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Microsoft Reports & Reviews (638)

Victim Location 55395
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a phone call at 11:57 am on 4/12/18 from a man stating he was from Microsoft and wanted to let me know that my security with my personal computer was in jeopardy. I asked him "which computer" and he said "your personal computer" and that point I said "which one". He stopped for a split second and said "I have the license key". I said "ya do, do ya". After that I said "I think this is a scam and don't call me again or I'll report you to the". He hung up before I could finish.

Victim Location 84404
Type of a scam Tech Support

Was on my computer, message came up Trojan had infected my computer to not leave this page or shut it off. if I did it would ruin my computer and to call Microsoft now. They provided a phone 1-877-645-7329. I called like a dummy was on the line with him for about 10 minutes then he sent a link to allow him access to my computer. He ran some scans for virus. (No virus) Then told me it would be $160.00 to have the Trojan removed. Ask him if it was a scam he said “ that I had called him”. At that point I began thinking something was not right. Unfortunately I have allowed access to my computer.

Victim Location 43207
Total money lost $300
Type of a scam Tech Support

About March 9th, I got a phone call from a woman. She said I had a computer virus. She transferred the call to a man, with a foreign accent calling himself Mark Wilson. His number is 315-944-2408. He told me to get ID Blockers. He said he would transfer money to my checking account. He deposited close to $2000 into my checking account. He ordered ID Blockers from Best Buy in Grove City, OH. The next day I went into Best Buy and picked them up. I left my phone in the car. The ID Blockers were Apple iTune gift cards. He used the money that he deposited into my account to pay for them. I went out to my car and he was already on the phone. He told me not to take the phone into the store. I read the security numbers off the back of the card to him. He said we need some more ID Blockers. He said go to Walmart, Walgreens or CVS, take your card, I've put money on it, go buy more ID Blockers. He wanted me to buy $500 worth of ID Blockers (cards). So I went to Walmart. Walmart said they would only sell me $200 worth of iTunes gift cards. The clerk didn't ask me what I needed the card for. I left Walmart, returned to my car, and gave him the security number off the back of the card. He told me to go to Walgreens. I did. I bought more ID Blockers (iTunes gift cards) . He wanted me to buy $500, but my card only let me buy $200. He told me to go to the bank and withdraw $300. I took the $300 and went to Turkey Hill gas station and they sold me $200 worth of iTunes gift cards, and then I went to CVS on S High St. I bought $200 worth of iTune gift cards. I went back to the car and got my phone and gave him the security numbers off the back. Two days ago, he called me back and asked me to borrow $300 from somebody to buy more iTune gift cards. I said no. I said I would report him to the police. He said please don';t do that I will lose my job. I told him I couldn't borrow any money. I've tried calling him back, and he won't take my calls. I told my BMI Credit Union to put a block on my account. They put a block on it. I did not say anything to them about the money that had been deposited. They said my account was overdrawn by $300.00. I gave him control of my computer. I shut my computer down. I need to find a computer repair place.

Victim Location 50703
Type of a scam Tech Support

Yesterday, April 4, 2018, I received a recorded phone call saying "This is Microsoft." The caller said they noticed that someone was trying to access my computer, and that I should call this number right away (I did not write down the number). If I did not call the number, they would be forced to shut down my computer. I did not call the number and my computer has not been shut down.

Victim Location 44130
Type of a scam Tech Support

My computer was taking over stating I need to call Microsoft at 1-855 number.  I called the number and ask the man was this Microsoft and he said yeah then I hung up he called back and I asked was this Microsoft support he said yes. In the process I was on my phone pulling up information about Microsoft and they do not tell you to call by taking over your computer nor would they call your phone back so I knew it was a scam I took the battery out of my computer and left it out and reported the number that he called me back from.

Victim Location 33027
Type of a scam Tech Support


Victim Location 54755
Type of a scam Tech Support

My home computer screen went all blue with Microsoft coming through the speaker telling me to call this number 800-737-7162. of course I called (UGH) Sean Marcus answered and said my computer was being hacked, and my Webroot was not working. they need to clean my computer, he showed me in my computer where the scammers were tracking me..... we'll give a $50.00 discount today because we did the work already - so pay 299.99 make check payable to Spec Technology, Sean gave me the phone number 800-737-7162, employee number MST116 his ext 1117.. yet when calling the number back is was busy! I called my bank with in 15min, cancelled the check and stopped all on-line transactions so they would not get any money. I won't fall for that again.... a family member also get this same thing only a red screen comes up. You can shut down your computer --- do not call the number!!!!

Victim Location 78063
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a phone call from (855) 340-0555, with a recorded message informing me that the caller was with Microsoft and that the license on my Microsoft Windows product had expired. To prevent losing the ability to use my Windows product, I should call that number back as soon as possible.

I did not return the call, so I don't know what their intent was - to charge money to renew my license, to get information to enable identity theft, other...

Victim Location 43537
Type of a scam Tech Support

Indicated that someone overseas was trying to access my microsoft account. Also said for my safety my account was going to be blocked for usage. Obviously a scam. My account is still working. Caller wanted me to call the above listed phone number to fix.

