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Microsoft Imposter

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• Sep 01, 2023

I clicked on a response to someone whom I thought was interested or had questions regarding an item that I had for sale on Facebook/Marketplace. My computer immediately froze and flashed "Contact Microsoft at 888-384-4320 to unlock my computer. talked me into allowing permission to access my computer to help unlock & clean computer . Then proceeded to give me a cost for 1 year or 5 year plan to keep my computer safe (lol). I was talked into buying a plan for 1yr @$349 which was charged to my business credit card. Then proceeded to tell me that they were trying to install a program for Windows 11 and I have Windows 10 and that Microsoft services Windows 10 for free, then wanted to credit me but couldn't credit the credit card. it had to be a checking account. ??? it was getting way to fishy. more stuff was done and said. Then they tried to get me to purchase American Express gift cards. I caught on to this being a scam, but to late they have my $349 on the charge and Huntington bank wouldn't let me call this in for fraud since i approved the transaction.

• Aug 28, 2023

I filed a detailed report on the FBI scam page /

I will attach the narrative I wrote to them on a word doc.

On or about Thurs July 27, when I was working at home, my laptop screen went black, except for a note on the top to say my computer was hacked, and I needed to call Microsoft immediately. I called the 206 area code number. They said that my computer was hacked, and that is why the screen went black. The man on the line asserted they were Microsoft, and that if I purchased a 10-year protection plan that cost $1000.00, that I could pay in 2 installments of 499.99, that I would be protected for 10 years. So, the first installment was charged to one of my credit cards.

On or approximately on Wed Aug 16, my computer screen went black again, and I received a call from 1-888-817-9887, from a woman who claimed to be Jennifer, who claimed to work for Microsoft. They told me that my computer was hacked, and I (foolishly) consented to allow my computer to be shared on a team-sharing software, so they could examine my computer. It was the beginning of a series of what seemed to be clandestine directions for strange financial transactions which they claimed would confirm my identity. So, there were 2 wires, and 3 cash withdrawals (2 from one bank, 1 a cash advance on my a credit card). The three cash withdrawals - they made me go to a Circle K store with a bitcoin machine at 1234 N. Peach Avenue, Fresno, 93727, to buy Bitcoin on 3 occasions with the cash.  Each time they made me do a wire or get cash, they showed me on my computer screen that they deposited sufficient funds for me to do so, showing me my/our bank accounts on the screen. They must have had a fake way of doing this; who knows. So, because of the language they used - essentially giving me a script for each transaction - and the frequent phone calls - sometimes, the language was coercive, sometimes, persuasive - I believed Jennifer to be from Microsoft. I asked for their physical address, and she gave me 13031 W, Jefferson, Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA 90094. Honestly, with the noise in the background on the calls, it sounded more like the person was in a foreign country - India, perhaps - based on the accent. Twice, when I was forced to buy Bitcoin, she handed me over to an associate named Samuel, who gave me specific instructions on how to feed cash into the Bitcoin machine at the Circle K described above.  

On Sat Aug 19, when I was on the phone with the scammers, they put up on the screen some sort of Interpol thing, with the picture of a man who they claimed was the 'main suspect.' His name was Nikolai Ondrejko. I copied it down. The photo of him was fading in and out. It was like something one would see on a movie. The scammers asked me if I had ever seen this man, or if I know him. I do not. Then they asked me to ask my wife to look at the image on the screen, and asked me to ask her the same thing. She also responded she did not know him.

Yesterday Aug. 24 - after they coerced me to get a $3000 cash advance on one of my credit cards, they demanded I buy more Bitcoin, she instructed me to go to an Office Depot store on the morning of Thurs Aug 24, to purchase 4 $500 gift cards . When the credit card was declined, they instructed me to call them back, and then to call the bank, to release the hold. The bank said they released the hold, and I went back into the OD store to try again; declined. I insisted I had to get to work, and I was getting angry, because all the times I did this, it made me late for work.   As instructed, I called after work, and they made me try the same thing re: gift cards at a Target store. Card again declined. She said use your other credit card instead, which I tried; declined. Then, about 3 managers and 2 security guards came to the cash register, to tell me this was a scam, and I said to my knowledge, it was not.

