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I was emailed from a Klarika Sankale from the email address [email protected], stating that I may qualify for a government forgiveness on a student loan and to contact her to apply. Now I know that the Department of Education does not send out open emails, but they send out letters through the mail. You can request emails but all they will do is notify you that there is a message and then you have to go online and go into your account with them in order to get the message. Then this morning I received a voicemail from a Danielle stating the same things and to contact her ASAP because my student loan forgiveness was about to expire. Well I haven't been a student for many many years, but I decided to call out of curiosity. I asked the man who answered the phone if I could speak with Danielle. He very unprofessionally said, "Uhhh, she's on the phone, but can I help you?" I said sure and he proceeded to ask me a lot of questions. I told him that I just wanted to hear what service it was that they were providing, and that my student loan was long since taken care of. The next thing I knew I was hung up on! I tried to call back but it just went to a voice message that was requesting a number of bits of information. I hung up.

Received a call saying I will be charged $349 for Best Buy computer warranty. Spoke to a ‘representative’ from unknown company, he would not disclose what company he represented but insisted I get in front of a computer to cancel the ‘pending charge.’ After he realized I would not go along with this, he abruptly hung up. Folks, beware of this scam. Sounds legitimate for a second but easy to determine that they only wanted PII from me and access to my computer remotely. Complete scam!

They have called at lest 6 time to the HEART Program(a non-profit) wanting us to call them to clear up an issue with our "VISA" card, which we don't have.

Saying I have a arrest warrant against me and I agreed to pay back and never did.

Caller claimed to be taking donations for Veterans & Fallen Fire Fighters

- Radcliff, KY, USA

A message left on my answering machine was: "the second you hear this message, you need to leave your work aside so we can discuss your case and take the necessary action. Please stand by for the next federal agent, if we do not hear from you, we will be forced to take legal action against you. Press 1 for the concerned department."

I don't know what this is about, nor do I have any legal cases pending against me. The message did not state my name, so suspect this is a general message sent out to potential victims who may fall for this scam.

I just got this too, have you heard anything more?

- San Jose, CA, USA

This scammer impersonated my boss and even said things that by boss says, He told me that he was in a meeting and needed me to get him some $200 Google Play gift cards for all 5 participants in the meeting and he would reimburse me as soon as he was out of the meeting. I asked if I should drive to the office and deliver them, but he said that wasn’t necessary because all he needed was the codes and to just take pictures and email it to him. So I didn’t think nothing of it and went to buy the cards and sent him the redemption codes, but then the scammer got greedy and blew his cover by telling me that he also needed to add a $200 eBay gift cards for all 5 of them as well. This was unlike my boss, as he would have been up front with me from the beginning about the eBay cards when he asked me for the Google Play gift cards. At this point it was time to call a coworker to find out if he knew anything about this meeting - on a Saturday. My boss is a workaholic and has been known to work 7 days a week straight. But of unfortunately there was no meeting. I called my boss and verified. One thing I forgot to do once it was time to send the codes, was to start a new email and select my boss’s email address from my contacts instead of just replying to the scammer, which if I had just clicked around on my boss’s name (since the email address is always replaced by their actual name) I would’ve noticed that it wasn’t his email address. It was [email protected] instead. All email apps should list the senders address like Microsoft Outlook does. But from now on when I’m using mobile apps like the default mail app on iPhone, I will just always have to click on the name of the person which will open up a hidden fly out carat > and if you click on that it will show the real email address. Very simple and quick, and just gives you the extra insurance that you are communicating with who you think you are. This won’t work if your boss’s email is being driven my someone else, but it could stop you from falling into their trap before you send them any money. In this case, it was just my boss’s address book that had been hacked and the scammer had all the emails for each employee and their full names and positions in the company. They will always impersonate the boss. At least I didn’t fall for the trap twice, I caught on to him before I sent anything else. So there went $1,000 down the drain. But it is a lesson to be learned, and I just hope that no one else will lets this happen to them. And if this article keeps even one person from getting scammed like this, I will be happy. Please just check your email addresses of who you’re communicating with before ever sending any money.

- Boise, ID, USA

It was an automated phone call saying "my power would be cut off if I didn't pay my bill." The recording gave a number menu, then I hung up. When I tried to call the phone number, as the number showed on my caller ID, a recording said "private number." I checked my power bill online and I'm current with my payments.

- Green Bay, WI, USA

This is the message that was left on my voicemail. I did not contact them

“The very second you receive this message you need to leave your work aside so that we can discuss about your case and take necessary action on this matter in order to connect federal agent press one and you will be connected to the concern department if we don't hear from you then we will be forced to take legal action against you press one and you will be connected to the concert in department…”

- Plano, TX, USA

The poster only wanted contact via phone. They said they had multiple female puppies available but only sent pictures of one (with very specific markings). When asked about the other female in the original post, they said they'd received a deposit for her hours before. The price was very low and they wanted a $250 deposit via Zelle or Apple Pay only. When I asked for a "proof of life" type of picture the puppy and their FB page showing their name and the puppies, I was told that they didn't have FB and were at work (at 9:00p.m.) but they would send it later. I never received anything further. I did a Google lens search of the photo they sent and the exact puppy/picture appears on numerous, unrelated websites.

Your stimulus was sent out on July 15, 2021. Track it here

I have received many calls from this individual and Mr. Daniels went so far as calling my daughter.

“Message this is Mr. Daniels with _?_?_?_ our company has received time sensitive information connected to your Social Security number and financial institution it is imperative that we hear from you immediately to notify you of the allegations being made against you and assist you in resolving this matter until we hear from you our hands are tied so it is important that you give us a phone call in order for us to work together to resolve this or the paperwork will be forwarded out to your county for further processing to speak with your rep please press one now or call us at 844-385-6929 again that phone number is 844-385-6929 thank you and best of luck…”

- Utica, MI, USA

This phone number contacted me via text message providing my home address and the wrong contact information of the home owner, (in which has never inquired about selling the home) texting about a cash offer… I cannot call back as it says the number doesn’t exist. By text message I was able to respond, she said her name was Jen but will not identify what business she is employed with or affiliated with.

I received this obvious fraud email today:

Your account is on hold

Please Update Your Payment Details

Hi Customer,

We're having some trouble with your current billing information. We'll try again, but in the meantime You may want to update your payment details.



Questions? Call 1-844-505-2993

100 Winchester Circle, Los Gatos, CA 95032, U.S.A.

50.00 and got a 25 cent tablecloth want my money back

- Saint Louis, MO, USA

My phone rang and Caller ID said AT&T SERVICES so I answered. But a recorded message came on saying "IF YOU HAVE BEEN HARMED OR INJURED DUE TO THE USE OF JOHNSON & JOHNSON'S BABY POWDER...." I hung up. I now wish I had stayed on the line to see how this was going to play out.

Mentioned a job site i may have gone to, asked if i was able to hear them.

- San Antonio, TX, USA

I received a voicemail from above telephone number stating that I had bought an iPhone for $599 and will be charged through my Amazon account. If I didn’t do the transaction, please call the aforementioned telephone number.

I have been scammed before and this is how the scammer began and it developed into purchasing game cards and giving them their official number of each.

Hey, your stimulus check has been returned 2 times. Last chance to verify your information before it expires

Hello i received a call from the number i provided. Started off with an automated recording saying fraudulent activity on my account and when i told them i am not giving them my info they hung up. Called # back and seems like an un reachable #.

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