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Microsoft Reports & Reviews (638)

Victim Location 72070
Type of a scam Tech Support

They called and I got a computer generated msg to call the 1877 number. I called them back and they said they were with Microsoft and that my computer has a virus and they received a notification about it. I told them Microsoft doesn't make calls to people and that I don't own a computer and that I was reporting them. They hung up on me.

Victim Location 20008
Type of a scam Tech Support

A popup appeared that looked like my computer was infected but it wasn't. It's a known scam where a popup repeatedly hijacks your web browser and tells you to call Microsoft. You can close the web browser. Rebooting solves it.

Victim Location 78233
Type of a scam Tech Support

Please beware of several unknown pop ups warning that there an UNAUTHORISED ACCESS DETECTED from RUSSIA and to call Microsoft Help Desk [email protected] 1-844-225-1185. Warning: your user name and passwords will be sent using basic authentication on a connection that isn't secure.

When I saw this I was very startled and angry and without thinking first I called the number provided. When I called a man with a foreign voice...sounded Iranian but not certain. He asked what issues did I experience with my computer and I told him of the pop ups and then the warning message that kept me from exiting out of it. The man said that he can help me as he needed my personal information and $200USD wired to an account (which I never received) because I got suspicious when he began asking for my banking information. I asked why he needed that and he said it was needed before he can fix the virus in my computer. I immediately got really suspicious and angry and disconnected the call. I had to go to Best Buy Geek Squad for them to clean my computer and install Webroot protection and I still was out-of-pocket $200 but I'm satisfied nonetheless that I did not go further with the scam artist.

Type of a scam Tech Support

Woman operator with Indian accent got me to say 'Yes' then hung up. They said 'This is Microsoft Calling' then hesitated until I said 'Yes', then laughed and hung up

Type of a scam Tech Support


Victim Location 49012
Type of a scam Tech Support

they have called numerous times saying they are from Microsoft, and that I have an issue with my software.

Victim Location 53711
Type of a scam Tech Support

repeated e-mail and phone messages over the past week implying the my computer was needing upgrade and offering to fix- I made mistake of providing my phone number and e-mail, thinking I was talking to microsoft. I now realize this is a scam and have refused to answer 3 phone calls in the past two days. the voice sounded foriegn from both a male and a female.The said in e-mail that export prog. tecno woul fix my problem for about #339 --- all this occured after I had been getting daily messages from icrosoft over the past few months that my computer was outdated and needed updatefrom windows 7, thus I made mistake of thinking microsoft was actually asking me to call

Victim Location 45406
Type of a scam Tech Support

Robo call, saying MicroSoft license has exspired. MicroSoft has been stopped. To renew license call

1-800-577-1869. I do not have MicroSoft!

Victim Location 85625
Type of a scam Tech Support

Apparently it's my day to receive these calls. This guy sounded exactly like the last guy who called about an hour ago from a different phone number. He was certainly NOT from microsoft and my computer does not have a virus and I am not giving him $500.

Total money lost $199
Type of a scam Tech Support

I got a pop-up saying it was Microsoft, informing me that my computer was infected with the Zeus virus, giving a number to call. In fact, my computer was locked, it couldn't be opened. The warning said it would crash if it was turned off. I called and was sold 6 years of computer security for $199.00, 6 instead of 5 because I am a senior. They did clean up the viruses on my computer that day (April 20, 2017), which makes me think that perhaps they have skirted the official or legal definition of a scam. I never received an e-mail confirmation of the purchase. I called back immediately and said I had changed my mind and wanted a refund for the program except for the clean-up they had just done that day. I have also asked several times for an e-mail confirmation of the purchase which I have never received. I was told I would be refunded $50.00, which has not happened, now being told it takes 7-10 business days to process a refund. As mentioned, I realize they may have circumvented the law because they did do some service for my computer, but I still think they are a scam. I was told their headquarters is in West Palm Beach, Florida, which may itself be part of the scam, but I'm e-mailing you anyway. I don't know how to select the image requested in the next entry. It came up in a square on my screen as I was on the computer.

