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Microsoft Imposter

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Microsoft Imposter Reports & Reviews (224)

Victim Location 60443
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was using my laptop, checking my email when out of nowhere, a blue Microsoft screen popped up saying that I've been hacked and "don't try to close the screen because I may lose information on my computer. The automated voice encouraged me to call the number on the screen which I enclosed in the complaint. So I called it, not sure of what was going on and a Representative named "Michael" answered and at first it seemed legitimate until he turned on the camera and turned it around to face me to scan my face to prevent anymore hacking and to put antivirus protection on my computer. Of course, he was trying to sell me an antivirus package and claiming that he couldn't see me through the camera. Then, he told me I had to be scanned to my thigh area and once that didn't work, he told me if I showed him my boobs he would give me the lifetime package for free and when this happened I got his name again and got off the phone. And come to find out, I could shut down everything he was doing without any problems on my laptop. So moral to the story is, if some random thing happens while on your computer just "x" out of it and don't give any money or personal information to any random people.

Victim Location 33774
Type of a scam Tech Support

they said that they where from Microsoft computer they also left a voicemail and I called them back they where speaking with foreign voice and I said give me a name that they where looking for and they could not give me one thank you so much

Victim Location 97402
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a voicemail for suspicious activity on my microsoft account. I called back and was connected with a live person that wanted to get my computer and account information. I told him I was not home and he told me to call back when I was home. I asked if this was a scam and he stated he would put me on a do not call list and hung up.

Victim Location 97701
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This scammer pretended to be a Microsoft employee(technical support engineer) who would help me to restore my personal information that was supposed to be at risk of breaching. I didn’t give him my credit card number or personal info to “restore my computer ” for $30, so he hang up on me. Right after that incident I called Microsoft and it turned up to be he was a scammer. Now I cannot use my pc, and have to bring my pc to Microsoft main office to repair for $50

Victim Location 77706
Type of a scam Phishing

Got a phone call from Microsoft stating my computer as has been compromised, please call us at 518-329-9670.  I didn't call them because I knew it was a scam.

Victim Location 66536
Type of a scam Tech Support

A phone call from Microsoft from Shirley stating that my IP address on my windows has been compromised by a foreign country or countries and I need to speak to a technician to make sure my computer is safe by pressing 1. I hung up on them. The caller ID on my phone pulled the number of 606-874-1400 with the name of Michelle Fields.

Victim Location 98026
Type of a scam Phishing

After a call back the person wanted to access control of my computer to "give me a refund" of money I haven't paid.

Victim Location 13131
Type of a scam Tech Support

Scam operation calling by phone claiming to be from Microsoft. They state there is a problem with your computer they want to assist you with. Today it was a foreign sounding woman. They can become nasty if you call them on what they are falsely representing. They will insist on being totally legitimate. They are looking to gain access to your computer and thereby your private accounts and information. Potentially the same or a very similar operation called on 7/11/2018 and left at least 7-8 messages on our answering machine. All advising we call back to remedy a problem with our computer and Apple Account. At that time it was on the caller ID as Apple Inc... Phone number 516-739-8540. Beware! Hang up and report them!

Victim Location 33948
Type of a scam Tech Support

I clicked onto a fake wedsite for Wells Fargo and the scam has shut down my computer. I cannot get rid of this page, I have run every security firewall and can't get rid of it,

Victim Location 84020
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received email asking me to follow a link to take a customer service survey regarding recent support I recieved earlier that week. Only problem was that I hadn't called, emailed, or contacted Microsoft in any shape or form regarding any issues.

Victim Location 34689
Type of a scam Tech Support

I have been receiving phone calls from someone claiming to be from Microsoft Solutions attempting to issue me a refund as a business was closing. When I called them they wanted access to my computer to issue me a refund.I was victim to a previous tech support scam and attempted to remove viruses that may not have been there. The business was Cal State Solutions. their address is 4325 Ducane Ave Culver city, CA 90232-2807, phone number 310-920-1947. Last time i spoke with them was in January of 2017. $149.99.

Victim Location 68102
Type of a scam Tech Support


Victim Location 21211
Type of a scam Tech Support

A voice message from the number added stated I was being contacted because the vendor had recorded error messages from my IP address and wanted me to return the call.

