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Cash App Reports & Reviews (218)

Victim Location 02893
Total money lost $1,899
Type of a scam Phishing

so on 8/06/2020 I noticed my cash app was not working so I called what I thought was the customer service number the agent advised me to download a app that would correct my issue in the meantime the agent took control of my iphone and authorized 1,899 from my bank account

Victim Location 47805
Total money lost $1,024
Type of a scam Phishing

I have been scammed out of money from cash app. Please don’t use this service. It’s happened to a lot of people. I think they have inside info. $1024. I can’t even feed my family. I sent the money to my son but a scammer intercepted it. Cash app is associated with square and Sutton bank. They refuse to give back my money. I have contacted all of them. Good luck everyone!!

Victim Location 03276
Total money lost $850
Type of a scam Rental

Answered an ad for vacation rental to go to my grandmother s funeral in lundenberg vt. They had ads on home2go and Craigslist. They sent me rental agreement to sign and request deposit of 400 and 50 dollar cleaning fee and 400 rental fee for a cabin for 2 nights to be paid before arrival. Requested payment through either zelle or cash app. So I sent through cash app.transfer was still pending through cash app when I arrived at rental unit and met the real owners of the property that weren't expecting my family and we're renting out their cabin. I immediately tried to contact cash app to stop payment and contacted state police . They came out to do report and together we tried to cancel transaction through the app it kept giving error code I made numerous emails request they stop payment and call me because it was fraud. No one from cash app responded back they do not have customer service reps to talk to apparently the only response I received was auto email telling me to cancel transaction if option available emailed back telling them I've tried for hours and then avmniut 12 after notifying them of fraud they actually paid the criminals my 850 dollars and the sent me another auto email telling me to request a refund. Like any thief us really going to refund stolen money. To this day I have never.recieved a call from cash app I've even research the VP of cash app and the owners of cash app which is squared personally explaining the fraud and no one ever called or emailed back. In my opinion I feel cash app should be held liable to return my money or they should be charge with conspiracy to commit fraud because if it was any other person and we after being told there was a fraud action being conducted and we didn't report it we would be charged criminally. Any company dealing with money transfers of any kind should have live customer service agents available at any hour they transfer money . Where money is crooks are . So I feel frauded not only by the thiefs and almost more so by cash app. It seems like they facilitate criminals in these online money scams. Like I said to cash app in one of the 50 emails I sent your either part of a solution to a problem or part of the problem. By their absolute disregard to my numerous emails about fraud activity on their site and for them to pay it out hours after being notified they are one of the biggest problems with all this online scamming going on. I've since paid attention more closely to add online and I must of found 20 ads on Craigslist alone for different things rentals pets and so forth the were requesting payments via cash app. So I'm obviously not the only victim.

Victim Location 76801
Total money lost $60
Type of a scam Other

I was offered a Cash flipping deal where I gave a Snapchatter $60 in hopes that I would be flipped $600 on cash app and he blocked me took of with my money and ran like the coward that he is. He won’t admit that he just stole the money so he gaslights to make it seem like I blocked him when I didn’t.

He had pushed me to the point where I was forced to follow him on several accounts to get him to squeeze an answer on why he manipulated me into giving him money and he just avoids the confronted.

Victim Location 71270
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was looking for a customer svc number to assist me in getting my Son's money back from a deposit to an old cashapp acct. I found a number on internet and they told me that could help me. They guided me through the cashapp site and told me it was process to get my old acct to emerge with my new acct and that would allow me to return his money to him. After following his prompts because he knew that I was not computer savvy bc I told him I didn't understand how to do it. After he asked me how much money was in my acct, my antenna came up but I still followed his prompts. He told me that a dummy acct was to be made and then that would allow him to emerge the accts. He started prompting me to pay to another acct.. and I was skeptical, I was interrupting him telling him why would I have to do a pay to another acct and he said Don't be alarmed this is just the process.

I kept following his prompts and I saw I was paying to another acct again. I asked him to stop and allow me to call my son to have him walk through the process with me and that I was not comfortable with this process. So I told him I would call back, and I immediately called my bank and asked if there was any activity from CashApp withdrawing from my acct. They told me $100 was pending and $25 was pending. I told them this was a scam and to stop this activity on my acct. We d/c'd my bank card immediately and I found out how close my Cashapp and d/c it from my bank acct. I called the number back and told them what they were doing was wrong and that they should be ashamed of themselves and that God will judge them for deceiving ppl and tricking ppl out of their money. I believe that wholeheartedly...

