completely unaware of the "gift card" scam and the "tech support scam" until now. It seems they are getting more and more sophisticated and convincing in these scams and I really hope these people will all eventually be shut down.

Victim Location 32082
Type of a scam Tech Support

Was told that Microsoft was going out of business and I was due a refund

Victim Location 48854
Total money lost $1,000
Type of a scam Tech Support

Scammer said Microsoft owed me refund of $299 for tech support pmt. He took over my computer to transfer the refund to my checking acct, but instead he wired $1000 to himself.

Victim Location 43068
Type of a scam Tech Support

I got a voicemail from a woman who said she was from Microsoft, and I was due a refund. She wanted me to call her back. I didn't call her back.

Victim Location 68124
Type of a scam Tech Support

Left message telling the consumer they needed to pay $399.00 for an anti virus to be put on their computer. Consumer didn't call back.

Victim Location 43130
Type of a scam Tech Support

I've received three calls this morning from Allen Ambsu from Microsoft. He said we are owed $299.99 for a refund for tech support services because their company is now going out of business. He told me to go to my computer. The number I was to call back was 855-693-5999.

Victim Location 16123
Type of a scam Tech Support

At my 75 year old mothers today visiting and phone rings and she said answer this, they call every day for the last month but I don't answer it. answer and a recording comes on that I must call the number back because "your internet has been hacked" so I call back. Man answers and says "How may I help you" I answer "you tell me, your the one that is calling my house everyday for the last month". He replies, "your internet has been hacked and I am here to help". So I lie and say "Sir, I dont even own a computer" He then says, thats ok, people can still get your personal information through your wifi/cable line. I said, well then that is something my cable company will deal with and protect me from. He says, no m'am they will not, I am here to help with that. I say well, what is it that you need from me? He flat out say MONEY. I say NO Way are you getting money from me. He says, I need money so I can fix this problem for you. I laugh and said well I am not giving you my money. He then hangs up on me. I call back and get a different person, explain to them that I was hung up on, and they tell me the same story that they need money from me and I tell them to remove my number from their list and that they are a scam, and she hangs up on me. I call back and get the same girl, tell her that she just hung up on me, and ask again to remove my number and that I am turning them in to the and she hangs up on me again. Tried calling again and it just rang and rang and finally got a recording that all lines were busy. Tried one more time and got the same thing. Now I know there are alot of people paying them money out there that dont know any better. I feel bad for them. Hope somebody does something about this.

Type of a scam Tech Support

Automated call stating they are from Microsoft and that our IP address has been compromised and is being used in several foreign countries. Choose 1 to speak with a representative. You need to set up a new IP address or your Microsoft Account will be shut down in 48 hours.

They call pretty much every day, up to 10 times a day.

Victim Location 95747
Type of a scam Tech Support

The first, The man in the phone with an accent approached me by calling my land phone number by a woman's voice which generated by a computer. It Left 1-888 number. I called back to find the detail of the call. He stated that the Microsoft will pay me back for my computer internet security system that I bought 7 or 8 months ago,$299.00. Because Microsoft security system was hacked and MS must pay by the law of USA because it can not protect the customers any longer. He also stated that he cannot reveal any customer because MS program was hacked and cannot find the customer lists. He said it can be inquired the it's number by 1800.... When I requested the 1800 number he hung up the phone. I was able to keep 1-888-402-9182 and I am reporting it.

Victim Location 57032
Type of a scam Tech Support

Left a message stating they were Microsoft and there system was going to be shut off. Said to call back. Consumer did not call.

Victim Location 32448
Type of a scam Tech Support

Just contacted by phone by a man with an East Indian accent stating he is helping people who paid for computer technical support for Microsoft get a refund of $300 thru the because that tech support business was closing down. Asked me if I ever paid for tech support. Said I would need to write down a "License Number" and be at my computer to verify the license number he just gave me. Then he would tell me how to get online refund paperwork from BBB to receive a refund. Didn't get his name, but he gave me a call back phone number of 252.346.2558 and to call back after 6pm. I told him I was too busy to get on the computer and needed the number to call back. He was reluctant to give it to me but finally did. I asked him where he was calling from and answered Austin, Texas. He also said he would put a temporary lock on my computer until I called him back. I then told him forget it, I don't want the refund. He said ok, you don't have to take it. That ended the conversation. The license # he gave me is 888DCA60-FC0A-11CF-8F0F-00C04FD7D062 (Said this is the "service license #".

