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Cash App Reports & Reviews (299)

Victim Location 94103
Total money lost $800
Type of a scam Other

I was selling my wedding dress on cragslist and I had recieved a message from a gentleman in Georgia that was wanting to purchase the dress so I gave him my cashapp handle and email address and he said that he had sent my money over for the dress and then i recieve a email from cashapp saying that they cant release my money because i didnt have a business acount with them. Im attaching emails that will explain more. stole 200 dollars from me and claim they have no idea what im talking about

Victim Location 32224
Total money lost $2,900
Type of a scam Other

Someone from the "cashapp support" was verifying me to transfer funds to me for a friend. He had me download a support app and gave me directions to verify my account was valid. He said as soon as I transfer money to him he will transfer it back to me. Before I knew it he almost cleaned out the account. I tried to stop the pending payment but it still went through. He even texted me and called the next day to see if I cancelled it. If anyone calls to say that they are from cash app, hang up, it is a scam.

Victim Location 27407
Total money lost $234
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

I rent a truck from burger they refund my money on my cash app cash app said it was refund but never put my money in my account I sent them a message a woman Betty sent a massage about they never got it wen on my app show they did I wasn't only person cash app stole money from my name lattice brown cash app name mother of three phone number **********

Victim Location 77007
Total money lost $1,208
Type of a scam Phishing

I gifted my brother an Amazon Prime membership. He received an email from Amazon, asking him to click a link to proceed with his membership. This link took him to a web page that said his account was locked and he needed to call 1-844-855-1578. that's how the fraud begun.

The person who answered claimed to be from Cash App and said that Amazon was forwarding these cases to them for verification.

He managed to get into my brother's Cash app account, buy $1208 worth of Bitcoin and then sent it to himself. They tried to call again today on 1-808-999-9466, claiming that they wanted to help return the money to my brother, but he didn't fall for it.

Victim Location 38618
Total money lost $1,900
Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I was contacted by a friend to assist her to verify her account through CashApp . Supposedly someone from CashApp contacted me and had me set up a and download “Quick support” app so they can see that it was done properly . But as I thought she sent me a dollar a no as I was sending her back the dollar to verify her account , it did not show I sent her a dollar but showed on my end that I sent her 1900.00 but she swears she didn’t receive any of it and when I asked for the money back they were trying to send it from her account but she did not have the money so it kept showing “Fail” but she was getting emails saying she sent the money back but I was not receiving any money , then as the call progressed they sent some money but it was in pending status but said in order for me to get the rest I’d have to buy Bitcoin and send it to myself but I didn’t get it . I know I’m not computer savvy but felt I was taking advantage of and now I’m out the money and so is my friend .

Victim Location 28210
Total money lost $425
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

I noticed charges from Cash App a few months ago that I did not authorize. I contacted cash app via email and they responded with asking for an extensive amount of documentation which I sent. They replied to my email requesting the same information. There was never any resolve. I requested to be contacted by a human and noone ever responded. Tonight I checked my bank account which is connected to cash app; and there is a transaction for $225 from cash app that I will take a lie detector test to prove that I did not initiate, authorize, or grant approval for from Cash App. I have canceled my bank card once again. Cash app has a breech of security. Cash app has access to millions of people's personal bank account information. The security within the Cash App brand is not secure to any extent. The Cash App brand is putting the privacy and financial information of people in jeopardy every moment that it is still allowed by law to operate. During a pandemic I should not have to have my identity, finances, livelihood compromised by Cash App who does not have any secure protocols to protect identity, financial, banking information from innocent consumers. Also, cash app having business in the uk allows people from the uk to gain access to us consumers banking and financial information when there are no realistic security, identity, fraud protection disclosures protecting us consumers who are being hacked by Cash App. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.


Victim Location 28110
Total money lost $1,464
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

I received money Friday morning to pay bills for my children and for helping a friend. Within 30 minutes 1,464 was gone. Contacted them about what happened. Answered all questions, and still claim has been denied. How? That doesn't make sense.

