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Random SMS message recieved asking how I am doing and if I'm there?


I keep getting scam mail requesting to renew my internet security with McAfee for an amount over $300. Each time it’s from a different e-mail address. I contacted McAfee from my initials dealing with them and they say it’s not them. I only clicked on the website the first time I received it and had to cancel my credit card charge. I have received more than 10 such e-mails which I did not click on. How do I stop these e-mails and who do I report them to? Below is the e-mail address of one of the e-mails.



10/22/2022 6:45 PM

To [email protected]



Phone call asking If I can hear them. Then the caller hangs up.

I have been receiving a series of calls from an unknown number on my cell phone for days. The calls come every 15-30 minutes over a period of about 3 hours. A voice mail is left usually with no message, but I have received some messages that say “ a purchase has been made on my account. Press 1 to approve press 2 to deny.” Last night I received 13 calls like this from about 6:30 to 9:00 pm. The message on two of the calls read “ Costa Rica if you haven’t placed this order kindly press one to speak to our representative immediately.” There is never a phone number shown, or the name of a business. This has been going on just about every day for a couple of weeks. I never answer or respond. I know that I have no purchases waiting to be approved. Therefore I think this is a scam to try to get me to answer to give information or press a number that will give them access to an account of mine. How can I stop these calls?

Sent me check info, didn't deposit check and is constantly hounding me now. Uninstalled whatsapp and blocked numbers. Numbers still keep popping up

I got an anonymous group text telling me I was eligible for $150,000.00. I was told they would send me the money if I paid $300.00 for activation and delivery fee. I was told they would send the money through Zelle, Bitcoin or a credit voucher through Fedex. I gave them my name, phone number, my age, occupation, my phone service and how I would like the money sent to me.

I was selling items on Facebook Market Place, a person contacted me about purchasing one of my items. I had the item marked as buyer pickup option. Seemed very interested. Asked for my home address so she can come and pick up the item now. My phone number in case she gets lost. For me to verify a Google Code. I sent her a screenshot of that code, I know that was dumb. Then she could not verify the code, and because of not being able to verify, no longer interested in the item. This it finally what popped in my brain to do a scam search and found out that scammers do this to open accounts in your name.

I am the owner of a bar/restaurant. In the last 2 months I've received 2 scam emails regarding potential caterings. I have dealt we these in the past as well & am fortunate to have not fallen victim to them. The most recent one came from [email protected] using the name "mike pitch". This is the email that was sent " Hello, I hope everything is good for you. I'm a volunteer for a little health organization. I'd want to know whether I may order lunch for pick-up on Saturday next week at 2:00 PM. The request is in support of those health volunteers battling the terrifying COVID19 outbreak. I would appreciate receiving a copy of your takeaway menu so I may place an order. After payment on the specified day, we have scheduled a driver to pick up the order.

Thank you in advance of a positive response. Effectively, best wishes!" In July I received a similar email from a "Hank C. Jethro" at [email protected]. This was that email "Trust you are well. I work for a small health volunteer group and the order is to cater to some health volunteer workers fighting against COVID19. Kindly send me a copy of your takeout menu so I can place an order. We have made arrangements for a driver to pick up the order after payment on the stated date. Thanks in anticipation of a positive response." These are both obvious scams that involve fraudulent credit cards, cancellation of the catering ordered & demanding a refund from the restaurant. There is also some aspect of the scam that involves the "delivery service" that will pick up the fraudulent order.

Voicemails as follows:

"Hello this is an important message from the financial hardship on transfer. We have been trying to reach you regarding a $36,000 loan that can be approved today. This."

"Hello this is your favorite photos that you requested(?) now. If you need to reschedule press two. If you would like to be removed from our list press nine. Press one if you need to reschedule press two. If you would like to be removed from our list press nine."

"Hello please listen to this important message. Hey it's Monday August 8. This is an attempt to reach you from the Student Loan forgiveness Center. The forbearance(?).b"

I received the following text: "106th Infantry Division Association shirt $10 OFF ready to order now"

Message in an Asian language and I was unable to understand.

"Extended press eight to speak to a customer service agent and go over options. Press the number nine if yo are declining coverage for wish not to be reminded again...

text message telling me to send message back to them saying -ok.

