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Cash App Reports & Reviews (298)

Victim Location 78245
Total money lost $1,600
Type of a scam Identity Theft

On January 9 2021 my identity was stolen. Who ever did that, got a hold of my card number. They used it so many times that they used over 1600.00 dollars from my account. I have proof that it was not me, I also reported to the police and they are investigating. When I first notified cash app they said they would look into it. I submitted everything they asked for and after only 1 day they said that my case was closed because supposedly I was the one who did make those purchases. There is transactions where I made a purchase in San Antonio and in ten minutes there was a purchase made in Midland. How can someone be in 2 places within minutes when the two city's are 5 hours apart. Cash app will not return or listen to my situation. I have tried several times and they wont work with me, it seems as if they blocked me because my daughters were able to contact them with their information but when I try it no longer works under my account.

Victim Location 92562
Type of a scam Phishing

Person called claiming to be a cash app representative who is calling about a 1000 transfer i authorized then hugged l gives am option u too ignorethe message if i did

authorize the transfer or press 1 to speak to representative. Then the representative went on about ip address claiming mine was connected to el paso Texas and needed to verify my ip and "fix" the error by connecting to their server. Not sure what that could mean for me to do it so i mentioned my disbelief and they even threatened calling the police to resolve the issue. I told him to go ahead!

Victim Location 75236
Total money lost $500
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was calling to get information on my husband's cash app account. This Mike guy was actually impersonating a cash app tech support rep. I should have been more aware when he started asking questions about my personal banking information. I had money in my cash app account they had me to send that to my daughter and then money out of my account to my daughter's cash app and then had her to send it to someone else. I pray that I will get my money back totalling 500 dollars lesson learned it's been said to follow your first mind. Be careful this a cruel world.

Victim Location 48224
Total money lost $7,500
Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

They said the could unlock my atm limit and had to access the account and they took fund from me and my husband cash app and chime account

Victim Location 78723
Total money lost $666
Type of a scam Tech Support

My mother called me saying that someone from “Cash App” was helping her activate her Cash App card. Apparently to do this, I need to accept a request from her for $333. The person on the phone made her do this twice. (Almost three times, but I didn’t have any money left) The money never went to her Cash App.

Victim Location 70126
Total money lost $1,092
Type of a scam Other

I went to a atm machine to get money off my cash app card and my card kept declining. I than google cash app representative line a guy answer he stated that I was on a recorded line and proceed to ask me for my name and what is going on. He said my card was declining because I had a limit told on it. I stated how is that possible when I didn't purchase anything. He stated I had to download any desk on my phone in order to left the hold I ask why I never had a problem before he said ma'ma u have to do this in order to release your funds. I had no clue what any desk was. I downloaded the app once I did that he was able to move any and every thing around in my phone. He took $1092.00 off my card to deposit my money to a Tia a person I never met in my life. He left me .41 cents to my name. By him doing that I am unable to pay my bills. He was able to get my license information, my social security number and other friends information from there cash app

Victim Location 78073
Total money lost $900
Type of a scam Tech Support

So my cash app was closed and it wouldn’t let me cash out my money to my bank so I emailed cash app for about two days and never got a response back. Then this number called me back saying that they worked for cash app and that they were going to help me I’m close my account so I can get my money back to my other account so she told me to download this app called quick support and what that app did was it allowed her to see everything on my screen what I was putting in so she can help me guide me to the process him so she made me cash out my money that I currently had in my cash app to some random bank and I no longer have access to the catch-up anymore and now my money is gone and I really need that money because I need to pay stuff and I keep trying to contact her and she says that it’s in the verification progress and she let me see speak to her supervisor and the supervisor said the same thing that it was gonna take up to 72 hours to be back in my account called again this morning and she wanted me to use the app and I said no I am since you work with cash app can you just guide me through the process and she told me no she gave me her direct line and told me her name is Sandra they call me back again and she tried to say that it wasn’t her that she worked with the verification team this time when she had told me at first she worked with cash app I asked her where is my money because I really need it and she didn’t give me an answer. My mom called her supervisor this morning and he also wanted her to download an app she’s told him no that if this was a scam to let her know when she just really wants to know where my money is at so at this point I don’t know where any of my money is at his loss but I have provided y’all her number below.

Victim Location 36603
Total money lost $231
Type of a scam Tech Support

They remove $231 off my cash app balance in haven’t returned it say it a test refresh and now they want give me my money back

Victim Location 55425
Total money lost $921
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was scammed by a Cashapp employee goes by the name John Williams. $921 dollars was stolen off of my cashapp. Now they want to investigate and not give me my money back.

