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Microsoft Reports & Reviews (635)

Victim Location 93105
Type of a scam Tech Support

A popup showed up stating that Microsoft had found serious errors on my mother's computer (this situation did not happen on my personal computer.). I could not get rid of the popup. A phone number was given which I called. I ultimately gave over control of the computer to a person. She showed screens that indicated errors on the computer. I agreed to have their technician fix them for a cost of $249.99 and I gave them a credit card number. They insisted that I don't turn off the computer. The technician started changing things which I could see and then within minutes I was informed through a text and then email that Chase Bank had recognized the scam and they stopped payment on the credit card. I immediately shut the computer down. I have since received phone calls from the number indicated in the above information box on two different phone numbers, which I gave them. I also gave them my email address and the email address of the computer in question.

Any help and response would be appreciated. I will offer any additional information that is asked for.

Thank you.

Randy Chase

[email protected]

Victim Location 63011
Type of a scam Identity Theft

I received a phone call from someone posing as Microsoft. They said that if I didn't call back in the next 10 minutes that all my financial information could be lost.

Victim Location 44060
Type of a scam Tech Support

Beeping warning pop up. Need to call number right away or PC will be shut down. Say they are Microsoft.

Victim Location 61603
Total money lost $300
Type of a scam Tech Support

See Attached - scam entered by ScamPulse.com Rep. Claimed to be Microsoft. This guy had me go to website address support247.screen.com. Window popped up supermo connect wise join code 9716 0296. case @ Microsoft 667 Lis ID @ msw 225, cust ID @ rogerW3235 controlled by cloud account administrator. I was charged $300 He wanted 3 -$100 or 6 -$50 iTunes gift cards. They took my social security #, address, email, phone #'s, drivers license #, 1st National Bank of Omaha MC # 3 Id #'s and Wells Fargo #'s. I called Wells Fargo, the banker gave me the real Microsoft phone #. I closed all windows crook opened then disconnected Ethernet wire. I hung phone up to crook just as closing windows.

Avast scam I made before this call Monday found I was vulnerable to "Wannacry/doubleinlsar" attack catalogue ID # cve-2017-0143

Victim Location 60175
Type of a scam Tech Support

Called saying my Microsoft key for Windows was expired and would no longer work on my computer and gave me a number to call to fix it. I called and was put directly to a foreign man - no operator, no directory, no recording. Suspicious, I questioned the man. He said he had my info, but when he told me "who" I was it was all incorrect. Then he became verbally abusive and vulgar. When I said to keep talking, I was tracing the call (which, of course, I am unable to do). He immediately hung up.

Victim Location 28804
Type of a scam Tech Support

The person claimed that my Microsoft account had expired and that I had to renew it over the phone or my computer would shut down.

Victim Location 49544
Type of a scam Phishing

Received recorded phone message saying my Microsoft License Key Expires and to call 1-855-776-6911 to have it re-installed.

Victim Location 98550
Type of a scam Tech Support

"Charlie" from "Windows Security HQ" called to tell me I was hacking into their system and needed to pay 1000 dollars or they'd block my IP address from accessing the internet. I don't even own a computer. They're trying to make you think you've done something illegal and scare you into paying them money!

Victim Location 29072
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Caller claimed to be from Microsoft got me to say ok then hung up. He had a foreign accent.

Victim Location 20832
Type of a scam Tech Support

A man called my friend from this number saying he was from Microsoft and that he would give her a refund for her computer. When she returned his call and asked him to send the check via mail, he told her "it doesn't work that way." She told him she'd reported him to ScamPulse.com and he yelled obscenities at her and called her names.

Victim Location 29651
Type of a scam Phishing

Message popped on my computer saying I had a virus on my computer. They will have a technician to walk me through removing the virus. Please call 1-855- 841-4777, Error number 26823. They will shut me down in 5 minutes if I don't call this number. Did not call number.

Victim Location 67205
Type of a scam Tech Support

He called, said he was from Microsoft and there was an issue with my computer, after i told him i knew it was a scam, he told me to f off...

