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Unknown Reports & Reviews (1389)

Victim Location 31324
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I receive an automated call from this number almost daily. Today I decided to press "9" to reach an associated. When the associate answered I kindly asked David to remove my number from his calling list. He proceeded to tell me that I would never be removed from his list. I said "excuse me", then he repeated to tell me that my number will never be removed from his list. I reminded him that he could not give me an answer like that and that I was reporting him. I then hung up he phone. I am unable to block the number because the number always starts with my extension 912-856-xxxx, but the last 4 are different every time.

Victim Location 65721
Type of a scam Other

I received a message to call this number for my refund. When I called the number to see what refund may be due to me, the lady was foreign and spoke very quickly making it impossible to understand her. Immediately after hanging up this call another number started calling, and left a message saying the thing.

Victim Location 43560
Type of a scam Phishing

I'm not sure the type of scam to report. Here is what happened. A caller at 567-298-6673 called. Asked for me by name. My wife said, "yes." Then, the caller hung up. We believe this is a type of scam whereby the perpetrator then tries to use the recorded "yes" to make fraudulent transactions on our behalf.

Victim Location 77304
Type of a scam Debt Collections

This woman called my dad and left info for me to call about a legal matter I had. I have no legal matters so I called and was told they have me on video taking a tv from Okinus. I've never heard of them and most importantly I stole nothing. I told her it wasn't me, get the video, please. She says have to get a court order to get video. What I don't understand is why a court order would be needed to get video evidence from your client. Makes no sense! Then she told me I needed to grow up, at that point I busted out laughing and she said I need to handle my responsibilities and hung up.

Other info: 512.290.9980 called from this number and left 844 number. Linked to Peerless Network of Texas.

Okinus says I have an account sent to collection and the collection company (866.663.4065) has no record of me at all.

Victim Location 30236
Type of a scam Phishing

I do not know who this is that keeps calling, but they are EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE. I have repeatedly put this number on my anti-spyware "Blocked Numbers" list; also on my "Blocked Numbers" app list, but these calls AND VOICEMAILS KEEP COMING THRU. I do not answer calls from unknown numbers, and I delete voicemails from unknown callers before their message even starts. Please help to STOP THESE AGRESSIVE CALLERS!! Thank you so much.

Victim Location 18966
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received a phone call saying this company was the IRS and I was being sued.

Victim Location 62701
Type of a scam Phishing

Recieved a call from an Unknown caller which I never answer. This one actually left the following message:

"This is an urgent messaged intended for (my sister's name who is disabled btw). My name is Ashley and I am contacting you in regards to some documents I've been received down to my office for consideration of the legal action including a law suit and complaint with the court to discuss four pending actions that may be filed against you. You will need to immediately contact the firm directly handling your file. The number is 855-475-0025 reference your file number 225124. This is a time sensitive matter and if they don't receive a response they will be forced to make a decision without your participation and please advise all my calls are logged and submitted as proof the efforts have been made to notify you about these legal actions in a timely manner."

Victim Location 23693
Type of a scam Tech Support

This call came in with the above phone number and caller ID of I Dean. He sounded foreign and when I asked not to be called, he became agitated. I told him call was being traced and he proceeded to give me a hard time and I told him to stop harassing me. He said he hadn't made any sexual remarks. I answered him with harassment isn't always about that. I finally hung up but he called again and left me a very graphic and very nasty message of what he would do to me all night.

Type of a scam Other

being blackmail for money or he will release sex pictures of me to my friends

Victim Location 79912
Type of a scam Phishing

Called knowing my name. Immediately after answering I could tell the call was being recorded. Tried to get me to stay on line and disclose personal information.

Victim Location 77354
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Leaves a voice mail that says "Get expired have ___ that you will be ___ custody by the local ___ are ___ serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment we would request you to get back to us that we can discuss about this case for taking any legal action against you the number to reach us is 518-636-7698 repeat 518-636-7698 thank you"

Victim Location 91768
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I recieved a phone call with a robo call behind it telling me this was important informaiton regarding my credit card. I only answered because of the area code and thought it was work related. I hung up immediately.