Victim Location 70065
Type of a scam Phishing

Got a message on my home telephone base stating that my email and my Facebook account shows signs of very suspicious activity, and has been shut down temporarily until l call 1-877-904-0889 to talk with a Microsoft technician, prior to attempting to log in to any banking information, Facebook, or email. Now, l have enough sense to know that Microsoft never initiates contact, you your self have to do this. I Googled this number and it was not yet recorded as happening yet in Louisiana. F.Y.I.

Victim Location 73505
Type of a scam Tech Support

A pop-up window appeared saying the computer was infected and to call Microsoft at this "company's" number. They gave high pressure to purchase their antivirus/clean up help for $299.

Victim Location 15650
Total money lost $600
Type of a scam Tech Support

alert over laptop to call Microsoft about a breech on laptop, if you close laptop all information will be open for hackers. spoke to 2 men, Jason and David both with accents, stating I have no firewall and they will install and cover for 3 years for $300 in Googleplay. once obtained was told cards did not work and I would be refunded the amount and to buy $300 more, I bulked and was convinced they were on the up and up. Being a trusting person I obtained them. Received a call today that the applications did not work and I will need to have a special device with down payment and will receive the deposit back. I checked with IT employee and was told this was a scam that Microsoft would never ask for Googleplay. I took my laptop to my computer guy and he confirmed this as well. So beware of any alerts on you computer!

Victim Location 57793
Type of a scam Tech Support

Thanks for BBB's page about the "Microsoft Firewall Alert: You must call the number listed below to restore your computer. Your bank accounts, facebook log, e-mails logs. . . .are all compromised. . . ." A Microsoft looking website was what came up plus a recorded voice when I clicked the google link to Walmart. I didn't call the number. Will run virus scan after this post. Hope it is just a phishing scam.

Victim Location 76107
Type of a scam Tech Support

We received a phone call from a Springfield, MO number which is unusual since 95% of our customers are in state. A man with an Indian accent said he was calling "as arranged by Microsoft" (or something similar to that implying Microsoft asked him to call us). He said he was calling in response to a call we made last week about our computer problem.

This sounded suspicious since we never call Microsoft and our IT company had not mentioned anything about Microsoft contacting us.

I told him I knew nothing of any such problem or call and asked who made the call. He said he did not know, but it was from our phone number. He claimed we called about a computer being frozen and us being unable to print. I placed him on hold and asked my employer and a coworker and neither knew anything about it. When I picked the phone up again, I could not hear anyone. It was as if I was on hold or mute. I didn't get a response, so I hung up.

He called back from the same number and said we had been disconnected. I told him I spoke to the person who would no about this issue and he had no knowledge of it. He said "Okay, sorry to bother you" and hung up.

Victim Location 92128
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Random call stating from Microsoft technical support engineers who are 3rd party group looking to prevent security issues.

They asked me to go to computer command prompt and type "ASSOC" and verify my CLS, which I believe is Computer License Signature.

He then asked me to verify it as he read it to me.

I stopped half way and hung up.

I was using my work computer, which operates on a VPN, so I cancelled that connection and started a new one.

Phone# they used for me to verify company 800-316-2052. They have someone there to answer.

Victim Location 01037
Type of a scam Other

Clicked on Facebook site for "Clydesdales" then got Pop-Up saying "Authentication Required" then shows: http://pizzonme... has placed malware . . ."Suspicious activity . . " Call Toll Free 1-877-223-4233"

Voice using questionable English states and repeats a stern "Warning about trying to solve problem by yourself . . . then says a Microsoft Technician will work you through the solution" And then repeats the warning: "Do nothing . . call this number".

Google search indicates this tel number (1-877-223-4233) is via a Russian source either within the United States of by a pass through from Russia.

NOTE: Still researching this attempt so no resolution details yet. Will provide new details as soon as our technical helpers have had time to finish clearing this scam. Image will be provided after that effort. Appears to be effort to hold computer hostage?

Victim Location 32507
Type of a scam Other

Said Microsoft could no longer provide certain services and was going to refund $199 but needed access to computer then went on bank account. Called back the next day claiming to be Tim Burk, an FBI agent with the, stating he did not want me to get in trouble for the money laundering scheme that was going on using my computer.

Victim Location 27301
Type of a scam Tech Support

I got a pop-up on my computer. They said they were with Microsoft and that my computer had been affected with a virus. They then took over my computer and said they would clean it up. That was in August now they want money. They said it would be 180 days before payment was due. Now they want money. They have called twice saying there going to take money out of my account.

Victim Location 66419
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a pop up that locked up my computer and called the number and they downloaded some stuff that gave remote access to my computer

Victim Location 89109
Type of a scam Tech Support

I got a phone message saying that the soft license key had expired, and my computer was going to stop working, and to call them back. I did a reverse phone look up which indicated a likely scam.

I called them back and a man identifying himself as a representative of Microsoft with a heavy accent asked me what he could do for me today.

I replied that they had called me. He went silent and I hung up.

I spoke to someone the other day, who unfortunately was scammed by this or a similar operation, and lost a few thousand dollars.

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