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Microsoft Reports & Reviews (636)

Victim Location 64804
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a red pop up screen on my computer saying to call this phone number. When I did it was a fake Microsoft Support scam.

Victim Location 60640
Type of a scam Tech Support

I'm not sure why, but one of the tabs on my computer ended up being this webpage saying I needed to call Windows Tech Support.

Victim Location 32092
Type of a scam Tech Support

While trying to update paypal acct- -a window popped up saying microsoft support and to call a phone number. I did and they said china source of comp. invasion and I needed firewall protection. UNfortunenately, I opened my comp. to them .I eventually disconnected and won't take phone calls. I did not give them any funds.

Victim Location 64804
Type of a scam Tech Support

While I was logged into my Yahoo email account I have had a red screen pop up with a phone number over a period of about a week now. Today is February 6, 2018. I finally called the number today and they asked if I was having problems with my computer and if something popped up on my computer screen. ( I already knew what this was). They had an accent from India. I called about 5 times and got a female answering one time and males the other times. I did not give them any information. They said they were "Microsoft Support" when I asked them what company they were. They kept hanging up on me when I insisted on them giving me more information about their "company"!!

Victim Location 64014
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received 2 phone calls. First I did not answer. They called at 10:06 am on 2/5/18. The second Call I answered 12:28 pm 2/5/18. They asked for me by my Maiden name. First clue this was a scammer. They said I have a security breach on my computer and she was from Microsoft and asked if I was in front of my computer. She said I have been getting a lot of warnings on my computer and this is why I have been getting them. I said I am not in front of my computer I am at work. She asked when she could call me again. I told her no I will call you what is your credentials and phone number. She then hung up.

Victim Location 60630
Type of a scam Tech Support

Fake Microsoft support

Victim Location 03076
Type of a scam Tech Support

Called pretending to be Microsoft support, asked me to go my computer. Strung them along for awhile, hoping to get some info. Indian accent, when I told them they were scamming me, and got aggressive with them, they cursed back at me.

Victim Location 32038
Type of a scam Tech Support

They call pretending to be Microsoft. They say that you paid for an online service last year for technical support, and they are closing their branch. They want to give you a refund of your money that you paid. In order to do this, you have to get on a computer and go to a website and enter in the card information that you want the money refunded to. Don’t do it!!!

Victim Location 70591
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a phone call stating that my key license expired on my computer and needed to be renewed. He stated that he was with Microsoft. I asked him to identify which computer had expired as I own six computers. He asked why I have six computers. That is when I hung up on him. This person had a heavy foreign accent.

Victim Location 65746
Type of a scam Tech Support

The company calls claiming to be "going out of business" and you need to collect your $299 refund for computer services. They will not stop. Their "executive" can barely speak English. When you ask to not be called, they call again. When you call the number back, you DO NOT get a business, but a person going by "Steven" who says its a computer company. When you start to ask questions, you will be disconnected.

They want your banking info to give you the refund. I am concerned and alarmed that they will not stop calling. I have asked everyday, many times a day to stop being called and it does not help. One of the men who called sounded absolutely wicked on the phone. This needs to be investigated and stopped before someone gets scammed completely.

Victim Location 70508
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was reading an article online when the screen started flashing red and a message popped up saying not to turn off the computer and contact this number. Called the number and they stated they were with Microsoft and that the firewall in my computer was damaged and needed to repaired. Relayed credit card numbers that they had on file for me and tried to sell some software to fix it. Disconnected the call and contacted Cox and they told me that it was a scam. Contacted all the credit card companies that they had on file.

Victim Location 70532
Type of a scam Tech Support

received a call from phone number 800-240-1218 at 6:47 AM CST from someone claiming to be with Microsoft Support. The minute I told them they were a scam and to take me off the calling list it was a quick hang up on their end. you could hear typing in the background like calling from a room filled with other scammers

Victim Location 61071
Type of a scam Tech Support

I keep receiving telephone messages from "Microsoft" claiming that my "Microsoft license has expired" and that I should call 866-978-7416 immediately or my Microsoft service will stop. I suspected that these calls were a scam and confirmed that by discussing the calls with my Tech at work. He told me to never answer or respond to the calls because they are trying to gain access to my computer. He informed me that Stephenson County, IL has already been investigating this scam.

These scammers also called my husband's cell phone from the number 866-978-7311, which we immediately blocked on his phone.

Consumers, beware!!!

Victim Location 28467
Type of a scam Tech Support

My computer started making alarm noises and the screen filled with warnings. I had been on Facebook. A phone number appeared on the screen and Microsoft was mentioned. I called the number and talked to an individual claiming to be from Microsoft. I believed him and allowed access to my computer. After awhile of talking to him and seeing that he had access to my computer, I decided to discontinue my discussion and unplugged the computer. No money was involved but he did have access to my computer. Later I learned this is called Microsoft support scam and I should assume the worst as far as information gathering of my information in the computer.

Victim Location 63448
Type of a scam Tech Support

1 received a phone call at 8am on Wed. January 17, 2018. His name was Sean Paul. He was from Microsoft San Jose Customer Support Center (Network and Security Unit) Service Vendor: Pulse Tech Inc.

Employee ID MSUS11087 Extension 404

Contact Customer Support- 1-844-220-5114 10am-7pmCST

24/7 online support 1-408-786-5125 (EXT- Sean Paul) Customer ID: 1090786 Case Ref No: ABZPY5215D

Then he asked for your name, e-mail and phone number which unfortunately I gave him.

He told me that my computer had been hacked and it needed a new updated firewall with the cheapest being 175.00. Then he went into my computer stating that he was cleaning my files. This is when the files were scanned and corrupted. I call my c/c company a few hours later and thus far I have not been charged, but I had to cancel all c/c bank passwords etc. It really makes you feel violated.

I knew better then to fall for this, but just giving everyone a heads up, he seems pretty authentic.

Victim Location 15102
Type of a scam Tech Support

Consumer received a call that the computer had a virus. They took control of the computer, then wanted the Consumer to go get $300.00 google play card Walmart or Walgreens. Which the consumer did not and they locked the computer so the consumer could not us it.

Victim Location 35055
Type of a scam Online Purchase

My computer is locked up

by the scammer. I cannot find all their info except what I have shown. I think they got to my computer thru website (which now is reported as unsafe and not to open), which came to me in email and I opened. I did not lose money this time, but two years ago I paid them $500 on credit card. I discovered much later it was same scam, but different phone number. I still have paperwork and info on that scammer in my files. My computer repairman needs to come fix and clean up my computer. 

Victim Location 77575
Type of a scam Tech Support

Caller says he is with Microsoft and there is a software problem on my computer, he needs me to turn it on and give him access to it so he can fix the software. When I told him that Microsoft does not call to fix anything he become annoyed, called me a liar. When I told him that my son was a computer tech he became angry and stated that every time I hang up on him he will just keep calling back. Had to block phone number but calls from other numbers now.

Victim Location 46033
Type of a scam Tech Support

Locked up computer claiming someone is trying to steal my personal info

Victim Location 64156
Type of a scam Tech Support

Pop up window when doing a download. Call this number to remove virus. They give 8 digit code and direct you where to enter it. They ask for credit card info.

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