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Cash App Reports & Reviews (299)

Victim Location 44134
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Entered by staff CF

Consumer received card in the mail, reflects her name and address and the card is a black card with only a dollar sign and her name. The paperwork is mostly blank but indicates that there is a QR code to attach the card to her cash app. Consumer is 73 with a flip phone, she does not have a cash app and does not know what it is. There is limited information otherwise. Found similar case via google search while on the phone: ********************************************************************************...

Victim Location 37664
Total money lost $450
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

Cash app took hundreds off my card even though it was declined at atm and point of sale they are saying i cant get my money for ten days which is crazy i live paycheck to paycheck and ive seen on social media this happened to alot of people that havent got money back i had then for awhile my dd goes to it the customer service is a joke

Victim Location 30909
Type of a scam Tech Support

cashapp representative said that they were using dummy codes to unlock my sister's(Vivian Williams) account which was hacked. She filed a complaint also. They stole$2,467.00 from my account. My bank (wells Fargo) refused to refund my money and they will not research where this money was sent. I am sickly and have been with this bank for over 20 years. We are about to retire and need our money back Please help me.

Victim Location 85139
Total money lost $600
Type of a scam Other

Cashapp is scamming people! I’ve used cashapp for a few years now to send and receive money with friends and family. In order to send or receive money my pin is required. I woke up Friday 2/19/21 to see that I had paid $500 to an unknown person on cash app. (How??? I was asleep and did not authorize this payment nor do I know the person who I assume is a scammer). I tried contacting cash app by phone and the recording states they don’t take live calls and to contact support via email through the app. Reached out, received a response saying my money would be refunded. 2 DAYS LATER I wake up to $100 transaction sent to ANOTHER unknown person! When I reached out regarding this fraudulent issue today cash app responded saying they closed my claim and would not be refunding my money. I am an honest hard worker and have no reason to lie. Cashapp is terrible and this is why they don’t take calls because they know they are scamming people! If you have a debit card linked to your cash app, remove it! Not that it will help because my second fraud issue with them was after id taken my debit card off of my account. So sad and unfortunate

Victim Location 02301
Type of a scam Identity Theft

I had a cash app someone hacked it changed my email and passcode so i could not access it anymore they kept the account open using a different username meanwhile they are buying and selling bitcoin under my name on the account and cashing out their profit and im getting the 1099-b to file taxes on a profit that a ser has!!!! Theres no live customer service at cash app and they deal with peoples money and have the ss numbers on file thats not good business at all been trying to email them all day with no answers not only do they have scammers that use your identity they are committing tax fraud along with it and the company CASH APP could care less

Victim Location 10029
Total money lost $2,200
Type of a scam Investment

Marla Bryant informed me on Instagram if I send $100 through cash app I would receive $1500. Then I needed to send $300 because I was a chosen 2nd price winner to receive $35,000. Then I needed send $500, the another $300 for activation fee. Then was sent a txt photo of bbb requiring me to send $1100 to receive my money &’ would also be given the $1100 back. I then sent $250 &’ then $450. I have not received anything from anyone but lies and excuses. I’m a sick individual with 4 kids to care for as well, these people knew this. Now Marla Bryant has removed me off her Instagram account because I posted her being a scammer and a liar. I have all the messages &’ receipts.

Victim Location 29568
Total money lost $503
Type of a scam Tech Support

I have been using the cash app for quite a while and one day, the app wouldn't let me cash out to my account. I looked up a customer service number and found one on google. I spoke to a gentleman that was helping me. In the meantime, he gained access to my cash app account and changed all the information on it so i could not longer access it. I am in contact with the actual cash app reps now but not sure if anything can be done.

Victim Location 10034
Total money lost $1,000
Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

On February 3rd my phone was scammed I received a notification in my e mail, it was a confirmation of a transaction my cash app was emptied $1000 were subtracted and went to an individual I don't know, because there's not even a name is looks like an association name, I immediately reported trough the app because they don't have actual customer service to report scams, they just responded declined my request and now I want to open an investigation, how this can be possible that this apps doesn't protect customers with those scams, the money just disappear and conveniently they just respond declining a fraud case, as customer this is frustrating, those are hard times and I can't accept this is happening.

