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Microsoft Reports & Reviews (630)

Victim Location 63136
Type of a scam Tech Support

I got a call supposedly from Microsoft saying that they were going out of business and that I was entitled to a refund. I asked him some questions and he got aggravated.

Victim Location 62966
Type of a scam Tech Support

Saying if want to keep their service $299 will be deducted from my account if I wish to cancel to call them otherwise they're going to charge my account well I don't have a computer that's what it's due to Microsoft for a computer I don't have a computer and they hung up on me

Victim Location 44137
Type of a scam Tech Support

I am receiving calls from Microsoft. They were calling regarding someone is trying to gain access to my computer. Advised me to go to my computer. I did not and hung up. they said said is sending sexual videos from my computer. He said you have been notified and hung up.

Victim Location 43206
Total money lost $2,900
Type of a scam Tech Support

A couple of months ago I was on my computer and it wouldn't work. There was a message from Microsoft about a virus. I called the number and talked to an Indian guy. Sometimes he said he was Brian, other times, Brett. He said if I pay $199 I would have 3 months protection and he would take care of this for me. So I gave him my debit card number and my checking account was debited $199.

About the end of June I still had trouble with my computer. Somehow he contacted me about my computer. I told him I couldn't afford to have paid $199 and my computer not work. He asked for more money. I said no. He told me he had to get this taken care of or he would be fired because he didn't get his money. He said I'm going to give you a deal, you'll get four years protection. Then he suggested I pay with gift cards. He told me to go to Walmart. I said I never go there. I told him it would be easier to go to Home Depot.

So, at eighty years old, on July 3rd, I drove in the rain to Home Depot. He stayed on the phone with me. He told me to buy 2 Home Depot cards: $1200 and $1500. I bought several cards because I couldn't put that much on 2 cards. He was on the phone with me while I was in Home Depot. He said not to talk to the clerk. He told me to tell the clerk I was buying the cards for gifts. After I purchased them he told me to go to the car, and scratch off the numbers and give him the security numbers from the back. Then he told me to destroy the cards. So I cut through them, put them in a bag and threw them in the trash.

He has called me back a couple of times since then, but I just let the phone ring. My computer works but I'm afraid to use it.

I filed a police report. My bank gave me a new debit card and a new account.

Victim Location 32446
Type of a scam Tech Support

Some female called - very difficult to understand- was attempting to get me to renew warranty on my computer- said charge would be $498 and would be deducted from my account. If cancelled, charge would be $99.00. Had to strongly explain several times that I never had this warranty- she was vehement about I had and would deduct one or the other. I bought computer at a repair shop, 2nd hand, about 10 years ago and nothing has been changed on it. Despise someone trying to take advantage and would not listen. She hung up on me when I denied any service, and never had any. I told her I would report this!

Victim Location 37421
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Company left a message that card would be charged $299 if I did not call to cancel subscription. Called back, was warned I would be charged $400 if I did not cancel subscription, stated product was Microsoft service package. Directed me to website and told me to fill out cancellation form with personal/financial information. Stated only way to get refund/avoid charge was to fill out form. Agent became agitated when Authenticity of website was questioned, was verbally abusive, and threatened criminal acts of violence.

Victim Location 43204
Type of a scam Tech Support

I've gotten at least 9 calls from Microsoft. It's a man with an Indian accent. He says the is making him give me a refund. He said he needed access to my computer to deposit the refund into my account. I told him he was a scammer, and he began cussing me and called me a b word and worse.

The numbers are:









Victim Location 15146
Type of a scam Phishing

The caller stated they were closing the maintenance office dep for microsoft and they needed to give the consumer a refund of $299.99. Stated they would be sending a transaction email for the consumer to follow to receive the refund. Consumer did not provide called with emial address

Victim Location 44110
Type of a scam Tech Support

For the past several days I've received at least 8 automated robo-calls claiming to be from Microsoft. They suggest my IP address has been compromised and must press "1" to speak to a rep who will cancel my contract. I have no idea what they are talking about and did not do as instructed.