This morning - Fri Aug 25 - I insisted to these people I had to go to work. So, I did, at 8:45. I was at work until 2:30 PM. I checked the one personal email address that I knew was not compromised. I saw an email from Mcafee that my subscription had expired. I knew that was false, because I renewed on July 27. The mcafee folks saw the discrepancy, and they straightened it out. I trust them. Because I had the tech guy on the phone, I asked him: If my computer screen goes black, with a message to call Microsoft, is that a scam? Mcafee said: Absolutely, yes. So, I started notifying my wife, banks, and credit card companies, and that is where we are. They pretty much cleaned out 2 accounts. I should have listened to my wife a few days ago when she told me she thought it was a scam. 

We have notified our banks to freeze accounts and credit cards. I have reported this to the FBI. I am awaiting a return call from the Fresno Police Department non-emergency number/dispatcher. I have changed my mobile phone number.

So, that is where we are. Please warn others this: If your computer screen suddenly goes black, with only a message at the top to call Microsoft, DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER. Shut the computer off immediately, and take it to a recommended computer repair shop in your town immediately. This is what I am doing tomorrow. 

Thank you for reading the additional information. We are quite shaken up by this. I can't believe I could be so stupid to trust these people.

• Aug 22, 2023

attempting to reach a website which I though was the electrical union workers, by browser froze and a bunch of what appeared to be Microsoft Security messages appeared which directly me to call the 847 437-1970 number, which I did, an two people who presented themselves as Microsoft employees talked to me for 24 minutes, and asked me to download an executable on my machine, which did not remove the problem, but the second tech told me to turn off my machine and tell -- no one ---, which made me suspicious and so I called the BBB, and they directed me here, also contacted my bank and found suspicious transaction

• Aug 17, 2023

I was on the phone about internet services at 844-845-3968, sitting in front of my PC, which had Facebook open. On the phone, I was asked to give my address, full name, email, SSN, and credit card number. The questions about the credit card, SSN seemed inappropriate to me and I hung up. At that moment, a full-screen notification popped up on the PC screen stating that my PC was hacked, all personal and financial data was stolen, and in order to fix this - "Immediately call Microsoft at 833-920-3027." I was very frightened and called the number indicated. I was answered by a man with an Indian accent, who said that he was a representative of Microsoft and would help me fix everything if I would followed his instructions. Otherwise, hackers on my behalf will buy weapons, pornography, and drugs and use illegal sites. I was very scared and agreed to help them.

They got access to my computer and installed the programs AnyDesk and UltraViewer to get rid of the virus and repair my PC. They always called me back from different numbers. Then they called from the number 602-857-3769 and he introduced himself as Steve Rojer. He said I can trust him as a brother because he works with FTC. He forbade me to use a computer and phone and told me to always be on the phone because he calls me on a secure line. He made me take the cash at home $700 (all That I have) and all my and my husband's credit cards in order to start protecting them. He said Microsoft's department is working with a team from the FTS so I can be no worried. He kept calling me from different numbers, explaining because it's a protected line - the numbers were: 443-383-5217 , 480-691-0159, 267-766-9518

He made me go to different stores and buy gift cards - Apple for $500 each and Target for 499 each. Also, I should have withdrawn cash from an ATM and bought gift cards again. This went on for two days. By the evening of the second day, I realized that I become a victim of scammers. In total, I bought 9 Target gift cards, 9 Apple gift cards, one time withdrew $500 with ATM, and bought two cards in Walmart (don't remember the name of the gift cards).

On the third day in the morning, I called the police. They made a report and gave me the card with the case number (2023-14078) and the phone number of their department (202-324-3000).

My husband recently had a stroke and lost his job. We have a lot of hospital bills and no income. We applied for a disability for my husband and for Social Security and Food Stamp Benefits.

