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Unknown Reports & Reviews (1285)

Victim Location 23322
Type of a scam Phishing

I was contacted by the phone numbers above today, 12/13/16. The 702 number called at 12:34 pm and the 319 number called twice, at 6:03 pm and 5:03 pm. The calls were made to my cellular phone. The caller had a foreign accent and claimed he was calling to reduce my interest rate on my credit card to 4%. He asked about my credit cards accounts, stating Chase, Bank of America, Visa, and MasterCard as accounts he somehow knew I had. I became suspicious immediately partly because my Chase account, inactive for years, was deactivated by Chase and also because my employer, xxxxxxxxxx Public Schools, recently sent me a letter about a potential security breach of my personal information to include possibly bank account information. The caller also stated he needed certain digits from a credit card number to be able to process my rate reduction. I told him I did not have the card and he said he would hold while I went to find it. I explained I was at work and the card was at home. Then, he asked what would be a good time to call me back so I said after 4:00. Then, I called my only credit card holder with an active balance, and there was no such offer for a reduction to 4%. In fact, the bank doesn't even offer credit card accounts with rates below 10%. When the caller called back again, I missed the first call but not the second. I confronted him and he attempted to claim my bank was in error. I asked him to not call my number again, multiple times as he tried to argue with me, and I hung up.

Victim Location 44103
Type of a scam Other

I received a $100 Gift card that can be used a any Walmart or Target but I must call this number and give my credit card information to pay a processing /activation fee $4.95. Mr. Abel is the contact.

Victim Location 38111
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Caller said, 'My name is Dave, can you hear me ok". I didn't know who it was, so I said yes. It was then I realized it was pre-recorded. Went on about how I had been selected to receive a free vacation to Disney Word, fee admission, all inclusive. Did I have a debit card available to use? I did't answer. It continued to ask about a debit card. Eventually, after saying nothing, it hung up. I dialed the number back, and it only asked if I'd like to be put on their do not call list (already on the national do not call list, but what did that matter right?),, I pushed 1, and then blocked them from my phone. I answered yes to the question below "Did the scammer attempt to take money" because had I said yes to the debit card question, I think they would have. Thanks.

Victim Location 46304
Type of a scam Credit Cards

offer to cut debt in half and 0% interest -I have no credit cards

Victim Location 99223
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I received a phone call 11/28/2016 at 6:55 am. The man stated my name and asked if that is correct, and I answered to the affirmative. He identified his organization as some publisher with ties to UPS. He said he had a Cashier's check for $1,200,000 for me and wondered if I had received their snailmail earlier, and I told him I hadn't. He asked if I would be home within the next two hours, since the one delivering the check was about "two hours out". I told him I would be home to accept the check. No one showed. I gave him no personal information, and he asked for none but did confirm my mailing address, that he gave to me. I'm 88 years old and live at a retirement community.

Victim Location 32904
Type of a scam Phishing

These people keep calling my very ill 84 year old mother several times a day. She does not owe money to anyone and has not solicited any help from any organization. The stress that they are causing her is off the chart. I am reporting them to the FTC Federal Trade Commission and anyone else that will listen. At my mother's stage of life, she does NOT NEED THIS AGGRAVITION!!

Victim Location 80207
Type of a scam Phishing

Several calls were received from this number with an automated voice.

Victim Location 48038
Type of a scam Government Grant

This company claims to say they chose me for government grant to receive $9000 from the Treasury Department based on a demographic lottery or something. They said that the money would come from the Federal Reserve Bank of NY. They also said in order for me to receive this money, I must buy an Apple ITunes Gift Card to avoid paying taxes on the gift money and this is the only way I can be registered to receive the money. When I questioned them why they could not send me something in writing, they kept asking me for my cell phone number, then saying this is money that I would never have to pay back. When I told them that they could send money by Western Union they then said they would get back with me Friday after the Thanksgiving Holiday. I have never heard of this process given by the government other than a settlement of some sort. I never heard of a lottery or granting money to a given demography. The people that were speaking to me, spoke with a foreign accent and I requested them to text or email me some documentation that confirmed that they were a legitimate Federal department, but he simply said to wait until Friday and he will mail documents. I haven't bought a ITunes gift card nor have I given any banking information. I am not comfortable about this and which for it to be investigated before I go any further.