Victim Location 48184
Total money lost $1,000
Type of a scam Phishing

If you call the number on this website />
They act like they are trying to switch over your personal cash app to a business cash app. They then try to have you verify your account by sending money to a "dummy verification account". At that point you cannot receive your money back. They try to verify by having you send all of your funds to them and they lie and say they will send them back.

Victim Location 30114
Total money lost $3,000
Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

They allowed me to set up an account but cannot use my funds or move them and they will not communicate with me about the situation other than one email saying everything is ok. When I try to move the funds away from these crooks, I just get a message that says I will get a response from them in 24 hours. It has been 7 days.

Victim Location 77494
Total money lost $545.53
Type of a scam Online Purchase

An individual attempted to purchase an item I had for sale on eBay. The individual advised payment would be sent they Cash App. I downloaded the app & then the individual supposedly sent the money. I got an email stating the money was received in my account, but I’m order for it to be released, I had to take pictures of the shipping receipt. I did and then about 30 minutes later I got another email from them stating I needed the purchaser to send an additional amount of money to create a business account due to the amount of the transaction. Then it instructed me to resend the additional funds to a phone number thru Apple Pay. I have contacted support via email (no phone number) numerous times receiving the same automated response that they will get back to me within 24 hours and I never hear back. I have explained the urgent situation with no response. Don’t fall for it!

Victim Location 30114
Total money lost $2,600
Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

They allow you to put money in but then it's frozen, you cannot transfer it and they will not respond to repeated communications.

Victim Location 48334
Total money lost $210
Type of a scam Other

Last week, two individuals I don't know attempted to send money to my cash app. One individual I don't know successfuly took 210 from my cash app. This morning an individual I don't know tried to send $150 to my cash app. Cash app has a security issue. I have gotten no help from cash app support to recover my funds or stop others from being defrauded. This can not be allowed. Please investigate.

Victim Location 42104
Total money lost $2,000
Type of a scam Other

A coworker gave our boss a # for customer service at Cash App, or what he believed was a #. Actually, if you google the #

"(860)200-1281 cash app" the first 2 things that come up say it's a Cash App #. Long story short they ended up taking me for $550 and tried to take $15k from my bank acct today(unsuccessfully). CASH APP DOES NOT OFFER PHONE SUPPORT AT THIS TIME. EVERYTHING IS BY EMAIL OR FROM THE APP

Victim Location 45308
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Cash App sent a piece of paper wanting me to scan the QR code and attached to the paper was a Visa debit card. The name was correct on the mailing, but wrong on the card. I did not sign up for this. When I checked into this it was for unemployment. If you did not file for unemployment please do not scan the QR code.

Victim Location 34772
Total money lost $500
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Purchase a phone on offer up but made payment with cash app. As soon as payment was made the seller ceased all communication. Contacted cash but they weren’t not interested in helping or holding the the scammer responsible. Cash app said to request a refund which I did but the scammer request a refund back (for nothing). I thought I was getting my refund ended up loosing more money all together $500. Cash app will not respond to my emails anymore and till this day I haven’t heard from the criminal. I suspect someone linked to cash is committing these frauds

Victim Location 48642
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Over the past year I have been scammed several times by people using Cash App as a way to access my credit card. Early in the year I had my bank replace my credit/debit card, but after three time attempting this I found the scammers were able to access my new card and continue attempting to take funds. I asked my bank to block any attempts by Cash App. But that was not 100% affective since the scammers uses a different name each time.. for example “Cash App Swensuko” or “Cash App Akil Jones”. My current solution is to lock this card which does block any attempt to charge this debit card. This is a problem because there are some creditors I want to be able to charge me for legitimate services. Cash App is an app that allow you to instantaneously send money to family and friends. I used it one time late 2years ago and since then I’ve been the victim of this scam.

I can provide the names of several scammers but your report form only lets me enter one screen shot.

Victim Location 46237
Total money lost $427
Type of a scam Tech Support

This business cash app, has a support tech on its website which goes to a man name Daniel, he took money out of my bank account but won’t refund it back ,

Victim Location 69301
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Received unsolicited cash app card.

Victim Location 31211
Type of a scam Tech Support

Needed help with my cash app and this is the number i was given. They tried to get my bank acct info so they could help me and then when I told them that I didnt have a bank acct they told me to go **** myself

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