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Cash App Reports & Reviews (214)

Victim Location 11213
Total money lost $9,000
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a email saying suspicious activity was on my account so I called the number from the email.they claimed they ask for my email phone number birthday n social security card I ask why u need so much information the told me so they can unblock my account.i left and went on a vacation for a couple months and all my unemployment money is gone off my cash app card somebody use my cash app to send them money to there account

Victim Location 28213
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

Had deposited a large sum of money on the app until i was able to transfer to my real bank. Decided on Oct 3 2020 to just pay my phone bill which was 100. Cash app took 200 and my phone company said they never received any payment and my phone remained off. Ive taken pictures and go to cash where they send me a text saying i spent 200 at my phone company so i went to the actual app and its not showing under the transactions. I cannot get in contact with anyone and after o sent them a request for my refund and asking wheres my money the screen went blank and i cannot see any transactions luckily i took pictures before contacting them .

Victim Location 39209
Total money lost $545
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

I received a text message saying that “your debit card has been unlinked from this account “ I didn’t recognize the number so I immediately checked my account and it was all gone

Victim Location 07456
Total money lost $498
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

below is my 2nd Request email to Cash app support:

I am still waiting for a reply from my email below giving all the details of the unauthorized transaction.

1.Can you please advise the next steps or do I also need to contact my local Police for theft investigation?

Attached are cell screen shots for your review of the following:

-initial text message with virtual code to enter into cash app

-person’s name where the funds $498 were sent (also see additional attempt to take money that Failed)

-someone created a false Routing # and false account # under my name.

-text stating the funds were refunded (which is false)

2.This is theft and the charge is fraudulent. My account is closed so I am not able to access via the APP.

3. Please refund the funds back to my BOA account and confirm this case is closed.

4. I have copied my banking institution and the Better Business Bureau.



Victim Location 92411
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Credit Cards

This is my secound card that had got stolen the same time.This person used cash app to empty my accounts .I dont know how cash app let them with out my app should not let someone use card numbers and fake information to still accounts.Im trying to block my cards from cash app but have to call banks on the weekday.

Victim Location 32818
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received some money through cashapp on August 8 2020 for my party celebration on that faithful day,

I tried to deposit the money in my account but it was not going through.Cashapp stated that I should verify my account. I found it Strange because it’s not my first time using the app, I tried to verified my account. When doing so it states that they were not able to verify my account. Immediately I called Cash App Customer Service number. And got the voice mail BS they have set up. Then I emailed them

A man call me back Posing as a representative from Cash App by the name of Rohn.

Rohn provided me with an app that he said Cashapp used to investigate challenges faced by customers. He told me to download the app on my phone and give him the security code for the app for verification when the app was finished installing. I did exactly as I was told. Suddenly, I saw his curser started moving on my screen. I did not had a problem with his curser moving on my phone screen because when I was purchasing my canon printer and also my Mac computer I experienced something similar as this. Therefore, the app wasn’t strange to me. Rohan then asked me to hold the line for a minute in maybe 30 seconds the phone got disconnected or they cut it off. But all I know when I check my account all my money was also disconnected from my account.

Every since that day I’ve been emailing cashapp and no replies, on top of all that maybe the last Sunday in august. A man called me from cashapp and he was able to tell me everything I email cashapp. The man say he is the manage and the have finalized my claim and I am to buy a $200 gift card to receive back the money. After they already took almost 5k out of my account I have to pay to get it back?? I realize it was a scam so I started questioning him and I was able to record some of the conversation.

I’ve been send cashapp a lot of email and so far no one replied to my emails. But these scammers is still in control of all this craziness. I can get a email saying to rate cashapp and not to finalized my claim.

Victim Location 37184
Total money lost $4,000
Type of a scam Tech Support

I reached out to cashapp to dispute a refund of $200 that occurred on August 29, 2020 and resulted in it being withdrawn from my bank.. I looked online and found a website: On the site it had a number flashing to speak to a representative (+1 850) 208-3936. The representative that answered stated he would be able to assist me but I needed to verify my cashapp. First I downloaded an app from the playstore TeamViewer QuickSupport to my phone. After giving him a the number he had me open my cashapp. I gave him my cellphone number and a text message was sent from 2708836409 saying a refund request is in process with a dummy id VT id 310. He had me go to add cash on the cash app and put in the dummy id. It was explained that these are dummy transactions needed to verify my account. Another text came saying id successful. From the cashapp instructed to add cash $620. Another test text came with dummy id VT940. From cashapp instructed to send $940 to Willian for transaction id 940 but it failed and explained it was supposed to do that. Instructed to purchase 940 in bitcoin, then withdrawal it and sent to 1E6bs3oecRWwiMMxy3LRLF66S1DQAHW5Z bitcoin address. Then instructed that I need 2 people to verify that I am a cashapp customer by sending me money through the app. They called my daughter. I received 2 deposits from my daughter for $50 and $56. More dummy transactions was need so I purchased $106 dollars in bitcoin and sent to same address. A couple more people were tried to verify by cashapp, I sent $200 to a co-worker and requested it be sent back to me. Purchase $203 in bitcoin and sent to same address. Then I was told she isn’t able to verify the account due to technical difficulty that I later found out was because her cashapp wasn't linked to a bank account. Another co-worker was called to help verify my account. I sent a request to her for $250 that she fulfilled. I was instructed to purchase $250 in bitcoin and sent. Another $250 arrived to my account that I used to purchase bitcoin and sent. I didn’t know why money was appearing but I was explained they were dummy transactions not knowing they were coming from my co-worker. Amount $504 arrived to purchase bitcoin but was unable to send so it was sold for $482.20.Amount of $500 arrived. Two payments were sent to Picolo Jim for $500 and $480 for dummy transactions. Amount of $960 arrived that was instructed to send to my husband, someone that wasn’t able to verify me, in which he was instructed to purchase bitcoin and send. At that time the call disconnected.

