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Microsoft Reports & Reviews (630)

Victim Location 72034
Type of a scam Tech Support

Stated he was from Microsoft and was calling about my computer. Then asked if that was okay. I know about the "say Yes" scam and hung up.

Victim Location 30165
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Robotic phone call informed me that my Microsoft Windows liscense key had expired and Microsoft had canceled windows service on my computer. Call instructed me to call an 800 number

Victim Location 53207
Type of a scam Tech Support

Woman with heavy accent called and asked if I was the primary computer user in the house. I told her it was none of her business, don't call again and I hung up. Three more phone calls in the next 3 days. I told the fourth one this is a scam and don't call again. She said it was not a scam and she will keep calling until the problem is fixed.

Victim Location 85635
Type of a scam Other

says to call the 800 nr immediately as my microsoft windows contract has expired and my computer will be shut down if i do not call immediately-at lest 3 phone calls today starting ard 10 am.s

Victim Location 18466
Total money lost $599
Type of a scam Tech Support

On 12/17/2016Window popped up on my computer stating need to call above phone number before going further if not computer would crash and run entire system. So I called and person spoke with was very knowledgeable and believable asking permission to access remote access to find ,show and fix the issues. The transferred me to another for virus,spam,etc protection on my computer 2 or 5years or lifetime protection .I purchased lifetime are of $599.00. The when I had an issued and emailed them never received a reply.a month later I found out their was a scam going on with another 800 number same as mine luckily it used my charge card and reported it to them they are still investigating it also. I have not been credited the $599.00 at this time

Victim Location 19702
Type of a scam Tech Support

Guy called saying he was from Microsoft and I had malicious software on my computer. I am disabled and don't always think right. I allowed him access to my computer where they installed malicious software and I believe documents from my computer.

Scammer with poor English attempts to convince you that your computer has a virus even though it does not. He will then sell you a "fix" which is actually malware and will cause more harm.

Victim Location 87113
Type of a scam Tech Support

Apparently there is adware/malware on my computer that redirects websites to random websites. Some of these have been reputable but others have attempted to install viruses (but unable to due to my virus blocker). One of the sites opens a popup that makes noise and says that a virus has infected your computer and to call this number of 844-526-1405 to contact "Microsoft support" to remove it.

Victim Location 85020
Type of a scam Tech Support

Told me my Microsoft license was expiring and demanded immediate payment to renew. Called 6 times in one day until I blocked their number.

Victim Location 85308
Type of a scam Tech Support

Claiming to be Microsoft and that my computer is infected.

Victim Location 89509
Type of a scam Tech Support

Man with Indian (India) accent told me that there was a problem with my computer, and he wanted to help me. He asked me to go to my computer and turn it on. I told him that I was not interested and hung up.

Victim Location 95691
Type of a scam Tech Support

I receive phone calls from 770-355-0610 almost daily. When I answered the phone there was silence on the other end for a couple of seconds, then I heard it ring once before a woman with an accent came on the line and represented herself as working for Microsoft Technical Support. Being familiar with tech support scams, I played along. She told me that they had detected errors on my computer and tried to get me to log into my computer so that she could show me the errors she had detected. At this point I didn't feel like playing along anymore and hung up.

Victim Location 15209
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a phone call telling me caller is feom Microsoft and is aware of problems with my computer. They want remote access to my computer.

Victim Location 96069
Type of a scam Tech Support

The individual called me on my home phone claiming to be from Microsoft. He was asking me for personal information and trying to get me to go to a website. I asked him if he had a phone number that I could call him back on and he provided a different number than the one he was calling from.

Victim Location 92780
Type of a scam Tech Support

One of my clients received a fake FedEx email. Since she was waiting for a delivery, she clicked on it and it showed a message like "Your internet connection is blocked". Then she received a warning on her computer saying that Microsoft security system has detected that her computer is hacked and infected by a virus. In order to get help, call 844-893-1761 and a Microsoft Tech will help her. Unknowingly that it's a scam, she called that number and a person in an Indian accent picked up the phone and told her that he is from the Windows Security department and work for Microsoft in India. He told her that Microsoft normally charges $700 for such service, but they are giving a break due to the holidays and he would charge only $450 to her. He was browsing in her computer and did something that her all data files in a second changed their color from black to red. Fortunately, her husband took her car and she didn't have her credit card with her to pay him, but it badly infected her computer. Here are some of the links online that are showing some links to this scam. />

Victim Location 24017
Type of a scam Tech Support

got a popup on computer saying detected a virus.  Called the number on the popup and the guy had a foreign accent.  Said detected a virus and let him in the computer.  Now can't get into the computer.  Wanted $299 - $599 to fix, said had to call husband.

Victim Location 73010
Type of a scam Tech Support

A pop up on my laptop advised Microsoft detected major virus and to call 1 877 877-758-0163 claimed they could have a Microsoft tech 5 call to assist the call came from 1 0206092002 and stated they could fix & protect my computer for a fee $556 one year or $776 for two years & he would take my check or card now I refused told him to call me back which that number did call but I declined . I called Microsoft and was advised they do not request any form of payment via phone.

Victim Location 63125
Type of a scam Tech Support

Ransom ware

Victim Location 65101
Total money lost $719.99
Type of a scam Tech Support

One day sitting at my computer I heard warning bells going off. A pop up came up and said I had a serious virus and to call Microsoft at the number listed above. I was scared, so I called. Long story short they talked me into paying for five years of tech support, payment was through a check - when I gave them my router # and a check #. They encouraged me to contact them once a month so they could scan my computer for anything further. I called back about six weeks later and they said I had a driver problem. I was leery but paid them to solve the problem. A month later I called so they could determine if I had any computer issues and they said my computer had visited some "porn" sites and wanted me to pay to get extra anti-virus protection. This time I would not buy. I knew that had not happened. By this time I contacted a friend who had done some computer work for me and he said I had been scammed. There was no damage to my computer and my computer tech guy said there was nothing unusual in his scan of my computer, thank goodness.

I am so embarrassed by this. I thought I was computer savvy, but I fell for this one hook like and sinker. The alarms is what convinced me I had a problem.

Are there any other reported scams like this going around?

Any advice for me?

Victim Location 43612
Type of a scam Tech Support

call from 1.984.856.3220 (I googled it, Pakistan/India)

Man with foreign accent said he was from Microsoft tech support and they were getting a “Windows crash notification” from my computer – Asked for my PC ID#. And was willing to “walk me through it” …take me thru the steps to fix it.

Victim Location 57103
Type of a scam Tech Support

Convinced consumer they were microsoft techs Robin-ext ID 7273 and employee ID 909, then transfer to Loyd ext 004 then transfer took info off CC Discover $99.99. tried to get $149. Got info. Called CC company to cancel card.

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