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Cash App Reports & Reviews (299)

Victim Location 75040
Total money lost $1,329
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

I was having issues with my cash app account when it came to receiving money from a client that did not go through when the clients bank confirmed that it was paid to me, but i could not see it nor where under my cash app name. So, on Monday 10/9/2020, I went to Google, looking for a customer service number for Cash app to get help on my account and a man answered saying that he is Cash app customer service rep and even said his agent ID number which sounded legit. So i told him my situation and he said that can can help me but needs to remotely access my phone and wanted my to download this app called team viewer quick so he can help me fix this. Then he asked me to take a picture of my license and a picture of my face. I asked him why he needed to do that and he said its because they need to verify who i am and they have to do this remotely. So it was very convincing. So when i went to this viewer, he had me click broadcaster and there was a code that i had to click i think and it did a countdown and then he was able to see in my phone and wanted me to go to Cash app and click here and there and something about Bitcoin he had me go too, not knowing what he is doing. He just kept saying he had to do this to verify who i am and even asked me to go to Chase quick pay zelle and of course i hesitated, but i trusted him bc he kept saying they have to do this to make sure my accounts are linked properly as why to find out where that money went from my client. So he was able to see my bank account information, balance, cash app information, etc. Then he had me to go to Apple/moon pay for some reason. I don't use Apple at all, but he had me sign in to the account, in which he could see my password as i typed it in and that was it. He didn't want me to do anything else with Apple. So this took a few hours because he would say he will call back later as they work on my account. So i was getting calls off and on all day and at one point, he said billing will contact me and then i would get calls from another person claiming they are billing with Cash app calling about my existing issue. This person was back remotely in my phone having me to do the same thing the first person did, explaining that this will take time because they are still identifying who i am and make sure that my bank account is linked properly to cash app. So pretty much they had me on the phone all day long. Furthermore, i decided to check my account since i didn't feel right about this and all of sudden, i notice that they took $500 out of my account. I don't know how this happened because i didn't authorize this at all. So i asked him why is $500 missing from my account when i did not authorize this, and he said don't worry. we have to do this to make sure we have you verified but we are going to put it right back and to just request the 500 dollars back from the Cash app name he gave me to request it from. So i requested it and immediately got a text from my bank, Chase, saying it was cancelled. So i asked the guy why would you decline it if you just said to request it and he said it takes time and to hold on. he is working on and then when i checked my account again, $800 was missing and when i mentioned that to him, he said he will put it back and he did but then it came back at in the amoubt of $798. I also saw $20 taken out and $11 and another small amount also came out over time throughout that day. So of course, i was livid. I asked him how and why do you keep taking money out of my account when i called about another issue. He kept apologizing and said it just takes a long time to show the $500 pending my account and they will return all the rest of the money on this day and on top of that will add an extra $250 for the trouble and said he will send me a total of $1500 in an hour into my bank account and explain it takes time to transfer that money and that he will call me back tomorrow morning to see if it went through. As soon As I hung up, i just knew i had been scammed bad. I think they had me on the phone all day so that they can move money on my phone however they did it remotely and to make sure the banks were closed so i couldn't try to stop anything. I did call chase at some point concerned about this but the so called cash app reps kept calling me back all day so i felt that they were really working on this but trust me, my trust level was decreasing and of course i never saw the money back in my account and was only left with $11. Completely wiped me out and now i cant even pay my bills and just got paid Friday.

Victim Location 94103
Total money lost $310
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

I have been scammed today of October 9th, 2020 through my CashApp account and by my bank account from scammers by the company of CashApp. I needed their help to get a refund back to my account and the lady name Janet Campbell said she would help she just need verification on my personal information to know its me through the CashApp such as State ID, Address, Name & Last 4 Digits to Social which I accidently put on CashApp to verify then she told me to download an app so she can screen record to see what the problem was but instead she scammed me the whole time I thought I was speaking with the customer service from CashApp which I didn't notice until my bank account was cleared and CashApp being used. CashApp mobile payment is a scam it has scammed lots of people as well and want them to be shut down and have my money back too

Victim Location 90804
Total money lost $2,499
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

These people scammed me out of 2499.00$ over the phone saying they were fixing my frozen card through cash app