Victim Location 13205
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was nearly scammed by someone who said he works for Microsoft. He said he is picking up signals that someone is trying to plant viruses into my computer. He said he could stop the intruder but I would need to give him access to my computer by giving him my Microsoft pass word. Lockley for me, I did not know my husband's pass word. However, I was sitting at my computer for hours, and on the phone with him trying different pass words I have used in the pass. Finally, he suggested that I go to my neighbor's house and use her computer and give him her pass word and he would be able to solve my problem using her computer. At that point, a hundred red flags went up. I began to question him about my concerns, and when I mentioned the FBI, he suddenly hung up. I than tried to use my landline phone to call Microsoft and report the matter, but the scammer some how blocked my phone and I could not get a dial tone. I than called Microsoft using my cell phone. I spoke with a tech support person who was very concerned about the caller. He said the call did not come from Microsoft and they would never make such a call to their customers. With that conformation, I used precaution, I went to my bank the next morning. I told the manager that a scammer may have gotten access into my account. I asked him to closed it before any damage was done. There are more than one of them. There are males and females. They still call at least twice a year, using the same Microsoft scam or the you owe the IRS for back taxes scam. They are relentless. Do you have and suggestions on how I can put a stop to their scamming business. By the way they all speak with African accents.

Victim Location 01106
Type of a scam Tech Support

repeated calls about Microsoft Windows license expiration

Victim Location 99212
Type of a scam Tech Support

I got online at Amazon Books and a message popped up saying there was a pornographic virus (I've never been on a porno site) and I couldn't get out of it. It said Error: 0x80072ee7. It said that if I deleted it, it would put a virus on my computer. It said to call 1-877-336-5833. A guy answered, said his name was Daniel Galler and he said he was a Microsoft technician. I could tell English was not his native language. I had difficulty understanding him at times. Asked if it was office, family or personal computer for Microsoft Windows. Then he took over my computer. It said Verified publisher and underneath he typed LogMeIn, Inc. He said he had my IP address and Social Security number and that McCafree Firewall had been damaged. Then he said it would take 55-65 minutes to do the following:

1. Network firewall security block - block the unwelcome + block virus

2. Bitlocker version - encrypt

3. Mask my IP - private

Then he offered the following services to fix it:

Cloud-based Network Security (lifetime + transferrable) (15 years) - $1200

Advanced based Network Security (timeframe) (8 years) -

1 year - $324.12

3 year - $562.31

7 year - $899.81

I told him I could not afford it. I didn't have the money.

Then he said I could get 1 month for $150.00

I said I don't have the money. I'm going to check you out first. What is the phone number where I can contact you?

He said, My direct line is 1-800-527-7310.

He said Is the reason because of trust or money.

I said "Both."

He gave me his name and employee number and extension id

Daniel Galler

Emp ID: MS80351321

Extn ID: 184721

I asked him what was the name of the company that offered the network security

He said ITEK Magnet

He told me I would need to call back soon or the virus would be on my computer because it had been hacked.

I hung up and called some people in IT that I knew I could trust.

Both of them told me it was a scam.

What I should have done when I got the original pop-up message was CTRL ALT DELETE

The IT guy told me to unhook the cable from my server or computer and he will take off the bad stuff the crooks put on my computer. It will cost about $100. The scammer put two icons on my computer.

After I unplugged it, there was a pop-up message from Advanced Password (one of the icons) that said they found 7 social security numbers and one was mine. I didn't write them down. Another pop-up said they did not find any passwords or credit cards but they did find 7 social security numbers and 796 phone numbers. The IT guy I trust told me to ignore that. They were just trying to scare me.

Victim Location 29649
Type of a scam Tech Support

Asked for my name and ask for 150 dollars to make a repair to the computer. The scammer is using a website to cause a virus.

Victim Location 68925
Type of a scam Tech Support

Callers having an India accent calling to say they are from Microsoft Windows, etc. Repeatedly calling over and over and will not stop.

Victim Location 99208
Type of a scam Tech Support

An oriental sounding man called at midnight and woke me up saying he was from Microsoft and that there was something wrong with my windows computer. I told him it was midnight and the call was a scam and he hung up. They call frequently and we tell them to take us off their list, but they keep calling.

Victim Location 34287
Type of a scam Tech Support

We get lots of calls regarding a refund from Microsoft. But they can not send the refund. I have to use my laptop internet to get the refund. They refuse to send a check. See image.

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