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Tech Support Reports & Reviews (223)

- Columbus, OH, USA • Jun 29, 2024

I got the number off Google. Said they were PayPal support. They were in my computer. Gathered all my personal info. Told me they were customer service and were helping me clear up my paypal item which I didn’t order.

- Helotes, TX, USA • Jun 26, 2024

I was on Facebook and clicked on a link that took me to US News, and then an annoying window popped up from Microsoft stating that my computer had been hacked. I had no control over my cursor so I called the number on the screen, the male told me that he needed to run some diagnostics he told me to grab a pen and paper and he started giving the letters "NETSTAT TCP..." then told me I have 11 hackers trying to get into my computer. This goes on for about five more minutes. Then he gives me his name "Michael Costa", Employer # ATS7215, and a Case ID# and secure line phone number (530)826-4685. Then he asked for the name of my financial institution, and that's when I hung up.

- Montvale, VA, USA • May 01, 2024

got a message on my computer that someone has hacked by IP address.  Said with Microsoft then windows.  Scanning my computer and want me to get an Apple card.

- Centerville, TN, USA • Apr 18, 2024

I called McAfee because of logon difficulties. I reached a person who claimed tob an agent for McAfee and who sold me a security program wgich McAfee later removed from my cp and said it was a scam. The payment went to Wood Amtivirus Sales and their phone number was unaavailable when I tried to contact them , the number given to me was not n servuce.

- Naperville, IL, USA • Apr 16, 2024

My wife was watching Netflix, and a popup appeared on her tv saying that her account has been hacked. She called the phone number as directed by the scam and was connected to someone who said she needed to contact her bank. She must have given them enough info to initiate a Zelle payment of approximately $499.

- Chesapeake, VA, USA • Mar 28, 2024

Geek Tech

Date : March 28, 24

Bill to : [email protected]

#Inv Id : #8382020700

Dear, bob_horne482

Your Win-Tech 24 plan renewal request has been started as your automatic renewal option has been activated. We have charged you $ 316.38 with your account for your plan renewal request

Item overview:

Product Name: Win-Tech 24

User: O3 PC

Provider: Geek Tech

period: 12 months

Cus-no: GTzqpjL1

Total Amount: $ 316.38

Order Status : Confirmed

Mode of payment : Online

You have 24 to 48 hrs if you did not authorize this charge. Please contact us at to CANCEL the plan.

+I 8OI 3O5 . 3272

- Columbus, OH, USA • Mar 26, 2024

Received this email from gjarmlu on work computer w/subject header I RECORDED YOU!: Hello there! Unfortunately, there are some bad news for you. Some time ago your device was infected with my private trojan, R.A.T (Remote Administration Tool), if you want to find out more about it simply use Google. My trojan allowed me to access your files, accounts and your camera. Check the sender of this email, I have sent it from your email account. To make sure you read this email, you will receive it multiple times. You truly enjoy checking out porn websites and watching dirty videos, while having a lot of kinky fun. I RECORDED YOU (through your camera) SATISFYING YOURSELF! After that I removed my malware to not leave any traces. If you still doubt my serious intentions, it only takes couple mouse clicks to share the video of you with your friends, relatives, all email contacts, on social networks, the darknet and to publish all your files. All you need is $1800 USD in Bitcoin (BTC) transfer to my account. After the transaction is successful, I will proceed to delete everything. Be sure, I keep my promises. You can easily buy Bitcoin (BTC) here: Or simply google other exchanger. After that send the Bitcoin (BTC) directly to my wallet, or install the free software: Atomicwallet, or: Exodus wallet, then receive and send to mine. My Bitcoin (BTC) address is: 13HAreeSVjLf3aueZXf9zmrS1FmvkF4opS Yes, that's how the address looks like, copy and paste my address, it's (cAsE-sEnSEtiVE). You are given not more than 3 days after you have opened this email. As I got access to this email account, I will know if this email has already been read. Everything will be carried out based on fairness. An advice from me, regularly change all your passwords to your accounts and update your device with newest security patches.

- Columbus, OH, USA • Mar 22, 2024

Received a vm for the purchase of an Apple Mac Book Pro with an order id from my Amazon account. If I did not place this order I should press 1 or call back.