Victim Location 10030
Total money lost $966
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

I was previously contact by an agency, and I have to send membership fees, and the agent used him to collecting for him, $ 366.00 ,and I have a balance of $ 300.00 to finished paid, when I was ready On September 2, 2020 I sent the $ 300.00 and I told the agency that , the final payment was sent to his employee, agent said he did not told me to do so, he no longer there, and I contacting my citibank let them know that , I have send $ 300.00 to a known intended person ,please stopped the payment , Bank employee said there is no money going out to CashApp ,no deduction being made everything is fined, neglected his duty which is a negligence, the very next day, about 3 /4 of Sept 2020 $ 300.00 vanishing to to the same non intended person, I went to cashApp asking for refund ,I never got any replied, I communicated with CashApp filed complaint cash does not care where your money goes. That perpetrator changes his CashApp to $wealthymaj, But strange part about that , On September 24th 20 at 2:54 AM ,I am in deep sleep, I do not make any transaction ,Specially the bank declined it , why CashApp went directly without authorization seize my money to gave away, is not that considered illegal seizure. On October 2nd 2020 I deposit $ 1066 in my CashApp account wallet , $ 300.00 went missing from it live me with $ 766, when contacting CashApp , CashApp said my bank citi bank did not honored $ 300.00 demanding decided on 09/24/20 at 2:53 am, therefore, their wait until I have money deposit to CashApp wallet their took $300.00 gave it to that person ,I have no business with is that make any sense, If that is a law US Congress and US Senate has to display that new law which gave CashApp right to took money from peoples account to gave away, and also at that time framed that was a fishing. CashApp will not accept any complaints , CashApp does not wanted to stopped any transactions a requested from customers, CashApp will not let customers defending them self or selves again fraudulent activity , CashApp failed to follow federal regulation, CashApp Operated as ABOVE THE LAW , by taking any money and then sent to whoever fishing to victimized customers. Therefore, CashApp are responsible for $ 600.00 and refusing to refund it to me. Cash App is a business License by state and federal Authority , and CashApp is license and bonded, and CashApp Insured by FDIC I believed if there a lose customers should be able to recover . CashApp has the criminal bank account ,email and ssa , cash app supposed to contact Police Dept to let them do their jobs once there is a complain come through not juste ignoring peoples complaint that meant CashApp are consider as an Accomplice witness of a crime and do nothing about that.

Victim Location 28304
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

The scammer called saying they were a representative for Cash App where a friend of mine gave them my number because she was having problems using her card to get her money from her cash app card, but they would need to send the $50.00 to my account, then I can send her the $50.00 to her account. Red flags went up, but I went along with it for a while to help my friend, but when they asked for my pin number and then changed my pin number to a pin number they want to use (which was 1234) to transfere $1900 to her account, I would not allow them to do the transaction. I hung up and they kept calling me back. They used an app in the Google Play Store called Viewer Quick to log into my cash app account to see how much money I had on my card. They got mad because I would not hit the submit button to transfere the funds of $1900. I called my bank and Cash App to report the spam.

Victim Location 35750
Type of a scam Tech Support

The representative of cash app used quick support to access my bank account and moved 1089.00 dollars to one of his accounts in seconds and and then he said he needed me to open a venmo account so he could move my money back, and he moved 1,100.00 dollars to an account with the name Alice. I have tried to call "Mark" back but have gotten no response. +1 657-793-5143 is the number that I was given to call the representative back at.

Victim Location 90221
Total money lost $50
Type of a scam Online Purchase


Victim Location 02816
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

Received a Visa credit card from Cash App (Square Inc) that I did not apply for or request. Company does not have phone number to contact.

