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Microsoft Imposter

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Microsoft Imposter Reports & Reviews (234)

Victim Location 14221
Type of a scam Tech Support

The caller says they are "A certified Microsoft partner company". They try to tell you that you have a serious computer virus. We have not let them speak long enough to listen to their entire spiel.

The phone number is blocked.

The man speaking has an India/Pakistan manner of speech, there is a loud cacophony of others speaking at the same time, obviously a call center. He tells you he is in NY. He uses an authoritative manner of speaking and talks over you if you try to talk.

This scam is listed by Microsoft as being a scam to take control of your computer, there is NO connection to Microsoft. We have received calls for the past two weeks even after telling them not to call again.

Victim Location 83646
Type of a scam Tech Support

i had just purchases my new laptop about a week ago. i was online paying bills, had my bank account website open, had my credit card website open as well to make a payment ( i had opened a second window). i had just logged out and closed my credit card window when i get a pop up window that says i have a virus on my computer , it said it was Microsoft to call this 855 # and they will help. my bank window was frozen , i couldn't shut it down. i called the number and a guy that barley spoke English answered. i told him what had happens. he asked me for the error code, i gave him what was on the screen. He asked me to go to the start menu and type in letters. so i started to type what he asked and i could not understand him. i asked him to repeat a few letters and he got very condensing with me. i scolded him back and told him that i couldn't understand him . he put his "manager" Ashley on the phone. i was on the phone with her for over an hour. the virus was called ZEUS i think if i remember correctly. by the time i was done with her, my system drivers had been damaged, microsoft software had been damaged, then all the software had been damaged. i told her that i was going to just take the PC back to where i bought it and get a new one. it was only a week old so i have warranty. Ashley told me that it wasnt my pc that was bad, it was my network.....well luckily my husband and my mother in law were home and ihad Ashley on speaker. my husband called my brother in law who happens to know a thing or 2 about PC's . Ashley about had me talked into a 1x good for 5 years $599.99 to generate a license to get me a firewall to protect my PC. my brother in law told us to get the name and number of the person i was talking too. i asked Ashley if i needed to make a decision RIGHT NOW on this, she said yes, she asked why i was hesitating...i said its a lot of money and this PC is brand new. Once my husband told me it was a scam, i told Ashley that i needed her phone number and i will call her back. she gave me 855-811-6366 case Number MICR78600. she tried to get my phone number to call me back and i told her no that i would call her back........these people almost got me for over $600.00. i dont think i am a dumb person, but when you are talked to like that, and i am not PC savy per say, they can talk you into anything....dont have an attachment as i closed everything down. just wanted to report it. i cant fill in the fields cause i dont know where they are located.

Victim Location 14450
Type of a scam Tech Support

Pop up window appeared while using Internet and advised me to contact Microsoft immediately about a security breach on my system. Phone number given was 888-408-0961 which was an answering machine. Pop up does not go away even after the system has been turned off and restarted.

Victim Location 83709
Type of a scam Tech Support

Caller say's they are Microsoft & says there is a problem with your windows software. If they can get you to sign on, they will fix it. Hang up, do not sign on... THIS IS A SCAM TO GET CONTROL OF YOUR COMPUTER.


Victim Location 12020
Type of a scam Phishing

A man with an Indian accent tells me he is calling about a problem with my Microsoft computer and tells me that if I will go to my computer he will guide me through fixing the problem. In an attempt to get rid of him, I said I already had the information and he should stop calling. He became argumentative. I said I was going to file harassment charges and hung up. He was not a nice guy. We have received at least a dozen of these calls in the past few weeks, sometimes 3 in an evening.

Victim Location 60068
Type of a scam Tech Support

received phone call from 3683006771 (caller id said "unknown') caller was calling from what sounded like a "boiler room", accent sounded like someone from middle east or the phillipines. said they were from microsoft and that they got a signal that someone was attempting to hack my computer. they than asked that i go to my computer and log in. i asked if i could call them back and he gave me 3024828155 and his id number was 5577.

wanted to know how long i would be and i said 15 min. but am not calling back.

Victim Location 96793
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received an email stating my computer did not have the necessary software protection and that I could purchase some through DigiSupportPros.  I was later contacted by a representative of the "company" who told me I needed to contact my bank to authorize payment for the software.  I contacted my bank, who told me the money was set to be sent to Panama, which is why they did not authorize the payment and blocked any further requests from this "company."  

Victim Location 33027
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a call stating that they were from Microsoft and that I had a problem with my computer .I knew I did so that's why I believed them. They showed me my bank acc. and one account from a stock that I have.

So when I went to the bank they said if they could show you all of that then you need to change everything .

So I went a head and changed everything but one other I am still working on that one .

Victim Location 99205
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a call stating they were Microsoft and there was a problem with my computer. While I was trying to get them off the phone, another person called from the same number.

Victim Location 45069
Total money lost $2,376
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a call from a caller, David Phillips, 315-215-0290, who said they were from microsoft and that the my computer had hackers trying to access. They said they could install anti-virus to fix the problem. They said it would cost $120., payable by debit card, for a service warranty and for them to fix the problem right away. They were very intense and convincing. I paid the $120 with a debit card. I gave the caller remote access to my computer. They installed a new anti-virus. I then discovered they had taken $264.00 instead. When I said I wanted my money back, caller said they could not credit a debit card but if I would give them his savings account number, they could deposit it into my savings account. I gave them my savings account #. The caller then used that information to withdraw $2,640.00 from my checking account, they then deposited $264 into the consumer's account to make it look like they kept their promise and refunded my money, keeping the remaining funds. I also spoke with someone named Jacob, 336-308-4890, during this process.

Victim Location 14225
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a phone call from a NY cell number(516-635-4085) from a foreign sounding voice saying they were from Microsoft technical support, asking for access to my computer because of some software error. I know this is a scam since I have no Microsoft based software on my computers.

Victim Location 99256
Type of a scam Tax Collection

They called and said they were Microsoft and they found a problem with my computer

Victim Location 97233
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was trying to download the free offer for Windows 2010. I experienced some computer issues while trying to download there program. I called Microsoft @ 1-888-237-4899 a spoke with a representative who asked for permission to access my computer. I gave him access to my computer only to find that he was retrieving my computer files. After I exit out of his support me program. I experienced computer problems such as a screen saying that there was suspicious activated on my computer and not to close my browser or shut my computer down. I would like to know why he was retrieving my personal file information and not resolving my issue to install Windows 2010. I received a phone call minutes later from a representative located in Texas. There was a really loud eco in the background of the phone call, so I disconnected the phone call. The phone number is 1(469) 399-5939 located in Texas.

Victim Location 12061
Type of a scam Tech Support

A gentlemen called with an accent with a phone number of 1-800-477-1995 by the name of Daniel he had an identifying number of 1995- said my computer was infected - when I told him that I had a Virus protection company that I paid for - he said that number was disconnected by the for technical difficulties - he called me 2 times and was aggressive - I then called my Virus Protection company who confirmed that was a scam

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