Victim Location 23464
Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

Initially I was told that if I gave $300 I would get $3500, then I had to pay pvc fees of $500, then transfer fees of $1000. All of a sudden $3500 wasn’t available on $10,200. So I had to give another $700 to get that. Then there were cashier fees of $500, executive fees of $1000, agent fees of $500. Then I had a dispute fee of $800. Then I had to pay a late fee because I should’ve gotten my payment already. Then I had to pay fees because they had to split my payment $500. Then I had to pay fees for the system to complete my payment which were $1000 at a time. Then I had to pay author fees $3000 and I have yet to receive anything.

Victim Location 15235
Total money lost $800
Type of a scam Phishing

I had issues with receiving a cash app, I tried contact the support number with no response. Went to login into another device, still an issue. Googled it online and put in my info and it stated my account locked out to call this number.18882061485– Fraud, do not call. They say they are cash app, resolved my issue and then scammed me, took my personal information, are committing identity fraud and stole 800 from my cash app. cash app, the real cash app says it’s legit. They are all Indian, and they are from the us and are stealing our money! These are the phone numbers!

I’ll put them in the image section. They had me purchase Bitcoin and stole it from me. I ha s the wallet I’d as well as screen shots. I sent cash app messages while they were doing this and they are saying this is legal and this can happen to us! $800 is a lot of money when we are going theu this pandemic. These people need to pay....

Victim Location 12771
Total money lost $6,755
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Hello my name is Jessica My cash app was locked on Thursday April 22 2020 and cash app told me it will take 24 hr to unlock my account.I waited the 24 hr and my account was still locked. So I called the two number I found for cash app the first one is 1800-969-1940 and I pushed one for someone to call me back and I waited then I called the sec number 1-850-706-5343 and a guy name skymaid and I told him what was going on with my account and he had me download an app to help me and four the last 4 days he has been calling me back to back telling me he was trying to help me unlock my account he had me buy 6300 dollar of gift cards that he said was going to go on my new cash app account I never dealt with stuff like this before so I believe him and now I have no money I'm out of $6.755 and idk what to do can someone please help me my email address is

*********************** my full name is ******* **** ******

Victim Location 97756
Type of a scam Phishing

My fiance' and I have Cash app accounts. He gets his paycheck directly deposited into his cash app account then sends it to my cash app because his card stopped and they have yet sent him a new one. We have done this transactions during the day and I pay the fee to have it transferred to my bank linked to my cash app. Wednesday around 3:13am Jeremy sent it to me. I kept checking it and it said it will deposit shortly, around 4:08am is when i received the email saying its available then 4:24 an email for confirmation code, same time an email saying my email was unlinked , my phone number unlinked, and my notifications unlinked. Those emails is what I read around 5:30 am when i woke up to check my cash app to see if it was deposited and i have a 2 bitcoin transactions equally the amount that was deposited at 4:32am and 4:36am bitcoin was withdrawn. But yet it showed on cash app my deposit wasn't available until 5:32am... I immediately contacted cash app support at 1-800-969-1940 it said call back during business hours or go on the app for chat support i did that and they said they would contact me shortly between 9am-9pm ET. I talked to someone at Cash app since no one was responding on chat she filed a fraudulent activity and said they will email me after the investigation and could take up to 10 business days. I finally got a response from the chat and they said they escalated my case and team is working hard to resolve it. I tried calling cash app this morning and the answering machine said they are not accepting calls because of the overflow of calls they have been receiving. I called back and the machine said a representative will contact me when they are available and hung up on me every time. I finally received an email saying first paragraph saying they want to figure this out asap and they will check my account and see what happened. Then next paragraph thank you reaching out. Based on the information which was hardly anything (because the fraud department wont contact me) they said there isnt enough evidence to file an unauthorized activity claim on my behalf. When yet they have an email of [email protected] on my cash app account when my email was taken off. They said i could contact my local law enforcement and they gave me a address and link. I also asked for a transcript of my session with them on chat support. They said they dont do that but will let the team know. What a scam and joke. the whole site is very phishy. They never give you a straight answer or there answer doesnt make sense. please spread the word to everyone you know and maybe we can get someone to help file a lawsuit against Cash app.

