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Victim Location 35756
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Unknown person called claiming that this was the final notice and the IRS had a warrant for my arrest. I was directed to call (323) 434-2156 immediately. We did not answer the call, this information was left on the voicemail.

We have no intentions of returning the call.

The message didn't identify us by name, just the IRS had a warrant (which I know is false) and this was the final notice.

Victim Location 90013
Type of a scam Other

Said Owners of Facebook gave users 99 shares and I was on list to receive 100,000.00 by courier/ups I am give them 1000.00 in s&h fee

Victim Location 38134
Type of a scam Phishing

Phone call stated that it was federal agent trying to contact about a "No show to federal court" and needed to call back to pay fine

Victim Location 80247
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I continue to receive phone calls from individuals claiming to be with 'Card Services'. Each time the calls come from a different phone number in a completely different area (Houston TX, Palo Alto CA, Seattle WA, etc...). When I answer an automated record plays, saying that I qualify for 'lower interest rates on my credit card, dial 1 now to speak with an agent'. I dial 1, the person who answers sounds Indian or Middle Eastern and always has poor English. On Monday of this week I received a call from 6507998221 also claiming to be with card services. I told the person that I spoke with that I want them to take me off their call list and that I was going to report them to the and FTC if they called me again. The person I spoke with assured me that he had taken me of their list and that I wouldn't be receiving any more calls. I asked for his name several times but his English was so poor I couldn't even understand him.

This morning I received another call from 'Card Services', this time from 2819323936. Once again, I dialed 1 to speak with an agent. The person who answered had even worse English than the last person, I literally couldn't understand anything he said. I stated that I had asked to be taken of their list and that I was going to report them to the and FTC, at which point the person on the other end began speaking in a foreign language, before asking me 'not to squeeze him' and hanging up. I am SO sick and tired of getting these fraudulent calls multiple times a week!

Victim Location 70460
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Tape recording of a IRS debt, return call to (410)600-5561. I called the number, not immediately, and it just rang multiple times, no pick up from an answering machine or live person.

Victim Location 66441
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Received call, put on hold told me I owe money on credit card, but said nothing about who company is. I told them I had no credit cards at all, he said something, a lot of loud noise in background and hung up. I've had fraud on my debit card before, so worried something is up, but nothing additional to report at this time.

Victim Location 99201
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Received a call this morning saying that I am the winner of 2 million dollars and a car.

The girl said she is calling from the Publishers clearing house.

The call came from Jamaica, 1-876-527-3610

T will not hold my breath waiting for the clearing house to come to my door with the money,

Just thought you would like to know. Thankyou....

Victim Location 35811
Total money lost $4,000
Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

This past Monday morning, August 15, 2016, someone with a "private number" telephoned my parents, who are 83 and 76 years old and live in zip code 35811, and pretended to be a grandson. Shortly into the casual conversation, there was a staged arrest. Someone calling himself Captain John Rockford was apparently very intimidating, and he insisted my parents go to Best Buy (University Parkway) and purchase $4,000 worth of iTunes gift cards, in $500 increments to keep the grandson out of jail or something to that effect.

My parents went to Best Buy, purchased the cards on their Discover credit card, went home and called "Capt. Rockford" back at 866-536-2913 and read the iTunes card numbers to him. It wasn't until later in the day that they realized the grandson had not been arrested and that they had been scammed.

My wife and I began immediately on Monday afternoon (same day) calling Best Buy, Discover, Apple, and Mediacom to try to stop the transactions at some point in the process. The local Best Buy takes no responsibility for selling an 83-year-old $4,000 in iTunes cards (I'm sure they were glad to get the sales boost for the day), although we have filed a fraud report with their corporate Best Buy office. So far, Discover has refused to stop payment or take any responsibility, although I thought most credit card companies had algorithms to flag unusual purchases of large amounts. (We don't use Discover, but we've had American Express as well as our credit union call us about attempted fraudulent transactions.) Apple tried to be helpful, but after our spending 1.5 hours on the phone with them they said the eight $500 iTunes cards had already been spent and there was nothing else they could do. Mediacom says they have no way of identifying the phone number the initial call originated from.

Sometime today, my parents are supposed to have a law enforcement person from Madison County come to their house to get a police report filed. Apple or Best Buy one also suggested filing a report with the FBI, but we aren't sure about how to do that. Perhaps the police officer can make that determination.