Victim Location 95350
Type of a scam Other

A guy named Austin Gray said on the cash app to send to my friend Christina who has a husky puppy in Texas that she will be sending me by a cargo airplane that she would need the cash send her by cash app it kept failing because I just signed up for the up today so didn't recognize me and my bank didn't recognize the app so that transaction kept failing show their customer service person named Austin gray told me to go get a Google play card which I thought seemed about right because car shops in app and I thought I could send you the money from that card and then you said that he can help me with getting the numbers on the card after I scratch the back of the card so I gave him the number of thinking he was going to go to send it to Christina or tell me how to do it and I don't know if you took any money for me which was $100 that I put on there that was supposed to be a deposit for my puppy and also after all that he said he was going to transfer me to his transaction manager which he did I ask for the guy's name and his ID at first and you wouldn't give me his name and then he told me that I needed to put $300 on the Google play card which I told the guy that I talk to you I didn't have it I contacted this toll free number that I found on chrome on my phone and it said toll free number for cash app so I called it thinking I was talking to a cash at person since I've never used a site I assumed it was correct and then the manager after telling him I couldn't pay $300 or put that on the card he said well you have to show me your tits and send me a picture and I'll put $300 in my cash on there and you won't need to send $300 to your friend and I said but they didn't tell me that before I shouldn't have to do that that's disgusting I have my son here and and I saw the word damn you're disgusting and that I was going to report them to corporate and I was yelling at him and threatened to call corporate on him but I did not use a single crossword I am a Christian I do not believe in doing that kind of thing and I just want to let you know that someone is sexually harassing people on the phone he offered to stay on the phone with me the whole time the guy I spoke to Austin Gray and his ID number is 844-878-6653 I also call the non-emergency police department in Modesto California where I live and I tell them the whole story of him saying that they asked me if I really heard it correctly and I said yes I did he said it a couple times and that my mother-in-law and my son heard the same thing because I had him on speaker for a little bit and I kept telling him I'm not going to do that and he said well you have two options you can either show me your tits he said and send me a picture or you can get the $300 and put it on the Google play card yourself and pay your wedding Christina or if you want me to help you you can show me your tits and I will put the $300 on there more than a hundred then you put on there so I assumed I was correct so I did report him to the police in Modesto so they know that it's a scam also let the lady know that I'm buying a puppy from that they are being disrespectful my cash app when I called them and she said that we will settle all that on the 3rd of August and she will help me with a cash out I'm thinking I'm just going to ask her if I can do a money order or PayPal dang something easier that won't mess up if you can please adjust report that's so nobody else get sexually harassed like that and also I'm not racist cuz I am Indian I'm multi-culture to have a lot of different just I have a lot of different nationalities I do love to disabilities one is ADHD the other ones an LX or disability which is the devel of the month olds away but I am very high-functioning I just wasn't thinking of the time and I just want to let you guys know that they did scan me I don't know if they took $100 off my card the cop told me

Victim Location 62205
Total money lost $220
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I received money from Cash App and I looked online for the Cash App Customer Service. The phone number that came up was ************. They had to download a quick view to allow me to receive my money. I downloaded it and he walked me through transforming my money directly to them. Click View Support App. He also pulled money from my bank amount. The guy name is Dave and the money was sent to a Wendy.

Victim Location 78759
Total money lost $150
Type of a scam Tech Support

My daughter's cash app was compromised. They changed her username and email. A complaint was filed with FTC, FBI, and local law enforcement. I thought I was calling cash app support, but later realized it was a scam. There was fraudulent money deposited into my daughter's cash app. I googled cash app and found this number 18003019154. They had me download quick support and linked to my phone. They told me to use the money to buy bitcoin and they would send the money to the FTC. They had me link my debit card and took 150.00 from my account. They told me to delete the cash app emails and I didn't.

Victim Location 46818
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was trying to sell my puppies on petloverz website. I was contacted by an individual name Albert out of Michigan city Indiana who was interested in one of the puppies. He said he uses cash app and asked that I download the app. I did so and then the next day he said he put the money in there. Cash app sent emails about needing more money. Then they said need Google play card sent from me for the additional funds they had me ask him for. Please see email images

Victim Location 48224
Total money lost $335
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was desperately seeking technical support as a first time Cash App user. I googled "Cash App Customer Service" and found a number I believed to be legitimate. I had no idea that Cash App did not have a customer service phone contact. I found a number at web address that I realize now was I needed help getting access to the funds that were received for a Community Project. The scammers used technical jargon to trick me into sending the cash I received to a random cash tag $Maryjames587 through the name Jimmy Hugo Blanco. They stated that this was a dummy account so that they can assess the problem. Other accounts they tried to transfer my funds include Dylan Applegate ($applegate797), Kyle Gammon ($KyleG1111) and Chiz ($jazzessis) which means these scammers have legitimate Cash App accounts to take money from others. I cancelled the bank card associated with the account.