Received an unsolicited call from a person with an accent offering a free roof inspection when he is in the area tomorrow. The person used my maiden name. I told him he had the wrong information and disconnected the call.

I’ve seen many people say the same but wanted to share my experience. “ location services “ called me in regards to my boyfriend. Stating I needed to call a certain number. - (The reason I am bothered is because they were trying to threaten that they were instructed to speak with his job and speak with his supervisor for his location.) - proceed to speak as if something serious was against me which their shouldn’t be. so i called I usually do not but I was left a voicemail that seemed serious in tone and detailed. the case number pulled him Up but they wanted to speak with him and didn’t say what it was in regards to. My mom believes it was a scam immediately. Made me feel uneasy knowing something could potentially be affecting my life I’d ignore. I blocked their number after reading these stories they’re identical. I feel better below is what I was told in voicemail.

“ “_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_ this is Brittany Jones contacting you in regards to your claiming _?_?_?_ _?_?_ _?_?_?_ county followed you I can make you a _?_?_?_?_ _?_?_ was file number is 676821 _?_?_?_ _?_ the county it has _?_?_?_?_?_ a matter of public record and there is an order for your location to talk it _?_?_?_ reach you by phone today Mr. I have an _?_?_?_?_?_?_ _?_ contact your employer and speak to your supervisor because it looks _?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_ to your life in place of location Mr. ?_?_ legal right to contact our office that is processing your claim however you want to speak with them before your claim is filed _?_?_?_?_?_ _?_?_?_?_ _?_ _?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_ _?_ the office all of your legal rights will be forfeit in the _?_?_?_?_ are _?_?_?_?_?_?_?_ _?_?_?_ office 855-322-9442 associates _?_?_?_ that you're going _?_ need to speak with the legal department did you're basically notified by telephone and you will be locating less I'll give _?_?_ further instructions…”

I believe is a scam.

Got a text message from the 901 number telling me a 1000 dollar charge has been made to my account for an iPhone 13 and to contact the 877 number if I wish to cancel. I didn’t contact the number because I’m afraid once I do they will get my information. I have not ordered anything and paused my bank accounts.

Three different numbers called my cell phone. One number called me twice. When I called two of the numbers, I was greeted with the same robo-call phone tree telling me that I was "eligible for student loan forgiveness" and to "press 1 to stop receiving notifications" or "press 2 to continue." I pressed 1 on the first number and hung up. I pressed 2 on the second number and talked to an individual who told me I was eligible to receive student loan forgiveness. He then asked me if I had student loans over $10,000 (which I said yes to) and if I had a source of income (which I said yes to). I then asked him why he was calling me and was told "we are acting in the service of your lender to determine your eligibility for student loan forgiveness." I then asked him where he was calling me from and who he worked for and he hung up on me. The whole thing seemed incredibly suspicious and I refused to give him any personal information. I never even gave him my name. I am well aware that student loan lenders do not use local telephone numbers (at least I would hope) and representatives do not refuse to say where they work.

Got this text: Did ya lyke tht party trick last night;)? I learned tht a couple weeks ago;) My feet r extremely exhausted after that, care 2 give a massage?

Replied, got a nude photo back asking if I was still interested, thank god I searched the net for her photo and learned it was a scam.


This man called me asking me about my roof and letting me know about a free roof inspection. Since I needed a new roof, I listened and decided this could be the first quote I got. The man asked me a series of questions. The only information he got from me was my address and email. We set up an appointment for 9am the next morning for him to come and do the inspection. At the end he asked if I would be willing to “keep an open mind” about allow in the roof inspector to work with me about insurance coverage. I relectantly said ok and thought maybe this was a question asked by all roofing companies. The next day 9:00am came and he did now show. About 15 minutes passed and I called (no answer, no company name- just a generic basic voicemail). I also texted the number. I never received any response. Now that I am reflecting on this, I think this was a scammer that wanted my email and address. When I googled the phone number there were only 3 records and none were a roofing business. Beware of calls from this phone number asking to give a roofing inspection.

Received a phone call that my electric was going to be shut off due to an unpaid balance in 45 min. Wasn't the electric company I used call came from Washington DC. I did not give any information and hung up after hearing the brief message.

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