Victim Location 75248
Total money lost $90
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

i was a victum of a cash app scam on last week where money was taken off my cash app account ($90)

Victim Location 45215
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

cash app itself is a scam multiple times I've noticed money coming off of my account with no explanation or with a week explanation there's no way to contact customer service except by email where they almost never reply or take forever to reply and nothing gets resolved lately I have had refunds over $50 that mysteriously never got back to me and they don't have any good explanation or they ignore me

Victim Location 10038
Total money lost $800
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

Basically someone hacked into my cash app by having my information such as my pin and such I never gave out my pin but they were able to figure it out and they kept trying to send $800 to their girlfriend I screenshotted most of the what happened. Every time this person log me out of cashapp I will sign right back in until they figure it out my pin and was able to lock me out they were able to send $800 to their girlfriend and then they blocked me

Victim Location 71202
Total money lost $600
Type of a scam Tech Support

i was getting assistance with my cash app account and the 1-805-567-2144 number I called per google advised me to get gift cards in the amount of 600 dollars to unlocked my account per cash app policy. I did and then noticed that wasn't correct. He stated that he would reinstated my account with the money and then i can get all my money out of the account. Then he advised me that his manager stated it would take 1000 dollars and I refused and I asked was I now screwed and he say yes. I pray I get my 600 back but I know I am not.

Victim Location 77493
Total money lost $400
Type of a scam Phishing

I was scammed by CashApp on July 6 by an individual saying he was with CashApp support. My son was selling his shoes and the buyer was saying that he wanted to cash app him the money. My son received an email from a fake cash app email that the gentlemans funds were locked and in order to get the money, we would have to send $400 just to hold and we will get it back once the money was released. We sent the money and then my son got another email stating that the man had released some more money but in order to get it, we would have to send more money. Before I sent the first transaction, I called the CashApp number and it stated that I need to go through email. I requested a live agent and was sent back an email that they do not have live support. After all of this, I reached out to the real CashApp support and they stated that they can not do anything. Now I am out of bill money and I do not know what to do. I have more attachments.

Victim Location 47714
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

Called to fix my problem with cashapp. Asked to download an app. That app gave access to go through my phone. They sent my money to an cashapp customer. But the person wasn't real. But I had block the number and the cancel my card. Also getting an replacement. But been waiting for 10 days now. The fake person the money was sent to didn't receive it so I cancel the payment and been waiting for 10 days now.

Victim Location 27909
Total money lost $820
Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

Was called by friend he was having issues receiving money and that he called Cash app and had a rep calling me, once the rep called he asked me to verify funds by send funds to a “dummy “ account and they would be returned, after several attempts, then he had me close that account and open a new account saying there is a problem for which he saw ! ( after the fact the money did come out of my account ) he guided me to Zelle and had me and make a transfer to another “dummy “ account ! I’ve had to close that account (bank) and go through that ordeal. I’ve have txted him a couple of time and told him to return the funds he stole,,,, he actually replied and said he not a crook ! Wow

Victim Location 07003
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I used the cash app to purchase puppy which was a scam. I used my bank debt card for payment and about week later I try to use my bank at atm and it rejected me. So went to bank and found out that someone was trying to used my debt card to purchase best buy gift card. Which I did not make. The bank told me they have try three times to make purchase. The bank said it was fraud.

Victim Location 10473
Total money lost $150
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was scammed by someone pretending to be a cash app tech support.I needed money transferred from my cash app into my account and I called for help, used the first cash app number that came up on google,they had me downloaded a app called Quick support and walked me through transferring the money while watching what’s on my screen through that app,my money which was $150 got transferred to someone else by name of Num.I have no further information and when I tried calling back the number,it seems as if they blocked it, I tried another number off google again and they tried doing the same thing to me but this time,they wanted the sender to send another $150 in order to release that other money and then they would send back the money,I told them that was stupid so they went on to say the only way to get back my money is to have someone sent me a $100 the least so they can release the $150 that’s tied up in server,I then realized that I was scammed and really give them a fine cursing before they hang up on me.i didn’t get back my money but got a few choice of words in.

Victim Location 92335
Total money lost $450
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Three different occasions in the same day three different people stoled money from my bank account thru cash app.. cash app company thru only emails claims they can not refund me my money stolen. They claim because I sent the money, Even after explaining I never sent the money my account was hacked some how.

Victim Location 73179
Total money lost $107.52
Type of a scam Phishing

They keeps withdraw different amount of money out of my bank debit card.

Victim Location 19601
Total money lost $112
Type of a scam Tech Support

scammed out off from cash app they sad they would help fix my cash app card because I couldn't use it I believe they hacked into cash app it self only because my card was working a couple min before it with no problem cash app should be shut down and cash app should pay people there money back from accounts being hacked

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