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Cash App Reports & Reviews (236)

• Nov 15, 2022

Country United States
Type of a scam Phishing
Initial means of contact Internet messaging (e.g., WhatsApp)

Money been taken from my Cash app account 69.99 I need my refund back on my cash app card ending in 3848 please contact me at 251-648-7982 email me at [email protected]

• Sep 26, 2022

Victim Location 60643
Type of a scam Other

I received two cash app cards in the mail over the past two weeks. I’ve never had Cash App. The cash app cards were mailed to my house addressed to people I never heard of. One card had my deceased husband name on it and the second had both of our name on it. I tried to call cash app using the number on the website with no luck.

• Aug 14, 2022

Square has crap security and crap customer service

3000 stolen by an account named $jackmehoff as a peer to peer payment transaction. I had all of My notifications and security settings on including pin needed to complete any transactions like sending a payment. I notified square immediately that I had not sent this payment and that it was not authorized. My notification had said the other account had made a request for the 3000 And I asked how this could have been fulfilled without my pin. It was also odd because I had received push notification thru the app five days prior that my pin had been changed. Since I had not done that I went into the app changed my pin to something new as well as notifying square support of that oddity. I brought that up again when reporting this situation surprised us with a square did nothing after days of getting the same robot response to change my pin and said the security setting to require pin even though that was already all done before the money was stolen square never once gave explanation for how the transaction could have been done without my pen being used All they said was it was a recognize IP address that allowed the transaction oh they would not give me that information they said they would only give that to the police and the police do not deal with these types of crimes whatsoever which I’m sure Square is aware of this was an inside job I am certain of it I’ve reported to every government agency that I could but I never got my money back or any answers and I completely do not trust Square now I will only put money in the account as needed to pay for some thing with my cash card all banks are a sham that offer virtually no benefit to the consumer Because they’re just scammers Wreaking havoc with their inhumanity

Beat them at their own game do not keep large amounts of money in any bank but especially not the less regulated less secure and less insured nonsense like cash app

To reiterate the pass code had just been changed I had not even used it yet to complete any transaction so even though they say pass code was used that is an absolute lie as far as the known device I don’t know because they would not share the IP address with me so that I could know if it was a known device or not
Square has crap security and crap customer service

• Jul 25, 2022

Victim Location 62230
Total money lost $375
Type of a scam Investment

My friend told me about money filp on cash app and to send someone money and i did and I got **** over out of 375 and the start message everyone and saying I will get 5000 for 500

• Jul 23, 2022

Victim Location 45504
Type of a scam Identity Theft

I received an unsolicited cash app card in the mail. I didn’t open a cash app account. I tried to contact cash app to close the fraudulently opened account in my name and was given the run around. I was told that I would have to log into the cash app account in order to close the account or ask questions. I do not have access to this account as I was not the person whom opened it. It was a total waste of time and the account is still open in my name even thought I reported it to be fraudulent.

• Jul 15, 2022

Victim Location 44077
Type of a scam Other

I received two VISA debit cards (each mailed seperately within a two week period) mailed to my home address. The debit cards do not include a business/sponsor/bank name on either side of the card. They do include my first and last name without my middle initial and each card has a different credit card number, expiration date, and cvv number. The envelopes they were mailed in indicates that they were mailed to me by CASH APP. I did not order these debit cards and have never heard of this company.

Note: I did recently learn from my employer that a fraudulent unemployment claim was received for me. I had already notified the Ohio Job & Family Services, as well as, the credit reporting agencies and my credit card company.

When I contacted CASH APP at ************ (which I found on their website) to notify them of the fraudulent debit cards mailed to me and asked them to close the accounts, .they were not willing to do so without receiving my email address where they would supposedly send me a form to complete to investigate the issue. (I did not provide them with this information.) They indicated that there was no other option for processing my request.

• May 07, 2022

Victim Location 79603
Total money lost $250
Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

Accordingly to Cash app they have no access to the big coin operation I was scammed on on 56 2022 approximately at 1:15 I received a payment from my kids father and approximately at 1:17 my money was gone I tried to contact Cash App bitcoin as well as Coinbase to Novell I wasn’t able to speak with anyone I tried contacting them for at least five hours I had messages from Cash App support stating that they would not investigate my case the money that I received which came on the cash app card was converted to bitcoins and that is supposed to be untraceable I have the information for the person that receive the bitcoin payment as well as their cash app tag I was trying to figure it out on my own because I’ve never experienced this thing as well as I have suffered a stroke and he plays a part in my memory and my actions Scammers have used my picture and my account to spread further scams they have access to my cash app my Snapchat and no one can do anything supposedly

• Apr 21, 2022

Victim Location 54935
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I received a message today from a Jenna Wetzel on Facebook about $5000 being deposited into my cash app. However, she refused to give me a business name and said I must pay a $50 transfer fee and could not tell me why it was needed. After talking with her, I just heard "trust me" over and over and asking me to borrow money to pay the fee. Nobody could pay it for me. I asked her to take it out of the $5000 and she said that was not an option. I didn't lose money but I feel many others may have.

