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Social Security Administration

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Social Security Administration Reports & Reviews (947)

Victim Location 61604
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Robo generated call stating social security number will he suspended due to fraudulent activity, deemed to pay a fee of some kind or face suspension.

Victim Location 79562
Type of a scam Other

He said his name was Officer Nick Williams,with the SSA,and my sscard number had been compromised. His badge # was GS5012. He said my card had been used in something illegal,and it was going to be frozen and all my accounts. He then asked for my ss #,and I said you should already have it...he replied that they have millions of people to deal with,and it would take time to find me! I said,I think this is a scam and he said,if you don't believe me,you will be sorry. I said I already am,and hung up.

Victim Location 19701
Type of a scam Other

Told that I needed to clear up fraudulent activity on my social security account or I would lose my benefits.

Victim Location 47975
Type of a scam Phishing

My mom got a call on Monday, Labor Day, saying they were updating their files because was due for a $50.00 a month increase. They asked her for her SS number. Knowing most government offices don't work on Labor Day, I knew it was a scam. The caller had a very heavy accent.

Victim Location 01605
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Got a call from the Social Security Administration (Actual number). However, when answering it was an automated message saying I owe a large debt and that would be forced before a grand jury if I did not call a certain number immediately.

Victim Location 79084
Type of a scam Identity Theft

received phone call from 443-205-4462 Cambridge, MD. the automated recording stated, "your social security number has been suspended, please call 443-205-4462 immediately." I called the number back knowing this sounded like a scam. A male with an accent answered the call as a Social Security Administration representative. I informed him I had received a call stating that my social security number has been suspended. He stated, "Yes I can help you, please tell me your social security number so I can look up your file". I stated, "Please give me your name and badge number so I know this isn't a scam". The person immediately disconnected the call.

Victim Location 37160
Type of a scam Identity Theft

This is the third call I have received within 6 weeks. Caller states that unless I call the phone number given.... my social security number will be suspended due to illegal activity.

The first time I called the number back. The person on the line started asking all kinds of questions and I immediately knew it was a scam. I have received this call 2 more times but they left a message on my phone.

Victim Location 20706
Total money lost $30
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Fraudulent phone call requesting my social security number, and residence over the phone. Roper gave a phone number beginning with 1 877 and said he was the local Supervisor Managerat the Towson Social Security Office requesting more of my personal information over the phone and said he "has never met me before but I need this information." He called twelve times from 2pm-4pm through an automated phone dialer after I refused. He said I may reach him for "one day only at 1 877....". The first phone call said he was local, requested my name, my residences and age from my relative to input into his database. When I answered the phone I asked for the male caller to identify his self and he said he "is unable to do that over the phone since this is an urgent matter. In 2018.

Victim Location 18974
Type of a scam Tax Collection

This was the voicemail - does not seem legit but easy to fall for

“Hi calling you from the legal department of social security administration my federal batch ID number is SSA 9165 purpose of this call is regarding enforcement action which has been executed by the US treasury against your name ignoring this would be an intentional attempt to avoid initial appearance before the magistrate judge or _?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_ for a federal criminal offense so before this matter goes to Federal claims court house or you get arrested kindly call us back on our number is 360-639-9937 I repeat 360-639-9937 as soon as possible…”

Victim Location 83706
Type of a scam Other

I received a phone message at 12:29pm MDT from Parker, calling from the Social Security Administration. He said the reason for the call was to inform me that a legal enforcement had been filed on my Social Security number for criminal activity. I was to call 201-666-9591. I knew immediately it was a fraud call, but thought I should report it.

Victim Location 32836
Type of a scam Phishing


Call us back on 805-603-1778. I repeat 805-603-1778. Ignoring this message would be an intentional second attempt to avoid a second appearance before the grand jury for the federal criminal defense. Thank you.

