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Unknown Reports & Reviews (1395)

Victim Location 26150
Type of a scam Phishing

There was a voice message on my home answering machine where the caller simply said hello, (my first name). I read, on another web site, that this type of call is used to get you to say 'Yes' so they can use your voice confirmation in fraudulent activities. This web site had a comment to report the number here on

Victim Location 32953
Type of a scam Utility

We received a phone call from a Rickey King on Feb 26, 2018. They said they had federal program whereby they could reduce your electric bill.An appointment was set up for Wednesday, 2/28 at 9:00 am. On Tuesday February 27 at 7:55 am we received a phone call from a person named John who confirmed our appointment on Wednesday at 9:00am. He said he assumed we had power of attorney. I said what do we need a power of attorney for and he hung up. They never showed up. The persons names on the caller id and their telephone numbers are as follows: Rickey King (407) 474-0790 and Jennifer Dennis (407) 952-4595. This is assumed to be a scam because there is no federal program that reduces your electric bill. I called FPL and they said they were not aware of any such program. The scammers also asked if we were beween the ages of 70 and 85.

Victim Location 63701
Total money lost $349
Type of a scam Tech Support

This number called my grandpa as soon as his computer went down. They "fixed" the problem after 349.00 was paid. I called the number back and they refused to give me any info and hung up on me when I asked them to prove they weren't a scam

Victim Location 37363
Type of a scam Phishing

The man on the other end of the call said, "I'm an advisor on a recorded call. Can you hear me OK." I instinctively said Yes without thinking, Then the call disconnected. The phone number is a landline, but without paying a fee I can't find out who the owner of the line is.

Victim Location 62226
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I believe this to hsve been a new form of the yes scam. The young lady called from a cell phone number that looked recognizable and so I answered. She asked, " Is this ***?"(my name) and I of course said yes. She proceeded on with..."You recently visited..."

I hung up cutting her off in the middle of her call and blocked the phone number

Victim Location 80521
Type of a scam Rental

Under the name of Michael R***, a housing posting in *** *** ** advertises a fully furnished place for around $650-$750 a month. Do not send this person any information because it is fake. He says he is away in *** and cannot meet in person but the leasing office associated with the address he provides (*** *** **) says that they have no information on the person and the photos he has posted are fake.

Victim Location 67037
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Recorded message supposedly from 509-588-7556 saying they had issued an arrest warrant in consumers name and if she didn't call immediately they would come and arrest her. She did not respond to them.

Victim Location 77364
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Phone call wanting if I had Medicare, what parts I had, A & B, is card red, white and blue. Inquired why they were calling me. They stated because I needed to apply for Medicare or had inquired about medicare. Once I started asking more questions, they hung up. Number located in New Waverly, TX.

Victim Location 91748
Type of a scam Other

Recorded my "Yes" response then hung up immediately. I received this call on 2/20/2018 11:23 AM pst

Victim Location 77523
Type of a scam Phishing

got a call on mobile phone " this is joe have your neighbors been having phone problems ? Can you hear me ? "

Victim Location 98229
Type of a scam Online Purchase

So someone posted that they were selling a parrot on craigslist with only a number attached. (240) 630-1816

I did some research and found the number was being used to sell monkeys on various different pet selling sites. When I texted the person they never told me the type of parrot until I asked for a pricing. They asked very odd questions which had very poor English. Their posting was for Bellingham WA, but the number is from Washington MD. They said they lived out of state and either I went to Atlanta GA to pay $550.00 dollars for the bird or payed $700.00 online. Which I automatically knew it was a scam being that you are not allowed to post out of state ads on craigslist.

This person needs to be taken down. So many people are falling for these scams. They are paying for pets that they are not getting.

-Here are my screenshots from google voice and what I found online: (text) (text) (google search)

Victim Location 62234
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Recording claims that you have been served with 2 issues of fraud against Bank of America. Called number multiple times only to get hung up on.

Victim Location 66225
Type of a scam Credit Cards

The male individual that called was claiming to work for an “unmentioned” company that would be able to assist with lowering credit card debt. He had a Middle Eastern accent and was very insistent on getting my credit card information. When I asked him to give me his company name and a number I can call back he hung up.

Victim Location 92592
Type of a scam Phishing

Caller attempts to get you to say "this is (your name ) over a recorded line.Then hangs up. Call back and phone is disconnected.

Victim Location 26505
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I was contacted with an automated warning that my interest rate on my credit card would not be dropped if I did not hit “1” on my phone. I suspect this is also a cell phone identity theft using an elderly person’s phone number. (The person listed under the number was over 70 years old). I hung up the call. There was no indication the caller had any of my personal information (no name, type of card, etc).

Victim Location 80550
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Leaves me voicemails several times a day. Calls himself Mason S*** (or S***?) and threatens me. Says he's coming to my home and work to serve me papers- and that I'm going to jail if I don't call him back. He says in the voicemails that I will face legal repercussions and he will call my local PD to have me arrested if I don't answer my door when he or his agents come to my home. He says he'll be there within 48 hours. He has no regional accent, he is a middle age or older white guy, and there is no noise in the background on the voicemails. I block the calls, so he just fills up my voicemail box with messages.

Victim Location 48466
Type of a scam Government Grant

Someone created another account posing as my uncle, messaged me saying he was looking for ways to spend his grant $, which is believable because my uncle is a county commissioner. We then called my uncle to see if it was him, and it wasn’t. I was being directed to follow a link to a “recruiter’s” messenger to help me “apply for the grant too”

The message with the link was:

This is the online agent who helped me get mine, her name is Sarah Kecy. Click on the link, it will direct you to her messenger page. Add her and send a message that you want to apply for a grant

Victim Location 97539
Type of a scam Phishing

I got a call answering with my name since I am a realtor. They asked, "is this *name*? And I said yeah. Then they hung up... I remembered hearing about the yes scam and now I'm worried... Not sure if yeah works... There was talking noise in the back ground like they were in a call center.

Victim Location 48309
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Possible scam alert from 313-406-7662 robo-call "can you hear me clearly/" I answered yes before I realized it was an automated call. Be careful on this one. This phone number should be shut-down Not scammed yet but I am alerting my bank not to accept any unusual charges. I believe I am on the do not call list.

Victim Location 80504
Total money lost $750
Type of a scam Tech Support

This number continuously calls saying that my computer has a virus and that my information is being used in *** and this could jeopardize my life in the **, I fell for this and paid them the money to protect me. They now never stop calling me. When I did fall for this as soon as I paid them I heard cheering in the background and heard someone say "Stupid Americans"

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