- Cedar Rapids, IA, USA • Mar 22, 2024

I tried to get help with a technical issue on facebook becausecit kept logging me out. He asked to info to get into my phone, gave a number and fake name for facebook help. I wax suspicious afterc5 min, he called back, wanted me to go to corner cvs to wire money for his help. I hung up and blocked him. The help number was given me on a google search for meta or facebook help. I thought it looked legitimate but obviously was not. Glad i hung up in iowa. Blocked him

- Saucier, MS, USA • Mar 21, 2024

Today, GK-Tech 24 will automatically renew your plan. Your renewal request has already been initiated because you have enabled the auto renewal feature. We have charged you $ 376.67 on your account.

Item Overview:

Product Name : GK-Tech 24

period : O2 years

User : O2 PC

Product Key : GSis8rhAW

Amount : $376.67

Order Status : Confirmed

Mode of payment : Online

You have 24 hours if you did not authorize this charge. Please contact us at to CANCEL the plan.

+I 8O5 765 . 2549

- Salamanca, NY, USA • Mar 20, 2024

Purchase Id : #0777728370

Hey, cindy.pierce

GK-Tech 24 is automatically renewing your plan today! Your renewal request has been started as you have activated your auto renewal option.We charged you $ 250.99 against your account.

Item Overview:

Product Name : GK-Tech 24

period : O3 years

User : O3 PC

Product Key : GSyCUTTOW

Paid Amount : $250.99

Order Status : Confirmed

Mode of payment : Online

You have 48 hours if you did not authorize this charge. Please contact us at to CANCEL the plan.

+I 8OI 3O5 . 3272

- Maryville, TN, USA • Mar 12, 2024

The scammer .pretended to be a Customer service representative and prepertrated A persuading the victims in to purchasing Amazon Razer Digital Gifts cards. In Large amounts.

- Baton Rouge, LA, USA • Feb 08, 2024

The said they worked with Chimes and got into my info.

- Apache Junction, AZ, USA • Feb 02, 2024

My computer froze and I got a verbal warning to call. I called and spoke to a man who said he was with Cleveland Tech. I gave him remote control of my computer because I thought he was with Norton. They took out $500, but my bank gave it back to me. Now they call all the time. I've called my phone company and they say keep blocking the numbers. I filed a police report. I am tired of these calls.

- Winter Park, FL, USA • Jan 30, 2024

Called and said he is my computer tech, I had bought a Norton subscription prior. 3 hours later after in my computer, phone, files everything I had on the computers and phone he got or seen. I don't even know what all information but I do know there was personal information of my families identification

- Saint Charles, MO, USA • Jan 29, 2024

I was on l laptop and and I got an alert  telling me not to close my computer an to call this number 833-239-1702. I called and I gave them my computer password and computer id number. She said she would give the report to the technician and we would receive a callback in a hour, No one has called. We called the call back number and no one answer

- Corinth, MS, USA • Jan 25, 2024

I received an email that $654 was being billed to me for antivirus software I didn't order. When I contacted the company by phone they started harassing me about needing their services.

- Fresh Meadows, NY, USA • Jan 09, 2024

Claimed I paid for a security service that I did not order. Email had NO company logo, but claimed it was a charge from McAfee. I am scared a form of Malware was in the email! When I called “customer service” at first the number was bisy & disconnected the call-then someone answered & when I said “scam” they IMMEDIATELY hung up the phone!

- Bonnerdale, AR, USA • Jan 02, 2024

I opened a recipe on my laptop. There was a loud noise. The notice said trojan spyware had been installed on my laptop. It gave a number to call. I knew not to call that number.

I got on my cell phone and looked up Microsoft support. They said the warranty on my laptop had expired which it had. The transfered me to nerd support. I thought I was speaking with someone from Microsoft support so I trusted them. Nerd support charged me a one year service plan which I agreed to. They installed a computer protection plan. They said they cleared out all bad stuff and fragmented files. They said they got everything. A few days later they sent me a text saying there was more to clean out. In the meantime I researched the company and other people said they did the same thing to them. People said they let nerd support back into their computer and nerd support took out a lot more money. I quit responding to nerd support. I went to Best Buy and enrolled in their plan. I had them remove nerd support.

- Clinton, MS, USA • Dec 19, 2023

per email, stated that funds will be auto- deducted from my bank accounts for Geek Squad protection for Mac and Windows products - both of which I never ordered.

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