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- Chicago, IL, USA • Sep 15, 2023


Date : September-15-2023

to [email protected],

We have received the renewal request of GeekSquad Assistance as you have set up auto-renew option.

You do not need to take any action, we just wanted to let you know.


#Order Id : LYU-EFC-NHO-KG25

Product Name : Total AV Ultimate Antivirus

Duration : 24 Months Service

Quantity : 1 (for 2 user)

Device : Mac & Windows

total : $470.31

Order status : Confirmed

Your current plan renewal is done for 24 Months on September 15, 2023. The amount will take 24 hours to appear in

your bank statements.

Contact us if you want to modify or cancel your plan.

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• Aug 28, 2023

I contacted this company when I was trying to recover my stolen Facebook account about 2 months ago. They were referenced by a so called friend on asocial media site, o I contavted them and they were eager tohelp.merevover my account, I explained to them.that I couldn't pay them anything cause I was on a limited income andthey said they would do it at no cost. I had to first verify my identity through idme.comand when wr couldn't verify it through them we verified me through the site. I got my Facebook account back.but they wanted to help me financially so they sent me acheck through the mail and I was to deposit it bank account thrn send $1500 to their cousin, so they said , then send them back $1000 and then keep $500 myself. I didn't know this was a scam until after I deposited the check account, I was then to send them a screenshot of the deposit slip from the atm, I wasn't to use the tellet or drive trough just the ATM and so I did as they said well since it was such a large amount the bank.held it for 10 days and I learned the check was written on a closed account so the bank.froze my acvount for 60 days, then add insult to injury I received a letter in the mail from the IRS asking if I had filed a tax return for 2023 because one had been filled in, so I informed the irs that I had not filed a tax return fir 2023, i hadn't filed one in over 20 years to stop any payment of returns inmy name. I contacted cybersupport and asked tjem if they had filed one and they never directly answered me but tthe whole time I was in constant daily contact with them they where telling me that I would be receiving something in the mail from the IRS and for me to let them.know when I received it so that told me my answer right there. Also when I was in daily contact wirh them they aske me about all my fiscal products that I have and stupid me told them every thing that I have. I trusted them completely and they filed a tax return iny name and got access to my social security benefits information from the irs so I have to check every month to make sure that they don't change my direct deposit of my social security check checking account, I didn't give them that Information thank god.

• Aug 23, 2023

I received an email saying a charge would be put on my accounts for a subscription and when I called to have it removed they hijacked my computer

• Aug 14, 2023

I received an email from my email address to my email address from an entity who claimed to have infected my devices with a RAT Trojan virus, had control of my computer and will send pornography to my contacts unless I sent $1400 in bitcoin to his/her bitcoin address within 48 hours.

I reported this incident to my email provider, the FBI, and now to the

• Aug 04, 2023


Date : 08-04-2023

dear, mybubo98

We have received the renewal request of GeekSquad Assistance as you have set up auto-renew option.

You do not need to take any action, we just wanted to let you know.

Order Summary:

Invoice No : #GRH2283546001

Description : Total AV Ultimate Antivirus

Duration : 2 Years Service

Quantity : 1 (for 2 user)

Device : Mac & Windows

final amount : $332.80

Order status : Confirmed

Your current plan renewal is done for 2 year on August 04, 2023. The amount will take 48 hrs to appear in your bank statements.

If you have any queries related to product, please Call us

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• Jul 26, 2023

They interupted my prime on my t.v. put up a number to call for tech support, then he said he had to get into my phone and use a card but my money will be reimbursed, he ordered 2 games, and the game people wouldn't cancell the orders, I lost all 180 that I had for my bills. This happened befor October of 2022, so if you have problem getting into movie app, don't call number on screen, ask your phone to call prime customer service.

• Jul 25, 2023

I was trying to activate Hulu on a new tv in my bedroom and a screen came up that required me to enter an activation code and when it did not work, it showed a phone number to call on the screen. I called that number and spoke with an Indian person who walked me through some very strange instructions to get Hulu activated. He used Venmo and Zelle, as well as asked me to download an app on my phone called any desk. Hulu finally got activated, which is why I really thought I was talking to a Hulu rep. I kept thinking this is wrong. This is stupid. But he assured me this was the only way to activate the tv. As soon as he hung up, I called my bank and froze the accounts, deleted any desk on my phone and powered the phone down.

• Jul 25, 2023

I received a phone call yesterday from Harry Brown in AZ who said he was Dish. He said I would have to pay $249 or he would shut it off. He wanted me to send a check or money order. I said no. Then he said I could mail a post dated check. I called Dish and they said it wasn't them. His number is 470-348-4393, ext 201. He told me I could call him for any Dish network. He said I was getting a 25 % discount. He said he was with Global Update Service. He said the money was a deposit. And the deposit would be refunded on 9.25.23. His address is 102 N 116th Ln Avondale AZ 85323.

• Jul 08, 2023

“ [USPS]  The package has arrived at the warehouse and cannot be delivered due to incomplete address information. Please confirm your address at the link.