Victim Location 32712
Total money lost $400
Type of a scam Worthless Problem-solving Service Scam

I sent $400 to a friend of mine using cash app and they never received the funds. The money was deducted from my checking account. I’ve checked several times to make sure the funds were sent to the right person. But they never got the money and the cash app support is worthless just a bunch of run around never a live person. Now I’m out $400 and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Attached are the photos showing that 2 $400 transactions were sent and labeled complete. And one bank statement showing money was deducted from my bank.

Victim Location 71067
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was trying to find out how to use my cash app card at the atm so i called the number i got off line.I thought it was weird how unprofessional he was acting and when we got disconnected he called me back and was raising his voice at me.When i said nevermind he said he was going to close my account .When i asked him what about my money he said gone.So dont be scammed by this person.

Victim Location 53186
Total money lost $100
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I was having a problem with the authentic cash app, I could not get the money (1500) my son sent to my account on cach app. Cash App has no phone number to call and talk to a human. I was searching cash app and found this phone number1833-228 1799 I called and i think some how it was hacked in (my thought) and i got this person that said they could help but, needed to talk to my son, needed his phone number) (he sent me the 1500) I did give them his number,(BIG mistake) told him to send 100 and see if the accout is working, said it didnt come through, to send again. My sons light bulb came on, hung up and called his Bank, Landmark in oconomowoc, they had already got the first 100, but the second 100 was stopped. I have no idea if they have my 1500, or if the authentic cash app has it. Cannot get any reply from cash app

Victim Location 30062
Total money lost $3,000
Type of a scam Other

An individual named Josh called me and told me he was from Cash App and that they would be adding $1500 to my account. Afterwards, I received an alert from my bank stating that 3,000 had been withdrawn.

Victim Location 85302
Type of a scam Tech Support

They are pretending to refund your money from cash app while resetting your password to log into account.

They are trying to send money to a user of Benton bown for 2,000 from my account.

Victim Location 46037
Total money lost $550
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was referred to him for an advance fee loan by a consumer who uses WhatsApp. I needed $2000 for paying repossession fees and car lease payments. I called him on his cell phone number but he didn’t answer. I left a message. He texted me a message which said that he did receive my message I left and said he would help me get $5000 if I made a payment to him in the amount of $250. He said to make the payment using the cashapp. I did but then he said that he needed me to make a payment of $300 as a security fee which he never mentioned until after I sent his manager $250. I questioned that but he insisted that i had to make the payment in order to get the payment sent directly to me with no trouble. Then, he told me that he wanted for me to pay him $400 as fees for the money not to be traced. I immediately became more skeptical and told him that I wouldn’t do that. I blocked his phone number and reported him to WhatsApp support.

Victim Location 44240
Total money lost $3,700
Type of a scam Phishing

Called the “customer service” number to change a setting on my cash app account, they ended up taking my account and the $3700 that was in it.

Victim Location 38141
Total money lost $177
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was trying to send money to my grandson and there was a problem. He contacted Cash App Support and they contacted me and took my money and changed my account information.

Victim Location 33980
Type of a scam Phishing

The Cash App for your phone is a bad idea. You connect their account with a debit card. And you can send money for free to others with the app. To cash out money from others instantly, has a fee. Fine. But if you want to cash out your funds for free, you can choose the 2-3 days deposit option....BUT....then they want your bank account log in information AND your pin. None of that is necessary since they already have access to deposit funds through your debit card with the instant option. So why do they want this info? If you give them your bank log in AND pin, they then have access to do whatever they want with your money. You just gave them permission. I asked them why they needed the extra security information and they have no answer. I guess they will sell your transaction information or maybe make small (hopefully unnoticed) withdrawals. I closed my account. I think they have bad intentions. There is NO honest reason to need my bank account security information. I would advice everyone to not support them or give them your information.

Victim Location 29555
Total money lost $161
Type of a scam Phishing

On 7/30/19 I sent $60 to a friend via cash app, they never received it. $mrselg was my cashtag. I called number found on google +18778898287. Spoke with John. He asked permission to gain permission to my cash app, which I obliged. He asked me to add $1 to my account to see if funds could be located. I did. He then told me to not touch my phone while he troubleshooted. After being on phone for 2 hours, call was disconnected. Meanwhile he still had access to my phone. He called back from 8059789361. Saying it would be a little longer. Got disconnected again. I ended session on phone. Went to view cash app and my cash tag was no longer there or the app itself. Viewed my bank account online and saw where he did two $50 transactions and the $1 transaction along with the $60 that were never located. Called bank and they provided me with 8553512274 for square inc. Called number. Automated system stated no live reps to speak with and to file complaints via cash app application. Created new profile $mrselg378. Filed complaint, received email from Catlton about additional info needed i.e. last 4 of social or last 4 of debit card associated with cash app. I have yet to hear from anyone and the funds have not been placed back in my account

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