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Tech Support

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Tech Support Reports & Reviews (80)

Victim Location 14823
Type of a scam Tech Support

These ppl are foreigners calling in the middle of the night, stating that they've encountered computer problems on your computer. I've asked that they take us off Thier calling list and they state that they're still going to call & they still do in the middle of the night

Victim Location 50023
Type of a scam Tech Support

Shane Williams called me on my cell phone and said that I had errors on my computer and needed to fix them.

Victim Location 22030
Type of a scam Tech Support

The person called and said they were with tech support and asked if they should remove my number.

Victim Location 94553
Type of a scam Tech Support

An ad in the right-hand column of Facebook had a picture of Harrison Ford with the words "R.I.P Harrison Ford 2017".

My wife clicked on the ad and it locked up her web browser with a pop-up window that claimed to be "Microsoft Support" trying to help her fix an alleged spyware or virus they falsely claimed had been detected on her computer.

Victim Location 27604
Type of a scam Phishing

Person says Mrs Lew, there I are 2 people watching everything you do on your computer.

I said which compute for, we have several.

He alluded to an IP address that was being watched.

Hung up, person called again, told him not to call again'

I have had similar calls saying they were Microsoft support and I had a problem with my computer.

Victim Location 96786
Type of a scam Tech Support

I got a call that my computer was infected by a virus.  I gave them access and they locked my computer.  I then knew it was a scam.  I will have to go get my computer fixed.

Victim Location 15234
Type of a scam Tech Support

Call saying they were Microsoft tech support trying to help with updates that weren't going through. They knew my email address claiming they had emailed to say the call would be coming. No such email is in my inbox. My computer crashed several weeks ago. My fear is that this was the next step to get into my accounts.

Victim Location 96701
Type of a scam Tech Support

I get calls from people saying that my computer has a virus.  I never give out personal information because I know it is a scam. 983-147-6055

Victim Location 37209
Type of a scam Tech Support

Contacted initially by a caller from tel # (925) 123-4567 who said that they were taken over tech support from a company that I worked with last November that did virus protection work but were put out of business by the FTC as they were actually placing malware on computer. Can't recall the name of the company but they were supposedly part of a conglomerate that included My PC.The caller initially identified himself but when I asked for his name and name of his company as I wanted to contact the FTC, he hung up. This occurred on Monday September 26.This morning (wed) got a call from a company identified as "tech Support" that claimed it had taken over the business from the company as the "BBB" has shut them down for not providing the support promised.I told them about the call on Monday and they checked the number and said it might originate in Russia.I set up an appointment for tonight but grew suspicious of the BBB "shutting" them down.Tried to call this number: 561-429-7388 but it was Majic Jack account with full or no mailbox. Caller at this number was named Dylan, Called local BBB and confirmed that this was not something they did. (note: were suppose to call me back

6 PM Wednesday night and did not).

Victim Location 30809
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received call from 310-415-6129 at 12:27 PM on June 6, 2016. The female caller said they had gotten my computer ID. This person had a foreign accent and when I asked what information they had received they started laughing and hung up. I gave them no information. On June 4, 2016, they also called from the same number and left no message so I thought it was probably a scam both times.

Victim Location 38139
Type of a scam Tech Support

I got a message that a 3rd party website was in my phone. And IOS is blocking me from using the internet. To fix call toll free @ 18663371264

Victim Location 38135
Type of a scam Tech Support

I recd a call at 10:10 AM this morning & I spoke w/a man (had a foreign accent) who stated my computer had spyware/malware and it was corrupted and had to be cleaned out. I told him that AT & T normally does not call so I told the man I was going to check w/AT & T. I called AT & T to verify information; they do not call.

Victim Location 72120
Total money lost $600
Type of a scam Tech Support

My 91 year old grandmother told me that she got a popup on her computer claiming her computer had a virus and she was not able to click on anything further until she clicked through the questions on the popups. She said that someone named "VK" contacted her and got her to pay $600 with her VISA card for tech support from them to clean up her computer and for 365 days of service. I am not sure if they contacted her by phone or via the computer. I called them back for her to see about a refund and they said they would only refund $150.00. It was a middle eastern man who answered, who said his name was "TeeJay". "TeeJay" made me send him a confirmation email saying that we agreed upon a $150.00 refund and that the amount would not be disputed any further. I sent the email from her email address as a reply to the receipt they had sent her for the $600.00 charge. I feel like this is not a real company. They downloaded things onto her computer without her knowledge, and I believe they took advantage of her because she is 91 and did not fully understand.

Victim Location 12182
Type of a scam Tech Support

They call and tell me they owe me a refund and the ( tech ) needs to get into my computer to refund my money.He also called here and my room mate was asked if she could accept the refund. He just needed her bank info so he could deposit the $400.00 dollars in her account. Luckily she didn't do it. This is the phone number their calling from 1-212-650-7149. I hope this helps someone else. Thank you

Victim Location 13439
Type of a scam Tech Support

Middle Eastern accent. He said i was detected to have computer problems. I acted helpless and played along as this is the (at least) 4th call I've had. He seemed to get excited when I acted all nervous about having computer problems. He said, "yes, this is an emergency call, turn on your computer !" Wanted me to open my web browser and type in He had me repeat and spell it. A cell phone number came up as : Cell Phone NY 1-516-635-4085. I told the caller to never call me again. I have reported this to the Do Not Call Registry as well.

Victim Location 73044
Type of a scam Tech Support

Person calls saying they are from tech support, and your computer is sending them messages, you need to boot up and hook them up remotely to get the issue fixed. Of course that would open your computer up for all info to be stripped.

They call once or twice a week. Being on the no call list doesn't matter, you cannot report them as its from a different number everytime.

Victim Location 63049
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received two phone calls today from someone claiming to be Tech Support. They said I need to turn my computer on because it has a virus and they will fix it for me. I hung up on them.

Victim Location 49286
Type of a scam Tech Support

These people call all the time. Computer maintenance company. called at 7:00 AM before I was even out of bed.

*69 showed the phone number as 878 559-4877 Calling from Computer technical service in a foreign accent.

Victim Location 83799
Type of a scam Tech Support

Calling from a NJ number 856-325-8925. Claiming to be at Microsoft in California, Scammer try to acces your computer by getting your Mac Address.

I never give out this info. I don't recommend giving out this info to anyone ever. It's just like giving them your password.

My Wife has been called twice today and over the last 6 months about 10 more times.

Please be careful.

Victim Location 49645
Type of a scam Tech Support

a large white message popped up stating message from webpage and then said that my computer had suspicious activity on it and I needed to call Microsoft tech support at this number 1-855-912-6201. when I called the person that answered was indian sounding said that he could not work on the computer because it was not my computer so he could not fix the problem and hung up on me I tried to call back and he was rude and hung up again I tried a third time and it played music no talking then automatically hung up

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