• Apr 21, 2022

Victim Location 70806
Total money lost $980
Type of a scam Phishing

At about 11:40 am on 04-21-2022 I received a call and the person stated he was on the other end who was a foreign speaking male said he was calling from the Cash App Fraud Department. He had all of my pertinent information and verified it with me he even had my LA Dr's Lic Picture. He stated that someone from Dallas, Texas had charged $2,615.00 to my bank account at Capital One Bank. While speaking with him I immediately check my account. There was a pending amount of $980.00 charge to my account. He said that he would have it reversed and gave me a confirmation number; I took a screenshot of the transaction and he wasn't aware of it. He then said that he needed me to cash app a large amount of cash to a family member or friend that I could trust to send the funds back to cash app. At that point I refused and he hung up. Then he called right back from another number that my phone recorded. I called my bank within minutes of the incident and ordered a new bank card and the bank fraud department has been alerted. The initial call came from #: 4-878-352-1739 and he called me back from 48-894-1902 and above this number was PAWLES IS SC.

• Apr 17, 2022

Victim Location 42431
Total money lost $610
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I checked my bank account and it had been drained from cash app by the scammer. $610 gone.

• Apr 12, 2022

Victim Location 32583
Total money lost $762
Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

"A friend" on facebook messaged with an opportunity to turn a small amount of cash into a larger amount. They had me purchase Bitcoin through cashapp and then they would take the Bitcoin, exchange it and then they were to send it back doubled the amount i originally sent. Except i never received anything after sending them the Bitcoin. They drained my bank account

• Mar 16, 2022

Victim Location 54660
Total money lost $40
Type of a scam Phishing

Cash app won't pay me my money back. They've asked for my bank routing number and account number, they've asked for my major credit card number... but still won't give my money back.

Money fraud

• Mar 13, 2022

Victim Location 60644
Total money lost $420
Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I seen this Ad on Facebook about FEMA giving out money so I commented FEMA the person promised me 1,200 if I gave them $100 then I had to pay a fee for $120 and now I got an email for my payment on hold and the only way I can get it was pay a clearance fee for $200 then after that they ask for a Facebook code. Then I seen that they were trying to get into my account they tried to get into my account but with my fast thinking I saved my account Thank God. This is the last thing I need so much has happened.

• Mar 08, 2022

Victim Location 07011
Type of a scam Phishing

Unknown person named Barry Chambers sent unsolicited $100. Did not accept the payment and Contacted Cash app support. They told me to accept the payment and then send it back?! I’m not accepting $&@t! I closed my account with cash app. I read that once you pay the scammer, somehow they get your banking info and drain account.

• Mar 02, 2022

Victim Location 14094
Total money lost $175
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

installed cash app.

cash app was hacked and all the funds in the act was taken.

tried to rectify with the consumer and was denied any and all refunds.

• Feb 23, 2022

Victim Location 32811
Total money lost $1,050
Type of a scam Phishing

hackers have a way of getting into your cash app and changing adding .. using company insignias .. and pocket your money .. while cash app claims it safe and cutting edge tech so hackers cant do these things .. its a lie .. they have taken more than a thousand from me .. and they wont stop and cash app wont fix anything.

the picture .. do you really think i love google that much .. and the charges are not from google. they do stuff like this with many other companies .. i still have pending charges i was charged for from months ago .. i have literally hundreds of charges i did not make and 100 more in asttempts ..

• Feb 22, 2022

Victim Location 32811
Total money lost $1,000
Type of a scam Identity Theft

You will have to take a look for yourself .. but its all being done on cash app ... they habve swendeled m eout of so much money ... they have control of cash app .. for instance there are more than 100 google attempts to charge me and charges on my phone .. but because they have gone a deleting spree they are not showing up now on my laptop .. but there are tons of charges not from google and suerely not from me .. this is like this for many other companies ... MANY !

• Jan 24, 2022

Victim Location 70471
Total money lost $400
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Cash App trying to scam one over on me. This company should be dismantled and they should all go to prison. I’d also like to file claim against them. Would also like someone to contact me if they can I have very important screen shots of what they were trying to do and how they treated me as a consumer and how they were trying to screw me over as a consumer. This is scary that probably most American utilize this company when this is what they are all about. Have numerous screen shots of it all and would like to share. The public needs to be advised

To be extremely cautious of cash app. How is this even still a company?!?!? Honestly, I’m mind blown by the whole situation. My name is **** ****** and my cell is (************ or I can also be reached at ***** ********* Also, I can email the screen shots of the whole convo. Thanks much and looking forward to hearing from you!!

• Jan 04, 2022

Victim Location 19320
Total money lost $233
Type of a scam Credit Cards

This person got my information through would it look like to be a legitimate IRS email. They stole all my information and hit my cash app card for 33.22 on Christmas , and again 1/2/2022 for 173.84 at Target T-2212 location in Brooklyn New York, I'm from Pennsylvania. They placed online orders . I lock my card until I go to use it and replaced the card and they still got my information and used it the SECOND I went to use it!!!Trying to get my funds back . Police report made and IRS notified of this scammer. Cash app is no help.

• Dec 13, 2021

Victim Location 10001
Total money lost $710
Type of a scam Phishing

I asked cash app about a call I received not to long before the night and found out that cash app does not call out ever. I told them about my situation and they gave me some copy and pass generic answer like in case of disbursing you need to do this that and the other and I said what if it wasn’t even me . Nothing no resolution in sight ever . Why is it that banks don’t give the freedom for a person who you never met to get a hold of your debit card number and just drain your account right there and there and cash app can . You literally can create a profile under anyone’s name so a little back ground on that name and figure out all their security measures. If you have that much power and the person who you stole that money could do nothing about it this is theft it’s legitimate theft as long as I have a debit card find out a little info I can get access to a persons life saving I mean are you serious why does this company not take measure like ID ME and why do they get away with it

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