(Copy the link to your Safari browser and open it)


USPS Support Team”

- Memphis, TN, USA • Jun 27, 2023

Virus hacked my computer and I called Microsoft for assistance. During the process they asked for my bank info and then they told me to go to Walgreens to purchase some software. I refused. 833-833-3491 x403 John claiming to be in Austin Texas. 

- Cranston, RI, USA • Jun 24, 2023

They where going to fix my computer n I was going to get $800 back because I haven’t use it but when it was all said n done they typed in $8000 then they tried to get $7200 from my bank but it didn’t go through n then they wanted me to go out n get gift cards to pay it back n I said that my car was n the garage being fixed (it wasn’t just said that) n the mean time I used my cell to call the bank n it was true nothing was put in or taken out but I had to get everything new cuz my bank was locked I couldn’t get any money until I got all things changed so I just wanted u to know n case they try to open accounts n my name that I’m not responsible for them Thank you very much I just hope that doesn’t happen as I am a widow n can’t afford to pay it back


Said they were from Cox Communications

- Saint Peters, MO, USA • Jun 21, 2023

Hello User @769

Thanks For Choosing GEEKSQUAD---65453210

Auto renewal $419

Product code 104657753. Security service

- Conesus, NY, USA • Jun 12, 2023

I received an email on my school account. They pretended to be from Geek Squad and called me dear. Nobody ever calls me that. I never ordered anything from them or joined there membership!

- Gaines, MI, USA • May 28, 2023

My experience was the same as the others reported.

- Daly City, CA, USA • May 25, 2023

“Your N?etf?l?ix me?mbe?rshi?p is on ?hold?. We're having some tro?uble with? your current bil?lin?g info?rmat?ion.

To usi?ng yo?ur a?cc?ou?nt as norm?all?y, ple?as?e follow the in?str?uct?ions by cl?ic?k on link below :

N?etf?li?x Ser?vic?es”

• May 23, 2023

Received an email From: Package Delivered413049935 <[email protected]> with Subject: Renewal Time- Verify Your DetailsQZYWH2382474. It included an pdf attachment stating:

Your order has been successfully confirmed with ID: NRT185684019 

We appreciate your Subscription Renewal. Thank you!

Statement details:

Product: Norton_Total_Care_Protection

Paid on: 23-5-2023

Total: 445.49 USD

Your activation Key: 185684019

Note: Your account has been charged for a subscription. If you did not authorize this charge, please contact our customer support team within 24 hours for an immediate refund: +1 (818) 435-8441 or +1 (810) 378-0360

I called the second number and spoke to a man, who did not identify himself. He said he needed me to log into my computer. When I told him I didn't have a computer and never had a subscription to Norton, he said we'll cancel the order on our end. When I asked how I know you're cancelling the subscription I've never had to begin with, he hung up on me.

I called back and the person answering identified himself as "David with Norton". Explained how previous conversation didn't sound right. He also wanted to get into my computer. He said my computer had been hacked and your account has been charged. I asked how I could report this and he said "you're speaking to David with Norton". I told him I was reporting this and he hung up on me. 

- Gardena, CA, USA • May 23, 2023

A man, claiming to be a representative of ADT Security knocked on my door and stated that they have a program that allows them to donate smart smoke alarms because mobile homes burn very fast if on fire. I said I had smoke alarms and wasn't interested. I asked him what he was selling and he stated that he wasn't selling anything. He kept asking if he could come in and give me 5 minutes of my time. Said no so he finally went directly to my neighbors house to give the same pitch. I overheard him day something about $55 per month if they qualified. I went over and confronted him about stating he wasn't a salesperson and he said he wasn't. We got into a debate about him being legitimate as he did not have an ADT Security ID badge, did not wear a uniform (he was dressed like a business man), and when asked for a business card he didn't have any. He stated that it was a digitized business card because thats how it works these days and he could send it to me if I gave him my phone number. I refused. I asked his name and he stated that it was Daniel Perez or Peraz. But, he didn't show any ID that verified that. I will be calling the Los Angeles branch of ADT Security at 323-276-3100 to let them know that this man appears in every sense to be a scammer.

P.S. I forgot to mention that when he first approached me about who the program was through, he pulled out a piece of paper that showed a picture of the blue ADT Security logo sign that some people use in their yard or window. I guess he thought this would prove he worked for them.

- Brandon, MS, USA • May 15, 2023

Thank you for choosing our services. We are reaching out to remind you that your computer Protection Annual subscription has expired and Auto-Renewed today.

Order Summary

Item Name Complete Network Security

Plan Date

May 15, 23

End Date

May 14, 25

Renewal Status


Total $350.36

- Mason City, IA, USA • May 12, 2023

I was contacted via email that my free trial for a music subscription was being charged to me on that day. I was to call this # and when I did I got a foreign sounding lady who prompted me to go to the Anydesk app and install it, once I did that, I was like, OMG! I hung up on her and she tried to call back and sent another email!

- Daly City, CA, USA • May 09, 2023

Phishing “ Your Netflix Account on hold due to a billing issue. Unfortunately, We had to disable your Netflix account.
Recover your account immediately, click link below:
Please take action on your account within 48 hours to avoid permanent suspension.
Regards, ⁣br />
Netflix Service”

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