Victim Location 72576
Total money lost $175
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

My mom just started receiving calls from a couple of numbers that show being from Jamaica. They told her she won a car and money. They said they were in her small town ready to deliver the car today. She had already sent them a money order for $175 before my sisters and I found out about it. She fully believed them because they are very manipulative to the vulnerable. My mom is 78 and my dad is in the nursing home. She has been rather depressed since he went into the nursing home and spends most days by his side. These crimes against the elderly and vulnerable are evil and despicable. They need to be stopped. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help protect her. They contacted her today and said they will not be able to deliver the car today because of a meeting and that she needs to send them $900 for some other fees. She seems more open to believing this is a scam but I'm afraid they will continue to hound her. Can I do anything to prevent that? They have attempted to call several more times since she would not agree to send the $900. It's a shame that this happens. I never in a million years thought my mom would fall for that so they must be very tricky in making her feel comfortable with them. She tried to wire them the $175 but thankfully the business she went to refused to do it because they told her it looked like a scam. That's why she ended up sending a money order instead.

Victim Location 97479
Type of a scam Phishing

Myself and my mom received phone calls from +1 (866) 305-8380 from an automated system saying to prevent legal action I needed to call that number. I looked it up, and it is a scam. I contacted the police department but just wanted to make others aware not to give out any information over the phone to this number and not to call it back.

Victim Location 98204
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Got a call from a legal courier stating she was going to serve me , wouldn't give any info on what. She then contacted me and left a very detailed message on my girlfriend's phone. the courier gave me 323-206-5716, a woman name ms. susan stone said she was an attorney and they are suing me for a returned check from 2010. I filed bankruptcy and discharged end of October 2016. these people are threating bodily harm and suit. attempted to contact police, they said they couldn't do anything

Victim Location 59803
Type of a scam Debt Collections

The caller transferred me to a different person when I answered the phone. The caller claimed that a pay day loan was taken out in my name for the amount of $700. They said it would be going to court to be collected. The caller knew my address and email. Then after arguing for him a bit about it, he said I could settle over the phone for $200. I am thinking an older person might actually give this *** their credit or debit information to "settle" without "legal fees".

Victim Location 95472
Type of a scam Identity Theft

I received a warning through safari on my iPhone the scammers claimed to be from Apple, When I contacted apple directly. they confirmed it was a scam and encouraged me to change my password

Victim Location 46825
Type of a scam Other

This phone number has been call my place of employment for the last week and today they have called 6 times in an hour. When I answer the phone no one says anything and then they hang up and call right back. I tried calling the number back to remove our business number and it states that the number is disconnected. They talked to me once one of the first times they called and said they were wanting to extend my factory warranty on a car that no one has here in the office I work in. I don't know how to make them stop calling if I cant remove the number from there call list. Its very frustrating when I'm trying to work and they continuously call!

Victim Location 89147
Type of a scam Debt Collections

The guy mike Lauren 855-217-6288 ext 803 called threatened me with court on a past loan of 458.00 something dollars, asked if I wanted to settle out of court, advised him advance America has been paid off and my loan was only 271.00. He then began screaming at me cursing at me, I told him to have me served because I paid debt off, he then called back again from a private number yelling at me saying I wasn't home which I am, he asked where I was I told him on my couch he began to cuss me out my mom took the phone and advised we are reporting him debt is not owed, he told her to join the [censored] club and hung up. He trys to threaten you to make a payment, no debt is owed with this company. I also have the loan company Advanced America looking into this, was advised by them it is a scam.

Victim Location 59101
Type of a scam Credit Cards

In Billings we have someone calling businesses owners saying the are with the Billings Chamber of Commerce and wanting to update their membership information. They ask for personal information and then for credit card details to pay dues. When the person who they called questioned if this was a scam, the caller became belligerent and used profanity. The phone number appears to be a cell phone out of Anaconda MT.

Calls can be made by our office to acquire updated to our database and to updates for payment information. This calls are made from the Chamber's phone number 406-245-4111 It is rare that the person we are contacting does not know we are actual staff. They can come into our offices if they wish to bring us the required data.

Victim Location 71203
Type of a scam Phishing

He asked me to verify the information he had. Then he started off with address, phone, etc. I did not say anything, when I decided he was already too knowledgeable, I hung up and as I did I heard "Bank Iberia." As I had not said anything the first time, I thought that would end it, but it didn't. He has called me three more times. I have not picked it up.

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

The contact kept trying to tell me I won a Million dollars and needed some of my info. Called them out on it and they hung up. Called again each night. I was able to call the number back and got a response.

The number again is 1 (876) 999-7762

Victim Location 91941
Type of a scam Phishing

Caller calls our landline *** everyday since Tuesday, October 11, 2016, and asks for the location of *** ***. And states by law they can request this information. Please call 844-442-6688 for the location of *** *** even if don't know the location of *** ***. If you don't call we will call the references listed. It is a electronic voice.

Victim Location 79107
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Man calls and asks to verify your mailing address. When asking what it's regarding, he will talk really fast. Then tells you he has your full social security number, and to verify your last four digits.

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