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Microsoft Imposter

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Microsoft Imposter Reports & Reviews (242)

Victim Location 38866
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a call today at 2:53 PM and a man stated my computer was about to be turned off. It startled me and I asked what's the fee for this.

The man said we're not talking about a fee; we're talking about the computer was about ready to be turned off. I told him I was sick and he said he would call back on Wednesday. I was skeptical and called the for information and was informed it was a scam.

Victim Location 97201
Total money lost $150
Type of a scam Tech Support

Scammer tells me that they’re going to give me 100% refund on some computer work they did on line for me last year. The amount is $150, they want to get into my computer, and search for viruses . They have a voicemail that says their company is going out of business and that’s why they want to give me a refund.

Victim Location 21619
Type of a scam Tech Support

We were using Facebook, and a popup screen appeared with voice warning us not to close the screen or our computer would be disabled. It said we should call 1-866-491-1852 and report Microsoft windows virus code 33578. We just clicked the screen off.

Victim Location 14710
Total money lost $399.99
Type of a scam Tech Support

A Microsoft pop-up appeared on my computer with audio message saying my computer had been compromised. Call 1-888-516-7415. Do not shut down or all your files will be lost. Called the number. Man named Frank Gomez of id# MS-17352 was there to help said he was a Microsoft technician. I gave him access to my computer and he showed me several foreign addresses he claimed contained viruses. One was linked to a plan site. I believed he was fixing my computer and I agreed to a 3 yr protection plan for $399.99 and n the mso this wouldn't happen again. Have my credit card information. Printed the invoice that looked like a legit invoice from Microsoft. Computer working. Credit card bill came and said nothing about microsoft but said ontime tech supports. I emailed the address that was in my email that delivered the invoice [email protected] and of course it bounced back. So I called credit card reported the scam they removed the charge but now are reapplying it because they got all this bogus paperwork from ontime tech supports that they claim i initialed. I had to hire a computer technician to come to my house and remove all the remote control software they had installed. Changed all my passwords. And still trying to convince credit card company I was scammed!

Victim Location 83701
Type of a scam Tech Support

A man named Mark Thomas said he was calling from Microsoft and that I needed to pay 50 dollars a month to keep my Windows 10 because they're rolling out an upgrade in 2 weeks. I felt suspicious about it and realized it was a scam. They said if I logged in my computer would stop working because I was using Windows 10 unauthorized and I needed to call: 844-661-5443 to pay for it and fix it.

Victim Location 29680
Type of a scam Tech Support

Left a message on my phone stating your program has frozen and you must call micro soft at 206-451-5866 and give us information. Did not call phone number.

Victim Location 77627
Total money lost $1,050
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a phone call saying my Microsoft license had expired and we could not use our computer. I spoke with a man that was not an American and he informed me that it would be $499 for three-year license I agreed to that and was ready to give him a credit card but he said he could not except my credit card I would need to get a steam card from Walgreens. I returned home and enter them into the computer like I was asked to do. He called me and said there is been a mistake and he could not except credit cards I purchased from Walgreens that I will need to go to Walmart and purchase them again. I told him I was not spending another $500 and he said that I could give send him half and he would refund my $500 the next day. I did that I went to Walmart and purchased $250 worth of credit cards and sent them to him still not realizing this was a scam over the next day I purchased another $400 worth of credit cards or Steam credit cards and sent them to him like before. He was going to refund me $1,000.00, This is when I realized I had been scammed.

Victim Location 27701
Type of a scam Tech Support

A man named Ricky bahl called from Microsoft # on caller I'd claiming to work for Microsoft asking to put firewalls on computer for $500.00

Victim Location 97301
Type of a scam Phishing

Screen popup saying I'd been hacked and to call Microsoft support at 866-847-7830. I shut down computer immediately as I suspected a scam.

I use malwarebytes anti malware premium and it did show 2 or 3 attempts that it blocked so it may have been one of those.

Victim Location 29617
Total money lost $500
Type of a scam Tech Support

Contacted thru my cell phone by John Williams called and stated he was from Microsoft. Mr. Williams said the license for Microsoft run out. He wanted me to got to Wal Mart and get a gift card for $500.00. I went to WalMart and purchased the card. Called him back and give him the number off the back of the card. Mr. Williams called me back and told me the card would not work and wanted me to go to Walgreens and buy a steam card for another $500.00, which I didn't do. Mr. Williams wanted me to give him my password so he could get into my checking account. I hung up on him. Mr. Williams got into my computer and changed the password, where I can't get on it. Carried it to computer repair place on Laurens Rd.

Victim Location 44410
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was downloading a song and a browser pooped up. It said your computer will contain a virus of you log out. Please call this number. A guy asked for access to my computer and showed me my IP address. He then said to delete the virus I need to pay 199.00. O told him I would not give out my info. He said I know your scared. I said good bye. I called Mir to soft of which he said he was from. They have me tons of info. There was not a virus on my computer. The people may have put malware on my computer so I took all my info out. Do not click into websites that are not secured with a lock picture. Always go into http;// web sites. Those are secured.

Victim Location 29673
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a call stating they were Microsoft and need to check the drivers on my computer. I told them no. He asked if he could call back around 3:00 this afternoon.

Victim Location 75023
Type of a scam Tech Support

He called and said did we have microsoft and that he wanted to upgrade our computer. I told him that I wanted to be removed from this list and that we had a non solicit number. He said it wasn't a sales call and that if I didn't comply and listen he was going to shut down my computer and hung up.

Victim Location 13730
Total money lost $547
Type of a scam Tech Support

Man with Indian accent continously calls us wanting to "clean up" our computer and erase all viruses. Says we need to pay $195.00 in order to do this. Microsoft is deactivating our computer at this time. Hung up with man.

Victim Location 98407
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received 3 calls from Bay Shore NY

613-954-4453, stating our computer was sending warnings to Microsoft regarding warnings, issues regarding the computer functioning.

I told this person who had a Indian

( India) accent that this was bogus/scam and hung I. I callled the number and it does not accept phone calls. Again the number showed up on the caller ID. It ran and once the answering machine picked up they hung up. I tried to call the Microsoft customer soooort line but never could speak to a person or get passed the automated operator.

Victim Location 83642
Type of a scam Tech Support

They called and said my computer was hacked and in danger of losing passwords/security. They gave me a toll free number to call and then they'd get my computer fixed.

Victim Location 92648
Type of a scam Tech Support

Rep stated from Microsoft only way to remove red warning on my desktop computer was for him to access my computer by Go To Meeting.

Stated I had a trojan virus and need to pay $199.99 to remove. I asked how to fix without paying money and he stated I need to pay $199.99 to fix. I hung up. This is FRAUD!

Victim Location 40218
Total money lost $400
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I was on my computer and a warning message came up saying my computer was hacked. The message said it was coming from Microsoft. A number to call was given. When I called they told me they were Microsoft and they could fix my computer for $400. I was then given another number to call so they could get the virus or whatever off my computer.

Victim Location 13060
Type of a scam Tech Support

On my computer a red screen came up and said alert alert you have malware on your computer it is in fected don’t turn it off call this number 1-866-338-7789 and give them this code 055bccac9fec so I shut my computer Down and then turned it back on and used my virus protection and scanned it. It was fine. Then I called the number and they said they were a tech that worked for Microsoft I know they are not it is a scam

Victim Location 59601
Type of a scam Tech Support

They wanted to charge me money they didn’t sound like they were really from Microsoft

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