Victim Location 63385
Type of a scam Other

I received a robo-call today. Caller was identified as Microsoft and told me that they detected a "serious problem coming out of my computer." Their words exactly.

Victim Location 44134
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a message on my home phone a couple of days ago. Recording said they were calling from Microsoft. My free version was about to expire. They left phone number 800-716-5818. Callers name was Edward. Instructed for me to call back. I called the number. A man with an accent answered Microsoft Corporation. He needed to take control of my computer because windows had stopped working. I said I appreciate your call. I said I could get a copy of Microsoft at work. He said I had insulted him. I asked for a Supervisor. He said absolutely not. You insulted me. He was going to lock my computer unless I paid $100. Wanted me to go to Target or Walgreens. Anywhere I could purchase a $100 iTunes Gift Card. Fee was to unlock my computer. This is when I realized it was a scam because they wanted payment by iTunes gift card. I also had pop ups on my screen. A Microsoft number appeared 412-504-7008. I called the phone number. A man answered Microsoft Corporation. John Williams wanted $100 by iTunes. I did not send any money. I did not send any money. I took my computer in for repairs. I was not aware of Tech Support Scams.

Victim Location 32307
Type of a scam Tech Support

Get a call from college freshman daughter that she thinks her PC is at risk because she got a pop up and called the number to "Microsoft" . I immediately knew she was had. They apparently did not ask for personal info, but had her go into some command prompt stuff. Not sure what they had her due, but I believe they had access to her computer. They then wanted payment for software but she said she wouldn't be paying, her parents would. She then called me. I told her to shut off computer until I can look at and maybe reformat. Indian sounding people using American names like Boby, emily

Victim Location 72740
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Tech Support

A popup microsoft scam on my computer on 10/25/17. This happened last year too and they took control of my computer and 200.00. I am concerned they have my information again. This is what the pop up said:

x0z01i12303.info says:

RDN\Trojan.worm!055bcc2350666 Infection

Call microsoft technical support immediately at + 1 (888)784-4907

The following data will be compromised if you contunue: they misspelled continue here

1. passwords

2. browser history

3. credit card information

This virus is well know for complete identity and credit card theft. Further action throught this computer or any computer on the netowrk will reveal private information and involve serious risks

Call microsoft technical support immediately at +1 (888) 784-4907

Victim Location 44117
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a phone call today on my home phone. Caller stated they were with Microsoft. The phone number in my caller ID showed 888-406-6841. He said to call them back when I was near my computer. He wanted to process a refund. $299 refund from Microsoft. I did not call the number. I wanted to report the call.

Victim Location 76708
Type of a scam Tech Support

Recieved a warning Alert on Laptop Computer stating Microsoft Warning Alert , Malicous Pornographic Spyware/Riskware Detected , Error # 0x80072ee7, Please call immediatly at: (877) 421-0890, goes on to state that if we close this page, your computer access will be disabled to prevent further damage to our network. ....We have reported this information to FCC and Federal Trade Commission and they have made a report and told us to contact ScamPulse.com Texas and then call Microsoft to fix the issue

Victim Location 67002
Type of a scam Tech Support

About a year ago my computer froze and I got a message claiming to be Microsoft saying there was a problem and I should call their number to fix the problem. Not sure why but I freaked and did as they said. Should have known it was fishy (or phishy) when every person clearly had a foreign accent. I don't remember at what point I was told it would cost $150 for the fix, but I finally hung up and shut off the computer. And immediately called the bank to cancel my credit card and get a new one. My adult daughter found a program to run to clean their nonsense off my computer and it was back to normal. But they have called several times a week since then telling me I still owe them the money. They didn't actually do anything but waste my time and my daughter's time. I've told them they've been reported but they keep on calling. My phone doesn't have a block caller feature. Ugh.

Victim Location 43123
Type of a scam Tech Support

computer came up with a Microsoft warning and said to call at once. They where aloud to access the computer and then asked for money. now the computer is locked up and will not turn on.

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