Victim Location 65052
Total money lost $300
Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I have CashApp with a Bitcoin account attached to it. I never use the Bitcoin aspect of my CashApp, only the CashApp side itself. I just got several emails that I had Bitcoin withdrew. Then, the next email stated $300 was refunded, then removed again!! This is bad.

Victim Location 08619
Total money lost $8,489
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was having trouble with my cash app today and saw. I called my bank who said this was not being done on its side. That I should contact cash app. I contacted a customer service number and spoke to a David Jones #CA9078 and (575) 256-2862 is his number.

Victim Location 77449
Total money lost $1,280
Type of a scam Tech Support

The scammer was trying to help me resolve a cash app deposit. While doing so, the scammer asked me to do different transactions making making payments to and from the other party involved. We both lost money and the scammer received the funds being paid out by both parties.

Victim Location 30022
Total money lost $785
Type of a scam Tech Support

I've been with Cashapp for many years and have contacted them via email. But, when I couldn't send money one particular day....I wanted an answer right away so I'd called the 800# that is not only on the site but, on Google.

I'd called, they answer the phone "Cashapp support" (foreigners but, everything is these days, so I wasn't alarmed). They then have you download an app, send you a code, go into your phone, tell you to put your password in, tell you they're sending money to your account but will then remove it.

Once they'd put the money in once, then again....I said "YOU'RE TRYING TO STEAL MY MONEY". Of course they'd claimed otherwise.

Prior to me realizing this...they'd removed a little over 450.00 and about 285.00 but, not before attempting to steak 800.00.

I'd then hung up the phone and called my bank to stop it from going through but, it was too late for the first two.

They then had the audacity to call me back and to call my bank to tell them that I'm authorizing the money. I could not believe it!

They called me for about 5 days telling me that they'd give me the money back by doing that same thing. They wanted to take every single dime that was in my account.

That isn't the email address to cashapp, but it wouldn't allow me to put it in.

It is

Victim Location 37160
Type of a scam Phishing

I have been getting emails stating that people have sent me money through Cash App. I believe that this is a scam.

Victim Location 29172
Total money lost $3,200
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

Stole 3100.00 dollars from my account

Victim Location 85629
Total money lost $341
Type of a scam Tech Support

My initial call was to ask for my cash app card it had been three weeks I'm still waiting for my card and on that day that I called they took $341 out of my cash app account told me to call back in 4 hours and they would fix the problem I told them no they should call me back there the one's with the technical problem when they called back it was less than an hour they still didn't fix the problem so today is the 23rd of September and I did this on September 18th and I'm still waiting for my money they have not contacted me back

Victim Location 77642
Total money lost $5,000
Type of a scam Other

Someone went into my cash app account set up direct debit deposited $0.03 then $0.19 in my account late one night from a Venmo account then used the same account to direct debit over 5000 dollars from my account I woke up to the deposits and withdrawals notifications all down my phone... this happened in august I have yet to get my money back

Victim Location 77093
Total money lost $821
Type of a scam Tech Support

Hi my name is Shirley Linney. I use cash app for alot of things. Mainly for my unemployment. I was havi g a problem useing my cash app card. So i went on line to get customers service number, find out that they stole $821.00 dollars from my cash app account. They had me transfer my money to someone name rhonda. When i realized what happened i called the number back they called from. It was a text now number. When i spoke to the supervisor he said he would give me my money back if i had SEX WITH HIM.

Victim Location 81419
Total money lost $240
Type of a scam Romance

A gentleman accessed my cash app and took 240 dollars to bitcoin and cash app is going to take 60 days to review it.

Victim Location 92019
Total money lost $800
Type of a scam Tech Support

I made an account on Cash App and it was asking me to upload my ID it would not let me upload the ID properly so I looked online for a Cash App phone number. Once I called the number the scammer asked me to download an app to my phone called quick support. Once I did that he remotely entered my phone. He told me I needed to change my Cash app picture so he had me go into my photos and he told me to scroll until he tells me to stop I’m assuming as I was scrolling he remotely went into my cash app sent the money to somebody else and then took what I had in my bank account that was linked to my cash app and sent that somebody else to my bank reimburse me for the 400 that was taken out without my permission and Cash app has yet to refund me the other 400

Victim Location 06330
Total money lost $2,700
Type of a scam Tech Support

Cash app representative scammer

Victim Location 06489
Total money lost $350
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was trying to Purchase concert tickets...the merchant told me they only accept cashapp, I did not know what that was at the time and was told I could cancel the transaction at any time. I sent the $350.00 for the tickets and was instant blocked. The CashApp support took days to answer me and stated there was nothing they could do.

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