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Victim Location 07107
Total money lost $500
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I got a call that they from IRS and that I was on illegal action with my name for filling tax from 2012 to 2016 as a result I own $6000 . That they send the papers with the police officers at my address and they didn’t me and as a result they issued a warrant for arrest. That I need to go to Walmart and buy a Google Pay Gift card and they will send the police officer at my house to get the payment. But before the police officers come I need to give them the PIN number of the Google Play Gift card and they send the officers to my house with the papers. After they got the PIN number they told me to go my house and wait for the police officers but till now I didn’t see anybody and their phone number doesn’t work anymore.

Victim Location 31020
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I got a Robo call claiming that i was under investigation for a tax action and would get severe punishment if I did not cooperate. The IRS will send you a letter first.

Victim Location 77386
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Call received from the above number stating IRS issued arrest warrant. This is purely a scam. IRS will not call you for any tax matters, they will first send you a registered mail, and ask you to respond within a specified period of time. Never call back to any such scammers!

Victim Location 68510
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a voicemail message on my cell phone number to my employer issued cell phone that said I owe the IRS government X some kind of money and to avoid criminal prosecution I would need to be calling them right back. They said that I needed to go to Walmart and convert the money into a tax voucher? That doesn’t sound right then they said oh no not Walmart Dollar General. That’s when I said this is a crock of *** and hung up.

Victim Location 41754
Type of a scam Tax Collection

His name was Masbarkar said he worked for the IRS. I owed $9,732 I had to vring it to the office or borrow it from a friemd or family memeber. Whenni asked for the address he just said Washington DC 1111. Wouldn't give an id number. He asked for my phone number to verify who I am I gave him the number and I could hear horns blowing and dogs barking in the background. The nber was automated and wanted to return the call. When o called back after hangup a woman answered and I asked for him she hung up.

Victim Location 72801
Type of a scam Debt Collections

This person is a recording says IRS and watching you realisate and call them back asap before futher action is taken.

Victim Location 46158
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Have gotten calls from this number for a couple of weeks now. I just finally talked to them and they say they will be filing a lawsuit against me for fraud unless I settle with them. I got concerned and called and they say it's a scam

Victim Location 84041
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Said that the IRS was going to file a lawsuit on my name because I try to commit fraud and that was my final notice.

I have a recording voice message but is a computer voice. ( call them ba

Victim Location 63628
Type of a scam Tax Collection

This number called and said they were the IRS and I had a warrant for my arrest.

Victim Location 03261
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a call from an " Office *** ***" claiming to be from the IRS, stating that I had an "investigation pending against my fraudulent taxes" to the IRS and if I did not pay them, they would be coming to pick me up for arrest. This information was left in my voicemail.

Victim Location 76354
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Said his name was Officer John Miller badge number 1001422400 said i was audited for years 2011-2016 demanding $4989.69

Victim Location 62095
Type of a scam Debt Collections

This phone number has contacted me several times via my cell. I then called them back and I was told by the person who answered that he was an investor of the IRS. I asked for his mailing address, because I knew this was a scam call and he would not provide it. I would like to have this number posted ~ so it will stop this actions by this person/company/scammer!

Victim Location 43232
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I keep getting calls from IL saying I owe the IRS. The caller says I need to pay or get a lawyer. They say I owe $1574.00 and if I don't pay it they will confiscate all of my assets.

Victim Location 46256
Type of a scam Tax Collection

10 minutes ago I got a calling saying it was the IRS and they had been investigating me and I needed to call them back ASAP because there were 4 allegations against me.

Victim Location 46996
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Got a couple of calls yesterday and they said they were the IRS and had been investigating me and that this was my last warning and if I didn't settle with them they would take me and my family to jail.

Victim Location 61550
Type of a scam Government Grant

Caller stated that they were the IRS. Said the consumers information had been processed incorrectly and they needed to get some information to revise it.

Victim Location 07107
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I was contacted by 607-441-8509 and 607-241-7936 on two occasions. An irs investigator (so he claimed) with an asian accent by the name of Calvin Smith (they all have american most used names) indicating there was a discrepancy in my 2017 Federal Tax Return and if I didn't cooperate he was going to have a warrant for my arrest issued and the police would come to my house within 40-45 minutes to pick me up to take me to jail. He said he was looking at my return, that it was right in front of him, but when I asked a couple of questions relating to my return, he said he couldn't me that information and I told him "It's okay if you call me to harass me about a discrepancy, but it's not okay if I want to verify information which you are supposedly looking at on my tax Return". So, I started to call his BS indicating the IRS does not call individuals, they send letters out, and he said the IRS did mail me a certified letter and I never signed for it and it was returned to them and that is the reason they are calling me. Again, I told them regardless if the mail was sent back, THEY NEVER CALL THE INDIVIDUALS. He just kept insisting he was sending the police to arrest me. I said go ahead and I started to laugh and hung up. Needless to say, the police never came to my residence with a warrant for my arrest.

Victim Location 38930
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Got a recorded massage about I needed to call back to get a case number on the lawsuit that the irs was taking against me

Victim Location 89108
Type of a scam Other

I received a phone call from a person representing themselves as the IRS and that I need to call them back with an attorney because I owe money and will be arrested if I don't pay. First of all I have contact with the IRS and this is not how they operate, IRS wont call you, they know where you live. The IRS corresponds via letter and you will have to call them.

Victim Location 08232
Type of a scam Tax Collection

These numbers called my cell over weekend. told me to send you. 1-607-595-0168




They are threatening & demanding, stating about being jailed & property and bank accounts being seized.

My concern is if Seniors are called & they are taken advantage of.

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