Victim Location 60456
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received phone calls yesterday, June 8, 2019, and today, June 9, 2019, from a man with a very thick Middle East or Indian accent. He told me $399.00 would automatically be deducted from my bank account unless I cancel the charge. Today's call was even more infuriating and suspicious because it was the same man and I couldn't understand him. He put his supervisor on the phone; another person with a thick accent that was difficult to understand. He wanted me to type on my https: line, "" When I did, right underneath the search results I was able to see, " scam," so I told him what I saw and that I refused to go to that website because it would destroy my computer and I knew it. He kept talking over me and finally called me a "mother***r" and hung up on me. I've tried blocking the calls, but they still get through. I'm panicking because I don't have $399.00 to be scammed out of. Thus far my bank account has not been affected, but I will continue to check my balance daily. This is wrong on every level. I told the guy that I knew he wasn't from Microsoft. Their phone number is 312-667-9475. In the message that I first received yesterday and the one again today said, "Call us at Microsoft at our toll free number 312-667-9475. That is a Chicago number (312 area code).

Victim Location 62301
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a call from someone claiming to be with Microsoft - 520-645-2011, and said my computer had been compromised and had a virus that needed to be fixed. Asked me to give them control of my computer and it would only cost me about $200-$300. I hung up!

Victim Location 93103
Type of a scam Credit Cards

First call was Microsoft and the others are CC .

Victim Location 44473
Type of a scam Phishing

Robo call- Dear customer this is a reminder from Microsoft support team of your computer services subscription will be auto renewed there will be auto deduction $299 dollars from your acting (?) to get charges please press 1 to cancel subscription

Victim Location 89509
Type of a scam Tech Support

These people wanted in my computer to steal my info

Wanted to give me a refund from microsoft

Victim Location 89085
Type of a scam Phishing

My cell phone number is being spoofed.

I am receiving calls from my own cell number - 7 calls today.

Robotic recording states from Microsoft and I must update my information or my IP address will be changed/terminated.

Victim Location 43229
Type of a scam Tech Support

I'm 90 years old. I've gotten several calls from an Indian man with a heavy accent. He told me my Microsoft license wasn't going to be activated. He said he was going out of business, and wanted to refund me. He was walking me through the steps on my computer. I gave him remote control of my computer. He showed me lots of things on my computer. He told me to go to Save A Lot and buy a Google Play Card, and he would activate my license. He was on the phone for over an hour. He told me to call 747-241-6575.

Victim Location 79109
Type of a scam Tech Support

My wife received a call from an unknown number. When she answered they hung up so I called them back. They said "Microsoft" and told me they needed my computer license # otherwise my computer would be locked down. I told them I'd call back with the # and instead called the real Microsoft who told me that Microsoft doesn't call consumers.

Victim Location 65802
Type of a scam Tech Support

This company said that Microsoft called them and told them that my IP address had been compromised. They wanted me to call them back. Ironically, the number they originally called me from was my own phone number.

Victim Location 43074
Total money lost $5,200
Type of a scam Tech Support

Microsoft called and said there was a problem with Windows and said they would refund me $299.00 and they needed access to my account. When it was put in it showed up as $2999.00 and that I would have to pay them back in American Express gift cards.


When I bought them I bought four $500 gift cards and two $300 prepaid cards. They told me they could not process the pre paid one and that they could not process partial payments and that they voided those cards. When I told them I would not give them anymore gift cards until I got refund the money for the gift cards. They said they refunded the $2600.00 in my account so I took $2600.00 cash out of my account and bought more gift cards.

After all this was done and I looked closer into my accounts I noticed that they never did give me the original $2999.00. They only took that amount out of my one account and put into my other account. They also did that with the refund of $2600.00.

So now I'm out $5200.00. I feel so stupid and ashamed that I did not see the red flags sooner and that I was tricked so easily. I'm hoping to get my money back but I just don't want this to happen to any one else.

Victim Location 44094
Type of a scam Tech Support

My mom is receiving multiple repeat scam phone calls every day. They use her phone number as the caller ID. They say they are from Microsoft and that will disconnect her license within 48 hours because her IP address has been compromised by several countries. They want her to press one to speak to a technician so they can change her IP address and license key. She pressed one the first time they called and then hung up. Ever since then they have been calling her multiple times every day.

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