Victim Location 95954
Type of a scam Tech Support

a call to my home was received from Microsoft saying that there was and security issue and that since we are having this issue they would refund us our money from the security that we bought in the process of walking us through gaining access to our computer and access to our bank accounts afterwards so they can put money back into our account to refund the money from the security program that we purchased they made it look like the money was put in by transferring money from one account to another the guy thankfully on our end messed up and added a one in front of the amount so it looks like he put more than he was supposed to in our account and we were supposed to get a Walmart card and say it was for a grandson cuz this is my mother's doing this and that's when the red flag came on and then I called Microsoft shut off my computer and changed everything on the bank accounts but we are one of very few people that did not have the unfortunate luck to have our money taken because we caught it just in time but yet they're still calling our house thinking we're going to fall for it again

Victim Location 67212
Type of a scam Tech Support

Left message that there Microsoft was going to be turned off and they needed to call back. Consumer didn't call back.

Total money lost $2,040
Type of a scam Tech Support

About a year ago I was downloading a textbook for school when I encountered a virus and I heard sirens and my computer was telling me to call Microsoft at this number, so in a panic I did. The guy sounded East Indian and asked me what happened. I told him about the virus and he sounded very concerned and asked me to enter something in my computer which gave him remote access. Then he did some things that looked legitimately like virus scans, etc and then began telling me my identity was at risk, along with everything else on my network. He then began to go over my options for protection packages and was very adamant that I would be protected and had nothing to worry about. That ran me about $400CAD.

Now just yesterday this same guy calls me back saying that they have been receiving security notifications from my computer. He was very concerned again and insisted he show me what was happening on my computer. It looked like a lot of activity that someone else was accessing my IP address and therefore my network. He explained that bad people have powerful tools to hack into networks and use people’s identity and/or IP address for sexually explicit material involving children. I was completely freaked out and he went over my options again and this time it cost me closer to $2000 CAD for lifetime protection guaranteed my network was safe for life no matter how many new computers I got.

The name on my credit statement was ‘Management K Inc’ which I then looked up (of course, after the fact) and it doesn’t exist. I called the number they left me and it either hangs up or someone answers but doesn’t speak.

I’m very disappointed with myself for falling victim to this bull[censored]. I hope this message gets out so it doesn’t happen to others. I’m going to the police to report this fraud.

Victim Location 44109
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a message on my home phone today. Jessica Woods with Microsoft located in McLean VA. She sounded foreign. The message stated if I did not call them back within the hour they would turn off my computer. I was not having any trouble with my computer now I am. Phone number 855-501-6333. I called the number back. I said what is this going to cost me. For one year of computer service the cost would be $149.99. I did not pay any money.

Victim Location 95661
Type of a scam Tech Support

1-12-19 AM I’m looking at the MSN news on my laptop suddenly a grey box flashing & a voice saying This computer has be put under corrupt and has an Error system from a porn site. Freaked me out so I called the 800 Num an hour + on the ph w guy that knows his business. He wanted $500 google play card and then call him back give him the number and he can make all my computer problems go away.

I didn’t do it. He called me 3-4 times a day until last week or longer. He said if I didn’t calll him w the info my computer is dead. Well he’s right. I can’t change anything in Safe Mode and I can’t seem to find it first!

Victim Location 63108
Total money lost $800
Type of a scam Tech Support

As I was working on my computer, a message came across the screen, it read from Microsoft saying that my computer was being hacked and to call a number immediately. I panicked and called the number. A man, named Sebastian Braun, employee #ms294151 said he was with Microsoft and my computer was being hacked and he was showing me where it was being hacked because he was already in my computer showing me different places where he said hackers were able to get into my computer and that I would need a firewall to keep them out. He said that would cost me $1000 but when I told him that I didn't have that he asked how much I did have. When I told him only about $800 he asked if he could put me on hold while he checked with his supervisor. He then came back and said that would be fine and then said that I would need to get a google play card from Walgreens. I asked why couldn't I just put it on a credit card and he said that he couldn't accept anything with my personal information. I didn't understand it but I did what he asked and then scratched off the back of the card and read him the numbers. I should have followed my first mind just hang up the phone but I didn't. This was a very hard lesson to learn. Please be careful and never give money to anyone without verifying they're from the actual company.

Victim Location 79602
Type of a scam Tech Support

The caller claimed to be from Microsoft and threatened that my microsoft account would be deleted / shut down immediately if I did not speak to their technicians. They have called us several times each day for the last few days.

Victim Location 64016
Type of a scam Tech Support

They keep calling me and want me to give them my on line banking information so they can give a refund of $499 for tech support on my computer which I did take out a year ago but at the time I only paid them $399. I don't due on line banking so I ask them to just send me a check and they said they can't they insist on me giving my banking information. They also took control of my computer when all this was happening. How do I get this to stop? They continue to call me from this 833-228-1902 phone number every couple of hours. Please help me.

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