In doing our research following this incident, we found that my parents are not alone in being victims of this scam. Here is a similar report out of a TV station in Charlotte, NC:

Victim Location 44253
Type of a scam Tax Collection

received two calls on cell phone 8/17/16 requesting me to call immediately as there was something on my tax documents showing I was trying to fraud the government.

Victim Location 87901
Type of a scam Tax Collection

same recorded message as I received a week ago from a different number, claiming the IRS was taking action against whoever happened to answer the phone.

Victim Location 37129
Type of a scam Employment


Subject: [ Welcome to MS-A selection's ]

Date: August 14, 2016 at 12:41:22 PM CDT

To: [email protected]



Dear candidate,

We have a job in your area and we would like you to participate

and complete the assignment.

Job Description :

1. You will receive funds for the task.

2. You will receive instructions for the task you via email in

the location and details of the task.

3. You must complete the task as quickly as possible and quietly.

Once you sign up you will access to training materials and


The assignment will give you $300 per job of 2 assignment a week.

Provide the following information below if you interested:

1. First Name:

2. Last Name:

3. Email:

4. Street:

5. Citys-States-Countrys:

6. ZIP Code:

7. Phone:

8. Gender:

Thank you for participation. Your response would be greatly


Best Regards,

Kenny Miller

Official Recruitment

Victim Location 44112
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I've been contacted many time with different telephone numbers saying the same thing that I won $1,500, 000 plus a car. The last caller wanted $9 on every dollar but would call back with more details for processing the fee for the winnings.

Victim Location 77373
Type of a scam Tax Collection

person identifing herself with the irs threatening lawsuit against me and wanting me to call 12137056806

Victim Location 50325
Type of a scam Online Purchase

have received a seemingly legit email from the following address as follows. also i remember long ago there was a bbb email you could forward these things to. what is that email? thanks

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------... />
Billing access Add to contacts


[email protected]

Suspicious Transaction.

Your account just make suspicious transaction, We've temporary limited your account due to this suspicious activity until the issue is resolved.

If You didn't authorize this transaction, please dispute transaction soon.

I Didn't Authorize This Purchase (this was a link to here - )

Here is transaction detail :

To : Ralf Lenferding

To email : [email protected]

Transaction date : Aug 02, 2016

Transaction ammount : $84.7 USD

Transaction ID : 1BR2DC175442PS5426323S

Note : Ship to Ahlener Str. 82, 59073 Hamm, Deutschland

Phone : 023819979376

Please login to your account and provide the requested information to dispute this transaction before Aug 05, 2016.

If we don't receive the requested information soon, We can't refund your money and your account may be closed without any notification.




email end

Victim Location 87901
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

robocall about time shares. did not give name of company.

Victim Location 79107
Type of a scam Other

Mechanical maybe computer generated voice, called and left a voice mail that I was being sued and to call 510-455-4353.

Victim Location 39531
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Att came up on caller id. He said because of our good credit, we would get $10,200 free and clear. No taxes, etc. then he wanted personal information. He stated that once I gave him the information, he would transfer me to the finance department, who would then cut my check. When I asked for a legitimate number that I could call a verify, he said, I first had to give my info.

Victim Location 90036
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I was called several times and left a message that I was being sought by the IRS. I called the number back and a man with an Asian Indian accent answered the phone, "Internal Revenue Service".

Victim Location 50265
Type of a scam Debt Collections

This phone number some how has my contact information and they keep sending my texts (and I think phone calls from an "unknown" phone number about how my loans qualify for forgiveness through the department of education. As someone who works for a federal student loan servicer, this type of offer is a scam. There is no immediate forgiveness options through the department of education, but there are programs available where federal student loan borrowers can apply and work towards forgiveness. All of these options are free through the department of education but this company is presenting itself as one where they can "get you this great deal" if I make payments to them for a few months. In my work experience these companies have borrowers pay hundreds of dollars to have the company fill out paperwork for them. I have refused to contact this company back out of fear of them continuing to contact me or gaining more of my personal information.

Copy of text messages I have received -

from text number 417-82:

"Your student loans qualify for forgiveness through the Department of Education. For more information immediately call 1-888-588-7534"

Victim Location 55436
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I keep receiving phone calls saying tat there is a law suite against me from the IRS. Call 314-225-1604.

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