Victim Location 37890
Total money lost $335
Type of a scam Online Purchase

They catch you by doing transactions so you call to get refund. Then they send you through numerous verification and I was one of the stupid ones. They took all money from bank and in my cash app. To do verification. Then they keep telling you they need someone on your list you do transfers like payments. Then they tried to scam them also

Victim Location 95746
Total money lost $7,490.95
Type of a scam Phishing

posed as Cash App Agent, used name Mike Foster, Id #ZD110089, Cash app name $Dmiller and $mikehhsg, took $4,007.60 in cash, from my Cash app, and $3,483.35 in bitcoin. Cash app won't take any responsibility for "unauthorized transaction" because it was done thru a known device. iI shouldn't matter what device is used in the crime, I'm saying this was "unauthorized," it should be considered "unauthorized!" if you made an error in an account number and you sent cash to someone you didn't even know, could you not get that back? God forbid that to happen, but human error does accur?What happened to intent to commit a crime? This person clearly had intent to commit a crime, and he is attached a Chase Bank atm#4347 6980 3958 9119?

Victim Location 27330
Total money lost $2,930
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

I thought I was getting my cashapp limit raised and I had two different cashapps so I thought I was just sending one cashapp to another then they changed my cash tag and my email and I can't access it anymore

Victim Location 60540
Total money lost $3,700
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

they conevinced me I had money coming the took over my account

Victim Location 14619
Total money lost $2,600
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

Someone called me from cash app support and said they were helping me with a deposit hold release of 250.00 cash app still did not give me back till this day as of March 27 2021 someone called me pretending to be cash app support and had me send them 1500 they sent back n then continued to take cash out my account totaling 2690.00 cash app send me an email stating that I could not get my funds back and that’s not fair because someone hacked their support team and steeling cash from me

Victim Location 92833
Total money lost $50,000
Type of a scam Phishing

Cash app has literally stolen money out of my bank account and there is no way of me getting it back this is the biggest bs company do not use cash app and if anyone can help me please contact me I’ve lost everything

Victim Location 43203
Total money lost $170
Type of a scam Credit Cards

My daughter transferred her unemployment money from ReliaCard to CashApp and was trying to send it to me. I was having trouble with CashApp, so I Googled the customer service numer for CashApp and called 850-848-3884. I spoke to Harvey. He had me download AnyDesk app on my phone. He told me to give him the code number to connect him remotely to my phone, then to choose I trusted the number, then start now, then open my CashApp account. Then he began sending requets for money. My daughter was then able to send me the $170, but he took it and sent it the money to Tara M******. When I called Harvey he told me I'd been scammed and to stop wasting his time. We are living in a hotel room, and we needed to pay the manager, and now we are being put out. It was the last little bit of money we had.

Victim Location 84020
Total money lost $990
Type of a scam Identity Theft

I needed to contact CashApp customer support inquiring a refund, so I turned to google to provide a phone number that would get me to customer service. When i called, i was redirected to a "representative" on another line, who had me download a screen sharing app and then proceeded to ask me to do things like log into my bank account and transfer money from my savings to my checking, and send $ in large sums to a person i trust via cashapp. I got my grandma on the line and merged the call, and the guy on the phone advised me to send her $990 and she confirmed she'd send it back. Only when she sent it back, it never came back to me and instead my cashapp said I paid $990 to someone (or company) named Ezekiel Campos. and then the guy was off the phone before we could address the issue. He also had me verify my account on CashApp using photos of my ID, which means he has those photos since i took them when he was able to see my screen. Looking back, I can't believe i fell for it because there were so many red flags, but the fact is I did and now i'm in touch with the police (who advised me to report this to the FBI), my bank, and the dmv. This is no joke and I am so sorry to everyone who falls victim to this. Please take whatever action necessary, thank you so much!

Victim Location 89128
Total money lost $5,000
Type of a scam Phishing

Where is my money I’ve called the news station I’ve called my lawyer apparently peoples money keep disappearing from Cash app with no explanation I sent a $5000 transfer to my bank cash app said that it was completed but it is no where to be found where is my money

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