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Microsoft Reports & Reviews (630)

Victim Location 15143
Total money lost $149
Type of a scam Tech Support

I contacted this company believing they are affiliated with Microsoft. They charged me 149 to fix my computer. Not only was my computer not fixed but there was a suspicious charge on my bank account.

Microsoft Online Support

Victim Location 38119
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a pop up saying to call number or all my information will be leaked from my computer .

Victim Location 78016
Type of a scam Tech Support

A company identifying itself as Microsoft shut my computer down. Pop up said call 8886012707 and do no shut off

my computer. Said I have virus in my computer. If they didn't shut me down until it was fixed their computers would

crash. I called the number and they tried to sell me a warranty and they would take the spyware off, for 139.00.

I refused to give them any money. At which time they left me with a blocked system, where I could not use my computer. I installed AVG on my computer, and it came unblocked. AVG a anti virus program. I recognize these scamers, because they have done this before to me, its like they have control over my computer.

Victim Location 63111
Total money lost $99.99
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a popup on my pc that said Cannot verify authenticity of domain. Afterwards I received a pop up that said Malicious error on Windows 10 Microsoft Edge. It offered a tech support number to get assistance. I spoke with an Eric Williams with an accent who said he was a certified technician who worked with a company that was contracted by Microsoft and he got into my computer without a password and downloaded anti malware software. I have my contact info and credit card numbers for the service and it took about 1 1/2 hrs to complete. Afterward I noticed the anti malware software was uninstalled so I called the 800 # given looking to receive status on the job and couldn't get through to anyone. I contacted my credit card company and my bank to see if any charges went though. I had entered my info through a service called for Eric Williams and there was a charge on my card for Time for Shopping for $99.99.

Victim Location 29687
Type of a scam Phishing

Calling from Microsoft tell me that there is a virus in my computer. They wanted the numbers for the computer so they could get in the computer.

Victim Location 52349
Type of a scam Tech Support

Indian English speaking males call telling me that they are calling from Microsoft because there is something wrong with my computer. We have received these calls many times, and quickly hang up on them. Has been going on for a long time.

Victim Location 92835
Type of a scam Tech Support

Some guy puts a huge screen on my computer that is flashing "VIRUS" and "B 295 7E" it states that I have a virus and to call this number. It says if I try to remove the page it will delete all my files. So I called the number and this guy answered, "How may I help you"? He then tries to get into my computer and tells me to type in this little box: 0x8024402c/HH_W. He gets angry when I tell him I'm not typing it in and tells me I have to pay $69 to get rid of the virus that they put on my computer. This same person has called me several times saying he is Jason from Microsoft and I have a virus, he then tries to get me to type in some code to fix it or I have to pay to get the virus removed. While I was on the phone with him, my friend calls the number he is calling from. He then hangs up on me to answer his call and tries to scam him.

He is very convincing and I'm sure he gets many people to believe him. There must be some way to track him from some of these phone numbers?

I have gone into Microsoft's site and found that many other people had this same experience.

Victim Location 48328
Type of a scam Tech Support

They will call it saying they are from Microsoft, explaining that they were receiving a notification that your computer has been hacked into. They will tell you that you will need to get on on (regardless is you're on already or not) and tell you steps to follow. They don't care about your age or gender, and whether you have parental permission or not. If you tell them that you don't have permission to, they will try to convince you that it's okay. They will get you to open the DOS program and have you type a few things, like "assoc" to get a list of data. What they already know is what they ask you to look up, the security ID for your internet connection which is near the bottom saying, "ZFormanttoTarget=CLISD" and then your ID number. Not only that, but they know where your address is too.

I got to one step farther before questioning things and then they started to insult me.

This is a group of at least 3 people, both male and female.

Victim Location 20148
Type of a scam Tech Support

Said my computer hardware would be wiped clean if didn't call this number 877-387-3805.

Once we hung up on them they kept calling back from phone number 855-422-2935.

said they were from microsoft..... proceeded to tell us how to save the computer then routed us to (we didn't try it).

Victim Location 29628
Type of a scam Tech Support

Got into my computer. They locked it down. Called Microsoft stated it ws a scam. I had to pay Microsoft $300 to fix my computer. A week later the same company locked my computer. Microsoft fix computer again. Company called yesterday and stated that because of the BBB they will refund money. Now today they stated that I have to buy $100.00 I tune card and send to him. Stated he would call me back after I have purchased the card. Called from number 206.259-6881. The company is getting ready to close down because the BBB is making him refund the money.

