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Tech Support Reports & Reviews (85)

Victim Location 70072
Type of a scam Tech Support

Tech support called my phone saying the company had closed and that I have a 300 dollar credit. Then he goes on to tell me that I owe 675dollars then from there told me I owe two more hundred to keep my serves. So they as me to type the numbers on the phone but I type them wrong so he got up set then he said I needed to go to Wal-Mart n get two cards n load 500 each n give him the number so I can pay them then when I look he was trying to run that amount in my checking which is on file.. So I calle d my bank and stop payment but the bank had stop it already.

Victim Location 43220
Type of a scam Tech Support

First call, a service I had ordered (which I did not) and a few days later, both from 844-563-5666. A few days later, same message, 855-916-6111. Someone is trying to get my account number and phone number. Sit in front of the computer and call this number 844-520-6222, they will tell me what to do. I have not as yet taken the number off my phone if this is all you need please let me know so I can take the calls off my phone. Mostly the same voice, not native American, middle age woman. I am tired of calls. Also I get calls from Not Available. So I am also not available so I do not answer.

Victim Location 83201
Type of a scam Phishing

I am reporting that on 3/27/19 I received 3 calls from the same phone number claiming that I have some kind of computer service and explaining that they are now out of business. They requested that to receive my refund I will need to call them at the same number called. I did not answer or return the call. Instead, I blocked that number. The number was 1-315-314-4129. I still have the recordings if you have any interest. I hope no one gets this call and calls back as it appears to be a scam/phishing kind of call. It was also a robocall. Thank you. --Reporting Party in Idaho

Victim Location 83709
Type of a scam Tech Support

This call came in early am claiming my computer was sending bad messages. My computer crashed 2yrs ago and all I have is a small kindle reader.

Victim Location 85730
Type of a scam Tech Support

These people are scamming as Windows computer techs. They are not. Do not get in arguments or tell them to stop calling. They will wait an hour and call back. They seem to think it's funny. No matter what you say or reason with them, it will not work. It only encourages them to keep calling back.

Victim Location 43215
Total money lost $10
Type of a scam Tech Support

Rose contacted our office regarding how to access her Yahoo acct. since she was locked out by using a phone number provided. She states in order to get the access she needed she was told to purchase a Google card for $10 and she did. Then call them back at 888-884-1121 to give them the authorization code and she did.

They then asked her security info to log into her acct. She gave them that information. She then called BBB.

Victim Location 97520
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I got a pop-up that says I have 6 viruses on my Android and it freezes my Google chrome. It directs you to call either 855 922 0204 or 855 400 0164. A guy answers, always the same guy, and will say [censored] off you b*tch if you point out they're evil scammers. The website is getsupportwebalert.gahelp-center.php?android (or something close, it's hard to get the whole thing because it freezes.) .ga is the country of Georgia. According to other accounts it's a scam that will tell you Verizon or AT&T have something or other for you and they get your bank info.

Victim Location 83404
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received calls stating their is something wrong with my computer

Victim Location 31907
Type of a scam Tech Support

A computer-generated female voice-message was left on our voicemail on Tuesday 1/22/19, saying: "the computer repair service you paid for needs to be refunded, as our business (not named) is being forced to close. To get your refund, call: 844-386-8578." I did not call the number, because I had not paid for computer services, and the call was obviously a scam. The message was suspicious and poor-quality in every way. I Googled the number and found 2 complaints online, describing the same message/scam. I tried reporting it on the FTC website but could not do so because of the government shut down.

Victim Location 13760
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a call from this number wanting me to turn on my computer and type in some keys on the keyboard granting them access to my computer information. Appeared wanting to compromise sensitive information.

Victim Location 43502
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received numerous calls. Yesterday 13 calls in 4 hours. They want to access my computer to fix Microsoft, before I use my on-line banking. My bank knows nothing about it. Several website discuss this phone number harassing calls.

Victim Location 63670
Type of a scam Tech Support

The first time they contacted me was when I lived in Kennett, Mo they had gotten into my computer or website and had a warning message on the screen that I could not remove so I called the number and it cost me to get them to remove it but of course they were being the good guys. A few months after they called and it cost me another 99 dollars. the next time they called I had already had a reliable security company installed. This time they are telling the has told them to refund money to people but the wanted me to let them into my bank info and the man got mad when I refused and wanted to know why I would not allow them access and I told them that I had listened to the warnings about scams, he the got mad but I told him if he wanted to send a refund he could send it by mail then I hung up

Victim Location 57104
Type of a scam Tech Support

Left message stating they were tech support.

Victim Location 29829
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a phone call from Kansas City, KS asking if i remembered reporting computer problems. Immediately hung up. Beware! This is a scam!

Victim Location 80528
Type of a scam Tech Support

Phone number showed up as phone support for google in tech support search. Called number and they (sounded like India) asked for remote access to PC through logmein, in their process to fix problem with Chrome. They initated logmein and pin was entered. Then they transferred call to another person who became beligerant in not getting further remote access. Hung up on them and closed logmein. Searched this phone number and found it was listed as a scam #.

Victim Location 23513
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a pop-up message on computer screen stating Microsoft Windows Services will be stopped and you will not be able to use your computer...unless you call 855-214-0954. This is a scam do not call the phone number.

Victim Location 92201
Total money lost $500
Type of a scam Tech Support

A little over a year ago I signed up online for a tech support due to computer issues. I researched the company and it had excellent ratings. I realize during the process this isn't right. The guy did have a foreign accent with an American name and kept wanting access to my computer. At one point the guy was yelling at me over the phone and being verbally aggressive over the phone. They also kept asking me for other devices in the home, fax machine, computers another email etc. They kept calling me over and over.

Now there calling and wanting to give a refund for past tech support of $400.00. They bring up the BBB wanting them to give back money for computer support & how customers weren't happy with the services.

Victim Location 43207
Type of a scam Tech Support

A woman called and said "We're going out of business and we want to know if you want your money back, and if you do call 844-378-3444".

Victim Location 13027
Type of a scam Tech Support

Claimed i was owed a refund on previous expense for tech help. Did use tech help twice. insisted they take over my computer and I should sign into my bank so they could send me money, then my screen goes black. They send a confirmation of money put in by my printer, still can't see bank so do not know what is going on. Then it's they gave me too much money, I have to go get them gift cards to pay them back! Manage to see my accounts to find they just transferred $ from one of my accts to another and never gave me anything.

Extricated my self, removed their softwares put into my computer, disconnect online and leave as such unless i am using it. Did not send them any money!

They can't get back into my accts as they do not have the password, though I did wire money out to another financial institution just in case.

Victim Location 30324
Type of a scam Tech Support

On Saturday, 6/2/18, I received this voice mail: "does license key please call 855-232-2382. Let me repeat. This is a very important call to notify you that your Microsoft Windows license key has been expired on your computer. So Microsoft Corporation has stopped the Windows Services in your computer. To renew the Microsoft Windows license key please call 855-232-2382. I will repeat 855-232-2382. Thank you."

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