Please help us get our money back, it's vital for us.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Sincerely, ******* **********

• Aug 11, 2023

I had a popup on my desktop computer a few days ago. It locked up my computer. Message stated to call Microsoft Support at 646-960-5664. It was flashing Microsoft Support. In back it showed Microsoft Defender. I called the phone number. A man names Thomas answered the call Microsoft Support. Gave me his ID # M17745. He said someone was in my computer. He had me go to a screen. Trojan was in my comouter. I did not give any personal information. I do not do online banking. Wanted me to contact my bank to find if any money was missing from my account. I called my bank. Everything is fine. I rarely use the computer. He had me fooled for a while. I called AARP. AARP told me they were after money.

- Roanoke, VA, USA • Aug 02, 2023

A pop up from someone claiming to be with Microsoft tech support told me that someone in China hacked into by computer and stole $4,000. He told me to contact spmeone claiming to be J Phillips with the FTC. I did and gave him access to my computer. He knew the name of my bank and how much was in my account. He told me I had to give him $6,000 in cash to fix the problem. He said he would arrange for someone to pick it up the next day and told me not to tell the bank teller why I was taking the money out. 

• Jul 24, 2023

While searching for coupons on groupon, clicked on my computer alerted that i needed to call a number that was suppose to be calling Microsoft to repair the annoying alert sound, walked met thru some steps, later asked for cc, told him i had to go to work after being on computer & phone for approx half hr,told me not to turn off my computer,said we had more steps, then i noticed he had control of my computer, i turned it off!

- Pittsburgh, PA, USA • Jul 01, 2023

Microsoft-a message all of sudden popped up on my screen , a woman's voice was saying do not attempt to turn off your computer, you have been hacked and there are 5 viruses detected on your computer. Immedidately contact microsoft at the number below. I did not save that number  but a man by the name of Daniel had me connect to a website Ultraviewer. It was scanning my computer for the viruses. He said it would take about 45 minutes. He asked if anyone else used this computer and did I give my p

- Blairsville, PA, USA • Jun 26, 2023

Targeted by obviously fake phishing email. Called the number they gave me. Called them out on their scam. They cussed me out and hung up.

- Christiansburg, VA, USA • Jun 15, 2023

I got a pop up on my computer from Microsoft stating that it had been hacked and to call the 213-770-7351 for support. When I called the number I spoke with a man named Lenord Miller and he transfered me to a woman named Jennifer who asked me to give her access to my computer. I did and she said she found out that someone from Guam had hacked into my computer. She wanted me to wire her $10,000 to fix the problem. I went to a local gas station to transfer the money and the clerk stopped me and told me this sounded like a scam. 

- Belle Vernon, PA, USA • Jun 09, 2023

I was on my computer I was sudden. It started flashing and it said to call Microsoft support and it had a phone number. I called that and they transfer me to another number so there's 2 numbers and the guy kept saying he need me to go get a gift card and they. Need the number off that so I realized. It was a scam then and I just want people to know because I almost fell for it because. It gave me Microsoft support and that's what it came up as.

- Belle Vernon, PA, USA • Jun 09, 2023

I was on my computer and received a blinking screen saying I had mauer and needed to get it off ASAP to call Microsoft support. I called the number that was supposedly Microsoft support and they transferred me to another person who proceeded to ask me to go to Walmart and get a gift. Card because they need the number on the back but think I said. Why can't I just give you a dollar? Why do you need 300 and then? I. Knew it was a scam from then but they almost got me because I actually thought it was Microsoft support.