Victim Location 80916
Type of a scam Tech Support

somebody called fro Microsoft and said that my license key has expired and wanted me to get on my computer so they could help me to update it .

I did not get on my computer so I just told them that I would call back but instead I called bbb.

Victim Location 29307
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a call from "Microsoft" stating your computer has been hacked. Has called three times today. Could not understand, Indian. Caller stated he needs me to cut my computer on so he could get into my computer.

Victim Location 82007
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Female caller @ 12:14pm on 9/23/16 said my Windows License was expired, that my computer would be locked down, and I needed to call 855-532-1444.

Victim Location 34744
Total money lost $600
Type of a scam Tech Support

People from both these numbers (800-311-5968 & 866-331-6047) claim to be Microsoft. I have confirmed with the real Microsoft corporation that this is not the case. These people called my elderly parents, claiming that our computer had a virus. My parents were instructed to get on the computer and open a dialog box so that tech support could access their computer and fix the problem. The "tech support" also took billing account information from my father and said that they would charge him $600 for their services. Since then they never stop calling! They're always trying to phish for more account info as well as any other personal info. Today a man who claims to be from this business called us from a private number. He said his name was Malik. Instead of sticking with the Microsoft Tech disguise he said that he was from Chase Bank and that we owed him $5000. He said that if we did not give him the money owed by today he would send an agent to take away the family car as well as the house. I called the 866-331-6047 number that Malik had left me and I asked to speak to the center's manager. The "supervisor" David Williams called me back and apologized. He said that no man named Malik worked there but that he started a police in1vestigation to track this imposter down. A few minutes after I hung up with "David Williams" I receive another phone call. This time from the number (425) 440-9501. A man who sounds EXACTLY like "David Williams" tells me that he is a police officer with the Seattle Police Department. He asks me to record any future phone calls from Malik and he asked about my father's banking information. I refused to share any banking info. I also told him that I would not record any phone conversations as I believe that to be illegal. BBB, can you please help? These people are clearly scammers! The fact that they are now posing as law enforcement really disturbs me. I have checked online and both the 866 number and 800 number have multiple complaints against them. What can we do? Thanks.

Victim Location 55037
Type of a scam Tech Support

Error message pop up came on claiming to be Microsoft. Call such number and they will fix. Called number and they gained control of my computer. Finally after walking through what was wrong with my computer. They wanted credit card info to fix my computer. I did not give info. They then turned on my camera and I shut computer off because that's when I realized I had been lied to. Scarey!!! Did they gain access to all my info on computer???

Victim Location 92544
Type of a scam Tech Support

Every morning between 8am and 9am I get calls from "Microsoft" telling me that they have received info from my computer telling them that my computer has a virus and I am to go to my computer immediately, turn it on and follow their instructions. I never do because, come on, how stupid do they think I am? I ask them to remove me from their calling list and yet every morning they still call, always from a different phone number. They did it again today and when I answered, the guy says "Oh [censored]quot; and hangs up. I never stay on the phone long enough to see where the scam goes but I get so many of these calls that I am about to change my number again.

Victim Location 78613
Type of a scam Tech Support

Second time they have call telling me my personal computer was send out some kind of signal and not responding to them, whoever them is?

Hung up before they were able to finish pitch

Victim Location 97302
Type of a scam Phishing

My father was looking at a sports page and a pop up about the well being of my Microsoft system was at risk. It gave the phone number listed above. I called the number to see if it was legitimate. I have made several calls to Microsoft in the past. The number listed in the pop-up did not look familiar, nor did the answering system match with the normal Microsoft call system. A foreign male answered the phone and I proceeded to ask him about the pop-up I received. I told him the the number given in his phishing attempt is nowhere near the number Microsoft uses and I told him he would be reported. There sis currently nothing wrong with my Microsoft software.

Victim Location 68005
Type of a scam Tech Support

Caller informed me that my licensing agreement with MICROSOFT had expired and to call 1-855-4042-8444 to insure no service interruption, I called MICROSOFT and they informed they do not call for licensing expiration but always send emails.

Victim Location 17728
Type of a scam Tech Support

Recorded voice message states to call 866-616-9291 as Microsoft has noticed that your computer is sending out a bunch of spam mail. I called Microsoft customer service at 8664932825 and they do not do this and no such number for them

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