I did research and found out the number belongs to Raymond Keith, a contractor. It probably isnt him and some scammer is using it as a cover but Its important to know.

*** *** *** *** * *** *** *** ** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** * * *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***  

Status on April 2017 is below (click link above for current status):

License is current and active.

Victim Location 77619
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I received a call on my cell phone from 409-338-8172 listed as Beaumont, Texas.

Automated voice stated: Press 1 to speak to a representative about lowering your credit card rate....

Me: What card are you calling in reference to?

?: Your visa/MasterCard

Me: Do you have my CC information?

?: Do you have a visa/MasterCard?

Me: I have a visa debit card, but no MasterCard. I'm done answering your questions. Do you have my CC number?

-phone call ended by caller

-the caller never stated the company he represented

I dialed the number which was on my caller ID, it rang several times and then the "disconnected" tone melody played

Victim Location 23322
Type of a scam Credit Cards

This person asked for VIN report from because the bank said the report had to come from this site. after entering the credit card information on my note pad, the site changed the number on of the card i was entering. so i went to my computer and typed in in google and this scam alert came up. Because I did enter my credit card number but did not submit, i am notifying my bank to be on the lookout.

Victim Location 60608
Type of a scam Debt Collections

stated that ill be arrested if i dont contact them asap. I only received a message on my phone and its not the first time.

Thank you for your attention,

Type of a scam Credit Cards

By my estimation, I have received somewhere in the area of one HUNDRED phone calls with this scam over a 3 to 4 year period. I even changed addresses and phone numbers in 2017 and it has followed me ! It starts with a robocall (always the same) in a female voice that sounds to be southern United States accent. The pitch is - "we have made several attempts to contact you regarding your credit card rate". This is your final warning. You are then instructed to "Press 1" to continue. 9 times out of 10 I just hang up but every now and then I feel in a "sporting mood" so I Press 1. The person on the other end is male. Owing to the accent and busy background noise my best guess is that this is coming from one of those call center scam sites in Pakistan or India. I have had a lot of fun with these clowns. I've fired off air horns into the phone, played loud rock music, I've even told them I'm Vladimir Putin or a senior Scotland Yard cyber crime investigator ! The latest one ( yesterday, March 20th, 2018) got profane and vulgar with me on the phone. I spent 38 years at sea as a mariner. Let's just say when I far out did his profanity and vulgarity back at him - HE HUNG UP !

Nothing seems to deter these [censored]s. It will ease up for a week or two but sure enough " good old robocall credit card girl" starts up again from a different phone number ! As I noted earlier, this has been going on with me at TWO different addresses, TWO different home phone lines, with TWO different service providers for roughly FOUR years now ! The call block telephone feature will usually work for a bit but they circumvent that, I believe, by having a virtual bank of fake phone numbers they robocall from. They just reload and start in again from another fake number, on and on and on.

This is a pure unmitigated SCAM I feel, targeting peoples credit card info so that if you foolishly give it to these criminals, your credit card will be cleaned OUT !

Victim Location 75142
Type of a scam Debt Collections

They called with some of my information email, phone, social security was off by a digit, drivers license number was wrong, had my birthday correct though said a us Marshall and court clerk were going to serve me with papers about a debt that's not even mine. I am worried they will use my info for fraud, every time I call back they hang up the phone and won't talk to me anymore since I told them it's not my debt and I don't be paying take me to court. Seems very fishy and wrong

Victim Location 28803
Type of a scam Phishing

Simple phone call asking if I could hear him ok. He said my name is joe and I’m calling on a recorded line can you hear me ok.

Victim Location 44904
Type of a scam Other

I got a phone call from this number. 'A man said this is Josh from customer service. Can you hear me okay?'

Victim Location 92020
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Keep getting repeated phone calls from 619 980 5888. Caller says I won a vacation and asks if I am over 28. After hanging up, I called back. Female with Indian accent answered and pretended to not know what was going on and told me "not to worry about it". These calls are received several times a week and are unsolicited and unwanted!!!!

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