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Victim Location 06611
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a restricted phone call where the caller said hello multiple times before asking if I could her. I can't recall what I said but she then laughed and said 'I must be having an issue with my headset- you have won...' and I hung up.

Victim Location 37122
Type of a scam Phishing



Victim Location 48335
Type of a scam Phishing

I received 4 calls that I am concerned are phishing. The numbers are, 575 762 0968, 423 405 1356, 860 900 0232, and 800 323 2323. I am concerned about any potential fraudulent use as the result of answering the phone.

Victim Location 93401
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

As I recall, female caller started by confirming who I am, then started talking about a vacation, (I believe) then the question, "can you hear me?". I believe, unfortunately, that I gave some form of affirmative response, then realized it was an automated call and discontinued the call.

No follow up from caller yet. 8 days have passed.,

Victim Location 91204
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

They are trying to do the "Yes" scam.

"oh oh my headset wasn't working right, can you hear me now...."

Victim Location 44035
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Caller said can you hear me Ok, I am having trouble with my headset. I said yes, then realized it was a recording and they proceeded to push a cruise and trip to Orlando. I hung up. Am not sure if my answering yes had any consequences. Not sure if any money will be lost, but I never gave any other personal information once I realized it was a recording.

Victim Location 52722
Type of a scam Phishing

I answered the phone with "hello this is xxxxxxx". Caller asked if they were speaking with "used my full name". I said "this is she". Caller then asked if I remembered signing up for a raffle at a store like at a mall or a grocery store. I said "no". Caller hung up immediately.

Victim Location 28031
Type of a scam Phishing

Began call with intro and then asked "can you hear me?". Unfortunately, responded with "yes", but then hung up.

Victim Location 46220
Type of a scam Phishing

Recorded voice stated "this is the warranty department, can you hear me okay?" To which I replied "no" and hung up. After a bit of research, I assume it was an attempt to record my permission to sign up for a fraudulent service.

Victim Location 98338
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Relieved call, asI answered the robo on the other end stated sorry having trouble with my head set can you hear me. I said yes then she it started describing that I had stayed at one of their properties na==and have won a dream vacation, I listened until they wanted to transfer me to one of their travel agents at which point I said no I don't want to be transferred.

Victim Location 29101
Type of a scam Phishing

Got a phone call saying hi I'm mark I seen you on one of our jobs. Then he said can you hear me and hung up. I did say yes I can before he hung up.

Victim Location 57702
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I received a call this afternoon that fit the profile of the "can you hear me" scam. The number came from a Sioux Falls, SD line and when I answered it did sound like a live person. They then asked if I could hear then. I'm not entirely sure of what my response was but they responded with "sorry I was having troubles with my headset". Then the women proceeded to say something about contacting me because I had stayed at one of their resorts in the past. That's when I ended the call.

Victim Location 90502
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Can you hear me now. Vacation getaway.

Victim Location 98338
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Received a call from a robo caller who intitally said sorry I'm having trouble with my head set can you hear me. I listened tell the end when she/it wanted to transfer me to a travel agent at that time I hung up.

Victim Location 48227
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Received phone on 1/27/2016 from phone number 248.294.0920. Which I believe to be the "can you hear me scam". unfortunately I did respond prior to having the information about the scam. This person asked about my inquiring about social security benefits.

Victim Location 33073
Type of a scam Phishing

Number called and immediately hung up. When return call to inquire if I was needed stated "The survey has been completed." My phone then appears as if I called the number twice. I had to hang up a call on hold and an active call on my cell phone.

Victim Location 98258
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Twice received a call saying 'hello... Can you hear me?....okay good I was having trouble with my headset! Thanks for taking my call! you once stayed at one of our resorts and we had a special offer for you...' at this point I tried interrupting the caller which turned out to be a recording and I hung up. Similar to a 'Yes' scam reported by a local news channel. I did travel with Expedia recently but saw the news story and thought it better to err on the side of caution.

Victim Location 94130
Type of a scam Identity Theft

"Your compter has alerted us that it has been infected with a Suspicious Activity. The following information is being stolen...

Please call us immediately at +1-(844)-310-3403

>Facebook Login

>Credit Card Details

Victim Location 08003
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Postcard stating Notice of Reward and providing phone number to contact to receive an unclaimed award of $100 purportedly good at Target, Walmart and many more. I searched the internet and found a similar type scam a few years back in Minnesota and other places.

Victim Location 66616
Type of a scam Phishing

Over the past month I have received almost a dozen phone calls from an unidentified company. When I answer the phone, I get a recording - different voice every time - telling me that my car warranty is about to expire, they say they've sent me letters about it (none received), and the company is giving me "one last chance" to extend my warranty. I have no warranty on my car and never have. I've blocked each phone number, but that's ineffectual as the calls come from different numbers and from different parts of the country.

Here is the list of numbers I've blocked, in case it helps, and where the caller ID says they're coming from (tho' that may be fraudulent as well):

703-733-8600 (VA, USA)

202-514-2000 (DC, USA)

212-675-1003 (NY, USA)

207-512-4434 (Augusta, ME)

316-712-0783 (Wichita, KS)

516-274-1751 (NY, USA)

856-574-1146 (NJ, USA)

530-600-5010 (CA, USA)

863-589-9269 (Lake Wales, FL)

606-385-1014 (KY, USA)

703-733-8600 (VA, USA)

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