- Glenview, IL, USA • Jun 05, 2023

I experienced computer issues when I used the app Chromnius. I was instructed to call a number that I was told was Microsoft tech support. Once the person I presumed was a Microsoft representative told me I had computer issues, and he told me that I should confirm this information with my bank. They connected me with what I thought was my bank as they had the hotline introduction typical of Chase Bank. The person who I thought was a Chase representative (who told me his name was Brian) then went over my account once I told him my SSN and contact information and told me I had a pending charge on my bank account for 19600 dollars to a Russian gambling site. As I thought this information was legitimate, I followed his exact instructions in lying to the bank clerk about my intention in withdrawing almost all of my bank assets (29139 in total) in cash over a two-day period (June 1 through June 2) and delivered it to an Athena Bitcoin Kiosk. I was told that this Kiosk would be used to secure my assets until an FTC agent was able to visit me, scan a given QR code, and return my assets to my checking and savings accounts. This was, of course, not the case. I have filed this issue with my local police station as well as my bank branch. I have been told that this was not a case of total fraud since I willingly withdrew money from my accounts and nobody impersonated me. Therefore, my funds cannot be insured and it is more than likely that I will never get my funds back. However, I was manipulated into taking out a loan under false assumptions that this was standard procedure, which is why I decided to file this complaint to the BBB. The scammer used, essentially, a fast sales pitch while taking advantage of my panicked state. I may have also been targeted due to my younger age and inexperience with financial procedures. I have included a report that I filed to IC3 below.

- Wauconda, IL, USA • Jun 05, 2023

In 2021 my computer was hacked. This company came up on my computer as a Microsoft company. I accepted it ( I know stupid on my part) They fixed my computer (supposedly a one time fix and nothing else). I sent a check for 299.99. Today I received a message from them stating I needed to update my services. I didn't know I had any services nor was I told at the time that this was a security service that would be continued. I stated I wanted the service cancelled and they told me they could cancel the service but I needed to pay for the services I was using since February 8th of 2021. $3060.00; I never asked for or knew I had the security service. They told me I could pay over the phone or they could use the information that was on my check. I stated they had no permission to use my banking information, nor would I give them any of my information. The company name is supposedly Cisco Technology. How do I cancel these fees and end this service? I'm afraid they can get into my computer. The service is supposedly on my network firewall.

- Chicago, IL, USA • May 31, 2023

The website claims my IP adress was taken and my computer is locked until i call the number provided

- Russell, PA, USA • May 10, 2023

I had a pop up on my computer. I could not close it. It said not to shut down my computer because I had a virus. It gave me a phone number to call to fix my problem. I called and they said they was Supremo working for Microsoft and to give them control and they would fix my computer. I allowed them. I was told after this that it is a scam so I called my bank right away and had my account shut down. The bank told me I needed to now get my computer professionally cleaned.

- El Paso, IL, USA • May 08, 2023

Laptop starting alarming "Critical Alert being hacked". I was unable to get out of the 4 screens that popped up without calling phone number

(202)933-5901. They said they were a direct phone line to Microsoft. I didn't realize they were the was hacking me so gave them full access to my laptop via the web. On the phone with them for 30 minutes before they said I needed to buy new warranty for Windows since my computer was 5 years old to finishing "fixing" it. I decline purchase. Total time on phone with them was 36 minutes. Not sure if they were able to access financial data (bank and credit card info).

- Pittsburgh, PA, USA • Apr 28, 2023

Scammer said that my computer was infected by a virus. To call the number they supplied for Microsoft and that hackers may have access to my information and infected my laptop with malicious malware to get my personal information.

• Apr 11, 2023

Tech support scam seeking personal information.

- Owatonna, MN, USA • Apr 07, 2023

Person said they represent Microsoft, and told me I was hacked by a child pornography vendor and that my checking account would be drained of $15,000. They said they were connecting me to my bank's fraud protection team. They told me we needed to create a duplicate transaction so the bank would question it, and would get my ok. They also wanted to "secure" funds that might be available from my credit card company. All the while they claimed to be trying to secure my funds from all resources, but only got toy checking account. Credit card company denied attempts to access large amounts. They asked me to buy gift cards and Bitcoin. I was not able to buy all the gift cards they wanted as stores are aware of these scams. I am setting up new accounts. The scammer may have my social security number since I gave the last four digits to the bank or credit card company while on the phone. When stores refuse a purchase of gift cards, because of these suspicions, it puts the 'victim' in a vulnerable position. I was afraid the scammer would get me arrested because of the child pornography site that showed up on my computer. I was aware of these scams, and was extremely uncomfortable, but I didn't know how to defend myself. Public service announcements aren't helping unless there is advice about defending yourself.

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