Victim Location 75216
Total money lost $765
Type of a scam Phishing

This person was selling things on marketplace and other internet places . They was acting like they sell items for personal and business purposes. We exchange one transaction and they met up to sell me item. I sent them payment by cash app and after that I notice different cash app charges where they went phishing and took money from my account. I want my money back I work to hard for my business to have a couple take from me . This is a scam and hacked my cash app and stole my funds. I tried to contact cash app and they would not refund my money . My bank wouldn’t even refund my money they classified cash app as a scam

Victim Location 14217
Total money lost $891
Type of a scam Tech Support

I googled phone number for cashapp and what came up was a phone number that said customer support. I called the number and customer support answered and we proceeded from there. Long story short instead of helping me they stole money from me and I thought they were helping. This is one of many the phone numbers attached above.

Victim Location 28501
Total money lost $45
Type of a scam Tech Support

I tried to contact cash app but some how somebody else called me and was texting me claiming they were from cash app. They had me download a app so they could control my phone. They took my money and deleted my account.

Victim Location 40299
Total money lost $1,200
Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I was calling to get my 1099 form for investing stocks and they said my account was not verified and asked to send cryptocurrency as verification. So I did they then asked for references so they contacted my friends whom I used cash app with. My friend told me to get off because she knew something was off. The next day I went to my bank and they said that they will reject the transaction citing fraud. I originally contacted cash app through their email on the app to get my form, but they have failed over and over again to provide it. I would not recommend using Cash app for terrible customer service and also cash app does not have a phone number for customer service.

Victim Location 37211
Total money lost $1,300
Type of a scam Identity Theft

I was scammed by someone claiming to be a cash app customer service rep. He was trying to help me with my debit card that was declining. He told me I had to download an app called anydesk. He then took all my money that was in there and he said he put into a dummy account. Never heard from him again.

Victim Location 37912
Total money lost $3,284
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was trying to take out my $3284 in an instant transfer and it kept failing so i googled cash app and called the number on the website. I got a rep who claimed they could help me and had me download a special app. It sounded so legit and then they had me switch out my debit card with a card he claimed was cash app and do an instant transfer. Switching screens and making me feel comfortable. I lost my money from a scammer and cash app seems to not want to help or take responsibility for these fake companies. If you need help with your money (I could not get my money out) the natural feeling is you want immediate help and I now find out them not offering that is having their customers fall into the hands of scammers. Seems so unfair. I am a cpa and not gullible and truthfully I am shocked I fell for this well oiled scam but they are very very good at it!!


Victim Location 27801
Total money lost $1,089
Type of a scam Phishing

Cash App I sent some1 to someone she called and said that she had 2 close her account. I asked for refund never got it 1/29 called on 3-2 2 see what was wrong they took me throw several steps 2 trouble shoot the problem but instead they took money out my account

Victim Location 10314
Total money lost $3,298
Type of a scam Phishing

I called cash app for assistance in retrieving money from a old account. They made me download a app to over see what I was doing to help me restore my account. They made me go into my bank account to see if any deposit was made from cash app then told me to verify my account I have to use a code of 999 through zelle for cash app .. I did that.. then another of 200 .. in all reality this was actually money amount being taken from my bank account and going directly to them. They then were helping me retrieve the money back and asked if I can had someone else’s phone near by so I used my dads. They robbed him of 2000$. This is pure disgusted. Cash app doesn’t have a direct line as I found out after.

Victim Location 31061
Total money lost $60
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was getting unlinked from my cash app. Via text alerts. After a phone call yesterday saying that it had been locked from a security issue. I looked online for a phone number to help from cash app. O saw one that seemed legit. But it disappeared after I used it.they remote accessed my phone thru am app. And said we had to verify my ID. And transferred my money from savings to checking and had me send to cash app link a bank of America account transfered to account. But he said it was still in mine. The phone disconnected. When o called back he said his name was mark and I had been scammed.

Victim Location 44105
Total money lost $2,497
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam


Victim Location 44134
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Entered by staff CF

Consumer received card in the mail, reflects her name and address and the card is a black card with only a dollar sign and her name. The paperwork is mostly blank but indicates that there is a QR code to attach the card to her cash app. Consumer is 73 with a flip phone, she does not have a cash app and does not know what it is. There is limited information otherwise. Found similar case via google search while on the phone: ********************************************************************************...

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