Victim Location 19335
Type of a scam Tech Support

This person had called one of my residents stating that her Microsoft had ran out and that she was to call 844-711-3211. Luckily I had warned my residents to not ever give personal information over the phone, or through e-mail. I had looked this number up on the computer and it is known to be a scam so I called the number back to let them know that they are known as a scam at which he had nothing nice to tell me and then hung up. Luckily she knew it wasn't possible and lost no money.

Victim Location 93436
Type of a scam Tech Support

Webpage popped up stating my computer was infected with malware and to call 877-767-5509 immediately for assistance from a Microsoft technician.

I called the number and gave the "technician" remote access to my computer.

After talking for awhile he said it would cost $450.00 to fix my computer.

I told him I had to think it over and he said he couldn't help me and hung up.

Victim Location 87121
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received numerous calls. Person said he received error message from windows defender and wanted me to log in. I said no computers have been on all day. He called again and i said i dont own a computer and he hung up on me.

Victim Location 40311
Type of a scam Tech Support

Automated systems says that your "microsoft key" has expired and your computer system has been locked down & you need to call them at number listed above) to purchase new key.

Victim Location 44142
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a message on my answering machine to renew my computer license. It was hard to tell if it was a person or a robocall. She spoke so fast. She might have said Microsoft. I feel it is a scam and did not call the number back.

Victim Location 20744
Type of a scam Tech Support

I have received multiple calls telling me that errors have been detected on my computer. The caller made an appointment with me for today at 3pm to show me what he is talking about. I have no way of knowing if this is a scam or a legitimate report. I do not plan to take the call. But, my husband said I should contact the to find out if this is something others have experienced.

Victim Location 45011
Type of a scam Tech Support

It started over a year ago, my computer was very new, didn't have more than 100 hours or less on it. They called me and told me that they were getting signals through Microsoft, that I was having big problems, serious problems with my computer. At the beginning, they told me a name. Here lately I asked what his name was he said his name was Steve Williams. Recently I worked half a day with him to fix computer, but then he called back and I knew that he was trying to get money, but he screwed things up on my computer so he could charge me. He keeps calling, this is tech service from Microsoft, you need to get in front of your computer and turn it on. I would tell him no, and hang up on him. He calls back and says  to get in front of computer and he will tell me what's. At one time he said I had to pay $250, we bargained back and forth awhile, and he asked how about $50, and I said no, and if there is anything wrong with my computer, I will fix it myself. When turn computer on keep tapping F8 don't skip a beat, and click option to restore computer to work the best. On my caller ID the numbers showed as 202-843-4697 and 845-712-0299.

Victim Location 80122
Type of a scam Tech Support

Well yesterday we got a call from that number I provided above. Long story short, he hung up on me once I said that their number shows as an INDIA scammer line, and hat he is not from the USA, NOR Microsoft!

Well now I am getting messages ( with an e-mail that they are saying is mine but is not mine) that.... Well let me paste what they said. PASTE: Wait is over and security info for Cr*** was replaced. Review at

#1 IF this was not a scam, Why has Microsoft said I would get something to MY email, never any text messages.

#2 I have no email address as they person claims, who is not texting me form 732873

Plus when I pull it up on google, TONS of things say-- WARNING SCAM, ect, ect.

Victim Location 32225
Type of a scam Tech Support

Said I had problems on my computer and claimed to be a Microsoft technician and tried connecting to my computer then cussed and gave insults before he ended the call.

Victim Location 49071
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a phone call from the above listed 800 number @ approximately 12:15pm today. The caller did not answer the call immediately (sounded like the call was routing through a 'boiler room" as when the caller actually picked up the call I could plainly hear a number of other conversations in the background (first clue the call was fraudulent).

The caller did not use my name (second clue it was a scam) The caller's speech and vocabulary sounded like an offshore (Pakistan or India) person.

The caller claimed to be from Microsoft, told me I had a virus on my computer. I asked how he knew I had a virus and what is my installed anti virus software. The caller could not answer the question regarding installed antivirus.

But went on to say he had received a log from my computer. (unfortunately I don't send logs from application or software failures to Microsoft for follow up).

I told the caller he was a scammer and I promptly hung up.

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