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Microsoft Imposter

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Microsoft Imposter Reports & Reviews (234)

Victim Location 83402
Type of a scam Tech Support

As I was working on my laptop, a warning to call Microsoft support immediately pops up and freezes my computer from closing out or shutting down, so I call the number. They verified my URL so I thought it was legit and invited them to 'go to assist' allowing them to view my computer. BIG mistake. They then proceed to show me all the thousands of infected files and they can clean them up and provide software security for only $199.99. I then realized it was a scam and hung up but it was too late. They corrupted my hard drive completely and my laptop was useless. I had to purchase a new laptop so it cost me $515.

Victim Location 11789
Type of a scam Tech Support

Original call is automated, claiming that there is malware detected on your computer. When you return the call, theyre asking for your computer information then a google play card with $500.00 loaded onto it.

Victim Location 96818
Type of a scam Tech Support

I rejected the call and they left a voicemail that said my microsoft windows product key on my computer was blocked and I had to call them back to get a new one. Microsoft would never do this.

Victim Location 26330
Type of a scam Tech Support

he claimed to say my pc is having problem. as an a plus internet professional i knew he was a scammer then he pretended he was a hacker from russia. threatened to hack me and my families computers. claimed he worked for microsoft

Victim Location 99208
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Tech Support

They called and a voice said they said that there was something wrong with the computer and that they needed to fix something on the computer. Sent them banking information to take the money out. They installed malware on the computer. Has since had a neighbor fix the computer.

Victim Location 68164
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was called by this phone number, they said they were Microsoft. They said I had errors which indicated that someone was trying to steal the information on my computer. I asked what error specifically that they were talking about. They hung up. I called back and the person that answered the phone said he was tech support. He wanted me to turn on my computer so he could log in and help me. He said his name was Chris Johnson and his ID was JC4001. I think that person was the one trying to take control of my computer. He could not tell me which of my computers he was talking about

Victim Location 59105
Type of a scam Phishing

This is another Microsoft scam, but the weird thing is that the call is showing up on caller ID as our home number. That's the only reason I answered it and then I hung up.

Victim Location 21801
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I was contacted by a fake company identifying themselves as Microsoft associated. They were offering me a refund for a service I had purchased. Through an email fraud, they change the amount of the refund, and supposedly credited my credit card with a huge amount of money – which They said was my mistake. Therefore they claimed I owed them money. They tried to extort me by showing me that they were taking all of the money out of all of my accounts if I did not refund them the amount that they were due. It took me several hours to get it straightened out.

Victim Location 21043
Type of a scam Tech Support

Got a message on my laptop that my computer was in a locked mode due to Pornographic Spyware/Malware and a recording said to call this number to have it fixed. I could not get rid of the message. It also said "do not turn off" and to call the number they provided. I did call them and I told them they were nothing but scammers!!! He tried to tell me he wasn't. But...I knew better. I WAS NOT scammed.

Victim Location 32828
Total money lost $349.99
Type of a scam Tech Support

The owner of this company is Devikaben Kapoor. He remotely hacked my computer network at home and pretended to be an employee of Microsoft and took over my computer to supposedly set up a "firewall". He charged me $349.99 for "lifetime protection". This was July 31, 2017. In February of 2018 he called and said there were problems with my network again and that the company that originally charged us $349.99 was going out of business and that he needed our card to refund that money. I told him nice try and hung up on him. He then called my son who was not with me and told him there were problems with his computer and that he needed to wipe it clean and reinstall the firewall and it would cost $200. My son, unwittingly and unfortunately believed him and paid him. Last night (August 20th) he called us again that there were problems with our network and i was home when it happened. I knew at this point it was a scam by the same person (Hindu Indian sounding) and i wiped my son's computer clean. As we were doing it he was trying to take over the computer remotely. So i disconnected our internet router immediately and unplugged it to cut off his access. I'm going to file a police report but wanted to also report him to the here so others can be aware of his acts and protect themselves.

Victim Location 60443
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was using my laptop, checking my email when out of nowhere, a blue Microsoft screen popped up saying that I've been hacked and "don't try to close the screen because I may lose information on my computer. The automated voice encouraged me to call the number on the screen which I enclosed in the complaint. So I called it, not sure of what was going on and a Representative named "Michael" answered and at first it seemed legitimate until he turned on the camera and turned it around to face me to scan my face to prevent anymore hacking and to put antivirus protection on my computer. Of course, he was trying to sell me an antivirus package and claiming that he couldn't see me through the camera. Then, he told me I had to be scanned to my thigh area and once that didn't work, he told me if I showed him my boobs he would give me the lifetime package for free and when this happened I got his name again and got off the phone. And come to find out, I could shut down everything he was doing without any problems on my laptop. So moral to the story is, if some random thing happens while on your computer just "x" out of it and don't give any money or personal information to any random people.

Victim Location 33774
Type of a scam Tech Support

they said that they where from Microsoft computer they also left a voicemail and I called them back they where speaking with foreign voice and I said give me a name that they where looking for and they could not give me one thank you so much

Victim Location 97402
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a voicemail for suspicious activity on my microsoft account. I called back and was connected with a live person that wanted to get my computer and account information. I told him I was not home and he told me to call back when I was home. I asked if this was a scam and he stated he would put me on a do not call list and hung up.

Victim Location 97701
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This scammer pretended to be a Microsoft employee(technical support engineer) who would help me to restore my personal information that was supposed to be at risk of breaching. I didn’t give him my credit card number or personal info to “restore my computer ” for $30, so he hang up on me. Right after that incident I called Microsoft and it turned up to be he was a scammer. Now I cannot use my pc, and have to bring my pc to Microsoft main office to repair for $50

Victim Location 77706
Type of a scam Phishing

Got a phone call from Microsoft stating my computer as has been compromised, please call us at 518-329-9670.  I didn't call them because I knew it was a scam.

Victim Location 66536
Type of a scam Tech Support

A phone call from Microsoft from Shirley stating that my IP address on my windows has been compromised by a foreign country or countries and I need to speak to a technician to make sure my computer is safe by pressing 1. I hung up on them. The caller ID on my phone pulled the number of 606-874-1400 with the name of Michelle Fields.

Victim Location 98026
Type of a scam Phishing

After a call back the person wanted to access control of my computer to "give me a refund" of money I haven't paid.

Victim Location 13131
Type of a scam Tech Support

Scam operation calling by phone claiming to be from Microsoft. They state there is a problem with your computer they want to assist you with. Today it was a foreign sounding woman. They can become nasty if you call them on what they are falsely representing. They will insist on being totally legitimate. They are looking to gain access to your computer and thereby your private accounts and information. Potentially the same or a very similar operation called on 7/11/2018 and left at least 7-8 messages on our answering machine. All advising we call back to remedy a problem with our computer and Apple Account. At that time it was on the caller ID as Apple Inc... Phone number 516-739-8540. Beware! Hang up and report them!

Victim Location 33948
Type of a scam Tech Support

I clicked onto a fake wedsite for Wells Fargo and the scam has shut down my computer. I cannot get rid of this page, I have run every security firewall and can't get rid of it,

Victim Location 84020
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received email asking me to follow a link to take a customer service survey regarding recent support I recieved earlier that week. Only problem was that I hadn't called, emailed, or contacted Microsoft in any shape or form regarding any issues.

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