Victim Location 71360
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

A recording on my phone from this number claimed it was the Social Security Administration and that my social security number will be suspended immediately. I called the number and the man that answered the phone had a foreign accent. I told him that I had called in reference to a message that was left on my phone and in the background I could hear another man screaming at someone named Gloria that she would either have to pay the fines to have the case dropped against her social security number or her number will be suspended and that the fines to reinstate would be a great amount. I then asked the guy that I was speaking with if this was a scam and how can they speak to someone in that manner. He then hung up the phone, I hope the poor lady the other guy was speaking to did not give any money out.

Victim Location 36604
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received 4 recorded telephone calls - 2 on Friday 7/6/18 and 2 on Monday, 7/9/18. Each call was supposedly from Social Security. I was told a Federal agency (I don't remember which one) was investigating me, that my Social Security number was being black-listed and would receive no further Social Security benefits. I was instructed to call the above number, which I did not. I called to report it to SSA and was told there were a lot of scams going on, and they did not need the phone number which was left I then called the FTC and gave them the information.

Victim Location 83634
Type of a scam Phishing

Received a call saying there is a legal enforcement filed on my social security # for criminal activity & to call before they proceed with legal proceedings.

Victim Location 84116
Type of a scam Identity Theft

I received a phone call on my cell which was an automated voice saying the were the Social Security Administration and have detected criminal activity on my Social Security number. To prevent legal action I needed to call them back. So I decided to call back to see what they would say. I used a land line and called them. They do answer Social Security office so I asked questions like how do I know you are who you say you are? he then told me he was not there to convince me that he just needed information to help me. I asked what information he needed and he said my first and last name. I asked what other information will he need and he said my birth date and social security number. I told him he was and [censored] and hung up.

Victim Location 31557
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Received a voicemail from this number saying there was possible criminal activity and legal action associated with my social security number and I should call the number back to address the issue. I returned the call 3 times. All 3 times an individual speaking with a foreign accent answered and identified themselves as an officer with the social security administration. They were using very basic names, such as "Officer Tony Smith". Two of the individuals hung up the phone when I started asking questions about why they called me and the last individual tried to tell me that they did not make calls and leave messages. Only the individual on the first return call asked for my social security number. Whoever is calling from this number is impersonating a "Social Security Officer" and is looking for personal information from someone who they can trick into giving it to them.

Obvious scam.

Bottom line: They were trying to scare me into giving them my social security number

Have received multiple calls from this number.

Victim Location 59870
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Social Security suspended. Bank accounts and assets seized by DOJ, Federal Marshal blah blah etc. due to criminal activity in Texas. Money laundering, aiding and abetting stemming from address search 7609 Clairmont (sp?) zip 75089 obtained from abandoned 2014 Toyota Corolla in Texas. Accounts opened at B of A, Wells Fargo & ?? & ?? (my pen kept skipping) amounting to $2.5 million under the name of Julia Williams. I was running out of time to mess with him so when I asked "how do I fix this?" trying to get to the money part he then hinted at a percentage of the $2.5 million to stall arrest process. Wanted to fill out "asset verification" form over phone. I tried to stall for more info from him and he threatened me with police coming to pick me up right now for wasting nine minutes of the Federal Government's time.

Victim Location 72315
Type of a scam Phishing

Received a call from someone claiming to be with the Social Security Administration. They told me something was wrong with my number and I needed to contact them immediately or I would not received my check. Went to locate office and they told me it was a scam.

Victim Location 78634
Type of a scam Identity Theft

I received a call from this number 844-306-3953 stating that I had fraudulent activity on my social security card.

The representative asked me my name.

I asked the representative to speak to a supervisor. A supervisor by the name of Oscar White answered, I asked him why his rep answered the phone stating that they were the social security administration office. He tried to explain that all social security numbers are linked to cellphone numbers. I told him "No", they are not!

He asked me my name, as I told him he should have it he called me. He disconnected the call.

And now my number is blocked from calling them back.

Victim Location 86406
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Received a Robo call stating that my Social Security number has been compromised and I need to call 361-879-6933 to correct the problem

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